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A Rollercoaster Called Life by missclaire17
Chapter 8 : Chapter Eight
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"Repeat this to me again. You two are now what?" Ethan asked with utter disbelief while all of us sat at the Gryffindor table for dinner that night.

Scorpius had joined us this time, apparently not "wanting to miss this".

Whatever that meant.

Eye roll.

I flattened my eyes. "If you have to ask again, I'm going to stick my wand so far up your arse that you won't be able to move," I threatened, waving my fork at him.

"Why didn't you tell us this?" Albus frowned at his older brother who just shrugged nonchalantly. Al seemed betrayed. He turned to me and said, "Why didn't you tell me that you fancied James?"

Lucy snorted and said, "Please your brains to think for once, Al. And if your brains can't work that well, then borrow Rose's. Did you really think this was something that Bella would tell you? What was she going to do? March up to you during Charms while Flitwick's teaching the Aguamenti charm and be like 'By the way Al, I fancy your brother and just thought you should know that'?"

"I feel extremely offended that you think I would need to borrow Rose's brain to think properly," Al shot back, blushing red.

"Because your question was stupid as hell, Albus," Rose said after she daintily swallowed a bite of her steak dinner.

Louis huffed and said, "Actually, I take offense to that too, Rose, because I'm wondering the same thing."

Louis turned to James with an indignant expression. James, who had his arms slung around my shoulders, just looked at him.

Girls all around me were giving me the evil eye. I even saw this one girl who had actually collapsed into tears when she saw James and I holding hands and everything.

Stupid, idiotic bint.

I would laugh, except for the fact that some of these girls could get very dangerous. I don't fancy not having no more hair, being physically hurt, or risking the life of my baby.

"We are supposed to tell each other these things! Sam told us about Olivia-"

Sam interrupted Louis at this point and gave him a dirty look. "Thanks for announcing that, mate."

Louis waved him off and continued talking, "Ethan kept all of us awake through the night when he was deciding if he should take Fawcett to Hogsmeade-"

Lucy looked visibly uncomfortable here. I couldn’t help but notice how Ethan had looked discreetly in Lucy's direction and smirked slightly.

Bloody hell, he wasn't doing this on purpose, was he?

To make Lucy jealous?

Because I'll tell you, a jealous Lucy Weasley meant a freaking third wizarding war.

Actually, it would be the same as making any Wotters, especially female Wotters, jealous though Lucy was extremely volatile.

Which always made me confused because Mr. Weasley certainly wasn't like that and Audrey didn't seem like the type to get violent when angry. It made me question where on Earth Lucy got her genes from before reminding myself who else she was related to.

Before Louis could go on, James interrupted, "And you? Breaking every single object in our dorm after Summers told you she was going to Hogsmeade with Turpin?"

Then a lot of things happened all at once that had I blinked, I would have been confused what just happened.

Louis went a fetching shade of red; Ethan, Sam, Al, and Scorpius were nearly dying from laughter.

Rose, Lucy, and I squealed loudly in excitement. Every pair of eyes in the Great Hall were focused on us.

Louis went even more embarrassed and stood up furiously, completely oblivious to the fact that he still had the attention of everyone. "JAMES SIRIUS POTTER THAT IS BETRAYAL! WHAT HAPPENS AT OUR DORM STAYS AT OUR DORM!"

That just sounded wrong.

"MR. WEASLEY!" McGonagall shouted furiously from the staff's table. All of our eyes veered towards her and she shot Louis a look that clearly said sit-the-fuck-down-before-I-give-you-detention.

Louis sat down, still red in the face and utterly embarrassed. McGonagall still glared at Louis, obviously thinking that as Head Boy, he should be setting more of an example.

Us three girls continued to giggle uncontrollably. I had buried my face into James' strong, hard chest as I tried to control my laughter.

"If you're all quite done with making fun of me," Louis said furiously.

Sam just grinned at him and said, "Nah mate. That was the greatest thing I've ever seen. Better than when Bella embarrassed Ethan by reading what her brother wrote."

"Oh yeah, let's just bring that up again. Of course, just take away all of my dignity, why don’t you?" Ethan glared at Sam now.

I couldn't help but feel utterly at bliss.

James was now my boyfriend, he would be there for me tomorrow when I go to St. Mungo's, Lucy and Ethan are making progress, Louis practically admitted that he fancied Ellie, life was going pretty damn well.


I had never been to St. Mungo's before in my entire life.

The place looked eerily like a Muggle hospital, except for the green robes that the Healers were dressed in, people with all sorts of Magical problems walking around, and the clear evidence of magic everywhere.

"I feel overwhelmed," I muttered to James, who had transfigured various parts of his face so he wouldn't be recognized by paparazzi.

Yeah, the Potters, Weasleys, and even Sam (as his father's famous) actually have issues with paparazzi…

Lucy and Rose warned me that Witch Weekly and numerous other magazines and news sources would have pictures of James and me plastered all over the front eventually since it was "big news" that one of the Wizarding world's "most eligible bachelor" has gotten himself a girlfriend.

Honestly, how on earth women in their twenties and thirties, and maybe even forties, could so easily reference a seventeen year old as “fit” and “sexy” and a “bachelor” was completely beyond me.

Which was why we took the safe route of informing our parents first, through letter. James had wrote to his mum and dad immediately Friday night and sent it off with his owl, Jocelind.

She was named after a famous Puddlemere United player, Jocelind Wadcock, who currently still held the record of Quidditch goals scored in the British Quidditch League.

James had told me that he named his owl after her because he wanted something to work towards but I couldn't help but get slightly jealous whenever James called her Jocey in that cooing tone of his, as if he was trying to chat up a girl.

Yeah, never tell James I'm jealous of a bird… or anyone else for that matter.

Either way, the explosion it would cause if the paparazzi caught James walking into the Maternity Ward with a girl that is clearly not related to him while the both of them should be at Hogwarts was clearly not a good thing.

James gripped my hand tightly and said, "Don't worry about it. There's an information desk over there. Let's just go and ask where the Maternity Ward is. It's been ages since I've been in here when Vic had a baby."

Victoire Lupin, James's eldest cousin who was married to James's god brother Teddy Lupin, had the most adorable three year old boy named Remus, named after Teddy's father and one of James' grandfather's best friend.

So far, Victoire was still the only one in the next generation of Wotters who was seriously attached, engaged/married, and/or with child.

After hearing that, my nerves calmed down spectacularly (note the sarcasm). It was not bloody easy to hold the first grandchild of Harry Potter and the next child born to the Wotter clan.

Ethan, Sam, Scorpius, and I had long dubbed them as a clan because their entire family were big enough to become a clan.

Once, Ethan had joked that the Potters and Weasleys was responsible for half of the baby boom after the War.

James and I made our way over to the information desk, passing by a woman whose nose was an elephant trunk.

I had the itching urge to ask how on Earth that happened but decided that it would be rude.

"Hello how may I help you?" a witch who looked like she was only a couple of years older than us said, fluttering her eyelids in what might have been a seductive way to James.

An overwhelming amount of jealousy rose in me as I clenched my fists. No, he was my boyfriend and the father of my child.

"Maternity ward, please," I snapped angrily, glaring at her.

Her eyes immediately veered towards me and her flirtatious smile immediately disappeared. Her annoyance then changed to judgment.

I knew it.  

"Sixth floor," she scowled at me.

I had to resist the urge not to stick my tongue out at her as I grabbed James's hand and tugged him away quickly.

When the two of us were finally alone in the lifts, however, I sighed heavily.

The fact that I knew someone was going to react like that didn't exactly help the feeling of inferiority that came along with being judged. "That's not going to happen every time I tell someone I'm pregnant, is it?"

James wrapped me up in his arms tightly and placed a loving kiss on the top of my head. "Don't worry about that. If they judge you, then so be it. We don't need their opinion so don't think about that."

Although I knew that James was right, I couldn't help but feel that they did have a right to judge me, however.

I was really only lucky that Harry and Ginny raised James to be a good and decent bloke and I was really lucky that the two of us are going to work out a relationship.

Not many girls who are in my predicament can say that. And certainly not many girls (or blokes) can say that the relationship is actually going fantastically (not sarcasm, by the way).

I was bloody lucky, and I knew it.

When the lifts arrived to the sixth level, I could immediately feel the change of atmosphere.

The walls were a pale yellow that looked warm and welcoming. Baby pictures, magazines, pamphlets, and posters were all around, and excited couples were scattered everywhere.

There was yet another woman by what looked like a registrar counter. James gave me an encouraging smile and the two of us slowly made our way towards her. 

"Hello, my name is Sarah. How may I help you?" she smiled kindly as the two of us approached her.

Immediately, I felt much more comfortable around her. She obviously was not going to be blatantly judgmental like the woman by the welcome desk.

"I have an appointment set for today. Bella Hart," I said with my own smile. I gripped James' hands tightly as I watched her sort through parchments with her wand before finding what I assumed to be the one she had been looking for.

Sarah studied the parchment for a moment before giving me a warm smile. "I indeed have you here. I shall let the Healers know that you are ready but it appears that we don't have your medical records on file. We will need you to complete some papers first."

"Oh, okay, of course," I nodded in understanding as I didn't expect St. Mungo's to have my medical records as I was a Muggleborn. 

Sarah handed me two sets of papers and I blinked as I took them from her.

One was obviously for James who was still holding my hand.

"Er…" I said nervously, glancing up at James who seemed to read what was on my mind. He looked at me, his expression calm though his brown eyes betrayed his panic.

Finally, he tore his eyes away from me and said, "Actually St. Mungo's already has my medical records."

Sarah nodded and took one set of papers back. She asked, "What is your name?"

"Uhm…" James looked at me uncomfortably.

I bit my lip. I had not anticipated this when I told James to come with me to the appointment last night. I didn't think either of us had expected this.

"This is all confidential right? Strictly between the Healers and the patients?" I asked quickly, glancing around to make sure no one was eavesdropping though all of the other waiting couples seemed far too engrossed with themselves to notice us.

Sarah nodded and gave us a reassuring smile.

"James Sirius Potter," James finally said with a small sigh that I caught.

Shock would be an underestimation of the look on Sarah's face.

She gaped at James for a short moment, most likely trying to recognize him as his pictures were always plastered everywhere before composing herself, most likely having put two and two together that he had transfigured his looks as to avoid unnecessary attention. 

Sarah nodded and gave her wand a few waves. Moments later, she said to us, "It is all arranged. All I need now is your medical information, Ms. Hart."

I smiled at her before retreating to a seat in the far corner and setting to work on giving St. Mungo's an entire rundown of my medical history.


"Hello Ms. Hart and Mr. Potter. I'm Healer Wright. I'm pleased to meet you," my Healer, a middle aged wizard, said as James and I entered the room I'd be looked at in.

James frowned, though he stuck his hand out to shake Healer Wright's hands. "I didn't know they had male Healers for pregnant mothers…" James mumbled to me quietly.

Though not quite enough as Healer Wright had heard and let out a hearty laugh. "Don't you worry Mr. Potter. I am married, and I can assure you that I am very professional."

James went slightly red to his credit, but nodded, very relieved.

"So, Bella, you're pregnant, yes?" Healer Wright asked as he gestured for me to take a seat on the bed.

"I think so. I took four of those Muggle pregnancy tests because I'm Muggleborn and all the signs are all there," I replied with slightly difficulty as I climbed onto the bed.

Healer Wright nodded and said, "Please lie down. You are most likely correct but I shall do a simple spell test to make absolutely certain. Can you lift up your shirt please?" 

I coughed but did as I was told, lifting up my loose long sleeved shirt that I had borrowed from Rose as I was beyond paranoid about my baby bump though it was barely there. Lucy had rolled her eyes when I voiced my fears but Rose lent me her shirt.

James just sat by the side, watching us keenly while Healer Wright placed his wand on my revealed stomach while muttering a couple of spells.

A few moments later, a light emitted from my stomach, the weirdest sensation I had ever felt or seen. My stomach felt warm and the light was certainly new.

James seemed just as surprised as well, as his eyes widened at my pink stomach.

"Yes you are indeed pregnant, Ms. Hart. Congratulations," Healer Wright smiled at me before lifting his wand, making the pink light effectively disappear.

"Wow…" I mumbled. I had long accepted that I was pregnant but hearing a Healer say that made it all the more different.

I glanced at James and saw that he had a small smile lingering on his lips. I decided to ask him about that later.

"You can come back at 12 weeks to see your baby through what Muggles call an 'ultrasound'. At 20 weeks you can then determine the sex of your baby," Healer Wright said with a smile.

My heart pounded. An ultrasound and then the gender of our baby…

Things suddenly sounded much more exciting and so much  more real for me. I turned to James with a wide grin and saw that he was already smiling at me.

"At the current moment, all I need are some details and information," Healer Wright said as he helped me down from the bed.

I took a seat next to James, shooting him a smile, and turned back to Healer Wright who had taken out a Self-Writing Quill.

"Now, do you know what day the baby was conceived?" Healer Wright asked with a rather straight face for an embarrassing question.

I blushed; discussing sex in front of a stranger even if he was my Healer was different than discussing how I slept with James at a party to Lucy and Rose.

I didn't even remember what the date was when James and the others threw the party. 

James smirked at me before turning his attention to Healer Wright and said, "It should be October 4th."

"You should be nearing the end of your four weeks. Do you remember when you had your last period, Bella?"

Once again, I blushed but answered in a mortified whisper, "No I don't, I'm sorry. But it was sometime in September."

Healer Wright seemed unabashed as he nodded and asked, "Do you do any intense physical exercise?"

"No…" I trailed off. Was I supposed to? "I don't usually do any exercise except walking around Hogwarts with my book bag…"

James snorted next to me.

He obviously didn't think that walking around Hogwarts while lugging loads of heavy textbooks and a shit ton of parchment and quills and ink could be considered exercise.

Quidditch-playing prat.  

"Might I suggest then Ms. Hart that now is not the time to be picking up sports such as Quidditch? A little running is always healthy but nothing that will overly exert your body. Don't pick up anything heavy or walk around with heavy items for a prolonged period of time. It can give strain to your body and will harm your baby's health," Healer Wright informed me.

I nodded. That would be easy enough to remember. Something would have to be done about my book bag then…

"Is there anything else I should know about except the usual eating well, no stress, and all that?" I asked.

Healer Wright seem to hesitate for a moment before he cleared his throat almost awkwardly. "Please excuse my forwardness but since most couples that I meet are usually husband and wife…"

"Please go on, Healer Wright," James said earnestly, looking very curiously at what he had to say.

Mind, I was too. What on earth would make him feel awkward? I mean, he's a bloody Healer… he should be trained in accounting for all awkward situations.

Healer Wright cleared his throat again and said, "I have checked both of your medical records and the both of you are completely healthy with no record of major illnesses in your family history. This would mean a normal and low risk pregnancy."

… and his point is?

"Yes?" I raised my eyebrows. Healer Wright really seemed like he didn’t want to say this.

"In a normal, low risk pregnancy, it is perfectly safe for the two of you to have sex though I strongly recommend against anything extreme," Healer Wright said, his words rushed.

My face went red at his words.

I didn't blame him for feeling awkward saying this to us.

Since most expecting couples are husband and wife, Healer Wright probably didn't have to deal much with a pregnant teenager with another bloke who may or may not be her boyfriend.

James cleared his throat awkwardly. I couldn't bear to make eye contact with James now.  

Talking about the other time we shagged was one thing because it already happened but talking about the next time we would shag is another thing because it has yet to happen.

"Right… thanks for telling us that," James said after an awkward pause.

Bloody hell, this was awkward.

"That should be it then," Healer Wright said as he stood up, his professional demeanor regained.

"Sarah will have a list of the foods you can and cannot eat along with a guide to help you through it. I recommend around 5 to 6 smaller meals rather than 3 large meals. No alcohol or anything of the sort. And Sarah will have the vitamins that you need to take. You can also schedule your next appointment with her."

"Thank you so much," I said as I got to my feet. I held out my hand to Healer Wright and he shook it with a warm smile.

James shook Healer Wright's hand as well when he jumped to his feet.

Healer Wright escorted out of the examination room and back into the waiting area where Sarah was waiting.

"When would you like to schedule your next appointment, Ms. Hart? It should be at your 12 week mark which should be around the middle to end of December." Sarah asked with a smile.

I glanced at James and asked him, "When is the Hogsmeade weekend?"

James groaned and mockingly glared at me. "I'd like to actually spend at day with you at Hogsmeade, you know," he said almost childishly. "And why do you ask me?"

I rolled my eyes and whacked him on the stomach. "Because Louis is the one planning them, isn't he? I remember he said that he planned a lot more Hogsmeade dates for this year. And aren't you the Quidditch Captain? We wouldn't want to schedule an appointment on a day of a match would we?"

James grinned at me and thought carefully.

"November 15th is our match against Hufflepuff… I'm fairly sure the next Hogsmeade date is the 22nd. December 6th is Slytherin and Ravenclaw… December 13th should be the next Hogsmeade date because we leave for home on the 20th."

"Well we can't come when we're home for break. Should we sneak it in on the 19th then? The Friday? I don't have classes after lunch on Fridays," I said to James.

He nodded and smiled. "That's fine. We can grab an early lunch."

I smiled and turned back towards Sarah who had been patiently waiting for us. "Can we do December 19th for an afternoon time?"

She nodded before waving her wand and said, "Is 1:30 okay for you?"

"That's excellent," I beamed at her.

"I have you done for 1:30 on the 19th of December, Ms. Hart. Here are your vitamins and everything you'll need. I expect you'll have more things coming in as you get further in your pregnancy," Sarah smiled warmly.

I took the bag from her gratefully before grasping James's hand.

He squeezed it lovingly before turning as the two of us made our way back to Hogwarts, holding hands and baby bag in another.

When James and I returned to Hogwarts and thanked Aberforth profusely, we were greeted by a rather grim and unpleasant scene right near the entrance to Hogsmeade.

There was a crowd, gathering around what seemed to look like a handful of people.

I frowned and looked to James in confusion. His expression matched mine as the two of us squeezed our way through the crowd, people stepping aside when they realize who was trying to get through.

If I thought seeing who was in the middle of the crowd would make my confusion clear, I was sorely mistaken.

The entire gang was there, along with Lily and Hugo and a couple of others that I was surprised to see thrown into the mix.

Grace was there, along with Ruby Smith, Megan Stretton, another one of Megan's croonies named Leah Farley, Ellie, Jessica Fawcett, Jack Turpin, and another one of Jack's friends that I didn't recognize.

What. The. Hell.

It wasn't even the addition of the others that had me confused.

It was the complete and utter chaos. There seemed to be about 10 different scenarios and 15 arguments going on at the same time, none of which made sense to me, though everything seemed to be tied in together.

My head was starting to get overwhelmed so I clutched onto James's arm for support. This couldn't be good for the baby.

James looked down at me in concern but I just shook my head. He can worry about me later.

"HEY! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" James finally roared loudly after looking on helplessly confused.

Everyone stopped talking and turned to us but I couldn't pay attention to that now.

What I noticed as I had a clearer view was that Lucy and Grace had tears streaming down their faces while they stood together, glaring around angrily at almost everyone except for Rose.

Immediately, I rushed over to them.

"What happened?!" I asked frantically, immediately giving Lucy a tight hug. I had never seen Lucy cry. Perhaps maybe a tear or two but never cry.

And she looked like she had just been bawling.

Lucy shook her head and just quietly sobbed onto my shoulder. Lily rubbed her back in soothing circles while whispering quietly to her older cousin. 

My bewilderment just shot up. I glanced to Grace but she was being comforted by Rose, which was strangely odd to me.

Perhaps if it had just been the girls who looked like they had just been in a scene of a drama, then I might have been able to figure it out.

But the boys seemed like they were just as involved as well.

Lucy was glaring at Ethan through her tears while occasionally shooting Jessica Fawcett and Ruby Smith the evil eye. Ethan was completely ignoring Jessica as he just stared desolately at Lucy.

Grace was looking at Ruby in what seemed like a betrayed and angry way while Ruby just retaliated the look.

Al was patting Grace on the back, looking dirtily at Ruby and at Ethan, which I concluded was because he's the reason why Lucy's crying.

Ellie was also glaring at Ruby and shooting lasers at Megan Stretton as well, who just glared back at Ellie and looked spitefully at Grace just for the sake of it.

Louis looked upset at Ethan as well though nowhere near as much as his anger towards Megan Stretton. Louis was also glaring at Jack Turpin who just looked sheepishly to the ground. Ellie occasionally shot Jack a contemptuous look as well.

Sam, Scorpius, and Hugo looked like they had been trying to create peace and Leah was mimicking whatever Megan had been doing.

All of the silent conversations were getting to my head and I really wanted to know what happened to cause this complete meltdown.

"Would someone mind telling me what the fuck happened?" James growled.

No one answered, though I had no idea why the hell not.

James seemed even more frustrated so he growled again and turned to Jack venomously. "You. Start talking. What happened to you?" he demanded, his voice powerful.

"I'LL TELL YOU WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT SON OF A BITCH!" Ellie suddenly screeched. I blinked at her in surprise.

Bloody hell, Ellie hadn't even been this angry at Louis when he told her that she shouldn't have gone to Hogsmeade with Jack Turpin.

"HE BLOODY TOOK ADVANTAGE OF ME, THAT'S WHAT! AND WHAT DID YOU DO WHEN LOUIS TRIED TO STOP YOU?! YOU PUNCHED HIM!" Ellie continued screaming. I had no doubts that almost everyone in Hogsmeade and at Hogwarts would be able to hear her.

It also took me a moment to realize that Ellie had started calling Louis by his first name, something that pleased me immensely despite the serious situation.

Ellie just continued, however, as I had a feeling she was letting out all the anger that she had held in all of these years. "I SHOULD HAVE JUST CANCELLED ON YOU WHEN LOUIS TOLD ME THAT YOU HAD ASKED OUT THREE GIRLS IN THE SPAN OF TWO DAYS! GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FUCKING SIGHT, YOU SON OF A BITCH!"

Louis' fists clenched again and it took the combined force of James and Sam to hold Louis back from running after Jack and giving him a good punch in the face.

Now that was one mystery taken care of…

"So how are you involved?" James snapped to Megan, his patience near the end. He obviously did not look happy that Ellie had been taken advantage of, by Jack Turpin of all people.

"I'll tell you how you're involved!" Louis spat, completely distracted by the thought of Megan Stretton. "When a person tells you they're not bloody interested, then you don't FUCKING go and bloody kiss them!"

Ah… that would explain why Louis and Ellie are both glaring at Megan.

Although I had to say this was certainly a step up for Louis. Even if it was Megan Stretton, usually he'd just snog them back before ditching them into a pile.

Not something that I approved one bit.

I felt angry myself now, however, all of the high emotions rubbing off on me and the mood swings kicking in. I realized that this was probably not good for the baby but I had to do what I had to do.

She will not ruin Louis and Ellie's chances of getting together. I have the perfect image of the cute babies that Louis and Ellie would have and Megan bloody Stretton is not getting in the way of that.

"Get the fuck out of here, Stretton. Is flirting with Bella's brother not enough for you? Is sleeping with five different blokes at the same time not good enough for you?" Rose said angrily, channeling the anger that I was starting to feel.

Megan huffed angrily, letting out an indignant and ferocious scream before stomping away, dragging Leah Farley with her.

"Now… Ruby…" I said in a falsely calm voice. "Tell me why the fuck is your best friend in tears."

"She's not best friend of mine. She's a backstabbing, social ladder climbing bitch who think that she's the shit because she shares a dorm with 'The Populars'," Ruby said venomously, giving Grace an evil look, her eyes sometimes flickering towards Albus.

What the hell is 'The Populars'?

"Just because Grace was sensible enough to tell you that I'm not fucking interested does not making her a backstabbing and a social ladder climbing bitch who thinks she's the shit," Albus said through gritted teeth.

Ah… there we go. Another mystery solved.

I should consider going into detective work.

Bloody hell, though. I had been so wrapped up with my own issues that I hadn't even noticed that Ruby kept on bugging Al whenever she had the chance.

I would need to do something about my complete lack of observation.

But first things first.


Both Lily and I jumped in surprise at the suddenness of Lucy's temper.

Well then… she took the words from my mouth.

Ah, how my best friends can read my thoughts so well.

"I'M NOT LUCKY! I FEEL PATHETIC FOR EVEN THINKING THAT YOU'D BE SUPPORTIVE!" Ruby screeched back, though more to Grace than to Lucy. Grace had starting tearing up again and it was starting to piss me off. 

What was up with these annoying bitches who are making everyone I like/love annoyed, sad, or upset?

Ruby suddenly snatched something from her neck and forcefully ripped it off before throwing it in Grace's face. "I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY WITH YOUR NEW POPULAR BEST FRIENDS!"  She screamed before stomping away in the direction that Megan Stretton and Leah Farley had disappeared to.

Grace started full on crying now as Al picked up whatever Ruby had thrown.

Bloody hell, this would be a day to remember.

Now the only person who was left was Jessica Fawcett, who I suspected to be involved in something that might just possibly tear or break up our little gang.

 "Now, Fawcett, you mind explaining why you possibly have something to do with why my cousin had been crying?" James sighed before turning to Jessica angrily.

I felt slightly bad when Jessica started looking upset. I had nothing against Jessica but she was getting in the way of my best friend and my cousin's happiness.

"I just wanted Ethan…" she mumbled almost sheepishly. She was probably wondering to herself why the hell she was telling us all this. "I thought he actually fancied me… spending time with me at the party and asking me to Hogsmeade."

So this goes back to my cousin's stupidity, doesn't it?

"I didn't know that he and Weasley had a thing going on," Jessica mumbled, looking at the ground.

"Sure, of course you didn't. That's why you started kissing him after you had eye contact with me outside of Three Broomsticks," Lucy spat. "Of course you didn't know."

I glared at Ethan who was shifting uncomfortably under all of the evil glares that he was receiving.

I would feel bad but he was a bloody idiot for kissing her.

"Fawcett, just leave," James said tiredly. "You're making things worse."

Jessica scampered off after one last desperate look to Ethan.

"Mate… I told you not to ask Fawcett out," James said, his voice sounding almost like he was scolding a little child. "It'd just make things worse."

"Make things worse? James, seriously? Make things worse?" Ethan repeated incredulously. "Can I not do something for myself then?"

"Of course you can, you selfish bastard!" Lucy began walking away from me and Lily and towards Ethan angrily. "That's all you ever do, isn't it? Think about yourself?"

"Right well, sorry for thinking about myself after I spent five years wallowing in desperation after a girl who calls me all sorts of bad names that I don't deserve. Sorry for thinking about myself after I spent five years essentially being rejected because the girl I fancy constantly has a new boy toy that she shows off. Sorry for thinking about myself and trying to do something that might make me happy for once when the girl I fancy knows I fancy her but still treats me like shit. Sorry for thinking about myself and sorry for being this selfish bastard who can't always cater to your selfless wishes, Lucy Audrey Weasley," Ethan ranted angrily, his jaw tense and his eyes darkened. "Sorry for wanting to give Jessica a chance when you never gave me the light of day once in the past five years that I've known you."

Before anyone of us could react, he started walking off, leaving Lucy speechless and the rest of us shocked, surprised, and very guilty.


"Was he right?" Lucy asked miserably after we had gotten a bunch of food from the kitchens and ate our dinner at our dorm. "Am I really that selfish?"

Grace now joined us, the three of us welcoming her graciously because her "best friend" turned out to be a complete bitch.

"Luce, I don't think you meant to be that selfish," Rose said gently.

But Lucy didn't seem to hear her.

Lucy seemed to be trying to explain the situation and making sense of everything to herself as she said, "I didn't even know why I was crying. I was just walking out of the Three Broomsticks when everything happened all of a sudden. Everyone just seemed to be there, the entire thing with Louis and Ellie at one side, Smith and you, Grace, at another. And then there Ethan was with Fawcett, walking together hand in hand."

Lucy sighed again and pulled her knees up towards he chest before resting her head on her knees.

 "I think Fawcett had a feeling that their date was going to be ending so all of a sudden, she just leaned up and kissed him. He didn't respond for a moment and I felt myself getting oddly relieved. But then he started kissing her back and I felt so upset. I didn't even know why I was so upset at the sight of them kissing. It should make me happy that Ethan found someone but it made me feel horrible. I didn't know how to respond so I just started yelling at him like I always do. But then he started getting angry back at me and I just couldn’t help it. I didn't even realize that I needed to cry."

By this point, Lucy's voice was breaking. I glanced at Rose and Grace, both their faces reflecting my own desire to give Lucy a big hug.

"And then everyone just started morphing into a huge group because we all happened to be there. Then you and James came along and really sorted things out. I was starting to feel angry because Turpin made me mad, Stretton made me mad, Smith made me mad, and I couldn't help but direct that anger back to Ethan because that I all know how to act around him. Inside my head I was asking myself what the sodding hell I was doing, letting myself cry in front of Ethan. But then he put things so plainly and I can't help but feel so guilty," Lucy finished, giving out a dry sob.

I leapt off my bed and scrambled over onto Lucy's bed, placing my arms around her tightly.

"I didn't even realize how much I actually liked his attention, how much I actually liked his compliments, how much I actually needed him. I didn't even realize how much I actually might fancy him until now I went and ruined everything," Lucy's voice said, her voice thick.

Rose seemed like she was ready to cry as well. She said, "Oh Luce, it'll be okay! We'll fix everything. Ethan will come around."

Lucy shook her head enigmatically. "He was right. He never asked me out but I always knew deep down inside that you guys had been right all these years but I just ignored it. I have wounded his pride so much and I don't deserve to have him be nice to me."


"She's a complete mess…" I sighed to James as I snuggled against him on the sofa in front of the fireplace.

It was getting late but the events that occurred since the two of us got back to Hogwarts meant that I needed time to clear out my thoughts.

And nothing was better than spending some alone time with James.

James kissed the top of my forehead and murmured, "Yeah he is too. We all apologized to him but he's miserable. He feels terrible for making her cry but he knows that he's done nothing wrong."

"Indeed he hasn't this time," I responded quietly. The fire cackled in front of us and it was rather soothing, just sitting there. I felt remarkably guilty.

Ethan was my cousin. Blood should run thicker than anything, as I have seen among the Wotters yet I hadn't taken an opportunity to see it from Ethan's perspective at all.

Absentmindedly, I placed my hands on my stomach, rubbing it gently.

It felt surreal that I had an actual living being inside of there.

"Our baby is going to need a hell lot of energy and strength if he wants to last in this family," James smiled, noticing my actions.

He placed his own hands over mine, curling them together gently.

I grinned at him and said, "How do you know it's going to be a boy?"

James looked at me amused and replied, "Because I just know."

"That's not a good answer," I pouted, throwing my arms around his waist.

James grinned and gave me a kiss on the lips, something that still never failed to melt my insides. "I think it's a good answer. Besides, look at my family and your family."

"What do you mean?"

"My great grandfather was a boy and he was the first born. My grandfather was a boy and he was the first born. My dad is the first born and a boy. I'm the first born and a boy. Your brother's the first born and a boy," James counted, listing each one off with his fingers.

"Well, then our daughter can break the tradition!" I said stubbornly. "She can be the first born Potter female!"

"Love, as much as I'd love to see that, I don't think so," James laughed, pulling me onto his lap so that I was straddling him. "I think it will be a boy."

"But I'm the mother! I just know these things!" I protested, folding my arms childishly.

Wasn't I right, though?

Mother's intuition and all.

My mum had been telling me for ages that sometimes, a mother just 'knows'.

James raised his eyebrows. "My Grandma Weasley said the same thing but she didn't have my mum until her seventh time. My mum thought I was a girl too but she didn't have Lily until her third try."

"She thought you were a girl, eh?" I smirked.

James went slightly red and glared at me playfully. He tugged my arms out and said, "No I didn't mean it like that! I'm a man! A manly macho man!"

I giggled at James's indignant expression that I referred to him as a girl and wrapped my arms around his neck. I leaned my head closer to his and said, "Yes of course you are. A manly macho man who is all mine."

"Likewise, Bella, likewise," James whispered, his eyes locking into mine before he slowly leaned in and connected his lips to mine in one glorious snog.

Life might be crazy with our friends, but at least I would always have James. 










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