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It's Just a Crush by septumsempra
Chapter 20 : Totally Awesome!
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 This is pretty much a continuation of the last chapter. JK Owns HP

Ty Chocolateluver @ tda for the image

Meanwhile at the Weasleys

"Do you think she'll do alright?" asked a worried Ginny as she stared at the spot that Hermione had just disappeared from.

"Oh don't frown so much, you'll get wrinkles," Pansy informed Ginny, "And yes, she'll do great. Narcissa is a very kind woman - nothing like her husband."

"Well, if you say so," relented Ginny.

"Pans! What are you doing here?" demanded a voice from beside the two girls.

"Ronald!" squealed Pansy like a child, throwing herself at her boyfriend. He only had a second to open his arms to catch her; luckily he only stumbled a little and didn't fall to the ground like a fool in front of his family and girlfriend.

"Oomph, Pansy," he grumbled through a mouthful of her shiny black locks.

"What?" she asked innocently, shifting so that she could plant a kiss on his lips before letting go of him. She craned her neck so that she could look up at him; it was really unfair that he was so tall.

"What are you doing here?" he asked, rolling his eyes at her, he was secretly very happy to see her.

"Well, I was sitting at home with my house-elf who was about to make me supper, when all of a sudden my fireplace lit up and a note came out of it. Ginny demanded my immediate assistance in dressing Hermione for dinner and so I, being the great friend that I am, rushed over here as soon as possible so that I could lend a helping hand." She smiled.

"Wait, you were about to eat by yourself? Why?" Asked Ron. Pansy and Ginny rolled their eyes, obviously the only thing that Ron would retain from that was the part about food.

"Well, my parents are on vacation and I was hungry. It's nothing new. Aside from Narcissa, most of the parents in our circle go on holiday during Christmas," she said as if it was self-explanatory.

"What!" exclaimed Ron. "You can't spend Christmas by yourself! You have to stay here with us." He stated, leaving no room for argument, of course that didn't stop Pansy from trying.

"But, Ron, I don't want to impose on your family, its fine really," she shrugged.

"Pansy, you are not spending Christmas alone. Besides, you aren't the only guest we have; we've got loads of space for you! I won't take no for an answer."

"You might as well stay, Pansy, you can experience a Weasley Christmas!" interjected Ginny, seeing that Pansy was about to protest again.

"Fine," she sighed.

"This is great!" exclaimed Ginny, "Mum's been bugging Ron about his new girlfriend, she'll be excited to meet you!" she laughed.

Both Ron and Pansy turned a little red at that. Then Ron grinned like a Cheshire cat.

"That's fine, but I'm sure mum would love to meet Blaise." Ginny blanched at this.

"Uh, no, I don't think she would, that's fine really," she spoke quickly.

"Really? I think she would," he argued.

"Why? It's not like we're dating or anything," she defended.

"So? I'm sure Dad and all your brothers would just love to see the lad taking their sweet innocent little daughter and sister to the ball," he grinned.

"Shut up, Ron! No they wouldn't!" she yelled.

"They would!" he yelled back. Pansy smartly backed up, not wanting to be dragged into the sibling argument.


"Pansy, is Blaise alone on Christmas as well?" he asked his girlfriend without removing his glare from Ginny.

"Um yes," she squeaked. Ron saw Ginny's eyes shine with compassion, he knew he almost had her.

"Look at that, do you really want the poor boy to spend this evening all by himself? Shame on you,Gin!"

"He wouldn't want to come here, Ron! Butt out!" Whatever Ron was going to respond with was cut off by the voice of his mother.

"What on earth is all this screeching?" she demanded, swinging her gaze from between her two children. Arthur Weasley stood just behind her with a curious look on his face. "And who wouldn't want to come here?"

"Ginny's boyfriend!" blurted Ron. That certainly drew the attention of the rest of their family. Fred, George, Bill, Charlie and even Percy and Audrey came to stand around the family. Harry went to stand next to Pansy, neither wanting anything to do with this.



"Our sister has a boyfriend?"

"Who is he!"

"I'll kill him!"

Those were just some of the kinder things that the Weasley brothers yelled out.

"He isn't my boyfriend!" protested Ginny, shaking her head wildly at her family.

"Everyone, quiet!" demanded Arthur. Everyone immediately shut their mouths; it wasn't often that Arthur Weasley raised his voice.

"Now, who is Ron talking about, Gin-bug?" asked Arthur, looking to his only daughter.

"My date to the ball," she muttered, looking away from everyone.

"And who is he?" he quickly said once he saw his sons open their mouths again.

"Blaise Zabini." She said after a moment's pause. There was a brief pause and then Ginny's brothers erupted.

"Our sweet innocent little sister-"

"With a mean nasty Slytherin!"

"WHAT! A Slytherin?"

"Oh, heck no!"

"This cannot be happening,"

"OY! Ron's dating a Slytherin, why's nobody bothering him about it?" she demanded furiously, gesturing towards Pansy with one hand on her hip in a fashion very reminiscent of their mother. Speaking of their mother…

"Oh, my dear! Hello! You must be Pansy? Ron talks about you constantly!" She rushed towards the poor frightening girl and wrapped her in a hug. "Are you staying for dinner? I do hope you are!"

"Y-yes." Pansy stuttered.

"Marvelous! Do you know how to cook?" asked Molly, letting go of Pansy so that she could peer at her face.

"Yes, ma'am," Pansy gulped, getting some of her nerves back.

"That's wonderful! You simply must join me in the kitchen with Ginny!"

"I'd be delighted, ma'am." Arthur merely rolled his eyes at his wife's antics before returning to the matter at hand.

"Why don't you want to invite him over to dinner, Ginny?" He asked calmly. "Ron says he's alone tonight, you know that's no way to spend Christmas."

"I- I just don't want them," she pointed at her six brothers, "to scare him off like they did every other guy that's had the misfortune of meeting my brothers!" Fred and George had the grace to look away when Ginny said that, everyone knew that they were the worst, pulling pranks on every boy who had dared to even look at Ginny.

"They'll be on their best behavior, won't you, boys?" Arthur stared hard at his sons. They gulped and all nodded their consent.

"See? Nothing to fear, Ginny, now run along and invite Plaise over to dinner," he gave her a small push towards the house.

"His name is, Blaise, dad!" reminded Ginny.

"Yes, yes, dear, run along!" Ginny rolled her eyes and glared at Ron before going into the house.

"Harry!" boomed Mrs. Weasley, Harry cowered under the force of her voice, she was standing right next to him after all.

"What is darling Luna doing today?"

"Oh, um, I don't really know, Mrs. Weasley," Harry shrugged.

Molly shook her head, "Well, she lives just over the hill, run along and ask her what her plans are! If she can, ask her to come to dinner!"

"I-uh, ok." Harry walked over to the shed, grabbed his broom and took off.

"Now, the rest of you!" Molly stared at the remainder of her children. "Go make yourselves useful!" Then she walked off into the house.

"Merlin, I'm a grown man with a child of my own and yet she still makes me feel like I'm the child," grumbled Bill, walking off to find his own little family. Everyone dispersed until only Ron and Pansy were left.

"Well, welcome to a typical day at the Burrow," Ron gestured around before taking her hand and leading her down to the little lake.

Pansy's here for dinner and Ron opened his big fat mouth about you taking me to the ball. Now my family wants to meet you, sorry. Can you come? –Ginny

Ginny looked over the note making sure it wasn't too personal. She liked Blaise, a lot. But she wasn't sure if he was the type of guy who was into bold declarations and public displays of affection. That's why whenever she was near him or spoke to him she tried to seem a bit detached. She didn't want him to think she was just some younger schoolgirl that he could use and discard. She knew he was a good guy, but he was also a bit of a player and she was not prepared to lose her heart just yet.

Deeming the note good enough, she threw it into her fireplace and grabbed a copy of Witch Weekly that she could read as she awaited his response. She was reading the article titled How to convince your over-protective family that dating is OK and she was really engrossed in it which is why she didn't notice the whirring of the fireplace until there was a rather heavy weight settled on her. It was when the weight muttered oomph that Ginny screamed. She could hear the thundering of footsteps rushing towards her.

"Ginny! Calm down! It's me!" panicked Blaise. Ginny promptly shut up, but it was too late, the damage was done.

"GET OFF MY SISTER!" five voices simultaneously shouted. Blaise quickly jumped off of Ginny and stood up. Ginny, knowing where this was going, jumped to her feet and quickly placed herself in front of Blaise, protecting him from her brothers.

"Guys! Calm down!" she hollered.

"Calm down?" Fred looked at his twin.

"She expects us to calm down?" George crossed his arms.

"There was a bloke on top of you!" Charlie glared.

"This is inexcusable!" said the annoying voice of pompous Percy.

"Dirty underhanded Slytherin!" muttered Bill

Ginny's brothers drew their wands and pointed them behind Ginny's head, aiming for Blaise.

"Stop it right now! He wasn't doing anything! I was sitting in front of the fireplace and he fell on me and I got startled, that's why I screamed," Ginny explained. "Now put away your wands right now unless you want me to get mine out!" She glared at each of her brothers.

"Ginny, you are not seventeen, you cannot use magic yet, you are under-age," said the ever practical voice of Percy Ignatius Weasley.

"The ministry wouldn't know who did the magic, Percy," Ginny reached into her pocket and drew her wand.

"Ginny, as a ministry official I cannot allow you to perform magic under my very nose," he continued.

"Fine," huffed Ginny, she turned her head up to Blaise and whispered in his ear. He looked at her and nodded.

"Goodbye dear brothers of mine," Ginny spun on her foot and walked towards the door that led outside.

"Protego!" she heard Blaise yell before he sprinted out to meet her.

"You got to hand it to her, she's smart," she heard Charlie state amongst all the hollering as the door swung closed behind her.

"Remind me never to get on your bad side, Red," said Blaise appreciatively as he stared down at her. "You've got five grown men, all scared of you."

Ginny smiled sweetly up at him. "Do as I say and I won't need to use my wand on you," she threatened jokingly, "Come on, let's go down to the lake; Pansy and Ron are down there."

They walked in silence down to the lake, hearing no sounds except for the crunch of their shoes in the snow; Ginny didn't know what to say to him, she was still nervous when she was around him. Finally Blaise had had enough. He grabbed her by the hand and she halted to a stop. She turned to look questioningly at Blaise and was met by the cool indigo of his eyes.

"We need to talk," he stated.

"Oh, about what?" mumbled Ginny, staring at his hand which was still holding hers tightly.


"Us?" echoed Ginny, looking back at his face.

"Why is it that you are so upfront with everyone else and when you're with me, you close yourself off? Did I do something? Was it wrong of me to presume that you liked me? Do you wish I'd never asked you to the ball?" he asked this all very slowly, holding her gaze with his own.

"What? No! You haven't done anything!" proclaimed Ginny.

"Then what the hell is the problem?" he demanded.

"I'm sorry, I-I just don't know how to act when I'm around you." Ginny bowed her head.

"What do you mean?" he questioned, taking her chin in his hand and lifting it so that he could see her eyes.

"It's just, you're you, and I'm me… and I like you, a lot. I don't want to make a fool of myself in front of you," she mumbled.

"Ginevra," Ginny frowned at her name, "I like you, a lot. More than I've ever liked any other girl. I don't care how you act around me; I just don't want you to be so detached from me. I like your bubbly personality, I just want you to be you," he said.

"I'm sorry; I've been a pretty big idiot haven't I?" Ginny blubbered.

"Yeah, a bit," smirked Blaise, he wiped her tears from her face, "Ginny?"

"Yeah?" she looked at him.

"Can I kiss you?" he asked.

Ginny blushed but answered him, "Yes, you may."

He smirked once more before he leaned down and kissed her. Ginny sighed; he was a much better kisser than Dean, Michael, Seamus, Harry, Colin and all those other boys she had kissed. She frowned, she sounded like a bit of a slag. She pushed that thought from her mind and returned her concentration to Blaise. Suddenly, a snowball came whirring and slammed into Blaise's back.

"Oy! Get off my sister!" bellowed Ron.

They quickly jumped apart and stared at the red face of Ron, who was coming up the hill, hand clasped with Pansy while the other held another snowball.

"Oh, get over yourself, Ron, not like we need to guess what you two were doing," retorted Ginny, eyeing her brothers messed up hair and the red flush that both of them wore.

"I'm older! I don't want to see you doing things like that!"

"Fine," Ginny conceded. "I won't let you see," she muttered quietly so that none but Blaise could hear her. He smirked.

"Blaise!" cried Pansy, as if she was just noticing him. Truth was things were a bit awkward at the moment and she wanted to remedy the situation.

"Pans!" cried Blaise dramatically. The two friends rushed towards each other and Pansy tackled him to the ground.

"Ugh, Pansy! Get off!" groaned Blaise. He was cold lying there in the snow.

"Nope!" she said in a sing-song voice. Blaise rolled his eyes and got up and threw Pansy over his shoulder. That girl really needed to eat more; she weighed about as much as a house-elf.

"Blaise!" she protested as he dumped her unceremoniously at Ron's feet.

"Sorry, love," he grinned and walked back to Ginny.

Ron helped his girlfriend to her feet, swung his arm around her waist, and glared at Blaise. Blaise merely snorted at his display and draped his own arm casually around Ginny. Ron narrowed his eyes and huffed.

"Come on, dinner should be ready soon and mum's going to want to see you guys," he grumbled at his sister and the four trekked back to the house. They entered and saw the family sitting around the living room, it became silent as they entered and all the males in the room glared at Blaise who gulped.

"Listen up, I'm going to the kitchen to help mum, I expect you to treat Blaise nicely, if I hear you have done something to him, you will find that my hand has accidently slipped and ruined all of your dinners, understood?" challenged Ginny.

"Yes, Ginny," said her brothers in unison.

"Good. Enjoy yourself, Blaise!" she smiled at him before darting into the kitchen, Pansy in tow.

Blaise looked around cautiously before spotting a chair that was by itself next to a little blonde-haired toddler. He sighed and made his way over to the chair and sat down. The little girl stared up at him before looking back at her various uncles. She was a smart child and knew that they didn't like him very much, but that didn't matter - she liked him.

"Up!" she commanded. Blaise's eyes widened as he stared at the little girl who was holding her arms up at him. He could hear Ron chuckling in the background. He stared at the girl some more and his mind thought of a wonderful pro to the situation. If he held the girl, then Ginny's brothers wouldn't hurt him, not as long as the kid was in his arms. He hid his smirk and bent down to pick her up. He sat her on his knee and she smiled.

"Hi." She beamed at him,

"Hello," Blaise raised his eyebrow, "what's your name?"


"Hi, Victoire, my name is Blaise."


Blaise frowned at the girl, "No. Blaise."

"Baz!" she said again.

"No. Blaise," he said firmly, "B-lai-se," he pronounced.


"No, my name is Blaise!"

"Baz," whimpered Victoire in a sad voice, then she began crying.

"No, no it's okay! Stop crying, please, stop!" he ignored all the others in the room who were laughing at the situation Blaise had gotten himself into.

"Ok! Ok, you can call me Baz! Please just stop crying!"

Victoire immediately shut up and grinned at Blaise.

"Little devil's got everyone wrapped around her finger," chuckled Bill.

"Bill! Je ne veux pas vous entendre dire des choses comme ça. Et n'appeler pas ma fille une petite diable ou je vais te faire du mal!" Scolded Fleur in French as she came down the stairs and glared at her husband.

"Sorry, Fleur," he apologized, not bothering to explain to his brothers what his little wife had just said. But Blaise, who understood French perfectly thanks to his numerous visits over the years to France, just laughed

"Vous comprenez le français?" questioned Fleur as she came to stand beside Blaise who was bouncing Victoire up and down on his knee.

"Oui, ma belle femme. Je visite en France assez souvent et j'ai appris la langue." responded Blaise.

"Maman!" Victoire reached up to her mother. Fleur picked up her daughter and made little kissy faces at her before returning to Blaise with a bright smile on her face.

"Merlin, merci! Je suis tellement heureuse qu'il y a quelqu'un ici avec qui je peux parler en français! Vous devez venir avec moi!"

"Bien sûr," smirked Blaise as he got up and followed Fleur outside, thankful to get away from the men who hated him.

Fleur was quite the little chatterbox and talked about pretty much everything to Blaise. He was getting a bit tired of talking after an hour and was extremely glad when Ginny popped her head out the door and beckoned them to come inside. Blaise, being the gentleman he was, helped up Fleur and Victoire and held the door for them as they headed inside. They entered the noisy dining area and though Blaise knew that there were a lot of people in the house, it was still surprising to see so many people considering the fact that he'd spent all the Christmases that he could remember by himself, well unless you counted a house-elf as proper company. He took the empty seat in between Pansy and Ginny sat down.

"Did they do anything to you?" asked Ginny concernedly.

"No, don't worry," he smirked as he took her hand under the table and squeezed gently. Ginny smiled back at him and they turned back towards the table where a lavish feast was being lain out.

"Mum really goes all out on Christmas," muttered Ginny, seeing the look of awe on his face.

"I can see that, it's like Hogwarts, it's brilliant!" he exclaimed.

"Thank you, dear," said Molly, laughing as she walked past the two of them to set some more dishes down before taking her seat beside Arthur.

"Now, Harry owled to say that he will be having dinner with the Lovegoods…"

"Poor kid," said Ron.

"And why is that?" Molly questioned her youngest son.

"Let's just say Luna has an odd preference towards Plimpy soup," he laughed.

"Oh, the poor dear," Molly frowned and then she waved her wand and different bits of food went flying into a container she conjured up, "There, now he has something to eat when he comes back! The rest of you, tuck in! I want this table clear by the time you are done!" All the Weasley brothers immediately started to pile up their plates. Bill on the other hand filled up the plates of his daughter and wife before grabbing anything for himself. Surprisingly, so did Ron. He politely asked Pansy what she would like, and though she insisted she could get it herself, he insisted that he wanted to do it for her; she conceded and pointed out various dishes on the table that struck her fancy.

Blaise and Ginny continued to hold hands under the table as they also began to eat, sharing secret smiles with each other when no one was looking. When Molly had finished eating, she sat back in her seat and watched fondly as her large family ate, then she remembered the two additional guests that they had this year.

"Pansy, Blaise, my dears it is wonderful to have the two of you here with us tonight,"

"Thank you, Mrs. Weasley," Blaise and Pansy answered in unison.

"Please, call me Molly." she insisted.

"Thank you for having us," smiled Pansy.

"Yes, tonight has been amazing," agreed Blaise. Things continued in that fashion for a few minutes, everyone talking over each other, when all the brothers suddenly looked at each other and Bill nodded.

"Zabini, what are you intentions towards our sister?" Charlie started. Ginny sighed, she'd been expecting this. She opened her mouth but paused when Blaise squeezed her hand assuredly.

"Well, at the moment I intend to be her date to the Yule Ball. After that, who knows," he stared back at the Dragonologist.

"Did you ask our permission-"

"To ask our darling sister to the ball?" chorused Fred and George.

"He does not need your permission to ask her to a ball," chimed in Arthur Weasley.

"No, he needs yours!"

"No, he doesn't. Ron doesn't seem to dislike him, therefore I trust his good judgment and until Blaise here does something to make me think otherwise, I have absolutely no problem with him taking Ginny to the ball, and so neither should any of you." He raised an eyebrow at his children who looked like they wanted to argue the point but relented because they knew it would do no good. Ginny smiled at her father in thanks and he winked at her in return. Finally, dinner was over and Molly vanished all the dishes to the Kitchen where she charmed them to wash themselves. They all retired to the living room and sat around the fire talking about quidditch.

"I'm telling you! The Cannons have a good chance to win this year!" argued Ron.

"No, sorry, brother, but Puddlemere is going to take it."

"No they w-"

Everyone turned to the door as they heard it creek and it slowly started to open, they drew their wands, wondering who it was when Harry stumbled in. He was looking a little green but he wore the silliest smile on his face that kind of ruined the effect of being sick.

"Oh you poor, dear! Did you fly back in this weather?" scolded Molly as she got up and cast a warming spell on Harry.

"Thank you," he grinned and went and took a seat beside Blaise on the floor.

"So, mate, how was it?"

"Great." Harry's eyes glazed over.

"What'd you eat?"

"I have absolutely no idea." Yet he continued smiling. Ron rolled his eyes at his friend before leaning back into the couch.

The door burst open once more and a bushy haired girl ran in.

"Oh, hello everyone," she acknowledged as she observed everyone sitting in front of her, "It's an absolute nightmare out there! Freezing!"

"Hermione!" yelled Ginny and Pansy. They quickly got to their feet and ran across the room and grabbed Hermione by the hands. They then proceeded to drag her towards the stairs.

"You guys! Calm down!" she protested.

"No! You have to tell us how it was!" Ginny said firmly, pulling on Hermione's arms until she was finally at the stairs.

"Well goodnight everyone, hello, Blaise!" Hermione turned her head towards everyone before disappearing from view.

Ginny slammed the door shut as soon as the three girls were inside and she immediately started to question Hermione.

"How was it!"

"It was great! Narcissa is really friendly!" Hermione exclaimed.

"Told you!" said a smug Pansy.

Hermione rolled her eyes at the girls and lay down on her bed.

Ginny asked her some more questions but Hermione just hummed in response, not really answering anything.

"Hermione! You're no fun!" pouted Ginny.

"Sorry, Gin," Hermione laughed at the pouting redhead, "It was totally awesome, but I'm really tired and I just want to sleep. I have a big day tomorrow remember?"

Ginny narrowed her eyes, but sighed dramatically in response.

"Fine, come on, Pansy, let's go back downstairs." The two girls left Hermione there and proceeded to return downstairs.

"What time is it?" asked Pansy as she reached the last step.

"It's 10:30 and we should get going, Pans," responded Blaise, getting to his feet.

"Already?" asked Ginny, with a hint of sadness in her voice.

"Yeah, we told Draco we'd come over after his dinner," Blaise said, walking towards Ginny.

"Well, thanks for coming," Ginny smiled shyly. Blaise smirked at her.

Pansy kissed Ron goodbye while Ginny hugged Blaise, she knew her brothers would not take too kindly to her kissing a bloke in front of them.

"Bye, Blaise," she whispered

"Bye, Gin." He let her go.

"Bye, everyone!" smiled Pansy and she stepped into the fireplace, the flames swooshing around her.

"Goodbye, Weasleys, Potter, Victoire," he grinned at the little girl who waved her hand while shrieking "Baz!" He turned around and everyone in the room got a great view of his now red and gold hair and outfit. Ginny made a move to tell him but found that she couldn't talk. Her dirty little brothers and placed a silencio spell on her!

"Malfoy Manner!" and just like that Blaise was gone and Ginny had her voice back.

"You prats!" she lunged at Fred and George who were laughing hysterically. She cast her Bat-bogey hex at all her brothers and stormed off upstairs.

The last thing she heard before closing her door was the shrieking of her various brothers as they tried to fend off the flying bogeys. She stared at Hermione's sleeping figure and she smiled to herself. Today went well, very well indeed.

HELLO EVERYONE! How are you? I apologize that the story is progressing slowly, it's just that while I know what I want to do, I'm having trouble putting it into writing... but don't worry, I'm having a lot of fun just writing this right now :)

Here are the french translations:

"Bill! Je ne veux pas vous entendre dire des choses comme ça. Et n'appeler pas ma fille une petite diable ou je vais te faire du mal!" Bill, I don't want to hear you saying things like this, and don't call my daughter a devil or I'll hurt you!

"Vous comprenez le français?" You understand french?

"Oui. Je visite en France assez souvent et j'ai appris la langue." Yes, I visit France often enough and i've learnt the language.

"Merlin, merci! Je suis tellement heureuse qu'il y a quelqu'un ici avec qui je peux parler en français! Vous devez venir avec moi!" Merlin! Thank you! I'm so happy that there's someone here that I can speak french with! You must come with me!

"Bien sûr," Of course

As always, please leave a review, good or bad, critique is always welcome!

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