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Chasing Him by gryffindorlion15
Chapter 6 : Frustration
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 A/N: Hi guys! Sorry this took so long to upload, but my computer died over the weekend and my charger was at school! I hope you enjoy this chapter! 

Disclaimer: I do not own anything to Harry Potter, it all belongs to the amazing J.K Rowling.

The rest of the day had passed as a blur.

For my first ever free period, I had to conquer a huge amount of homework set by Professor Vector for Arthimancy, then in Potions we attempted to make the Draught of Living Death - which no one succeeded in besides Al Potter who was a Potions prodigy - leaving us with an essay on the properties of each ingredient in the potion and how they make up the Draught of Living Death for homework. My next free was for my essay, which I sadly didn’t finish before I ran off to charms that left me with another essay and some practical homework. N.E.W.T’s year was already starting to live up to its name and it was only the first day.

At lunch, I sat with Dom, Alessandria, Robyn, and Carolyn. We chatted aimlessly about the latest fashion around that Carolyn had seen in Paris Fashion Week, boys that had finally grown up over and other gossip going around the school. After a while Freddie came and stole me for some more ‘private time’ which ended up to be snogging behind a tapestry on the third floor. After dinner I did homework, did some my prefect rounds with Al and snogged Freddie (he was surprisingly very clingy) before trudging up to bed with Dom who didn’t stop teasing me about my new found ‘boyfriend’ despite the fact that Freddie technically hadn't asked me the question.

But through all of this, I didn’t see James at all.

And it was like that for most of the week.

As Friday came and Freddie, Dom and I took our usual seats at the Gryffindor table, I had completely forgotten about Quidditch trials that afternoon due to the stress of everything going on around me.

“Are you going to come watch me at Quidditch trials tonight?” Freddie asked me as I loaded my plate with eggs and bacon, my mouth practically watering at the sight of it all.

“You don’t need to try out! You’re already in the team as Keeper,” I replied, rolling my eyes at his eagerness to get me down there, “You just need to be there to watch the selection of the new members.”

“I know but I won’t be doing anything, so I’ll be bored,” Freddie nagged, quickly turning on his puppy dog eyes on me.

“He wants you to come so he can snog you more,” Dom explained, her eyes not even looking up from her hands as she buttered her toast.

“So? I can kiss my girlfriend all I want, especially when she looks this good,” Freddie exclaimed, motioning towards me who had a mouthful of bacon.

I was wearing pretty much the same as Monday, but my shoes were purple with some light purple lipstick that looked quite neutral. My hair was also in a French braid with a few lose strands.

“Girlfriend?” Dom laughed, “Didn’t know you two had made it official yet.”

“Oh right,” Freddie blushed, awkwardly taking my hand in his, “Well while we’re on topic we might as well, Mae, do you want to move past snog buddies with me and be my girlfriend?”

I giggled, “Classy Fred, but I’d love too.”

Freddie whooped in glee, causing many people to look over to us, before he leaned over the table and kissed me on the lips.

“Ew,” Dom shuddered as we broke apart.

“But don’t worry, I’ll be at your Quidditch trials,” I smiled at Freddie who let out a hoot with a fist pump into the air while Dom glared at me, “But I won’t be snogging you.”

“Why?” Freddie asked, his happiness fading.

“Well it would be quite hard for me to snog you while I’m trying out for Chaser,” I replied, grinning widely at my decision.

“You’re finally trying out?” Dom exclaimed, clapping her hands together.

“For Chaser?” Freddie said.

“Yeah, I am,” I nodded.

“I didn’t know you played,” Freddie said.

“I haven’t played in at Hogwarts due to injury, I’ve always been really into it as a kid though, used to play with my brother and his friends,” I admitted.

“I like it,” Freddie grinned as owls erupted from the ceiling, flying down to their owners. There were no owls for me, while a Witch Weekly owl arrived for Dom and a massive package for Freddie.

“What the hell is that?” I asked curiously, looking at the massive package Freddie had.

“Nothing,” he said quickly, “I’ve got to go, but I’ll see you soon? Free period 2?”

“Yeah, I have got a free, but I want to use it for homework,” I replied.

“Ok, I’ll come study with you in the Common Room then, see you then gorgeous,” Freddie grinned, giving me a kiss on the forehead.


He walked off down the hall, with his massive box and then disappeared.

“Mae,” Dom said from across the table.

“Yes?” I asked, maybe I should just keep Freddie and leave James, he’s honestly so sweet, and he actually likes me.

“What’s with you and Freddie?” she asked.

“We’re dating as of a few minutes ago?” I answered.


“Because he asked me out?”

“Out? All you do is snog,” she muttered.

“Look, I like him and it’s healthy to date someone once in a while.”

“Are you using him?”


“To get to James?”

I stayed silent. But Dom rambled on,

“Just, be careful, he likes you more than you think,” she replied, turning back to her magazine.
I had already known that. Ever since that dream, I had been thinking about how much he actually liked me. I didn’t want to hurt Freddie’s feelings, how could I not hurt his feelings if I dumped him?

“I don’t think I’ll ever get with James anyway,” I whispered across the table to her, “Ever since he talked to me on Monday morning, I haven’t seen him.”

“He’s with Alessandria for meals and most other things, just not lunch” Dom whispered, pointing over her shoulder.

And there he was. James was sitting with Alessandria on the Ravenclaw table, locked in a passionate embrace over their breakfast. Ew, I wouldn’t want saliva in my breakfast.

“Right,” I mumbled, scoffing down the last of my bacon, “Let’s go, Longbottom’s going to give us a detention if we’re late again.”

“Yeah, and my parents will kill me if I get another in the first week back,” Dom agreed, grabbing her bag.

As we walked out of the Great Hall to the Greenhouse, I couldn’t help but look back at the Ravenclaw table to James. This time he wasn’t snogging Alessandria, but he was watching me.

* * * * *

As the day passed, I got more and more nervous for the Quidditch trials. When Freddie met me for second period, he actually let me study and over lunch, he listened to me pour out my worries. He told me I’d be fine, I was only worried about flying as I hadn’t touched my old Nimbus Two-Thousand since I was in early in the Summer.

When I turned up to trials, in black three-quarter yoga pants, a grey hoodie and some trainers with my broomstick in hand, was when I really wanted to turn around and run away. But after a quick scan of the arena, Freddie caught my eye in the stands and stuck his thumbs up and blew me a kiss, I tried to smile back but I was too nervous to even up turn the corners of my mouth.

Looking to the ground, I examined the surface by pressing on it with my foot, it was solid which would be good for a quick take off. There was a slight wind coming in from the West, so I would need to steer a little harder when I headed west.

Suddenly my nerves kicked in once more, my mouth becoming clammy and disgusting as I tried to swallow my own spit. I needed water, now. With a quick turn on my heels, I turned around to get a drink when someone blocked my way, the one and only James Potter.

“Hello,” he greeted.

“Hello,” I replied coldly.

“How are you?” he asked.

“Fine, bit thirsty,” I admitted.

“Here,” he spat out, shoving a bottle into my spare hand.

“Thanks,” I muttered, gulping down water. It was icy cold and cured my parched tongue.

“Excited?” he asked.

“Nervous,” I corrected.

“I’ll bet you’ll be fine,” he said.

I smiled weakly.

“Well, I bet to go start this thing then,” he mumbled walking off to the centre of the pitch.

I marched off after him, kind of angry that he had barely talked me like the rest of the week. So I gripped my broom harder, my eyes narrowing in concentration to be ready to fly. I looked at my feet, that were ripping up grass as I walked towards the pack of awaiting Quidditch goers.

“Mae!” someone called from behind me. I rose my head up as I turned around, just fast enough to see Albus and Freddie running towards me.

“Hey gu-”

I didn’t have time to finish my sentence because Freddie had picked me up in his arms and given me the most amazing kiss of my life. His arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me fully off the ground. I wrapped my arms around his neck in response and just lost myself in the softness of his lips on mine. Normally when we’d kiss, I’d want to break away not wanting to take it any further, but for the first time when Freddie broke away, I was hungry for more. Before he could move his head too far back, I grab the back of his head and pushed it back down. My body arched up, wanting more, wanting to take it further-

Someone around us cleared their throat.

I opened my eyes to see everyone trying out for the team watching Freddie and I with high interest. I’d forgotten there where people around, let alone I was at a Quidditch team trials.

“The Quidditch trials will not stop just for you to make out with your boyfriend, there’s other times for that,” James snapped, his eyes blazing.

“Sorry, I mean it’s not like you and your girlfriend are found like this,” I shot back at him, my eyes narrowed to challenge him.

“Let’s start!” James yelled.

“Ok, go ahead,” I muttered, before turning around to the boys and smiling, “Bye Freddie, bye Al!”

“I just came to say good luck!” Al explained.

“Good luck beautiful,” Freddie said grinning, “We’ll be in the stands with the rest of the team.”

He and Albus quickly walked away, not wanting to cause any more trouble.

“Ok, today there are trials for two spots on the team, one Chaser and one Beater,” James began, “The trials will take place at the same time, two beaters will be hitting the bludgers at two Chaser’s trying to score as many goals as they can in two minutes. The beaters we will start with are McGovin’s and Lee, and Chaser’s Bilber and you,” James explained to the group before pointing to me.

“I do have a name, and you know it,” I scowled.

“Fine Mae, you’re up,” he said, mounting on his broom and kicking off.

I angrily mounted my own broom and kicked off the ground, stupid James Potter, him and Alessandria snogging over breakfast, and it was worse than Freddie and I!

As soon as I was in the air, I was amazed at how good it felt. I could feel a part of me, who hadn’t surfaced in a long time, come out and take control. It was surprisingly calming, the wind blowing in my hair and tickling my skin, it made me feel alive.

“Ok, here’s the Quaffle,” James muttered, thrusting the wooden ball into my arms, “Time begins now!”

It was the best feeling to be playing Quidditch. I was dodging bludgers, throwing the Quaffle and scoring, it was just like playing one on one with Mitch in the backyard like we did when we were younger. I was a bit rusty, but it seemed to pass quickly with the help from Sam and Mitch inside my head, all I could think of was all the advice they had given me over the years and putting them into action. Taking Sam’s advice was sure to be a good thing seeing as his Dad was Oliver Wood, incredibly player and coach, plus Sam now played professionally.

When time was over, my face was red and I had thrashed my partner, John Bilber, 90-10. He wasn’t the best player, he wasn’t a confident flyer and his throws were a little dodgy. Before James could talk to me in the air, I threw the Quaffle at him and flew away, as soon as I had stopped and looked at him, all the anger had come back.

As I got off my broom, I saw other people hoping to get a Chaser position look at me with a look of jealousy. Oops. Quickly shaking John’s hand and congratulating him on a fantastic trial, I skipped off to the stands where Freddie and Al were waiting along with the rest of the team.

“Why didn’t you tell us you were good?” Freddie yelled when I sat down in between him and Al.

“It didn’t seem important,” I shrugged.

“That was bloody brilliant,” Al said.

“Thanks,” I smiled, “I mucked up one of my dodges though,” I massaged a spot on my right shoulder where I bludger had knocked me, it was definitely going to have a bruise.

“Here,” Freddie brushed my hand away and replacing it with his own.

“Thanks,” I said for the hundredth time today, grinning up at him, “By the way,” I whispered into his ear, “I think that kiss gave me good luck.”

He grinned.

We watched the rest of the trials, which took up a good hour. I felt nervous towards the end, as there were some really good candidates. Ally Baker had a good strong throw, but was a bit rocky when it came to flying while Michael Vouch was a fantastic flyer, but had a terrible throw. Freddie and Albus assured me though, that I was the best of them all, but no matter how many times they told me this, I really wasn’t sure.

When the trials were finished, all the candidates sat in the stand while the team standing up front with James, who were discussing who would fill the spots. After around five minutes of discussion with around six howls of laughter, five punches from Rose Weasley and twenty three swear words, they broke apart and stood in a line, facing the crowd of awaiting students.

“Well, congratulations to everyone on a great trial today,” James began, smiling at the crowd with his perfect pearly white teeth, “Although, it was a tough choice, we have all come to the decision of who will be joining the Gryffindor Quidditch team for this year. Remember if you don’t make the team, we could always call on you if a member is injured.”

“Just get on with it James, they all just want to know!” Roxie Weasley, a Beater for the team, rolled her eyes at her cousin grinning wickedly.

“Fine,” James grumbled, “The position of Beater will be filled by Lachie Toline.”

Everyone clapped and cheered as Lachie got up and received his Quidditch robes, which already had his surname on the back. Lachie was in fifth year much alike his Beating partner Roxie, I’m sure that they’d work well together, they seemed pretty friendly as Roxie hugged him in congratulations.

“And the person taking up the Chaser position…”

My nerves suddenly struck a cord and became alight, my legs shaking, heel tapping the ground, eyes darting from person to person and my hands tightening on each other. Until this moment I hadn't realised how much I wanted to make the team. After flying today, an old feeling that I had missed, a part of the old me, had popped out of me, and this was a feeling I wanted to keep.

I looked at Ally and Michael, they looked as nervous as I did. But they had another look on their face that I didn’t, hope. I was bouncing on the balls of my feet as I sat there waiting, I was fiddling with my pants and I was listening as if my life depended on it, I didn’t even listen like this in class.

“… is Mae Flick,” James announced.

It took a moment for the news to sink in, I had made the team! All that worrying had been a waste of time! Everyone started to clap, and I slowly stood up from my chair, making my way down to the rest of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team, my new team mates. Freddie and Al were hooting while Dom who was sitting with Eve and Sasha off to the side had stood up and starting dancing and screaming. Taking my new robes from James, my fingers curled with the soft material. They were scarlet and had gold lines on the side, with my surname ‘Flick’ on the back as well as the number ‘4’. My lucky number.

“Thank you for coming, and Gryffindor for the cup!” James yelled, then he turned to the team as everyone stood up to leave, “Training is going to be on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s from four o’clock to six o’clock, no exceptions. If you have an appointment or something then, you have to let me know at least forty eight hours before so I can make arrangements to catch up with you and then make sure training isn’t screwed up because you can’t make it, are we clear?”

It was shocked at how often and how long training would be for, 2 hours?! But thinking back at all the years that I had been sitting in the Common Room to watch the Quidditch team come crawling into the Common Room at all hours of the day, I couldn’t help but not be surprised at all. I was going to be having a lot more late nights to keep up with my homework.

“Awesome!” I grinned, “Can’t wait to start!”

“Let’s win this year!” Chaser, Rose Weasley said.

“Yeah!” the team yelled.

Everyone then set off towards the castle for dinner besides James, who went down to the pitch, his figure reaching down to grab some spare brooms.

“Come on Mae, we’re going to have a small party after dinner in celebration of the new team!” Freddie grinned, “Come on!”

“I just thought of something I needed to ask James,” I lied smoothly.

“Do you want me to come with you?” he asked.

“No, I won’t be long, I’ll catch up!” I shook my head in response, sending him a warm smile.

“Ok,” Freddie said, quickly kissing me, “Hurry back.”

As soon as Freddie had descended the bleachers and run off after Al, I turned and quickly walked over to James before he somehow disappeared. When I found him, he was slowly packing the bludgers when I reached him.

“Where have you been all week?” I asked furiously, standing up my hands on my hips.

“What?” he asked, eyes wide with shock.

“Since we talked on Monday, I haven’t seen you! You’re not in the Common room or at the Gryffindor table, are you dodging me James Potter?” I replied, my voice rising slightly.

“I’ve been busy!” he yelled back.

“Yeah, snogging your girlfriend over your breakfast?” I shot back.

“I can snog her all I like!” he yelled, “And what are you having a go at me about, whenever I see you and Freddie, your down each other’s throats!”

“Jealous that my boyfriend actually likes me for who I am and I don’t have girlfriend that likes to flirt with everyone in sight?” I screamed at him.

“She does not flirt with everyone!”

“Even you admitted it on Monday!”

“She’s not that bad!”

“Then why are you avoiding me?” I asked simply, trying to control my anger, “And don’t tell me you aren’t because I haven’t seen you all week and you just said you’ve seen me! Why would you come up and say hi? I thought we were friends!”

“Well you thought wrong!” he said hotly, slamming the equipment box and stalking off.

I stood on the pitch watching his retreating figure grow smaller and smaller before I had the common sense to start to walking to the castle. I found myself getting tired from walking, so I hoped on my broom and flew to the castle. I pasted James, but I didn’t even look at him.

A/N: OOOOOOOOOOOOO! Everything was good and now its all down hill again. I know it was a stupid, childish fight but they are just angry at each other and shot stupid things to them. If you hate me now, please please pleaseeee dont! So sorry!

Update soon and if you have time, please read a review! You have no idea how much it means to me!

Phoebe x

EDITED: 24th September 2015

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Chasing Him: Frustration


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