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Muggle Studies by Lillith Saphire
Chapter 11 : chapter 11
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 Sorry it's taken a while and I hope you're sticking with me, I'm still a busy bee at the moment but I still have 12 more chapters ready written just need to post them all :D Enjoy!



I jolted awake sitting bolt upright blinking through the darkness, I was still very much alone, I squinted to see the time, it was 7 in the morning.


I got out of bed and walked quickly to the door feeling worried, this wasn't like him surely? he can't just go and not come back, he'll make us fail for one thing and another he can't just kiss me and vanish, I know I tried to but at least I came back.


I slowly walked across the landing and down the stairs, I stopped at the archway into the living room and there he was.


There was Draco Malfoy looking peaceful on the sofa fast asleep, still dressed in his clothes from the other night, what the bloody hell has he been playing at?


"Oi" I demanded glaring at him, he began to stir and then sat up right looking confused at me.


"Where the hell have you been?" I snapped entering further into the room


"Where have I been?" he hissed back furrowing his brow 

"Where have you been?" he spat with venom


I knew that question would turn up, but I asked first so I shall avoid it while I can


"I asked first" I retorted 


"I went" he paused for a moment, his silver eyes taking every inch of me in 

"looking for you" he spat the last part turning his silver eyes away from me


"Oh" I mumbled as I sat down on the other sofa


"And where were you?" he growled


"I uh went to the beach" I muttered.


I was beginning to feel worse and worse now, I'd left and he went to find me, maybe even worried at my departure and all I was doing was throwing stones in the sea and wandering about. I'm an idiot.


"You went to the beach?" he repeated, I nodded


"I was looking everywhere for you and you were at the beach?" he continued his voice getting louder and angrier 


"Sorry" I muttered


"and you're sorry, brilliant" he said with a mocking laugh.


We sat silent for a few minutes, I mindlessly played with my hands staring at my feet


"Why were you looking for me?" I questioned, looking up from my feet to him


"Because I woke up and you were nowhere to be found" he hissed glaring at me 

"I was worried about you, you were were gone all day, then I get back here at around 2 in the morning to see you fast asleep in bed, I wasted a day trying to find you" he spat standing up, his pale face going red with anger


"Sorry" I mumbled knowing it wouldn't help.


"You can save your apologies" he hissed standing up from the sofa

"I'm going back to Hogwarts, I don't care for this task, I knew from the moment we got paired up it would be a stupid idea" he spat walking out of the room


I jumped off the sofa and followed him into the hall, he stopped by the cupboard, I had so many questions. Why was he worried about me? why was he so bothered I left? 


"You can't leave" I frowned eyeing him as he opened the cupboard door


"why?" he hissed turning his silver eyes on me


I don't know why, just because? that's not a good enough reason, why do I want him to stay? I'm not that bothered about failing this class yet I want him to stay here with me, theres something about him now, he's really getting to me.


I walked towards him, it didn't feel like I was in control of my body, he was watching my every move as I walked closer I stopped in front of the open cupboard blocking him from leaving. 


I stood in front of him, looking up to his perfect silver eyes, his beautiful wintry scent overpowering me again.


I took his cold hand from the handle and pushed him away from the cupboard into the wall behind him stepping closer to him as I pushed the cupboard shut with my other hand.

Standing between him and the cupboard now we were very close, my eyes staring up to his.


I didn't step back even after I closed the cupboard, I stayed in his personal space, almost as though his manly smell kept me hooked in.


"Please don't leave" I mumbled still holding his cold hand in mine


"Why?" he questioned again, his hand holding mine and intertwining our fingers, my eyes drifted from his to our hands holding and back to his perfect face


"Just don't" I said in almost an order, Malfoy nodded.


I couldn't tell him the truth, in all honesty I wasn't sure of the truth myself, did I want him? perhaps, but did I still hate him? perhaps.


We stood frozen for what could have been an eternity as our hands remained intertwined, his thumb stroking the back of my hand, I could feel my cheeks blush as my eyes looked from his eyes to his lips, his perfect plump pink lips. 


All I wanted was to kiss him again, to feel his arms hold me tight like they did that night, I wanted his breath on me again.


But no that couldn't happen, we just needed to get on and finish this project and survive the rest of the holiday without killing each other.


"Thank you" I whispered, Malfoy frowned looking confused


"I mean thank you for looking for me" I muttered fumbling with words


"that's ok" he replied awkwardly and looking away from me


"Uh, let me do some breakfast" I mumbled letting go of his hand and walking towards the kitchen.

"You must be starved" I added walking towards the fridge, Malfoy followed me in


"That would be a good idea" he said sitting down at the table.


"Can I ask for one favour?" I questioned my face hiding in the fridge, malfoy grunted what sounded like a yes

"Can we just forget the last couples days, by all means go back to being a massive prick to me and I think we'll get along fine" I muttered.


This was the best way for us to get through the next 2 and a half weeks, just pretend the silly drunken kiss never happened, I can block out all this tension I feel surely?


"Fine" he grunted in reply


I didn't say anymore, I just turned from the fridge with a block of cheese and headed to the oven to make toasted cheese sandwich's.




The rest of the day moved very slowly, it was a very awkward day, I could feel the redness creep across my cheeks whenever I looked at him, we just needed to get through the holidays and everything would be fine.


We sat in the living room that night, watching terrible muggle soaps again, my eyes looking to Malfoy every so often.


He looked so calm and relaxed and not forgetting stupidly breath- taking, I felt a surge of annoyance at how well he was acting out my favour, he truly was acting as though nothing had happened, his arrogant digs had returned and his just pure annoying behaviour.


"I'm going to bed" I said loudly after finally having enough of his ignoring me and looking so calm.


I headed towards the door and still no response, I quickly turned my eyes on him, my red hair fanning out behind me as I looked to him, his face expressionless staring at the TV.


"Not going to say anything?" I hissed feeling angered by his silence


"Shouldn't you be sleeping down here?" he said in his icy voice, his eyes un-moving from the TV


"Eugh" I growled stomping up the stairs exaggerating each step I took.


I swung open the bedroom door and slammed it loudly behind me, once again he was just infuriating me, I was truly regretting my decision, perhaps it would have been better to have seen what could have happened around acknowledging the kiss, maybe we would be chummy now instead of back to the usual argumentative routine.



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