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Time-Travel Mishaps! by AccioSachio
Chapter 8 : Harry talks to himself.
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Harry didn't notice that he had been followed until he turned around. When he did he was faced with the exact replica of himself though taller, broader, and with more facial hair.

"Hi i'm Harry," introduced the man with a grin.

"Yeah me too," smirked the teenage Harry.

"You must be feeling pretty confused right now huh?"

"You have no idea, first of all i get my own kids sprung on me who are nearly my own age. And then none other then myself, though much older, comes along. Quite the week this has been." said Harry sarcastically.

"Yeah, my weeks been dead easy." replied older Harry with a roll of his emerald eyes. "Just frantically trying to find a way to get my kids back in time for christmas from twenty years in the past. The usual."

There was a short pause of nothing.

"What's it like?" whispered Harry. "The future i mean, does it get any better?"

The aged Harry Potter mulled over this for a couple of minutes, he sat himself on one of the available stools and thought. Finally he looked up into his teenage selfs eyes. "Hell yes."

Teenage Harry couldn't help but grin.

"You turn into one of the most luckiest men alive, I have a beautiful wife who i love dearly. Don't worry you will too sooner then you think." Young Harry blushed. "Three children who i would go to the ends of the Eartha nd back for nine million times, and a perfect lfie basically. So safe and wonderful."

"What about Voldemort?" asked Harry suddenly.

His older self just smiled at him. "I don't know if that is really a topic worth discussing Harry, you see there are many things about the future that will shock you. I am surprised my children have been able to refrain from talling you. Even though you are all being obliviated i do not want anything to change the paths of life in 2017."

"Is he still around?" persisted Harry.

Again there was a silence. "Let's just say that we managed to take care of him Harry, I can't say when or how but we do. And in a way i wish that part of your memory wouldn't be erased so you know that any doubts you may have, are unnecessarry. It would be the strength that would get you along the next part of your life."

Young Harry was annoyed at his older self that he was not telling him the full details, however he did sort of understand why. At least he has the peace of mind for a while that Voldemort does eventually disappear. It's a shame he couldn't be told when: that would have been something to look forward to.

"The hearing was okay then." stated older Harry suddenly with smirk. "Nothing to worry about."

"Peace of cake." replied Harry.

Older Harry suddenly laughed heartily. "I remember the reactions on old Vernon and 'Tuneys faces when all those owls came along with the suspension letters!"

Teenage Harry laughed along with him as he remembered also.

"In all seriousness Harry," began the older Harry once more. "The next few years are not going to be easy for you, this year especially. Sorry to throw that at you now but it's the truth. Things do get better though!" Then older Harry cautiously looked either side of himself then leaned in closer. "We win Harry! We really do, just you wait."

Harry listened to his older self tell him this information with happiness. He was going to win!

"Anyway," said teenage Harry. "Ginny?"

Older Harry smirked. "Oh yes, you just wait Harry, it wont be long." he smiled at what he was suggesting. "She's fantastic, we are really happy."

"Good." was Harry's brilliant answer. "What's your job like?"

"Really amazing!" he enthused in return. "Obviously given the history of the Ministry of Magic we didn't just want to waltz into the job as it was. Some important changes had to be made. Us and Ron are the reason that the Ministry is like it is in our time, it is so much better. Especially with Kingsley as Minister."

Harry nodded in agreement.

"So, we should probably get back to the others. Preparations need to be made and obliviations need to be done."

"Of course," replied young Harry following himself out of the room. "Wait! Just one more thing."


"Why is Albus's middle name Severus?" cringed Harry.

Older Harry grinned down at his teenage self and sighed. "So much unknown," he murmered almost to himself. And without a real answer he turned and walked back to the kitchen.

"So when did you get together?" Ginny was asking her adult self.

She smiled warmly at her. "I really don't think that is an appropriate bit of information to give you, but i will say this: it's sooner then you think"

"What about you and Ron?" Ginny asked the older Hermione. Teenage Hermione whipped her head around from talking to Teddy to listen in.

"Really Ginny," she sighed. "If your own adult self isn't going to tell you then do really think I am?"

Teenage Hermione looked slightly put out. "Of course not." grinned Ginny.

"Gather round, gather round!" called adult Ron around the kitchen. Everyone did so.

"Now," said aged Harry. "We need to start the process of obliviation. Molly, Arthur and Bill sorry but we are going to do you first."

"No worries Harry dear," cheered Molly Weasley. She went around and kissed each of her new grandchildren on the cheek and then followed adult Ron upstairs to their room. There they were to be put to sleep and obvliviated.

"Bye dad!" called Victoire loudly. "See you soon!"

"Okay," continued Harry. "Whose next?"

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Time-Travel Mishaps!: Harry talks to himself.


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