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Volatile by gmenon14
Chapter 2 : Rock My World
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“You never mentioned this,” I seethed. Professor McGonagall was watching me patiently.

“Miss Granger, I implore you to at least try." It was the morning before classes. I had a few hours and the first thing I did was go straight to McGonagall, demanding an explanation. Sunlight was streaming through the windows, but none of it was cheering me up.

“How do I try? He’s completely vile!” I exclaimed. “He slips in an insult whenever possible.”

“Try to put yourself in his shoes, Hermione,” McGonagall said, using my first name. Whenever she did this, I knew she was asking as a friend and a mentor—not a teacher. So I shut up and listened. “He’s got problems. Lots of problems. His mother was abused by his father, and so was he,” McGonagall said. “He’s not a bad person—he’s just from a bad situation and has always been forced to make the wrong choices. I believe that now that the threat of his father has passed, he’s got a blank slate and no idea where to start. That’s why I did this. You know where to start better than anyone.”

“So not only do you expect me to live with him,” I said, “I’ve got to help him through his daddy issues?”

“Hermione, try to see it through his eyes,” she said. “It was easy for you—your entire support system was on the good side of things. Professor Dumbledore made me promise him I’d look out for that boy. He told me not to give up on him. And after doubting Professor Snape for so long, I can’t—I refuse—not to trust Dumbledore on matters such as these. And I advise you don’t either.”

“It’s terrible, Professor,” I admitted. “His situation, but I really just don’t know what I can do. He hates me.”

“He hates the idea of you, Hermione. Not you, yourself. Just—give it a chance. Please.”

“Fine. But if I kill him—then you can’t really blame me,” I said forcefully.

“He said something like that too,” she said. “I think you’ll both eventually get along. And I think you can learn a thing or two from Malfoy too,” she said, with a mischievous smile. I glared.

“Yeah—how to be a complete git.”

I walked back to my room, feeling low. I would have to just make a cup of tea, and brood over this now. There was really nothing else to do. But just as I was turning the corridor, someone grabbed me from behind and pulled me into a dark corner. I panicked, pulled out my wand, and jabbed whoever it was in the stomach, causing him to double over in pain.

“Blimey, ‘Mione, what the hell was that for?” I heard a familiar voice moan. I jumped back and lighted my wand, seeing Ron standing in front of me, doubled over in pain. I quickly helped him up, apologizing profusely.

“Oh Merlin, Ron, you can’t just do that!” I said, trying to comfort him, but not really knowing how. “You scared me!”

He righted himself and pulled me towards him, giving me a kiss. “You’re too jumpy,” he said. “But probably because Malfoy is head boy,” he growled. “You didn’t tell me!”

I rolled my eyes. “It’s been a day since I’ve seen you. I’ve hardly had time to write. How’d you know anyway?”

“Ginny wrote us. She finds the time to write Harry,” he said, pouting.

“She’s not Head Girl,” I said, rolling my eyes. “And I got no help from Malfoy last night, so that just made it terrible.”

“Hey Hermione!” Harry said, lunging in for a hug. I grinned and hugged him back.

“Saw Ginny?” I asked.

“Yeah. But then she made me leave so she could shower and get ready for class,” he said, pulling away.

“Oh boo hoo,” I mocked. “You both just saw us off yesterday. Don’t you have work or something? And how’d you even get into the castle? I thought there was supposed to be more security.”

“Oh please,” Ron said, “it’s us. But right now, we have bigger problems.”

“Malfoy,” they both said at the same time.

“What about it? It’s not a big deal,” I lied. That’s definitely not what I told McGonagall. But it was no point to worry the boys. They would just get all huffy and angry and probably jinx Malfoy, and however much he deserved it, it was the opposite of what McGonagall said to do.

“Sounds like a big deal to me,” Ron said (more like growled).

“Why’d she make him Head Boy?” Harry asked, with a disgusted look on his face. “And now he lives with you. Ugh.”

Ron jumped in surprise. “He lives with you?” he asked.

“Well… yes…” I said, “the Heads always live together. You didn’t know that?”

“Perce never said,” he said slowly. “Oh Merlin, what? He might like—hex you in your sleep or something!”

“We can’t get into each other’s rooms,” I said. “But I guess he could get me in the shower,” I mused.

“YOU SHARE A SHOWER?” he bellowed.

“Ron, can you relax?” Harry asked. “You’re attracting attention.” We looked around and saw that a couple of first years were standing around, ogling the three of us. But then, that just could have been because the Golden Trio was standing together in the same hallway. It happened whenever we stood together. Or alone for that matter.

“Yes, we share a shower,” I said. “But we don’t share time in the shower. In fact, I don’t know how this all is going to work,” I said, as we reached the eagle. “But I’m determined not to let that git ruin my year.”

I opened up the Eagle entrance for those two and told them I’d be back in a jiffy and not to bother Malfoy. They exchanged dark looks, and I almost decided against my last minute library trip. But they were big boys who had been through a lot. They should be mature enough to handle it.

The library smelled good—like parchment and old books. Madame Pince nodded as I walked in and I nodded back, going straight to the Potions section. I needed to brew a lot of calming draught for myself—I knew that much. There was no surviving this year without it. I found it and checked it out, rummaging through the pages. I would need several ingredients. A trip to Hogsmeade soon was inevitable. I walked back through the now slowly filling halls. Students were finally out of bed and heading toward the Great Hall for breakfast.

Ginny stopped me, looking happy. “Where’s Harry?” she asked.

“With Ron in my room,” I said, still rummaging through the book.

“Okay, will you all come down for breakfast?” she asked. I nodded absentmindedly and she patted my hair and skipped down the hallway, looking happy. Funny—she was so sad the night before after having left Harry with tearful goodbyes. I knew those two dolts would come down here the day after, and although Ron found it insensitive, I didn’t have a tear in sight.

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Volatile: Rock My World


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