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Lily and James-The Real Story by NikkiRadcliffe
Chapter 9 : The Ball- Part 2
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A/N: I am SO sorry! To all my readers out there I apologize for waiting almost 2 years to post another chapter. My life just went on an emotional rollercoster, things I cannot go into detail on, but I am BACK! I will be writing much more from now on! So read, enjoy and review!

There had been something in his eyes, she had seen it but was so afraid to acknowledge that look of pure devotion, even in her mind. As Lily walked back to her date she tried not to look back at him, at James, yet she could not seem to help herself. His eyes held such a longing in them, mixed with hurt from her rejection. She had not said anything but it seemed to hurt him just the same, and this time she felt her heart reach out to him.

She didn’t know what it was but something seemed different about him this year. Sure he was still the same annoying prat at times, but she felt a pull toward him. No matter how much she wanted to loathe him she found her heart softening a bit.

When she was with Cal there seemed to be an immediate smile upon her face. Cal was the type of man she had always envisioned herself with. He was kind, compassionate and loving, qualities she valued, yet, something was missing. His smile made her heart melt, but there was no spark.

Dancing she tried to lose herself in Cal’s eyes and the music. This was the type of man she was supposed to fall in love with; so why did her mind keep going back to James Potter?

Moving around the ballroom, linked with Cal, Lily felt her world spinning. Not once during the ball had she felt uncomfortable in Cal’s arms; she felt completely safe and secure. Yet, her thoughts kept going to another, hazel eyes that bore into her mind. Even if this was the case she felt as though Cal respected her. Looking up at Cal, Lily smiled and felt once more that he was the one for her, even if she had only just met him. From what she had observed he would allow her to breathe and not have to be at her side.

“What are you thinking about?” Cal asked; his voice breaking through the silence.

“Just about how happy I am right now,” Lily exclaimed feeling her cheeks go flush.

“And how happy are you?”

Thinking about her answer Lily found herself shocked; what was the extent of her happiness? She found that she was ecstatic Cal was in her life and yet something was missing, perhaps that came with time. As it was she was still uncertain of the whole idea of falling in love. There were times in her life in which she had wished for something more, but she still had yet to learn what love really was and how it might affect her. Looking into Cal’s eyes Lily found herself saying what she felt was appropriate at the moment.

“Well I feel very lucky to be with such a man and I would love to get to know you more.”

Suddenly she felt him press his mouth against hers. So soft and sweet and when he pulled away she felt her face go red. Pressing her head upon his shoulder, she sighed as he ran his fingers through her hair. How had she gotten so lucky? That he would want her to be hiss seemed so unreal and yet so wonderful at the same time. Nothing could destroy this feeling or moment.

“Lily you have no idea how happy you have made me by just uttering those words. There isn’t a moment where you cease to amaze me. And so I ask you, Lily Evans will you be my girlfriend?”

Thoughts raced through Lily’s mind as she considered Cal’s question. She thought about what having a boyfriend like Cal would mean; she would be happy. However, was it enough? An image of James flashed before her eyes and she found herself internally cringing at the sadness upon his face. She felt as though something had to be done; she knew who she would be the most happy with. Dating Cal might mean rescuing James from his delusions of him and her. Besides with Cal she felt something, she could love him; she was certain.

“Cal, I can’t think of anything that would make me happier,” she whispered before crashing her lips against his.

Smiling against his lips Lily felt as though she was in perfect bliss. Never in her wildest dreams did she expect that she would end up with someone as wonderful as her new boyfriend. With all the darkness in the world she deserved a ray of light, which, she had been told, love would bring.

Pulling away Lily stared into Cal’s eyes, finding herself being lost in them. This was one of the happiest moments in her life, nothing could destroy it. All her dreams in life seemed to finally be coming together; there was no reason to doubt her decision.

Looking around the room, Lily’s eyes met that of her friend Eliza. She smiled softly at her friend, wishing that she could find her own love. Quietly she excused herself to the punch bowl, motioning for the other girl to meet her there. She pecked Cal on the cheek and then made her way gracefully across the floor. She missed the pair of hazel eyes watching her from the other side of the room.

(Meanwhile with James)


James watched from across the room as Lily and Cal had their sweet moment together. To describe how he felt would mean to explain his own horror story. He wanted nothing more than to make Cal suffer from the pain he was being put through. Watching the girl he loved get close to another made him just want to die, without her his life did not seem to have a purpose. He was her everything, though it seemed she would never realize it. If only she knew how much he would give for her to be happy, but James did not trust him.

Heartbroken he turned toward his date and smiled softly, not wanting her to feel uncomfortable. In his head he knew he was lucky to have Roxy as a date, yet his heart yearned for another. He wished that somehow Lily could realize how sincere he was, that he was completely devoted to her. She, however, seemed to believe this was a joke, that his affections were merely meant to play with her heart. He wanted to prove to her that that wasn’t the case. He would do anything for her love.

At the beginning of the next song James looked at his date and noted the similarities between her and Lily. She has similar red hair and green eyes, yet she was not the one he wished for. He felt a bit disgusted with himself, feeling as though he was trying to replace Lily, replace the pain he felt by not being with her. He knew that it wasn’t right, that he should just let Lily go. Some part of him told him to move on, that someone did love him. That was all he had to hold on to. Especially if his Lily loved another.

Swaying back and forth he allowed himself to get lost in the music, forgetting those around him, even Lily. His mind was at peace and he allowed himself to enjoy it and the song.


Looking down James had almost forgotten about his date. She looked to be purely devoted upon him and yet he felt nothing. There had been several girls before her, yet for some reason he had no desire to conquer many hearts. He wanted to put an end to his foolish ways. Tonight he would reserve himself to Roxy, getting to know her, and then he would maybe have the chance to move on from Lily and to love her.

“James?” Roxanne whispered staring up at him, a confused expression upon her face. “James, love, I asked if you might go and get us some punch.”

“Punch…oh yeah sure, I’ll grab us some,” James stammered before swiftly going over to the punch bowl.

Reaching for a glass he felt a smaller hand below his. Quickly he let go and muttered, “sorry,” before looking into the other person’s eyes. Emerald eyes met hazel and he felt his heart begin to race. Stepping aside he allowed her to grab her drink, trying not to allow her to feel his pain. She did not deserve to see such suffering, not when she should be happy and free in her world.

“It’s alright Potter,” she stated, grabbing a glass of punch. As she went to return to her friend, he grabbed her arm without hesitation, wanting to ask her something.

“Evans are you dating Foster?”

Eyes flashing Lily found herself growing with hatred. She wanted to care for James at times, yet moments like this reminded her why she could never get along with him. “What I do Potter is no business to you. However, since you seem so keen as to finding out the truth I will tell you the answer is yes. And there’s no way you can convince me to do otherwise.”

“I wasn’t trying to convince you,” James exclaimed. “I just saw the two of you getting cozy. I hope he makes you happy,” he stated heading back to Roxanne. There he stayed for the rest of the ball, leaving Lily in a daze.

A/N: PLEASE REVIEW!!! I am writing another chapter now!

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Lily and James-The Real Story: The Ball- Part 2


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