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Who are you? by 4you2savvy
Chapter 1 : Happy Birthday
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Chapter 1

Happy Birthday

I just want to warn you there is a Strong Violence and a Substance Use warning when you read this :) thank you :)


"Draco?" I called as I walk down stairs looking for my husband

"In the kitchen" I heard him yell.

As I got closer to the kitchen I could hear him fixting us breakfast.

I came behind him and gave him a big hug "Good morning"

"Hey you," he said turning around and giving me a long loving kiss "Happy Birthday Hermione."

"Thank you"
"So what do you want to do for your birthday?" He asked my handing me a plate full of eggs.

"Oh nothing really... I'm just going to go for my morning run then I'll spend the whole day with you."

"Must you go for your run today?" he asked in a sad voice.

"Yes hunny...and don’t give me that look. The doctor says if I'm in better shape then we'll have a better chance of having a baby."

"I know but promice when you get back you’ll come back to bed with me" He said winking at me

"Oh we'll see," I laughed out loud then I saw the look of disapointment on his face "Of corse hunny. I should be back in a hour or so."

"Ok be safe hun" he said picking up all the dises and started to wash them.

"Always am" I said as I put my earphones in my ears and turn on my favorite song.

I was almost back to the house when everything just went black.





I went outside and saw her running back home but what happend next I would have never thought possible.

A truck came out of now where and hit her.

The driver of the truck stoped and got out of his truck "Oh my God I'm so sorry... I didn't even see her.. Is she going to be alright?"

I was so afraid to touch her because she was covered in blood and half of her bones looked broken.

Within minutes the doctors of St. Mongos were there. They picked her up and put her on a strecher and flew her to St Mongos. One of the doctors stayed behind to clean up all the blood on the street and wipe every muggles memory. After the doctor was done with everything he took my hand and we apperated to St. Mongos.

*BEEEEEEEEEEP* I could hear one of the doctors saying "Were losing her...Come on...come on,"  *BEEP BEEP BEEP* "Oh thank God...Now make sure she stays in a coma till the sweeling in her brain goes down."

"Yes doctor"

Thats when I couldn’t take it no more I walked out of the hospital.

I just kept walking till I could walk no more. I looked around and I found myself at my favorite bar, Knight Time. I ordered myself a Firewiskey and I told the bartender to keep them coming. I had no idea how to take what was happening to Hermione. But the one thing I did know was that I loved her with all his heart.


"Draco is that you?"

I almost spit out my firewiskey when I heard her voice. "Pansy?!"

"Of corse its me silly... how are you? My gosh I haven't seen you since you married what’s her face." Pansy said sitting down right next to me

"Her name is Hermione and I've had better days...How are you?" I said trying not to let it show how much it hurt to talk about Hermione.

"I'm doing much better now that I'm talking to you" she said rubbing her hands up and down my leg.

I shift my leg to where she wasn't touching it anymore

"Pansy how many times do I have to tell you it’s over between us?"

"Oh come on Draco you and I both know that when your with that little whore you call a wife your thinking of me"

"Don’t you dare talk that way about Hermione," I said as I held my wand up to her neck "And I stoped thinking about you a long time ago"

"Whatever you say sweetheart…. Oh and don’t forget to tell little miss mudblood that I said hi." She called back to me as she slipped out the door of the bar.


Ok thats my first chapter I've ever done in my life. I just want to let you guys know that I would like to know if that was good...bad...something....anything would be nice. I'll take what ever you give me. :) thank you very much for reading. Please Review :)

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