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Enchanting Chaos by Ginny45
Chapter 2 : Faded Glamour
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Running up the track to the castle was harder than Spencer expected. “Can we stop please?” Her breathing was heavy and her pace had already started to slow. Everything was eerily quiet; Spencer was starting to have second thoughts on the plan. She couldn’t bring herself to back out though, instead the witch bit her lip and took out her wand. The first carriage was starting to move towards them, they had very little time left. She pushed all the doubtful thoughts to the back of her mind, all the memories of her failed pranks locked tightly in a box.

“Suck it up Spence.” Scorpius was feeling the strain as well. He wasn’t used to running; playing Quidditch didn’t exactly improve stamina. He pushed on; they needed to pull this off. It was an excellent idea. He was rather jealous that Spence had thought of it first but that was pushed aside. “You know the spell right?” A cocky grin spread onto his face.

“Yes I know the damn spell!” Spencer whispered angrily at him. The first carriage was reaching them now, almost time. Everything moved quickly, Spencer jumped just as the carriage approached. The witch only just managed to hang on and pull open the door. “Hope you don’t mind, come for a visit.” She slumped down in the seat grinning to the passengers, keeping the door open with her foot. She didn’t recognise a single person; this was going like a dream. A few moments more and the carriage would be filling with magic sparks, made of sherbet. They didn’t want to get expelled after all. It was pretty lucky that they had the fire work at all. She had to commend Scorpius for being prepared.

 Scorpius was having less luck; the firework he was holding wasn’t going off to plan. Eventually he became frustrated. “Incendio Maxima.” The stem lit up like a bonfire and the wizard only just managed to fling it through the open door of the carriage. They hit a bump. He grabbed at the shiny surface of the carriage but there was nothing there. Falling off the side he reached in and grabbed Spencer off her seat. The both groaned as the dirt path came up to meet them. The firework had gone off at least; sparks were spilling out of the open door. It wasn’t long before it launched into the air and exploded. A spray of sparking colours lighting up the sky.

The carriage had stopped. Spencer slowly approached it. Inside were the same people, a look of horror etched upon their faces. A rather spectacular hole had been added to the floor and it wasn’t stopping. It was growing, spreading towards the occupants. “Don’t just sit there, get out!” She screamed at them but she wasn’t about to stick around to find out what happened, Spencer had already stated to run towards the large rock just outside the school. Scorpius was surely behind her after all and if not, it was him who set off the firework. Not her.

“Thort! Do you mind? We have to wait for the rest of them remember.” He was behind her. Trustworthy, dependable, Scorpius. He never got caught.

“That didn’t go to plan.” She offered feebly, her mind searching around for something to blame. “Look, you are the one who trusted Potter to give you a firework that worked. He got it from George didn’t he?” Spencer was certain about one thing; there was no way this was going to get turned around onto her.

“He didn’t mention where he got it from. Here he comes now anyway. You can ask him yourself.” Scorpius really didn’t want to admit that he had asked James and James had in fact received it for his birthday from George. Besides it being George, he had no reason to believe it wouldn’t have done what it was supposed to. He enjoyed pranking, not doing any actual damage.

“Malfoy, Thort. Nice stunt, I think you destroyed school property before even reaching the school.”

“Potter, I am shocked. That sounded almost pleasant, for you anyway. Trying something new?” 

“No Thort, just the same old me; it must be you. Then again, it always is. I have been nothing but charming.”

“Will you two stop?”

“Sure Malfoy. I’ll just leave you two alone with your guilt.” With that James Potter trudged back up to the castle. The two fifth years watched as he became smaller and smaller in silence. Spencer knew what they had done wasn’t awful. A few detentions were the worst punishment they were going to get but that knowledge didn’t take away the sting. They had failed this soon into the year. It wasn’t right to get down about it though, they could turn things around. After all they were Spencer Thort and Scorpios Malfoy.

“Come on Scorp, let’s go find Rose.” The carriages rolled past them, six years of students all making their way to the feast, Spencer and Scorpius walked alone. Her mind wandered into want went wrong, discounting a faulty firework and the bumpy road. They had planned it. Maybe relying on instinct would provide better results. There was only one way to find out. Spencer smiled to herself; the feast was the perfect opportunity. Scorpius on the other hand just wanted to get through the rest of the night without getting into trouble. Destroying a carriage was one thing but the look in Spencer’s eyes was another.

Seating in the great hall was always so squashed. Spencer loved the food and seeing everyone in one room was helpful but she needed room to breathe. It was vital to her survival in fact. Here she sat though, jammed in-between her fellow fifth year Ravenclaws, fighting over the last bit of garlic bread even if they knew another plate would appear. It was the principal of winning it. Felica was the victor, celebrating by jamming it into her mouth. Laughter erupted from their small section of the table while she raised her arms in victory. All the work would start tomorrow; right now they were just teenagers having fun. Not wittier, smarter or more dedicated to their studies than anyone else in the hall. Spencer didn’t have time to enjoy their company tonight though. As exciting as the garlic bread fights were, she had plans.

From her seat she could spot the red flaming hair that was Rose at the Gryffindor table and the shining blond that was Scorpius at the Slytherin table. She could never understand how they were all in different houses, all so different, yet they got along perfectly. It didn’t matter much though, they were her friends and they supported her through thick and thin. “Hey Rosie Posie, how is the feast?”

“The same as always, delicious, long, hilarious, you know yourself. I heard you got off to quite the perfect start.” Rose looked at her friend, trying to show she was disapproving of the whole matter. It didn’t last long, the redheaded witch burst into laughter. “I can’t believe you trusted something my numbskull cousin gave you.”

“Well without it we would have had nothing, wouldn’t we? So Rosie, plans for the year? Have you seen Albus anywhere?” Her eyes roamed the Gryffindor table searching for the fourth member of their little friendship ring. He seemed to vanish into the crowd. It was like the Hogwarts addition of where’s Wally.

“You are not going to bring us all down this year are you?”

“Of course not, just me and Scorp as always.”

“As always? Spence last year you had us all break into the Prefects bathroom and charm the water. We would still be serving detention if McGonagall hadn’t found it so funny.” The Ravenclaw grinned at the memory. She didn’t really understand why McGonagall had let them off with a lighter punishment. She had mumbled something about the Mauraders but Spencer had been far too busy laughing to take any notice. It had been genius really, turning the water into a sort of jelly substance. Although, she hoped no one took up the idea to do it to her this year.

“Well this year we don’t have to break in! Come on Rosie, plans a brewing and we need you.”

“You got prefect! How?” Rose pondered at the thought for a moment, she loved hanging around with Spencer, she really did but sometimes they got into situations nobody was comfortable with. Surely giving her prefect was only going to exacerbate the circumstances. That was all part of it though, all part of what brought them together. They shared some of the best memories and Rose was sure there was going to be more. She couldn’t say no to making memories with her friends. “I’m in, let’s get them”

“It was obviously because of my intellect and adhering of the rules.” Spencer beamed from ear to ear. “Come on Rosie, big plans for us. We just have to go grab Scorp.” She couldn’t leave the Great Hall because of her prefect duties but for catching Rose up on the events of this evening and telling them her plan, they didn’t need to go anywhere else. They never did find Albus by the time McGonagall told the prefects to take their houses back to their Common Rooms. It didn’t matter much though, it would only take a few moments to catch him up and then the fun could begin. 

AN: I hope you enjoyed it. Any thoughts are always welcomed and appreicated, I am working on Chapter 3 now!

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