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Complications of a Teenage Pregnancy by minniemouse1097
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two
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We stayed in that position for what seemed to be hours but was probably only a few minutes. The endless sobs streaming out my eyes were wetting Albus' shirt. Once they began to run dry, I lifted my head and smiled weakly up at Albus who's expression showed nothing but concern on his flawless face. His hair was just like his dads', brown and messy and he wore a maroon t-shirt that clung beautifully to his abs. I know now is not the time to be gushing over my best friend, but sometimes I can't help it.

'What's happened Ash?' he asked, arms still firmly wrapped around my waist.

'Everything. Everything that shouldn't have happened, did. I've screwed everything up, Al, and I'm all alone! And when you find out you'll hate me!' tears began to fall again so I buried my head in his chest.

One of his hands came up to stroke my hair as he said 'I could never hate you, even if I found out you were trying to reincarnate Voldemort! No matter what you've screwed up I'll always be here,' his hand came down to lift my chin up so my chocolate brown eyes met his emerald, green eyes 'you'll never be alone, I'll always be here no matter what. Now, tell me what happened?'

I blinked away tears as i struggled to say the words, what will he think of me? 'I'm pregnant! I'm pregnant and Josh has been cheating on me! I'm pregnant and I can't kill it, I won't kill it and I don't want to see Josh again but I can't have a baby on my own! My dad will be so disappointed and everyone will think I'm some sort of slag!'

A flash of anger appeared on his face 'He cheated on you?' I nodded weakly in reply 'I'll kill him!' he exclaimed as he tore away from my arms and headed inthe direction I came from. I quickly grabbed his arm and turned him to face me.

'No you mustn't! He doesn't know! He can't know Albus, he'll make me get rid of it I know he will! I can't kill it, Al, I just can't!' his expression softened as he embraced me once more.

'I'll still kill him for what he's done to you.'

'Please, Al, don't. It doesn't solve anything. Please promise me you won't do anything, at least not now. I need you! Please don't leave me.' I buried my face in his neck and he rested his chin on my head.

'I'm not going anywhere. Ash, I'll never leave you. You won't ever be alone.'

I looked up and stared into his eyes, 'thank you Albus, you're the greatest friend I could ask for. I don't deserve you.'

We stayed like that, embracing and staring into each others eyes. Seemingly being lost in the moment, Albus slowly lowered his head as I raised mine to meet his, anticipating a kiss. We both closed our eyes and we both leaned in until our lips were an inch apart, the electricity surging in the small space between us. Al made the last move and connected our lips together and the electricity burst throughout my body, all my hairs stood up as we kissed. We pulled together so there was no space in between us and I opened my mouth to deepen the kiss. I threw my arms around his neck, nestling in the bottom of his hair as his caressed my lower back. A low moan sounded from the back of his throat which brought me back to my senses as I pulled away with wide eyes.

I shouldn't be kissing Al. He's my best friend. Why am I messing this up too? He doesn't like me that way and neither do I! Do I? Urgh, it must be the hormones, messing with my mind. I'm so confused. It was so wrong but why did it feel so right?
He was looking at me with confusion, he must think I'm off my head! He's Albus Potter! How could he ever like someone like me? Tears once again threatened to fall, 'I'm sorry,' I whispered as I turned and bolted down the corridor to my dormitory in the Gryffindor common room.

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