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The Madness That is My Life by frini19
Chapter 21 : The Madness of the Worst Birthday Ever
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The next two weeks passed by slowly and, because of my back, painfully.

My back ached for a while after my fall and eventually, Caleb made me go and get some pain medicine from the Hospital Wing. It helped, but I was still slightly annoyed that I had quit the Quidditch team.

I loved Quidditch. It was really the only thing that I loved so much.

James found a new chaser to replace me. I knew this mainly because some the fifth year girl who took my place was blushing when her friends made an announcement in the Common Room. Everyone cheered.

I sulked up to my bed.

That was about a week ago. Now, it was Thursday, January 19, 2023.

Also known as my 17th birthday.

And I had no one to celebrate it with.

It was the Worst Birthday Ever.

I was sitting at the Gryffindor table, in my normal spot at the end of the table. I looked down and saw Al, Louis and Scorp (who all somehow made up during the past few weeks) to throw grapes into each other's mouth. Al got one in Lou's mouth and cheered. I smiled and felt my heart race as I watched him smile. It was the first real smile I had seen from him in weeks.

And there was a part of me, a large part, that wished I was the one making him smile.

Rose and Alice sat a little ways down from him, with Lily, and I saw Rose look down at Scorp, a small smile on her face. Scorp caught her looking and Rose turned away quickly, causing Scorpius to lose his smile. He slumped over his food.

I looked away, trying to ignore the part of my brain that was telling me, You did that. You caused her to hate him.

I was picking at my oatmeal when a shadow fell over me. I looked up and saw it was Caleb, standing on the other side of the table.

"Hey," he said. "You want to eat with us today?"

I looked at the Hufflepuff table and saw his best friend Oliver sitting on one side of the table while Mary and Anna sat on the other. I had eaten with them a few times, but I always felt like I was being a bit intrusive.

"I'm fine," I said. "I just kind of want to be alone right now."

Caleb nodded and sat down across from me. "If you need anything, you know I'm always here right?"

"I know," I said. "Trust me, if I need something...I'll come to you."

"Good." Caleb looked down the table at Albus, Lou and Scorpius. "Well, I see that those three made up."

"Yeah," I said. "Somehow they can forgive each other, but they can't seem to forgive me."

"They'll come around," Caleb said.

"You don't know that," I said, sneaking a glance down at Al. "I really fucked up."

I felt Caleb's hand reach out and grab mine, squeezing it tightly.

"If he's going to let you get away for that one mistake than he's a total idiot," Caleb said.

"No, I'm pretty sure that's me," I said, looking down at our hands. "I don't know if you heard about this, but I lead this really amazing guy on because I was too afraid to admit my feelings for someone else. And I think that might have been my biggest mistake ever. He didn't deserve it."

"I heard the guy was a bit of an idiot," Caleb said, smiling that smile that first attracted me to him. "He, along with everyone else in the world, could see that you and the other guy had feelings for each other and he still stuck around. Eventually, I heard that you and him broke up."

"We did," I said, squeezing his hand. "But he's still a really good friend of mine." I looked down at my oatmeal. "Lately, one of my only ones."

"You sure you don't want to come eat with me?" Caleb asked again.

I looked down at where Al, Louis and Scorpius were sitting, just a little ways away from Rose and Alice. The constant dull pain that had been in my chest since New Years returned since I wished that I was sitting down there with one of them, just so that I could have one of them by my side. I scanned over them all and how they at least seemed a little happy. All of them had pleasant smiles on their faces like they were content with where they were.

Louis and Scorpius would occasionally look over at where Alice and Rose were sitting, only to look away, the smiles disappearing. Al would then say something comforting to them and then distract them from their grief.

I wondered if Al ever looked down at me when I wasn't looking.

Almost as if he was answering my question, Al's head turned slightly in my direction, just enough so that he could get a good look at me. I sat up straight, my body suddenly alert. He caught my eye for a second, but quickly averted his eyes.

Unfortunately, they went down to where mine and Caleb's hands were.

I pulled my hand away instantly, sending a guilty look down at Al, who was already turned back towards his food.

I looked back up at Caleb, my eyes filling up with tears. He was looking down at Albus, before slowly turning back towards me.

"Maybe, I shouldn't hold your hand when I'm trying to comfort you," he said.

"That's probably a good idea," I said, sighing and forcing the tears away, a skill that I had become very good at.

"You're sure you don't want to come to the Hufflepuff table?" Caleb asked, standing up.

"Yes," I said. "I'm fine by myself."

"Okay," Caleb said. He stood there for a moment before leaning down across the table so that he was only about a foot away from my face. "Happy birthday, Ads."

I gave him a small smile. "Thanks, Caleb."

"You sure you don't want company?" Caleb asked. "My friends are very good at birthday stuff..."

"Caleb," I said, laughing slightly. "Go. Now."

Caleb laughed, waving at me as he walked back to the Hufflepuff table, sitting down beside Oliver. Anna asked him something and he answered her, shrugging in the end. Anna looked over at me and smiled, before turning her gaze back to Caleb.

I sighed and suddenly wished that I had taken up Caleb's offer to sit with him.

Sitting alone on my birthday.

I had reached new levels of pathetic.

I looked up from my oatmeal, which I hadn't even eaten, at the sound of wings flapping. I wasn't expecting any mail, although after Witch Weekly ran a lovely spread on all that I had fucked up on New Years, I had received my fair share of hate mail for ruining Aldie, Louice, and Scorose.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Witch Weekly? They're such nice people.


An unfamiliar owl landed in front of me, hooting quietly. It stuck its leg out to me and I unhooked the letter from it. It took off before I could give it some bread as a thank you.

Hey, you still have to thank the bird for flying all the hate mail.

It's not their fault their owners are evil and send people hate mail on their birthdays.

At least this time it was only one letter.

I sighed and looked at the writing on the envelope that wrote out my name. I looked to see if there was a return address and nearly puked my two bites of oatmeal.

It was from Matilda.

Matilda Malfoy
24 Diagon Alley
London, England

She was living in Diagon Alley.

And she wrote me a letter.

I couldn't decide if this was better or worse than hate mail.

I opened the letter, my hands shaking. I pulled out a piece of paper, taking a deep breath before I read it.

My beautiful Addison,

Astoria informed me that I could try to get into contact with you. I don't know if that was a decision you made on a whim and you are suddenly regretting it- hell you probably could have thrown the letter away when you saw who it was from- or if you do, in fact, want to get into contact with me.

Well, I suppose I should start with why I'm writing. 17 years ago, on this very day, I gave birth to the most beautiful and wonderful baby girl on the planet. Addison, you were the cutest child I had ever seen. You were so friendly and happy- you barely ever cried. I remember talking to Astoria after Scorpius was born and I was still pregnant, how Scorpius screamed his lungs off, never letting them sleep. I was so worried that when I brought you home to our apartment, this very apartment that I'm living in now, that you would be crying all night. But you weren't. You slept through the night perfectly, something very rare.

You made everyone around you smile, with your father's big blue eyes and his crazy curls, a mess on top of your head. However, you got the Malfoy baby fat gene, making you a huge child. You had a way about you that made everyone instantly love you and put them in better moods. You were the only thing that got Scorpius to stop crying. There were some nights when Astoria or Draco would Floo over, a screaming Scorpius in their arms, and put him in your crib and he would instantly shut up. Suddenly all he cared about was you. I would always walk in the next morning, letting Draco or Astoria sleep in my bed while I was on the couch, and you two would be side by side, heads close together like you were sharing secrets all night. You looked so much alike; if you didn't have your curly hair, I would have thought that you were siblings. Twins, even.

17 years ago, I gave birth to the most significant thing in my life. Addison, you probably won't believe me when I say this, but I have never loved anything as much as I loved you. You are my daughter and while I have been a shit Mum, I have loved you every single day. I have written so many letters to you over the years- birthday and Christmas cards- that the fact that you might actually read this one is surreal. You are my daughter. No matter how terrible I've been or how long I've been gone, you have always been and will always be my daughter.

If you have decided to give me another chance, I would love to meet you next week. Astoria told me that you have a Hogsmeade weekend and, if you choose, I would love to meet you. I have business to attend to there during the week, but I will stay there for the weekend in order to see you. I will be in the Three Broomsticks all day. Come if, and when, you are ready.

Happy 17th birthday, love. I have attached a few pictures that I thought you might like. I would have gotten you a gift, but then I remembered that just because you are my daughter, doesn't mean that I know you.

But I would really love the chance to get to change that.

I hope to see you next week.

All my love,


I stared at the letter, suddenly unable to breath. And despite the fact that I was in what was probably the largest room in the castle, it felt way to small.

So I ran. I grabbed the envelope and got up, running out of there. I reached an empty corridor and slid down the wall, trying to regain my breath.

She was trying.

Matilda- Mum- was actually trying.

I pulled out the photos, looking at them one by one. There was one of me, fat, with a wild mess of hair on my head, my blue eyes wide as the picture snapped. I was playing with a toy and would occasionally throw it out of the frame, only to have a hand, I assumed it was Matilda's, give it back to me.

The next photo was one of Scorpius and I sleeping in a crib. I looked very small compared to him, even though there was only a three-month age gap between us. We were both fast asleep, curled in towards each other, our breaths the only movement. Matilda was right, we did look a lot alike. So much that it was easy to mistake us for siblings. This is probably what started us to being so close. This was the beginning of him being my brother.

And I had lost him. I lost my brother.

I moved onto the next picture, forcing myself not to cry.

The next picture was when I was about two. I was still fat- there were huge rolls on my arms- but now my hair was longer ad curlier. I was sitting on Matilda's lap while she laughed at the camera before holding me close to her and kissing me. She made funny faces and Two-Year-Old Me giggled and reached out, grabbing her nose.

I looked through the pictures and read through the letter again before I heard footsteps coming down the hall towards me. I didn't look up; choosing instead to focus on the fact that my mother was actually trying.

She actually cared.

A body slid down next to me, causing me to look up. I was still holding the tears back, not wanting to cry during school hours.


"Hey," Scorpius said quietly, looking down at me. "You okay?"

I showed him the letter and pictures.

"She's trying," I whispered, a tear spilling down my cheek. "She's actually trying."

Scorpius read through the letter and then looked through the pictures. "Wow. She is trying."

I nodded and pulled my knees close to myself, hugging them to my chest, fighting the urge to cry.

For the first time in weeks, Scorpius was close to me. He had made an effort to keep a three-foot range between us and now he was here, his shoulder touching mine. Not only that, but he was speaking to me. With everything that was happening, having Scorpius here with me and Matilda trying and the fact that Rose wouldn't even look at me and that Al could barely hold eye contact with me just was too many emotions at one time.

And unfortunately, they could all only be shown by crying.

My tear ducts were getting a serious work out.

I let the tears fall, but didn't let out the sob that was inside of me.

Instead, I said, "So how's the new chaser?"

I had my head facing my knees so that Scorpius couldn't see my tears.

Scorpius shrugged. "She's okay. Not as good as you were. James is still pretty pissed that you quit, especially since we have that big game against Hufflepuff next month, but now I think he's more pissed because Mandy isn't as good as you."

Oh. So she has a name.

I nodded, pressing my lips together so that the sob wouldn't escape.

"You left all your stuff on the Pitch after you quit," he continued. "Al put your broom in your locker."

At the mention of Al's name, my head snapped up.

"He hates me, doesn't he?" I asked, my voice breaking, causing Scorpius to look at me. So that he could see my tear stained face.

Scorpius, almost without even thinking about it, put his arm around my shoulders, pulling me close to him. I pressed my face against his chest and hugged him, so happy that I had him back for now.

"I don't know, Ads," Scorpius said, softly, stroking my hair. "I really don't know." He was quiet, probably thinking of some indication of what he felt for me. "He won't talk about you or what happened at New Years at all. Anytime someone mentions it, he either leaves the room or changes the subject." Scorpius hugged me tighter as another sob escaped me. "But I don't think he hates you," he whispered. "I've known Al a long time and I don't think that he could ever hate anybody, especially not you."

"I find that hard to believe," I said.

"He's just hurt right now Ads," Scorpius said. "It took him so long to get you. The bloke basically pinned after you for six years and then you lead him on for a couple a months and right when he gets you, he hears that you cheat on him."

"I would never cheat on him," I said quietly.

"I know that," Scorpius said. "And I think he does too. But I think the thing with him is that you had never given him the chance before and so when you did, he knew it was only a matter of time before you changed your mind. So it was easy for him to believe that you were ditching him, yet again." Scorpius was quiet before, "And I think you hanging out with Caleb isn't helping. Especially since I think he saw you guys holding hands during breakfast."

I squeezed my eyes shut. "I've fucked everything up," I whispered. "I screwed up everything. Not just for myself, but for everyone I care about to." I pulled away from Scorpius and looked him straight in the eye, trying to regain my composure. "I'm so sorry that I told Rose about Victoria. I shouldn't have. It wasn't my place but Alice was going to tell Al what she thought she saw and she had just called me a whore and ended our friendship and her relationship with Lou and I knew it was only a matter of time before Albus came over and broke up with me and I was just too overwhelmed that I blabbed. It's not an excuse though. No matter how overwhelmed I felt, I shouldn't have ruined your relationship with Rose. I shouldn't have told your secret." I gulped. "I'm so sorry Scorpius. You have no idea how sorry I am."

"I know you're sorry," Scorpius said. "I should have known that night was tough for you. You just saw your mum-"

"That's not an excuse though!" I said. "Scorp, I ruined your relationship with her. I made it so that you couldn't have a happy ending with her. No matter what shit was going on in my life, I never should have brought you down with me!"

I was full on crying again.

"Hey, come here," Scorpius said, putting his arm back around my shoulders and pulling me to his chest. I cried, harder this time, balling his robe up in my hand.

"I'm horrible," I sobbed. "I shouldn't have done that to you. You promised you'd always be there for me and I screwed that up- I pushed you away. I pushed you away right when I needed you the most." I pulled myself closer to him. "I miss you Scorp. I don't want you to hate me. I need my brother back. I need the one person who was always there for me to be there for me again."

"I'm here," Scorpius said softly. "I'm not going anywhere. I promise." He squeezed me. "Your my sister, Ads. I may have been pissed off but I never hated you. Dad reminded me that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't hate you because we're family." He rested his cheek on my head. "I'm not going anywhere anymore. I'm here for you. You're forgiven for everything you did."

A sob escaped me at that.

Scorpius forgave me.

"I told you that you were the only person I'd give a second chance to," he said softly. "I meant it. You're my sister, Addie. You're my sister and nothing- no matter what you do or what I do- nothing is ever going to change that." He kissed my forehead. "You're stuck with me as a brother for the rest of your life of madness."

And I couldn't help but think that maybe, the worst birthday ever got a little bit better.


I skipped all my classes until lunch, when I sat in the kitchen eating my feelings and one o the house elves told me off for eating all their cake.

So I decided that if I couldn't eat, I may as well go to class.

Today, I wasn't freakishly early to Defense like I had been in the past few weeks. For once, Al was the first one at our shared desk. My heart flipped at the sight of him and as I walked towards him, more and more butterflies appeared in my stomach.

He had been ignoring me for two weeks and I still had this reaction towards him, every single time I saw him.

I sat down in my seat and looked over at him. He was writing something and acting natural, but I could tell by the way he locked his jaw that he wasn't as calm as he seemed.

"Hi," I said, quietly, just like I did everyday. Some days, he would look at me before turning away. Other days I would get a nod while he stared forward or at the table.

Today I got nothing.

He was pissed. I knew him well enough to know that when he was pissed. I had been on the receiving end of him being pissed enough to know when he was pissed at me.

And though lately, he had been constantly pissed at me, I knew that today was different.

"Al," I said, keeping my voice low. "What you saw this morning between me and Caleb didn't mean anything. He was comforting me because I was having a shitty day-"

"I don't care," Albus said, his voice emotionless, as he continued writing.

I felt tears prick my eyes at what he said.

He didn't care. He didn't care about me.

"That's not true," I said, softly, shaking my head. "I know you care. I know you, Al, and I know that you still care about me the way I care about you." He didn't say anything, putting his paper away and staring straight ahead. "Please say that you still care about me, Albus. I know I screwed up but you don't know everything, Alice made a mistake-"

"I don't care," Al said again, though this time without as much strength. It sounded like he was forcing himself to say it. "I don't care about what the fuck you and Adams were doing, I don't care what Alice saw, I don't fucking care anymore, Addie." He looked at me now, straight in the eyes. "I don't care. Go find someone else to fuck over because I don't care anymore. I'm done with you and your fucking games."

And then he looked forward at Teddy, who had started the lesson.

I sat in my chair, looking up at the ceiling and forcing myself not to cry. I didn't pay attention at all during the lesson, even though I knew that my grade, which had been pulled up to an Acceptable with Al's help, was probably tanking, especially now that I didn't have a tutor.

I just sat in class, staring at the ceiling until the bell rang and Teddy said, "Addie? May I see you for a moment?"

Albus basically ran out of class the moment the bell rang, not even bothering to wait for Louis or Scorpius, who were now also leaving their very awkward seating arrangements next to Alice and Rose. Alice and Rose walked together, trailing a little ways behind the boys. Alice looked back at me and sent me a small smile before returning her gaze forward.

I dragged myself up to Teddy's desk. "Yes?"

"Just wait a minute, okay?" Teddy said, waiting until all the students left the class before sitting in his chair. "How have you been?"

"You're a part of the Wotter family," I said, shrugging. "Not to mention that Witch Weekly seems to love to tell the world how much I screwed up. How do you think I've been?" I bit my lip, realizing how rude I was. "Sorry, Professor. That was rude."

Teddy shrugged. "It was a dumb question." He leaned forward, placing his elbows on his desk. "I did actually call you up here to say something to you."

Oh Merlin, please don't let him yell at me for screwing up his relatives lives.

"Al asked to switch seats," he said.

I wish he yelled at me, instead.

"Oh," I said, looking down. My hand found my necklace and grabbed it, squeezing it tightly.

"I said when I first started teaching here that the seating arrangement was final," Teddy said. "And I'm sticking by that."

"So why did you tell me that?" I asked, wondering if maybe he was just trying to rub it in my face that the boy that I was mad about hated my guts.

I always thought he was one of the nicer Wotter family members.

Apparently not.

"Because it made me see that since Al doesn't want to sit with you, I highly doubt that he's been tutoring you," Teddy said, looking at me with those chocolate brown eyes that I'm sure melted Victoire's heart when she was here. I don't blame her for stealing him from her friend. "So, I figured that maybe I should get you a new tutor." I bit my lip, not wanting to tell him that I didn't want a new tutor. I only wanted Al. "Unless you think you're ready to try without a tutor for a while?"

"I think I'm ready for that," I lied.

I could tell Teddy didn't believe me, but he shrugged anyway. "Alright, we'll give it a shot. If your grade falls, I assign you another tutor or kick Al until he agrees to tutor you again."

"Okay," I said. "Thanks, Professor."

I walked out the door into the abandoned hallway, since the bell had rung. I was grateful that I had a free period then since that meant that I probably wouldn't be on the verge of tears again.

I took my time heading up to the Common Room, since I really didn't feel like starting on my Defense homework just yet. But I reached the Common Room eventually and said the password and walked inside, ready to lie next to the fire and just take a break from everything.

Except there was already someone there.

Al sat on the couch with a book in front of him, taking notes. I stopped when I saw him, most of what he said passing through my head.

Merlin, are you looking for a reason for me to break up with you?

Fine, you know what? You get it. I'm done.

Merlin, did you even feel anything for me? You lead me on the entire time you're with Caleb and then right when we get together you cheat on me.

I don't care. Go find someone else to fuck over because I don't care anymore. I'm done with you and your fucking games.

Everything he had said hurt. And I knew that I should have let him be in peace and not bother him anymore.

But I couldn't. No matter what he said, I knew that he cared. I heard his voice when I fell off my broom. I knew that somewhere, deep down underneath all the anger and hurt, that he still cared about me. He still cared about me the way I cared about him.

And because of that, I tried again.

"Al," I said, causing him to look up. But before I could say anything else, he packed his stuff up and went up to his dorm without a second glance at me.

I flinched as I heard the door slam and once again, felt tears prick my eyes.

"Worst fucking birthday ever," I said to the empty Common Room.


"You're eating dinner with me and my friends," Caleb said as he grabbed my wrist. "I refuse to let you sulk anymore. It's your birthday."

"It's been the worst birthday yet," I said, but didn't fight him as he pulled me towards the table. "Why are you so insistent on me eating with you? You didn't even care this much when we were dating."

"That's because I didn't need your opinion on something like this when we were dating," Caleb said, stopping and turning towards me. He dropped my wrist and looked down at me. "I need you to meet someone."

"Okay?" I said. "Why?"

"Because...well..." Caleb ran a hand through his hair, almost like he was nervous. "Because I need you to tell me what you think of her."

"Oh, it's a her, aye?" I said, raising my eyebrows. "Does Caleb Adams have a crush?"

"...shut up," Caleb said, blushing. "Look, you just need to meet her and tell me what you think of her, okay? Like if you like her and think she's good for me and all that shit girls tell guys when they fancy a girl."

"Why don't you just have one of your girl friends do it?" I asked. Caleb didn't say anything. " like one of them don't you?"

"Yeah," Caleb said, looking back at the Hufflepuff table. "Anna."

Anna was gorgeous. There was really no other way to put it. She had fair skin and thin dark hair that flowed over her shoulders. She seemed pretty nice too, always smiling. I didn't know her very well, but the few times I hung out with her, I always noticed that she would smile a little longer at Caleb and laugh at anything that he said that was remotely funny.

"Okay, I'll meet her," I said. "It may as well be a way to make my day a little better."

Caleb smiled down at me. "Have I ever told you how wonderful you are?"

"A few times," I said, smiling back up at him, my first smile of the day. "But you know that you're the wonderful one. You deal with me and my moods and force me to not sulk on my birthday. You're taking care of me when no one else wants to." I wrapped my arms around his torso, bringing him into a hug. "I really am crazy for letting someone like you go."

Caleb hugged me back and I had a brief moment where my heart flipped. I knew that if I had made different choices, that this is where I would be. I would still be on speaking terms with Rose and Alice, I wouldn't have to avoid Louis, and I wouldn't have had to go two weeks without Scorpius. I would constantly be in the safety net that was Caleb, having him hold me down and I would be able to have the nice, calm relationship that I had with him in the beginning.

I didn't know what that would have meant for me and Al. We probably would still be hating each other and arguing constantly. I would complain about him to Caleb. I wouldn't have ruined any sort of relationship that I had with Al.

I could see myself having strong feelings for Caleb. I really could. I knew that if I put the time and effort in, that I could fall in love with him. He was a great guy and anyone would be lucky to fall in love with him.

For a brief moment, I almost wished that I did fall in love with him.

But then I wouldn't have Al. Yes, being with Caleb was great. Yes, it would have caused less damage. It would be easier and it would hurt a hell of a lot less than being with Albus.

But he wasn't Al. That was the problem. I knew that no matter how perfect Caleb was, we could never work out in the long run because he wasn't Al. He wasn't the boy who drove me crazy and made me want to pull my hair out. He didn't call me on my shit or push me to talk about things. When I told him to leave me alone, he actually did.

Caleb was perfect. He was the girl that anyone could fall in love with.

He just wasn't my perfect guy.

I couldn't fall in love with him because my heart belonged to someone else.

And no matter how much it hurt that he wasn't speaking to me, I don't want anyone but Al to have it. That's why I wore the necklace he gave me every single day. Because I wanted to show him that yes, I screwed up and ruined everything. Yes, there were misunderstandings between us. Yes, I had hurt him and he had hurt me and we would probably constantly hurt each other in some way, only to make up later and be stronger because of it. I wore it everyday to prove to him, that I didn't care about anything that I had happened. I only cared about him. I only wanted him.

I wanted passion. I wanted someone to argue with me and force me out of my shell. I wanted someone who would be my rock and who would make mistakes and say things that they don't mean. I wanted someone who wasn't perfect, but was perfect for me.

I wanted Al.

Plain and simple.

But he didn't want me anymore.

And that's what made this birthday suck so much.

"Well," I said, pulling away from Caleb and looking up at him. "Let's make you look more hot." I messed up his hair slightly, running my fingers through his dirty blond locks. "There we go."

"Was that really necessary?" Caleb asked, trying to put his hair back in place.

"Messy hair is sexier," I said, shrugging. "Trust me. You look hotter with the messy hair. I'm sure Anna thinks so too."

Caleb sighed, but didn't protest. Instead, he led me over to the Hufflepuff table, sitting down next to Anna, while I walked across and sat down next to Oliver and Mary.

"Hey guys," I said. "Hope you don't mind me crashing."

"It's fine," Mary said, smiling at me. "You're always welcome here. We know how things have been for you."

"Aww, that's sweet Mare," Oliver said. "You have such a kind soul."

Mary rolled her eyes. "At least I have a soul."

"Did you do something different with your hair?" Anna asked Caleb.

"Um, yeah," Caleb said, and ran a hand through his hair, making sure that it still looked messy. "Just decided to forgo the whole neat look."

Anna looked at his hair a bit more, before saying, "I like it."

I caught Caleb's eye and smirked at him. Caleb glared at me, until he suddenly appeared to have a spark of realization and smirked right back at me.

"Hey guys," he said, still smirking at me. "Did you know it's Addie's birthday?"

I glared at him, as Mary and Anna squealed, telling me that I had to come over to their dorm tomorrow night for a sleepover. They asked me what my favorite foods were but I just kept glaring at Caleb.

He only smiled at me, before shrugging, basically saying, "Why not just try and make the Worst Birthday Ever a little better?"

I bit my lip, knowing that he was right.

So I agreed.

And as Mary and Anna came up with a list of food and stuff we were going to do, I almost felt like maybe Caleb was right.

Maybe my Worst Birthday Ever was getting a little better.

A/N: And that is why I love Caleb so much.

So what did you guys think? Scorpius and Addie made up! Yay! But Aldie, Scorose and Louice are still on the outs. No :( What about the letter from Addie's mom? Do you think Addie is going to end up meeting her?

I'm officially a senior! That means that I'm not going to be able to update as often, but the best way to know when the next update is coming is to check my blog!

Speaking of my blog, follow it! I post a bunch of stuff on there and all the people who follow me have a heads up of when an update is coming and even have a little bit of knowledge about the chapter. Just go to my author's page and follow the link :D

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