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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 4 : Mysterious Girl
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 Chapter Four

The next day all anyone could talk about was the incident on the Quidditch field with Scorpious Malfoy and Astoria Lestrange; there was about fifty different versions going around however. But what most people wanted to know was who Malfoy’s mystery girl was. It turned out Astoria didn’t actually know WHO the girl Malfoy cheated on her with was; she just had evidence to know that he’d been seeing this girl behind her back. There were many different suspects:

Rose Weasley because Scorpious had been known to fancy her since there first year at Hogwarts. Luckily enough Rose is smart and realised with a slimy grease ball the guy was right from the start and was utterly repulsed by him; people seemed to think it was her as Astoria said it was most likely Rose

Another suspect was Kim Metcalfe; because well it’s Kim Metcalfe. She sleeps with anyone; she was who I was betting on.

Alice Longbottom was another suspect as she was mysteriously absent during the whole pitch incident and most people assumed she was hiding. I however knew it wasn’t her as she was with us in the greenhouse all afternoon and no way would she go near Malfoy in a million years. The girl has standards

Some people thought there was no girl and Astoria made the whole thing up so she could gain some attention, she liked attention

I wasn’t dwelling too much on the whole matter myself to be honest, sure I liked the idea of Malfoy being utterly humiliated in public but I’m just not that big of a gossip. Everyone else in my house seemed to be utterly obsessed with the story though like Freddie Weasley and some of his friends in the fifth year had begun taking bets on who the mystery girl was. Rose was not happy about that, mainly because the odds on her were so high

Hugo wasn’t pleased about it either, not for the humiliation of his sister but because he lost 10 galleons betting on Alice before Melissa announced Alice had been with us all that afternoon so it couldn’t have been her. The only other person who seemed utterly disinterested in the whole thing was Lily who just kept her head down whenever the subject matter was brought up – which was every breakfast, lunch, dinner and free period we had for about a week

“Seriously, dude, come on” said Ryan on the Friday night as we all sat on the sofa’s in the common room snug by the fire. It was raining heavily outside so Lily and I had put off our sunset watching for that night “It’s got to be Kim, it has to be. Rose has brains; Alice was with you guys it has to be Kim”

“There’s no way it’s Kim” said Melissa “I overheard Rodger Downham telling Lysander Scamander in Potions that he was with Kim all that afternoon, they’ve been seeing each other for months and you know how thick she is. If she’d been having it off with Scorpious behind his back she wouldn’t have lasted long”

“Why’s that” asked Ryan looking annoyed Rebecca had shot down his idea

“Because she’s so stupid she’d probably have called Rodger by Scorpious’s name and Scorpious by Rodger’s name” said Melissa “She still think Hugo’s name is Harold for merlins sake!”

“Oi Harold Weasley is a great guy” piped up Hugo “He’s in training to be a dragon tamer and he single handidly thought off seventeen dementors without a wand!”

I can’t believe he created a personality for the guy

“Why don’t you just tell her your name is Hugo” asked Rebecca with a grin on her face, she fancies Hugo by the way. Just thought I’d put that one in whilst I can

“How many cool people have been called Hugo” he exclaimed “I can’t think of one!”

“Yeah because there’s been so many awesome Harold’s” I added sarcastically. Lily, who was cuddled up to me in another one of my hoodies, smirked into my chest

“Yes there has” said Hugo “There’s, now let me see, there’s……”

“You can’t think of one” said Lily laughing out loud; the group burst into laughter as Hugo sat down next to Rebecca and brainstormed famous people called Harold with her. She looked pleased that he was paying attention for her; I bet that’s how I look when Lily talks to me.

“Ollie, there’s a letter here from mum” piped up a little high voice from behind me. I turned around to face my ikkle brother Jack who’s only in first year and had clearly had to pluck up a lot of courage to come and talk to kids five years older than him

“Cheers bud” I said ruffling his hair, cute little bastard “You gonna sit down with us for a while, seems ages since we’ve had bro time”

Jack went Scarlett but nodded and sat down next to Lily and me and began talking to Lily who seemed to regard him as the little brother she’d never had. These two are going to be brother and sister in law eventually so it’s important to me that they get on. I opened the letter from my mother

Dear Oliver,

I hope your 6th year is going ok and you’re studying hard! I know that NEWTS aren’t until next year and you’re probably more focused on having secret rendezvous in the Shrieking Shack with your latest girlfriend but these exams are damn hard and the work you do know really counts

Is Jack doing alright? You told me in your last letter he was struggling to fit in so make sure you’re extra nice to him and I know he’s your kid brother but just let him hang around with you and your friends occasionally. I’m going to see dad tomorrow, I’m sure he’ll send his love but you can’t guarantee much with him can you?

How is Lily? I love hearing from her, she really is a great girl Oliver please, please don’t muck it up. Send my love to the rest of the gang and once again please tell Ryan that I’m flattered but I can’t elope with him it would be highly inappropriate

All my love,


P.S. If you’re going to have sex please remember to be safe. You don’t want to end up with a kid at 17 like I did (not that I hold it against you of course!) Enjoy the cookies unless the damn owl has eaten them again

With a half laugh and sigh I stuffed the letter in my pocket and re-joined the conversation which had predictably returned to the “Who has Scorpious been shagging?” mystery so Lily and I quickly switched off and Jack had returned to his two friends in the corner. I grinned with pride as they laughed at a joke he told; if there’s one person I love more than Lily (and my mum) it’s Jack.

If anyone hurts him, I am going to Azkaban for murder I’m telling you now. You have been warned potential Jack bullies

The conversation about Scorpious’s mystery girl continued until Hugo shrieked “Supermans real name is Harold!”

“Dude its Clarke Kent” said Ben. The group laughed once again; and Lily had fallen asleep on me again. She uses me more than her actual bed

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Escaping the Friend Zone: Mysterious Girl


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