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Forbidden Love by DracoMalfoy23
Chapter 1 : Chapter One - Introduction
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It was only days after the war had ended. When everything bad seemed to have disappeared. That day, when love prevailed, gone. Luna Lovegood sat there, on the concrete that used to be her home. Before that fateful day when evil took her. There was sadness on her face. The underneath of her eyes, shown a pale red. A tear rolled down her cheek one last time. She watched him walk away, but only for a moment before she turned her head. She couldn’t look. She didn’t want to believe it. Only days before, they had shared that one, first, kiss. Was that all a lie? Was it only because everyone was dying? Was I your last resort? She couldn’t bear to think about it anymore. She stood up, wiped away the tears, and disappeared.








A pale boy, about seventeen, had just woken up. He turned over and looked at the time. It read 11:14am. School was over. There was no going back for him. He got up and walked into the restroom. He stared at himself in the mirror, but couldn’t bear it. He knew that face. The only that was able to look someone in the eye, knowing that he had to kill them, but he couldn’t. He chickened out. He was ridiculed for it, but that was over. That was a year ago. What he truly couldn’t stand was himself. Why did I let him? Why didn’t I stand for what I wanted? What I believed in? It’s too late now. Everyone hates me. Even my family. They are disappointed. Former classmates don’t trust me. I don’t belong anywhere.










Luna appeared in front of the one house that had the people she knew she could trust. She started to walk up to the front door, but paused halfway. She reached into her bag and pulled out a mirror and looked at herself. She wanted to take sure that all evidence of the past few minutes was gone. She took a deep breath, sighed, and put on a fake smile. She resumed her walk to the front door, and stopped just before it. She paused for a moment, listening in. Trying to hear if they were home. It was silent. She was about to turn away when she heard the familiar voice of her good friends, Harry Potter. “Luna.” He said it in the most comforting voice. Almost like he knew what was wrong, but he didn’t. The only think he knew was that she was not herself. She was not skipping around with her usual smile. Her head was down, almost in shame, and her eyes filled with tears once more.










Draco turned from the mirror, holding back tears. He turned the water on and splashed his face with cold water. He looked at himself again. He saw a familiar image. He saw himself one year ago. The same look on his face. The same hurt inside. He turned to see if anyone was looking like before, but only saw darkness. He grabbed a towel to dry his face. Once done, he switched off the light and started to descend the stairs of Malfoy Manor. From the top landing, he saw his mother and father just sitting there. The television was not on. They were not talking. Just silence. Draco continued his descent. When at the bottom, he looked both of them in the eye, not saying a word. His mother looked sad. His father looked disappointed. Draco just turned away. He didn’t want to be there. He had to find somewhere else to go. Somewhere where he could be alone with his thought. Somewhere where someone might actually care for him. He didn’t know where that would be; only that he had to get there before tonight. He couldn’t endure another night here.









“Please, come inside,” Harry said to Luna, in a kind, welcoming voice. Luna nodded and followed him inside of the house. She entered and saw her other three greatest friends sitting on the sofa in the living room. Hermione, Ginny, and Ron were all sitting there, smiling. She smiled back, not even realizing the tear running down her cheek. Hermione stood up, walked over to the girl, and put her arms around her. “Are you alright? Please come and sit down and tell us what’s bothering you.” She was such a kind witch and that is why Luna chose to go there. She loved to be in the presence of her friends when she is in a time of need. Luna walked over, still wrapped around Hermione, and sat down. She moved her lips to tell them what was troubling her, but all that came out was another tear and a small sob. She tried to hold it together, but couldn’t. All four of her friends gathered around her to consol their upset friend.











“Where are you going?” Lucius asked Draco, in a stern voice. Draco wasn’t sure himself, so he just stood there, staring at his father. Narcissa, his mother, just sat there, listening to the conversation with a blank look on her face. “Nowhere,” the boy said. “Then sit down. We need to talk.” Lucius held out his hand, biding him to sit down across from him. Draco didn’t refuse. He didn’t want to start anything else. He sat down and was about to say something when Lucius interrupted him. “We are going to have another meeting here tonight. We all believe that it is not over. There is no way that he is gone. We need you to be here and to participate. We lost many lives that day, so we need all the help we can get.” Draco knew exactly what he was talking about. Though he did not want to believe it. Draco didn’t want to deal with it anymore. His facial expression changed from slight upset to anger. “No,” he said, in a firm voice. “You don’t have a choice!” Lucius yelled back at his son. “I do have a choice. And I won’t stand for it. I don’t believe. I have put up with this for years and it’s time for me to stand up for what I believe in. You’re on your own.” Draco didn’t leave his father enough time to answer before he walked out the door. He heard his mother open up the door and yell for him to come back, but he didn’t care. He didn’t wish to hurt his mother, but he didn’t want to give in. He ran faster until he passed through the gates which separate Malfoy Manor from the world. He then apparated and left his former life behind him.









The sobs that came from the girl continued, but became lesser and lesser as time when on. After a few minutes of consoling by her friends, Luna was ready to talk. “May I have a tissue?” Ginny nodded and grabbed her one. Luna took it and wiped her face clean. “Would you like to go wash your face is the restroom first?” Hermione asked. Luna thought about it for a moment and nodded. The three girls walked over to the restroom and turned on the cold water. She splashed her face and wiped it dry with a pink towel that was given to her by Ginny. After she was done, the three walked back to living room and sat down. “Tell us what’s wrong,” Ron said to Luna. Hermione shot him a look of; Let her talk when she’s ready! Luna didn’t seem bothered by it. She was ready to talk. She began her story, “It happened this morning…”










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