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Dark Mistress by RowlingsGirls_22
Chapter 4 : Dinner and a Play Date
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A/N: I forgot to mention that only Bellatrix and Voldemort are allowed to not bow their heads, and act as somewhat average parents when they are with the Dark Mistress alone, other wise they have to comply to her rules.

          The Dark Mistress, Bellatrix and the Lord Voldemort were all situated at a dining table in Riddle Manor eating a dinner prepared by the house elves. To an on looker, they seemed like a picture perfect family, until you looked behind the young girl. There behind her chair was Bellatrix Lestrange's current husband, Rudolphus Lestrange, hands bounded by enchanted ropes and clearly torcherd heavily.

          “Voldemort," the lady in white addressed her father who sat at the head of the table "I need you to call your Death Eaters for another meeting."

          “Why so?" he questioned carefully to the youngest at the table to his right while petting Nagini affectionately.

          “I fear that there is a traitor among us. If one were to... betray our secrets to the Order of the Phenix, we would be at a great disadvantage if they told them about me." she replied calmly as if she were speaking to a young child.

          “Yes, I agree with your daughter. If the Order of the Phenix were to discover the existence of the Dark Mistress we would be at a terrible disadvantage." Bellatrix shrilled from her seat to the left of the Dark Lord.

          “As much as we appreciate your input we really do not encourage it." the man hissed from his spot at the table, immediately Bellatrix sunk back into her chair like a scolded child.

          “Now, now mother don't slouch it is hardly lady like." the younger Voldemort retorted earning a sneer from the woman who gave birth to her.

          “Well, what about that Malfoy boy?" the lord asked as if the spar between the two females hadn't happened but both knew that the elder lady would be punished for disrespecting her superior.

          “I will obliviate him of any memory of me and alter the ones where I gave him the tasks to make it seem as if it were you, Father giving it to him." she hissed in parseltongue.

          “ELMER! What are these dishes still doing at the table? They were due off the oak stump HALF AN HOUR AGO!" Bellatrix suddenly shrieked at the elf who just happened to walk in during the Dark Mistress' conversation with her father.

          “Elmer is sorry Miss! Elmer is! Elmer will make sure that it won't happen again!" he squeaked as Bellatrix pointed her wand at him.

          “Bellatrix! Do not curse that elf!" the girl demanded while non verbally casting an Expelliarmus.

          “Why not?" she asked outraged.

          “He is my personal elf, he has come here on my beckoning. He is not responsible for the irresponsibility of the other elf." the other female growled.

          “ENOUGH! Bellatrix I will see you in the parlor after this." Voldemort hissed.

          “Yes my lord." she bowed.

          “Father, we have a slight dilemma," the white lady announced.

          “And what dilemma would that be?" the Dark Lord inquired.

          “The Order of the Phenix have acquired the location of our whereabouts," she sighed and continued nonchalantly "we shall have to relocate ourselves before they chose to invade us when we are most vulnerable."

          “That is a very wise plan Mistress but you are forgetting a simple detail." Bellatrix stated after a short while.

          “We will relocate to Malfoy Manor, it makes the most sense." she leaned back unceremoniously and turned to Bellatrix with distaste evident in her eyes.

          “The question is, are they willing to accommodate the Dark Lord and his heir?" she countered

          “They must be willing, or someone might just have little slip of the tongue and kill the youngest Malfoy for his father's failure." a voice hissed at the end of the table, causing both of the females to snap their heads in his direction.

          “It is settled, we move in December but this year I may not come to you during the break this year I have to attend to during that time." she smirked as she got up.

          “And where do you think you are head to?" her father asked as she reached the double doors that led to the Door Room. The Door Room was a room that held many identical doors to the one that she was standing before that led to as many different rooms.

          “To punish that elf and go do some anger management." she sighed as she opened the door and walked over to the one leading to the dungeons.

          “Miss Bellatrix, we have ten muggles, two witches and four wizards in the dungeons... we will not have anymore magical hostages by midnight tonight. Elmer knows that the Dark Lady will ask you to fetch more for her entertainment, Elmer suggests that Miss Bellatrix find more before the Lady demands it." Elmer growled to Bellatrix. Elmer was bonded to the Dark Mistress and as long as he was treated right by her standards, she would allow him to act as he liked towards whomever he wants, and going unpunished if he acted hostile to her mother was a very profound gesture in the elf's opinion.

          “You and the Carrows have raised the perfect daughter Bellatrix." Voldemort hissed proudly as the elf disappeared with a POP and he could hear screams of agony echoing throughout the mansion from the lower levels. He turned to the man behind the now vacant seat at the table. "It is such a shame that he wasn't transferred downstairs earlier."

          With that both he and a confused Bellatrix walked out of the Dining Room and into the Parlor to punish those who need it.

          “Muggles; a filthy excuse for creatures, I should feed you to the dogs or even Greyback but that would only infect them with your blood of dirt." the Dark Mistress spat as she stalked each of the imprisoned muggles like a lion stalking its prey, becoming so intimate with the mood she dropped down and was now on all four limbs coming up to each of them in the face when she addressed someone.

          “What do you want with us?" a tough looking man quivering in the corner asked hesitantly.

          “Ironically due to the fact that I'm supposed to hate your blood; I find it quite, satisfying, to see it all over this dungeon floor, on my hands, dress and well let's just say I'm fully qualified to be a vampire if I wanted to." she grinned. This grin wasn't a happy grin to many but for her, this was her heaven. The only reason she was on the side of her father was because he was currently the highest and only bidder on the market specializing in what she loved.

          “What do you mean, Vampire?" a sobbing lady asked with her face etched in horror.

          “Well my mother had always taught me delightful table manners. And rule number five was this: Never play with your food." the now crackling girl bringing out her wand and made a move to curse one of them. "Here is the thing, we aren't at a table, and I have never listened to the useless incubator in my entire life outside of the place I was born in."

          “Food?" another whispered. She nodded slowly and happily.

          “Please! Just take me, leave my family alone I give you my word that this will not go public! Just spare my family." the first man cried desperately clutching four of the other people in the area.

          “A family?" she asked as she straightened up looking genuinely upset with what she was about to do. The man nodded in response. "I've never had one of those before, I mean I have a mother and a father but..." she wiped a stray tear from her chin.

          “That's it, you can always turn over a new leaf and find someone you love so you don't have to do this to feel better about yourself." the father encouraged as he walked to the girl in white.

          “Yes, I understand what you mean, a family and love it makes you..." she stopped her act there and smirked as she pointed her wand at the man "it makes you weak, people like me are able to look someone in the eye, cut open their body and smile. I was raised with and around disarranged people and as a result I have become worse than them. My best memory was the first person I murdered and every time I think back on it, I can still taste the metallic of their blood as I licked it off my hands and guess what? I am going to relive that seven times tonight. Tomorrow I will play with the rest of you. By the end I'll be the happiest girl I've ever been since my birthday because that was the day I recived nearly twenty people to play with."

          “Play time, play time has begun." And that was the last set of words any of the selected few in the room would ever get to hear again.

A/N: Ah! I'm sorry for the late update but I do have a life out side of this site.
I'm sorry if the last half of the story was too gory for you, but I just had to get this part of my brain down on text. I love getting your reviews, so keep reviewing. Just so it's clear, I am in no-way like this in real life. I hate scary movies just ask the other member of this account- Teri/Adriana (1st half of RowlingsGirls_22). If you are wondering who the Dark Mistress is in Hogwarts...well I'm sorry to say but you'll be waiting for a while. Keep reviewing and reading and maybe I tell sooner........NOT! Lol I'll update soon.
-Ariel/Oreana/DracosCookie (2nd half of RowlingsGirls_22)
Please review I want to know how I can improve my skills and what you like about this story. Go on and read Karma's a Fickel Friend and don't forget to review it too.

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