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I Love You, Tom Riddle by Prongs1981
Chapter 3 : The Problem With Stupidity
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We finally arrived at Hogwarts around 6 PM. The castle was lit with numerous candles and looked fantastic. The sun was just setting and gave an angelic glow to the place. We were finally home.


We were making our way to the carriages when I heard a second year say, “What are those?” I looked at Jessie and laughed. Apparently this kid had never seen a horseless carriage before.


“Why are you laughing?” I heard a deep voice say behind me.


“The second year has never seen the horseless carriage. It’s just funny I guess,” I tried.


“You’re lucky, Adams, you can’t see them,” he replied.


“See what?”


“The Thestrels,” Tom said and walked past me going to talk to the second year.


“What the bloody hell is a Thestrel?” I questioned Nate. Nate is a walking encyclopedia…wizard addition that is.

“It’s kinda like a horse with wings. They are cool actually. If you ride one, just tell it where you wanna go and it can find it. Never gets lost,” Nate replied.


“Mkay, well, where are they?!”


“Oh. Yeah. Forgot to mention, only people who have seen death can see them,” Nate said, trailing off.


Frick! FRICK FRICK FRICK! Nice once Sophs! Riddle now thinks you’re cold-hearted. Laugh at the poor kid who witnessed someone die! Hahahaha! ISN’T THAT HILARIOUS! Mental kick. Well, even if he “liked” me (according to Jessie) he hates me now.


We rode the carriage to the castle as Jessie just sat there, laughing at me. Nate just shook his head smiling at my stupidity. Only Jake gave me sympathy for my lack of knowledge.


The welcome feast was as exciting as ever. Not! The sorting took ages! There were so many new first years. I swear, they get smaller every year. The hat’s song was weird. It wants friendship throughout the houses and only complete trust can keep us all together. What is that supposed to mean? There’s no way I’m going to become best mates with a Hufflepuff. That’s the worse house! Besides there’s no way Riddle and I are going to be more than acquaintances now that I laugh at little kids.


After the feast we made our way to our houses. We gave the password to the Fat Lady and stepped through the portrait hole. Gold and crimson engulfed us. Oh, how I’ve missed Gryffindor Tower.


“Fancy a game of chess?” Jake asked me, taking a seat near the fire.


“Sure, but I worn you, Owens, I’ve been practicing this summer!” I said with a sly smile. Yeah, I am that hard core! Practicing chess in the summer.




So apparently I still suck at chess. After three games of it, loosing so badly Merlin was turning over in his grave, we called it a night. The boys headed up to the dormitories and Jess and I made our way to ours.


Once we reached the 6th year we heard a scream. We sprinted inside and saw two of our roommates fighting.


“What the bloody hell is going on?” Jessie yelled. They ignored us and kept fighting. I looked at Jessie. She motioned for me to go break it up. She usually doesn’t fight the “muggle-way” so it’s up to me.


I grab Carly and Stacy by the hair, pulling them apart. They wince in pain, but yet stop fighting.


“Now, morons, what is going on?” I questioned.


“This SLAG was snogging John!” Stacy spat.


“Yeah, well you were fucking snogging Micheal!” Carly shot back.


“Let me get this straight, Stacy, you like John but were snogging Micheal and Carly, you like Micheal but were snogging John?” Jessie asked. They nodded and gave a nasty glare to one another.


“Are you both mental!? Why wouldn’t you just snog the one you actually like?”


“You wouldn’t understand, Sophie,” Carly said.


“You’re right, this is stupid. You two are best friends but yet snogging each others crushes. Maybe explain it to your boys and they will understand and switch or something,” I said half-joking. It was a stupid idea really. Boys wouldn’t switch and these girls are too dumb to really doing anything about it.


“That’s a great idea actually,” Stacy said.


“Yeah! Let’s go talk to them now!” Carly said back.


“Alright, but be quiet when you get back, we’re tired and are going to sleep,” Jessie said with a yawn.


They skipped down the stairs as we stood in aw watching them.


“Well, I know why they are not in Ravenclaw,” Jessie said.


“Yeah, that’s for sure. Let’s go to bed,” I replied.

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