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Breaking Facade's by Thepheonixpen
Chapter 1 : Im not really Loony, Im just Luna
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^Beauiful CI created by Rica @TDA , so lovely!


The sky outside was nothing but a blur of snow, there was not an inch of sky or land that did not seem to be covered in layers of ice. The darkness of the night was foreboding, not even the glow of the moon could be seen, and it was clear a blizzard was imminent.

So close to midnight, the inhabitants of Hogwarts should have all been tucked up into their beds, hot pans laid out under their sheets by the house elves, no one would even think that anyone would be out wandering about the castle on a night such as this.

But there was.

Luna, who seemed to be completely oblivious that even the portraits were shivering, wandered down the deserted corridor, it was definitely way past curfew, but Luna didn’t mind. She was trying to figure out where on earth Harry had gotten too.

What a night it had been, Luna had never been invited to be someone’s date before, and when Harry had invited her, she had been beyond thrilled. Just the thought that Harry Potter, the infamous chosen one; wanted her Luna Lovegood, to accompany him to Slughorns Christmas party. She had not been that happy since her and her father had found a village of horncrusket gelfs over the summer holidays.

Boy that had been a splendid day!

Now that the night had come to a close, Luna had to admit that she felt mildly disappointed; Harry had left her almost instantly after they had arrived and disappeared into the crowd. It didn’t bother her at first, she thought that maybe he had gone to get them some drinks, but after an hour of him not returning, even bubbly Loony felt rejected. It wasn’t as though she had been expecting him to be by her side all night, and then kiss her good night, even she wasn’t that naive, but she thought that this could have been the perfect opportunity for Harry to get to know her a little better. So that he could figure out she was the air headed girl everyone thought that she was.

The corridor that Luna found herself standing in was not one she had expected, her preoccupied thoughts had brought her to the darkest part of the seventh floor, when she could’ve sworn she had been on the fifth floor. The corridor looked mildly familiar and she realised quickly she had been here many times before, particularly in the reign of Umbridge, for this was the very corridor that the room of requirement appeared to those who needed it.

Luna stared at the blank wall for some time, pondering at memories of the times that she spent inside the room that had protected her happiest moments with the DA, the group of friends she would never forget. If Luna had to be honest with herself; her most fond moments were those when Harry was by her side teaching her a new spell or charm. Luna sighed, she should not be thinking any such thoughts, it was stupid to hold on to things like that, especially after Harry had made it perfectly clear with his actions tonight that he was not even in the slight bit interested in her.

Luna could tell that most people did not believe she knew what it was to be sad, this was so very wrong. Luna found that she was always sad; she just knew how to hide it well. After Luna’s mother had passed, Luna wasn’t sure she would make it through it, over the years, she learnt that people tended to just brush it off as though she would be okay, she didn’t know why, but everyone seemed to think that nothing would affect her. She tried so hard to show people there was someone with real emotions inside, particularly Harry, but as she stood alone in the empty corridor she knew that her façade was as strong as ever. Luna ‘loony’ Lovegood was all they saw.

It was times like these that she wished for her mother more than anything. Her mother was the only one to ever truly understand her, the only one to ever make her feel like she wasn’t crazy. Her father tried of course, and she loved him dearly but he still never really made sense of Luna’s ways. Memories of her mother now swam in her mind, her whimsical voice as she sang her to sleep, the strong smell of spells gone wrong upon her skin after hours experimenting with spells in her office, and most of all the warmth of her mother’s embrace. Luna knelt down opposite the wall that hid the room that came and went. Oh what she would give to see her Mother once more! It was then that Luna was hut with a sudden idea, the room of requirement was created to give the seeker what they needed most, more than ever, Luna needed to see her mother, was it possible that the room could give her this?

Luna got up quickly and walked up to the wall, she touched it softly with one finger, hoping that her need could be felt somehow, she wasn’t sure why she did this, but her excitement about the prospect of possibly seeing her mother was over ruling any kind of rational thought. Luna was sure if anyone saw her stroking the wall though, they would just think “That’s Loony for you”, and perhaps there was a plus side for people thinking you were completely crazy.

Luna walked backwards a few steps, without taking her eyes off the wall, she breathed in heavily as she turned to her left and began to pace. As quietly as possible, Luna spoke, “I want to see my mother.” She turned to her right and repeated the sentence. As she said it once more she turned back to the wall, anticipating a door that would lead her to her beloved Mother, but instead the same blank wall stared back at her.

Not ready to give up at all, Luna tried once again.

 “I would like to enter a room where my mother is in”

 “Please allow me entrance to a room holding my mum

 “Show me Lucianna Lovegood!”

Again and again Luna tried, until finally, on the verge of screaming, she gave in to the prospect that it was beyond the rooms capabilities to produce her.

Luna slumped up against the wall, knees to her chest and allowed the tears she had been holding to trickle down her face.

What in Merlins had she been thinking? She should not have even tried, it was so silly, now she was even sadder the she had been before. She felt hopeless and alone, her Father always told her it was no good to feel sorry for oneself, when there was always hope in the world. But right now, Luna couldn’t get past the fact that nobody would ever really see her and the only person that had was gone for good.

Luna didn’t want to move from the spot on the floor, but it had suddenly dwelled on her that it was beyond freezing, it surprised her how long it had taken her to notice. She pushed her knees further to her chest and hugged herself, trying to hold in the small amount of warmth she had, she was ready to go back to the Ravenclaw common room, she wasn’t even sure that she would be able to answer the riddle to gain access. Instead Luna closed her eyes and let her head rest against the wall.

She wanted a place to go, somewhere where she could be comforted, she wished more than anything that she had a friend, a friend who would let her cry on their shoulder, someone who could really see the pain she felt about her Mother, she thought perhaps Harry could have been that person, she had felt closer to him than anyone, she was so naïve.

The cold was really getting to her now, there was no way she could sit here any longer, not with the simple silk dress she had chosen to where tonight, she would freeze to death before the night was done. She had no other choice but to go back to her dormitory, if she was found wondering around the castle this time of night, she was sure to be in a lot of trouble. Opening her eyes in preparation for the long walk back to the fifth floor, Luna gasped at what she saw.

She had to rub the tears out of eyes before she was sure but there it was a door! Could the room of requirement needed a little while longer to prepare it for her?

Excited nerves filled Luna’s entire body, the coldness forgotten once more as she got up from the floor and leapt across the corridor. She slowly grasped the door handle, expecting it to be cold, but it was as warm as if someone was welcoming her.

She turned it, a smile creeping across her face, she was sure she was about to see her Mother, even if a small part of her knew it really couldn’t be her.

She opened the door, to find that whatever was waiting for her was in darkness, Luna pulled her wand out from behind her ear and whispered “Lumos”, and a small light appeared as she took the final step and entered the room.

Confusion swept over her, this was not what she had expected at all. Luna found herself standing in what looked like a giant hall, only it was filled with rows upon rows of junk. Just from here, Luna could see hundreds of old books, broken objects, brooms, and so much more that Luna couldn’t identify. It was as though this was the room that everything went when it wasn’t wanted anymore.

Was the room trying to tell her something?

Disheartened Luna took a few more steps in, she wanted to call for her mother’s name, but just knew it would do no good, if the room was going to give her Mother to her, it was not going to be in a room like this.

Luna peered around once more and turned her back from everything, it was just too much, Luna felt angry, angry that the room has even opened at all and given her even the slightest bit of hope.

The tears that she had just wiped away came once again as she began walking out, but suddenly a noise from behind her made her come to a halt. At first she thought that her sobs were echoing through the massive room, but as she stopped her own sobs, she realised that the sound still continued from the distance.

Luna turned herself around again and made her way towards the sobs, she wasn’t sure why, but she felt she just had to know who or what was making them. Almost tripping over a stack of old books, Luna arrived at the corner of an ancient looking bookcase and stopped. She could hear that she was extremely close to what she could tell now was a person crying. Cautiously, she peeked around the case, lowering her wand so that whoever it was would not see her.

At first she could not see them, but picking up her wand just a fraction, made it clear there was someone crying just as she had been outside, whoever it was, was clearly a boy, possibly older then she was, knees hugging his chest and his head buried into his hands.

Luna knew what she wanted to do, she wanted to run over to him and comfort him, just as she had wished someone had done for her, but it was not right for her to do that to pry into someone’s most private moments, she was smart enough to know that whoever he was would not want someone to bombard them like that, it was terribly impolite.

It was time to go, Luna knew it, she could not stand there and watch the boy cry as he did anymore, she felt fresh tear across her own face and knew if she continued to watch him, she would not be able to hide.

Luna began to turn silently towards the way she had come, but had forgotten about the stack of books that she had almost tripped on before, and only this time she actually did trip.

Hoping to break her fall by landing off to the side, Luna felt her wrist crack as her entire body fell onto it, her wand flying away from her. The pain was excruciating, and Luna heard herself cry out in pain before she could stop herself.

Controlling her cries, Luna listened for the boy, hoping that he had not heard her over his own sobs, the silence was ominous as she realised her heavy breathing was all that she could hear. Luna, grasping her broken wrist with her other hand, forced herself to sit up. Her wand was about a metre away, but she couldn’t let go of her wrist for fear of screaming from the pain.

It was then that she heard something from right behind her, someone breathing and walking with a quick pace to where she was.

Luna tried to make herself reach for her wand, but couldn’t reach it without getting closer to the approaching figure. It was then that he stopped, Luna could feel him so close to her now, and that there was no way for her to escape if he wanted to attack her.

Luna, knowing that she would have to confront him no matter what, reluctantly looked up towards the face of someone she would have never expected. His pale features so similar to hers, white hair, grey eyes and the tears that he had hastily wiped off his face still clear, just as her tears would be.

She wasn’t sure if the pain was making her delirious, but from what she could gather, she was now staring into the face of Draco Malfoy.

She was in trouble.


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