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Against the Odds by yerawizard27
Chapter 5 : This is a Call
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A/N: How proud of meare youfor this super-fast update? Sorry this chapter is so short, and a total filler, but trust me, the story is at a turning point! Things are definitely starting to rumble. Please review! Thank you!

~yerawizard27 x

Soon enough, it was time for us to go home for the holidays.

Rose had packed for me, due to the fact that I had been so fatigued the last few days, and I couldn't sleep from all the stress and worry of telling James, I could barely keep my eyes open, never mind muster up the strength to use magic to pack.

On the morning of our departure from Hogwarts, Rose, Ruby and I all sat in the carriage pulled by the Thestrals that brought us to Hogsmeade train station. I was the only one out of the five of us that could see them. I have been able to see them since third year, after my Gran died.

When we reached the train station, we were one of the last few to board the train. Ruby had left all her packing until the very last minute, and totally over-packed. Who needs five trunks for one week? When you are going to your own home?

As we looked into all the compartments, and it seemed as though there was only one that contained less than three people.

Guess who.

I felt my heart swell in my chest and my stomach drop. As the girls ran into the carriage, whilst I took a slight step back, out the door. "Where are you going?" Rose asked, her brow furrowing.

"Um... I need to, er, check in on someone. Make sure they have... change for a fiver..." I mumbled almost incoherently, taking small steps back out of the carriage, staring hard at the floor. When I was standing in the corridor, I dashed off in the other direction. I heard a small, "what was that about?" from one of James' friends. I never actually looked to see who they were.

I looked in each window to each compartment, dying to see someone I knew. I looked through one and saw Alex chatting to some Hufflepuff guy and my heart lifted. I opened up the compartment door and burst in.

"Sorry, do you guys mind? Everywhere else is full." I sat down next to Alex and smiled at the Hufflepuff guy. He was blushing, and I now noticed Alex shared the same expression.

"Sorry to interrupt." I said, yawning loudly and rested my head on Alex's shoulder and kicked my feet under me. She patted my leg and continued chatting to the 'Puff as I fell asleep.

I awoke to the sound of whispering. I kept my eyes closed, praying for a few more minutes sleep.

"How long has she been out?" A deep voice whispered quietly. I felt my spine stiffen.

It was him. He was here.

I kept my eyes shut.

"About an hour." I heard Alex say from above me. My head was resting on her knees. "She's been sleeping so much lately, it's mad. I think she's under a lot of stress." I heard Rose add in a low voice.

"Is she alright?" He spoke again. Merlin, he has a nice voice. "Has she seemed... strange recently? At least stranger than normal?"

I wanted to protest, I was always normal, but I kept quiet, wanting to hear what everyone said. The compartment was silent for a moment, it seemed as though everyone was contemplating his words.

"Totally." I heard Alex whisper, and a "Mmhm," from Rose.

"Really? Did she... say anything? About me, I mean" His voice remained quiet, but his tone was quite urgent.

Oh no. I did not like where this conversation was headed. How do I stop this? I can't let them know I've been listening. Shit! Maybe I should cause a scene. Is it too soon to pretend to be in labour? Oh Merlin. Fuuuuuuuuuccc-

My thoughts are stopped by a large crash, as the door to our compartment flew open.

"James! Come quick, mate! The trolley lady is giving out the sweets for free!" Albus screamed from the doorway.

"Shh! You'll wake Vi..." James trailed off as he looked at me and saw my eyes open. Al was standing in the doorway next to a tall blonde boy I recognised as Scorpius Malfoy, a Slytherin and Albus' best friend. Albus looked at me lying there and a guilty look crossed his face. "I'm sorry Violet... I didn't see you. I just got so excited, I wasn't thinking..."

"No worries." I smiled reassuringly at him, while sitting myself up. I was acting all cool on the outside, but on the inside, I was on my knees, worshipping this boy for interrupting possibly the most awkward conversation in the history of time.

"So are you coming?" Scorpius exclaimed, looking at James. I could feel James watching me but I looked at everything and everyone but him.

He sighed, and stood up to join his brother and Scorpius.

"Bye Rose!" Scorpius shouted over his shoulder as he, James and Albus raced each other down the corridor. I looked at Rose to see her cheeks were a bright pink.

I made a mental note to tease her about that later when we were alone. I looked at her knowingly but she just ignored me and continued reading a book. That girl needs to stop reading. It's not healthy. She takes after her mother. I settled back down on Alex's knee and she started combing her fingers through my long hair.

It wasn't long until I was being shaken awake again.

"Gnpgh!" I grumbled, attempting to turn over and return to sleep.

I heard quite a few laughs in the compartment around me so I yawned and stretched my arms above my head and opened my eyes. My head was still on Alex's knee, and I found that several people had joined us since I had fallen asleep. Rose and Alex had been here before, but Rose had obviously left and gotten changed into muggle clothes. Alex was still wearing her school robes, probably because she couldn't move without waking me.

But since falling asleep, Albus, Ruby, Fred and Scorpius all squeezed in next to Rose on the seats. Scorpius and Rose were sitting extremely close together, but it didn't look like they minded.

I realised I was stretched out over a seat meant for at least three people and felt very guilty as I looked at all five of them squashed together.

It was as I shifted to sit up again, I realised my feet were resting on someone's knees.


I jerked my feet away and stood suddenly. "I should... Um, go get dressed... Into er, my muggle clothes..." I didn't look at him. I don't know how I thought I could do this. Seeing him everyday, being so close to him... touching him. It was too hard.

I tried to hide my embarrassment as I rushed off to get changed.

Once we pulled up at King's Cross Station, Rose linked her arm in mine and we dragged our trunks out onto the platform. I spotted the Weasleys immediately, the large group of distinctive red heads were hard to miss. Hermione and Ron were saying hello to their son (and Rose's brother) and his new girlfriend, a girl from Ravenclaw. I recognised her because she's keeper for their Quidditch team.

Rose dashed over to them, dumped her trunk and hugged them both. Ron hugged her back with such adoration, I wanted to cry. I hadn't seen my dad since he walked out on me and my Mum when I was three. Good riddance, I think.

I walked over and said hello to Hermione, who pulled me into a warm hug. I loved Hermione. I really thought of her as a second mother. "Violet, honey! How are you? You're looking very well!"

Ron, too, gave me a hug, things he doesn't give away easily. He smiled at me warmly. I felt someone tap my shoulder and turned around to see James there, looking at me.

"James, m'boy! How's my favourite godson?" Ron bellowed, patting James on the back.

James smiled weakly at him, and turned back around to me. "Violet, could I talk to you for a minute?" James whispered in my ear. I physically fought off the tingles running up and down my spine.

Before I could answer him, a flash of red hair dashed over to him and gave him a hug.It was his mother. I tried not laugh as he struggled to escape from her clutches. I tried to walk away quietly while James tried to soothe his sobbing mother.

"Don't even try and sneak off, Violet." Ginny warned me, squeezing her son one last time before turning to me and giving me a bone-crushing hug.

"You're looking great, Violet! Did you do something to your hair?" Ginny asked, after releasing me.

Before I could answer her, I heard Rose yelling "Oi! Good to see water is thicker than blood in your case, Aunt Ginny!" Ginny rolled her eyes and turned to Rose, giving her a hug. "As if I could forget my favourite niece!" Ginny joked, resulting in several "Hey's!" from offended female relatives of Ginevra Potter.

We all laughed, and Hermione came over and hugged James, her godson.

Hermione let go of James and turned to Rose and myself, ushering us away from the busy platform, saying it was time to leave.
"Bye, Ginny!" Rose and I called. I had long stopped calling her Mrs. Potter. She had insisted I call her Ginny, claiming Mrs. Potter made her feel old, and it seemed far to formal for a woman I saw almost every holiday break. I offered her a smile as Hugo, his girlfriend, Rose, Ron and Hermione all scurried away.

I didn't look at their son. I ran off after Rose and the Weasleys, hoping to Merlin he wouldn't get a chance to corner me like that again.

A/N: Thanks for reading! Please review!


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Against the Odds: This is a Call


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