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Stuck in the Middle by a_free_elf
Chapter 6 : The Picnic
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Well here's Chapter 6. I'm SO sorry about the delay, I kept having issues with validation and my own stupidity. I'm ALSO really sorry but chapters might not be uploaded as frequently as they have been so far. Unfortunatley I go to a school that isn't hogwarts but requires me to do about as much work. Ahh well, enjoy xxx



Freedom - It's odd. Those who have it take it for granted, waste it away as if it were meaningless, they do not appreciate what they have. However those who do not have it, who have had it stripped away for them, they long for the feeling. They live on the memories of sunshine and the smell of grass. In short, they live or what they no longer have and what they on day hope to regain.


As Draco stepped into the sunlight, he blinked, shocked at the brightness and the image was burnt into his retinas. He turned his head this way and that, trying to take in the entire scene at once. A hand closed around his own and whispered something unrecognisable in his ear.


He nodded without thinking, too overwhelmed by the activity surrounding him. People walking past didn't see the couple hand in hand on the side of the street, they were too distracted with their own lives to notice the slight rustling of clothes and the sound of breathing.


No one saw when the woman turned, cupped the man's face in her hands and kissed him full on the lips. No one noticed the sound of a suitcase being dropped on the cobbled floor as the man place his hands on the woman's back as he continued to kiss her more passionately.


No one saw the couple, who looked so deeply in love, pull apart from each other and smile longingly at one another. No one saw, because to the naked eye, this coupe were completely invisible, down to the last mascara coated eyelash on the woman's pretty face. This was the only way they could be. Invisible.


"Come on, let's get out of here" Hermione repeated in his ear. He nodded, held his suitcase in one hand and allowed her to take hold of his other and then apparated, trusting her to guide him to their destination.


They arrived atop a hill, there was a slight breeze due to the altitude they were at and the ground was slightly damp. Draco looked around, making sure to take in all 360 degrees of the scene. A small village was beneath them, swarming with people, fields stretched out for miles in every other direction apart from a hill he could see far off in the distance, he couldn't help thinking it looked a bit like a chess rook. He turned around to tell Hermione this but stopped as he caught sight of the blanket on the floor and the food that was layed out on it.


"I thought you would like to be outside today, so I made a picnic to celebrate your freedom and the beginning to your future" she said whilst handing him a glass of pumpkin juice and holding her own up to toast him. He raised his arm towards the blue sky and nodded to acknowledge her speech before drinking the chilled drink.


It tasted better than he remembered, the flavours seemed more vibrant somehow and he smiled as he pulled the glass away from his mouth and breathed deeply, letting the fresh air into his lungs. it felt to him as if dust was being blown away from inside of them. All of the fear, the guilt, the longing, swept away from his soul leaving it feeling fresh and unblemished.

As she saw him continue to take in his surroundings she pointed towards the village then the odd shaped house in the distance

"That's Ottery St. Catchpole, the wizarding village and that's the Lovegood's house. Don't worry though, I've cast a disilusionment charm over us so we won't be interupted" She explained to him.

Hermione smiled as she produced plates and silver cutlery from inside of her robes and sat down cross legged on the blanket. Draco sat opposite and returned her smile. She looked even more beautiful in this light, he hadn't thought it was possible but here she was.


The sunlight seemed to radiate off of her face and she smiled as her hair flew around herself as if it to was celebrating his release. He continued to smile at her as she handed him a plate of perfectly presented food. He smile grew as he saw her take a bite of a sandwich and chew it. 


The more he looked at her the more he realised that it wasn't just the change of scene that made her look better, she looked healthy once more, her cheeks looked fuller, he wrists no longer looked as if they would snap and her collarbones no longer looked like they could easily rip the skin covering them.


He hated himself for not noticing how frail she looked when she had visited him over the past year. He hated how self absorbed he had been, he couldn't believe he had been so ignorant to the girl who had been wasting away almost before his eyes. He made a mental note to keep an eye on her, he would not let it happen again.


She noticed his eyes observing her movements and grinned at his thoughtful gaze. She reached out her hand and took his, noticing how he gripped it as if it were keeping him safe.


"One day" Draco began "I will find some way to show you how much I appreciate you. I don't know how, but I will, even if it takes me the rest of my life. If it takes me the rest of my life I wan't you to know that I will spend every day of it loving you and caring for you. I will also spend every day regretting what I have done to you"


His eyes looked at her arm where he knew the scar was lurking beneath a cosmetic charm, then flicked back up to her eyes which were brimming with tears " I've been-" he paused and looked around them as if looking for a bad enough word "- well I've been no where near good enough for a girl like you"


She giggled as the tears overflowed and fell down her face "- and I;m sorry I never noticed you were getting so" He widened his eyes to try and communicate what he was trying to say without offending her.


She pulled her hand out of his to wipe the tears streaming down her face, then quickly picked his up again as if worried he would run away


"Draco" He smiled as she said his name, enjoying the way her lips shaped the sounds her tounge was creating " You are never in my debt, you saved me just as much as I saved you, and for that-" She paused to watch a butterfly flutter between them "- I am eternally grateful" She placed her hands on the soft ground between them, leant forward and kissed each cheek in turn, watching his eyes squint as he smiled.



Well there you go, it's all going on between the two, hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please leave a review as you leave, I do try to respond them all to show how much I appreciate your opinions.

Also I have just hit over 1500 reads on thsi story. I know lots of other people get 10 times this but this is an achievement. Thank you so much lovelies xxx

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