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Bringing Them Back by MistressM
Chapter 6 : Tuesday
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Hermione watched in silence as Fred and George practiced their incantation. It really was amazing to see how well the two moved together. They were in sync nearly all throughout the movements and when the both of them had uttered their last phrase she smiled appreciatively towards them when they looked to her for her opinion. When had it happened? When had these boys started to look at her like she was the person to go for answers? She figured it had a lot to do with Fred being back. But she didn’t think it had anything to do with the rest of the time they had known each other. It was amazing, how people’s thoughts changed so quickly.

“That was beautiful.” She whispered. Because it was. They were two elements to a whole. When one moved the other did, when one spoke the other did. It wasn’t lagged or rushed but perfect. If she didn’t know that they had just started practicing it only a few hours ago, she would have assumed they had been perfecting it for years. “I honestly do not think you need to worry too much.”

“Are you sure?” George asked as he and Fred walked over to sit down on the couch beside her, flanking either side of her. Her nose scrunched at his smell and when Fred slid against her she gave him a disgusted glance.

“I am.” She answered before working herself out from between them, “You both are disgusting.”

Fred chuckled, “What’s wrong, smarts? You don’t like me all sweaty?”

Hermione looked to him with a raised brow, wondering just how truthful he wanted that answer. She would love him to be sweaty. Just in an entirely different way. The conversation she had had with George two weeks ago was still fresh in her mind, though, so she hadn’t pressed him too hard. They hadn’t even really had a good snog due to their research.

He really shouldn’t have asked that question. It sent her thoughts into an entirely different realm. Of memories and dreams and hopes. It had been close, all those years ago, if he hadn’t been such a gentleman she wouldn’t be sitting here a virgin, but he had been. And even though it had angered her at the time, she knew he was right.



The two were sitting in their usual chair, Fred beneath her, she straddling him with her knees by his thighs. His hands were everywhere on her, legs, hips, ribs, back, shoulders, neck, hair. It was as if he were tracing her body with his hands, trying to picture it in his mind’s eye – storing it for later. They had just spent the last two hours talking and arguing about what she had told him and when he realized that nothing he could say would change her mind – it all came down to this. One last session of -- them.

It was painful, she thought, because she didn’t know exactly what amount of time would span between this stolen moment and the next time she would see him. Somewhere from the dark corners of her mind the horrid thought of: ‘if she was going to see him again’ came spiraling in causing her to jerk her head back from their kiss and unglue her eyes to look at his face.

He really was a good looking man. Other’s didn’t see it because of his pale skin, red hair, freckles and the way his face would sometimes scrunch when he was thinking hard about something, but Hermione saw it. Fred Weasley was delicious in his own right. He had kind bluish-brown eyes that always held a bit of mystery, like you never knew what he was thinking, a defined but not overbearing nose like his younger brother, full lips that fit perfectly with his other features. They were perhaps her favorite feature on him. They were always telling stories, smiling at her, smirking, creating ways to make people laugh. And then they kissed. They kissed her until her toes curled and her body shook. Slid along her skin in feather light movements that made her whimper. Yes, Fred Weasley’s lips were her favorite facial feature he had.

He opened his eyes slowly to look at her, his pale brows rising in the silent question of ‘why did you stop?’ She smiled at him, shaking her head and leaned back to sit completely upon his lap, giving herself some room. If she didn’t know they were alone in the flat, she never would do this, but lovely sweet Alicia had made sure to take George out of the equation for her tonight. She really ought to send that woman a blasted thank you basket with the most expensive set of Quittich merchandise available. Maybe after the war. Hermione grinned down to him before crisscrossing her arms over her stomach and grabbing the hem of her purple t-shirt, without thinking twice on her decision she lifted the fabric up and off of her, her long curly hair cascading down her bare back. She had decided, earlier in the night before she even made her way over here, that she was going to have Fred Weasley in all the ways a woman can have a man because if anyone deserved her, it was him.

She watched as his eyes widened in shock, his tongue darted out to lick along his lower lip, his nostrils flared as he inhaled and then met his gaze when he returned to look at her. It was the first time she had exposed any part of her body to him, sure he had groped above and beneath her clothes, well her upper portion, but tonight everything would change. 

“Fred.” She whispered, the sensation of cool air on her making her bite her lower lip, her hands loose at her sides as she watched him. He looked from her face to her chest again and brought one hand up slowly to her hip and then the other. His large hands engulfed her sides as he slid them slowly up them, over her ribs. She watched mesmerized as he studied them, his eyes hooded, his breathing quick, before he leaned forward and kissed on the valley of her chest, nipping and suckling his way to the peak of her right. When his tongue curled around the nub she felt her head fall back and her own breath quicken.

He was taking his time. It was heaven to her; to have this man, this powerful and brilliant man, treat her with such slow and steady worship. She could feel him underneath her backside, it promised her wonderful and amazing things.

When his hands left her, she heard herself whimper more than felt it escape her, she brought her gaze back to him and watched as he crawled his gaze back up to her eyes. She could see his desire there, with more confidence than she believed herself to have; she reached out and gripped the sides of his own shirt, pulling it up inch by inch until she could pull it off of him. He hissed when her nails slid across his chest down to his taut stomach and then around his sides. Hermione bent low, kissing the curve of his neck, sliding her lips down to his collar bone and then to his chest as she slid herself off his lap and rested upon her knees on the floor.

It was this movement that brought his attention to her once again, only to see her unbutton her jeans, slide them slowly over the flare of her hips...He groaned and slid forward, his knees spread wide as he reached with both hands to her jaw. He cradled her head there, his lust-filled eyes staring into her’s. “We won’t be doing this, Hermione.” He said softly with a voice far deeper than she had ever heard it to be. “I will not be saying goodbye to you like this.”

She felt the tears form in her eyes, gather at her lashes and then drop down upon her flushed cheeks. A deep rooted feeling of embarrassment settled in the pit of her stomach as she tried to rip her head away from his hands, but he didn’t budge, instead he clung to her, scooting closer until his rear fell and managed to sink to the floor between her and the chair. “No, don’t pull away, please, it’s not you – you are beautiful, Hermione, and I want…” He cut himself off with a shake of his head, “I know what you’re doing. This is a ‘just in case’ and I don’t want a ‘just in case’ I want your first time – our first together – to happen because its time and its right not because you’re leaving in a few hours and you’re afraid we won’t ever see each other again.”

Hermione closed her eyes as her body sagged into him, his hands slipping from her cheeks into her hair as he pulled her into an all-consuming hug. “What if I never see you again, Fred? What if this is it? I…I love you…”She felt him tense, but kept going, “I want it to be with you, even if we don’t make it as a couple, I want you to be the one.”

“And I will be I promise you.” He told her, kissing the crown of her head while he reached behind them to pull the afghan off the back of the chair, “But not tonight.”

“Please…Fred, don’t make promises you don’t know if you can keep.” She sniffed and felt him shift as he wrapped the blanket around her nude form, his chin resting on the top of her head.

“It’s not a promise I can’t keep, it’s a promise I will keep, Hermione Granger. We will make it through all this and when we do,” He smiled and she felt it shift the top of her hair, “I’ll make sure you’re so ravished you’ll forget your own name.”



“Hermione?” An amused voice brought her back. She blinked and felt a blush crawl up the back of her neck as she turned to look at George. His blue-brown eyes full of humor. “Welcome back.”

“Oh shut up.” She huffed and stood, smoothing out her clothing before looking away from them and shaking her own head. If she was right, they both knew she had went back in time, and if they both knew…then Fred knew exactly how she wanted him sweaty. She chanced a glance at him and he was only smiling knowingly at her. Sending a glare his way she huffed and began to leave the room.

“Don’t think she likes your stink, Fred.” George chuckled, the sound of his fist hitting his brothers arm caused her to look over her shoulder at the two.

“I don’t think she does, George.” Fred sighed, feigning hurt.

“Oh you two.” She laughed and left the room, dealing with them took a lot. Good thing she was able. When she left the room she looked back to the door and grinned wickedly before calling out, “Oh and Fred,” She peaked her head back around the corner, “I don’t mind you sweaty, but I want to be the one that makes you that way – not some spell you’re working with your brother.”

Hermione walked away to the sound of a groan from Fred and laughter from George.



He stared at the door, his brows pulled together and his heart racing at the thoughts going through his head. That woman knew how to leave him speechless. Fred frowned and looked to George who’s smirk told him he knew too much about it and with a loud sigh he asked, “What?”

“I think you should just give it to her.” George said thoughtfully. “It’s been long enough, yes?”

“George…” Fred sighed, “She’s a virgin and I’m…”

“Not one.”

“I feel like one.” He admitted.

“I suppose you would,” George nodded, “But, Fred, Hermione has been waiting six years for you to be back. I know she didn’t bring you back just for herself and I doubt that she even had sex in mind when she did so, but the fact is that now – she has it on her mind daily.”

“I know,” Fred grinned, “Trust me, I know.”

“Well, what gives?” His brother asked and looked over to him with a seriousness Fred rarely saw his brother wear. “She loves you, you love her…you’re a man. I don’t see why you aren’t jumping at the opportunity, especially because she actually wants you.”

Fred shook his head and shrugged. “It just doesn’t feel like the right time yet.”

“Fred,” George sighed, “The last time you held out on her, on giving her you completely you were in a coma for six bloody years and that woman – that stubborn, infuriating, brilliant woman – dedicated over half a decade to make sure we all got you back. It took a lot out of her, and all she wants is you to want her half as much as she wants you.”

“I do want her.”

“You don’t act like it.” His twin deadpanned, “How long are you going to make her doubt herself? She thinks you don’t want her anymore.”

“That’s not true, she knows that.”

“Knowing about it and feeling it are two different things. You say one thing, but your actions say another – what’s that saying?” George asked, “Actions speak louder than words?”

“What do you want me to do George?” He asked annoyed, “Go in there and jump her?”

“Sure, why not?” George grinned, “I’ll leave you two alone for a night or two if that’s what you need.”

“We don’t have time for this.” Fred said all of a sudden, standing and turning to fully face his brother. “We should be practicing the incantation, double checking the date, Sirius…he’s the one important right now.”


“No, I’m not going to sit here discussing my love life with anyone. I…I do want to, but I’m just not ready. Okay? It has nothing to do with her and if she thinks that then she’s not as intelligent as we all believe her to be.” Fred was angry and he didn’t know why. He should be willing to do anything to show his appreciation for the woman who never gave up on him, but the truth is, he was scared. Because he felt for her in a way he hadn’t felt for anyone. He wanted everything to be perfect, to be magic. Not just because she was bloody horny and wanted a nice fuck from the man who made a long ago promise about not remembering her name. “Come on...”

George sighed and stood up, knowing that the time for pressing this matter was over. He knew his brother, he was not a rash man and sooner or later he would do what his heart told him to. He just hoped it wouldn’t be too late, because a woman’s heart was a fragile thing. George nodded and followed Fred back into the kitchen, knowing that he had a long night of practicing in silence to look forward to.





A/N Alright everyone, just wanted to say I am sorry about the long delay. No other words can explain why except: life. But heres the next chapter. Hope you arent disappointed and I thank you all for your words towards this story. I love writing it.


Take it Easy -- MM

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