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Hopelessly Star-Crossed by harmony0909
Chapter 5 : The Emotional Explosion
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     Hermione waited at the foot of the stairs for Harry to come down, all dressed for his date with Ginny. She looked at the wall clock, which read 5:25. Harry and Ginny’s reservation was in five minutes. 5:26. Make that four minutes, she thought to herself. However, right as that moment, Hermione heard footsteps in the upstairs hallway, followed by the sound of stairs creaking. She walked over the living room couch right across from the fireplace. She saw Harry walking in her direction, presumably towards the fireplace. She leapt up in front of him and began fixing the collar on his nice shirt.




     “Thanks, Hermione,” she heard him say as he made eye contact with her. She smoothed his shirt down his chest, pretending not to be caught up in his defined muscles. She gazed up to smile at him, looking back into his mesmerizing green eyes. She moved her hands up to rest on his shoulders. “You’re welcome.”




     She watched as he wandered over to the staircase and looked at his watch. She was still staring when he turned around, hearing footsteps down the stairs. Ginny was walking down in a stunning emerald green dress. Hermione gasped and gawked as she finished her descent. Hermione had helped Ginny with her hair and makeup, but Ginny had told her the dress was a surprise. Hermione had no idea it was so incredible. Harry was completely entranced, hooked on Ginny’s every move as she walked towards him. Hermione couldn’t help but wish he would look at her that way one day.




     Hermione walked to the dining room and picked up her book, which she had left on the table. She watched Harry and Ginny leave from the living room doorway, and then wandered upstairs to her bedroom, while painstaking jealousy rolled through her body.






     Hermione had originally set out to read her book, but she was too caught up in her thoughts and emotions to focus. She put the book on her nightstand and collapsed onto her bed. She could see Harry and Ginny now, sitting across from each other at a table, looking into each other’s eyes lovingly, capturing every moment. Hermione hated to think that Harry was in love with someone else, but it was a sad fact she would have to face. She loved him, he loved Ginny, and Ginny loved him back; it was a messy setup where only Hermione would get hurt. She hated it. All she wanted to do was throw something, run away, collect herself and get over the fact that her love was a one-way road.




     Hermione laid sprawled-out on her bed for what felt like forever, loathing the idea of Harry and Ginny together, and then loathing herself for loathing them. She decided she’d just have to get over Harry at any cost. Ron loved her and it would only be fair that she love him back.




     Hermione heard the fireplace roar, a sure sign Harry and Ginny were back from their date. She got up and tiptoed out of her room and towards Harry’s. She wanted to be able to see his face one last time before she forced herself to get over him. She placed herself in his doorway and watched him kiss Ginny goodnight outside her room. He began to walk to his room and, noticing Hermione in the doorway, paused for a brief second before continuing walking again. Hermione looked up to smile at him.




     “How’d it go?” She whispered her words so as not to disturb those sleeping.




     “It was fine, we had a nice time,” he said, looking thoughtful.




     “Alright. Well get a good night’s sleep okay?” She reached out to hug him and he accepted her embrace




     “I will,” Harry whispered.




     “Goodnight.” Hermione walked towards her own room, knowing that getting over him was no longer an option. Her thoughts were a swirling flurry as she pulled on her royal blue t-shirt and striped blue sleep shorts. She crawled into bed with the knowledge she would have to live with the burden of loving her taken best friend.






     Hermione didn’t sleep very well that night. Her thoughts tumbled with images of Harry and Ginny canoodling at a table, feeding each other food. She could see them leaving and snogging on a secluded bench in a beautiful park. No, you’re with Ron. Jealousy is petty, Hermione, pull yourself together! She thought. She had to remind herself several times that night that she had to think about Ron. She really did love him, but she wasn’t sure if she confused brotherly love for true love.




     Hermione woke late the next morning and took her time getting ready. She wandered to the bathroom and took a long shower to clear her mind. She basked in the wonderful scent of peony in her shampoo and tried to calm her thoughts as well as she could. She turned off the tap and shivered as the cold air touched her skin. She wrapped herself in a fluffy towel and dried her hair with magic. She put on a simple pair of boot cut jeans and a floral printed tank top that flowed around her body, creating a goddess-like aura.




     Her mind finally cleared, Hermione meandered down to the dining room table where everyone still sat, her place the only empty one. Everyone’s plates were empty besides her own, which sat with warm food piled high onto it. She sat down in her usual spot between Ron and Mr.Weasley and began to eat, listening in on the conversation.




     “So that Lockhart man may finally be let out of St. Mungo’s,” Mr.Weasley said from the head of the table.




     Mrs.Weasley looked delighted. “Oh, really? Think he’ll write a book about the experience, then?”




     “Knowing that chap, he won’t have much wit to do so! Saddest professor Hogwarts ever hired!”




     “You have to admit, though, the man sure knew how to tell a good story.”




     “I know you like him, dear,” Mr.Weasley directed his words towards his wife, “but it’s enjoyable to poke fun at the poor sap.”




     “Who cares about Lockhart?” George piped up from the other side of the table. “What do you wee ones think Hogwarts will be like without Snape AND Dumbledore?” George grinned at the four of them that would be returning to Hogwarts, clearly reveling in the fact that his graduating year was the last in which Dumbledore was headmaster and Snape was a professor.




      Ron spoke first. “Well, with McGonagall as headmistress, I have a feeling we’ll get away with everything!” Ron turned to high-five Harry. Hermione and Ginny both rolled their eyes.




     “You boys can’t be serious,” Ginny piped in. “McGonagall will probably have a higher standard of conduct than Dumbledore. You two are idiots thinking you’ll be able to sneak around in that stupid invisibility cloak all year.”




     “Ouch, sissy, words sting!” Ron looked at Ginny, clutching his hand as though a bee had just stung it.




     It was Hermione’s turn to add her statement. “The word is that the Yule Ball may be returning, or something like it at least. The Ministry thinks students of magic should be able to celebrate the rebuilding of the wizarding world, as it’ll be nearly complete around the holidays.”




     “Well I think that’s a wonderful idea,” Mrs.Weasley said from across the table. “It’ll give the four of you something to look forward to.”




     The boys looked less than excited. Ron groaned at the idea. “But the Yule ball was hell fourth year. Remember how boring it was, Harry?”




     Ginny looked at her brother with disgust. “How on earth do you find dancing with pretty girls boring?”




     “Well we didn’t do much dancing, really,” Harry replied. “More like sulking in the corner at a secluded table while our dates danced and had fun.”




     “Well this year it’ll be different. You two boys both have lovely ladies you can take.” Mrs.Weasley was always the voice of reason.




     Both boys turned to smile at their girlfriends. Hermione didn’t know how she felt about Ron taking her to a ball, but when the time came, she’d have to live with it. Sucking it up and ignoring her feelings about Harry were just two things she’d have to be content doing.






     Hermione sat on the maroon window seat on the Weasley’s first floor stair landing reading her book again. She was a short chapter away from finishing it, when Harry walked up the stairs alone. He sat down next to her, ever so quiet, and stared straight ahead. She looked over at him with concern.




     “Need something, Harry?”




     He looked up at her. “No, just bored. Ginny’s writing in her diary and asked for privacy and George and Ron are busy playing wizard’s chess. So I decided to come find you, but it looks like you’re busy too. I should probably just go.” Harry stood and turned to walk away, but Hermione grabbed his hand and pulled him back down on the window seat.




     “No, don’t leave. I’m almost done reading.” Hermione sat in silence, but the mere thought of Harry sitting next to her proved to be too large a distraction, and she found herself rereading the same sentence repeatedly until it didn’t make sense anymore.




     Harry noticed that Hermione hadn’t turned the page in a few minutes. “I’m sorry, am I distracting you?”




     It was now or never. “Yes.”




     Harry looked taken aback. “What?” It came out as more of a startled gasp then a question.




     “Harry, I can’t do much of anything when I’m around you. My brain freezes and I can’t think. I can’t sleep. I can’t do anything!” Hermione closed her book, got up and started walking to her room at a hurried pace. Harry got up and followed her, matching her stride for stride.




     “What the hell are you trying to say Hermione?”




     Hermione whirled around to face him. Words came out of her mouth like a waterfall after a heavy rain.




     “Because I’m in love with you, Harry Potter!”








A/N: Okay, I'm going to be completely honest. The fact that no one is reviewing is scaring me!!!! It's driving me crazy on the inside, and eventually I'll explode like Hermione just did! I don't like begging, but I will if I have to! Anyways, sorry about the cliffhanger! But honestly, I'm not sorry because it's fun >:D mwahahahahhahaha! 


     Anyways, please review! Take a minute to tell me what you do and don't like, if you love or hate the story, you know, that sorta thing.


 Love ya!



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