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The story of Teddy and I. by welshwizard394
Chapter 5 : Muggle Rock.
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       At seven we apparate back to shell cottage. Just before the horrible sensation occurs, I see Teddy holding up nine fingers and winking; Nine o’clock.

      As soon as we arrive home I ask Mum and Dad.

      ‘You were out last night, Vic!’ Dad says. I frown.

      ‘Oh, come on!’ I argue. ‘I don’t want to miss out. And it’s only with Teddy and Fred.’ I try not to blush.

      ‘Let her go.’ My mum says. ‘She is only a child once, and Teddy will look after her.’ OH GODRIC HELP. I feel a steady blush creeping to my cheeks. Calm it Vic.

     ‘So you’re happy with her staying over a twenty year old male’s house?’ Dad says and I almost splutter.

     ‘It’s Teddy!’ Mum actually laughs. Oh Godric, if only she knew. ‘And Fred, too. Goodness, Bill.’

       ‘Fine, Vic.’ Dad rolls his eyes and I grin. I run upstairs and raid my wardrobe. Oh Merlin what to wear.

      When Dom comes in, I am sitting on the floor trying to do up a pair of size 10 jeans that I haven’t worn since fourth year. She laughs and I tug them off.

     ‘I’m guessing you’re going to that rock night thing?’ Dom asks. I look at her quizzically and she grins. ‘Ayrton asked if I would go.’

     ‘And you said…?’ I ask, pulling on a lace dress. Dom raises her eyebrows in approval.

     ‘Yeah, I’m going.’ Dom says and I grin. ‘Wear that one.’

      I look in the mirror. The dress is figure hugging and stops half way down my thigh. It’s navy lace, with wrist length sleeves. ‘What colour accessories?’ I call to her. I hear her leave and return a few seconds later holding a handful of silver beads. She unravels them; it’s a necklace and three bracelets. I put them on and charm my white converse into a bright silver colour.

     ‘He’ll be all over that.’ Dom says with a sly grin. I blush and run a hand through my hair. ‘Leave your hair down.’

     ‘Ok, mother,’ I say sarcastically. But I know she’s right. My hair almost reaches my waist and is almost silver in the light, too. ‘Well that’s me sorted.’ I smile and wave my wand; the clothes on the floor return to my wardrobe. I turn to Dom who’s still in her clothes from Lily’s party. ‘Now you.’ I say.

     Dom has a very odd fashion sense, she changes it every day. One day she can be dressed in jeans and a shirt, the next in the most girly skirt and blouse imaginable.

     ‘Yeah; help please.’ She says. I go back to my wardrobe and pull out some short black shorts, and a black blouse. I ignore her frown and throw her some skin coloured tights patterned with black skulls, the skirt and blouse. I rummage in my drawer until I find my red vest, and throw that into her arms to. She disappears into the bathroom, and when she comes out she looks pretty cool. The blouse is oddly transparent, and it works well with the red. The tights under the shorts give her a cool, edgy look. She goes to get her patent black heels, and it sets off the whole look. She makes her curly hair go even bigger with a simple thickening charm, and I use a Muggle contraption called ‘Hair spray’ to keep it in place. I use another charm on my hair, I found it in Witch Daily magazine. My hair is a mass of beachy waves when I’m done, and if I say so myself, we both look kind of hot.

        I do a simple disguising spell so that mum and dad will see us in simple casual clothing. I tell them that Dom is staying at Teddy’s with me, and we set off. It’s ten to nine when I arrive. (I had apparated with Dom to Ayrton’s house first.) I expect to be the first there, but when I knock on the door it’s Fred who answers. He has on blue jeans, bright red Doc marten boots and a black shirt. I see Aimee sitting on the couch in a yellow cocktail dress with matching shoes; she looks pretty cool. I say hi and tell her I love her dress, she says the same to me. I quite like Aimee, I like her mum, Luna, too. Aimee seems a lot more, to be blunt, sane than her mum. We talk for a while and I can’t help wonder why Teddy’s taking so long. I hear him in the bathroom, he sounds as though he’s pacing a lot. When he finally appears; I see why he’s taking so long. He looks like a greek God. A blue haired, brown eyed GOD. He has on tight light grey jeans, a navy button up shirt, Black shoes and a black leather jacket. His hair is shoulder length and turquoise; he looks absolutely perfect. He smiles timidly at me, and I return the smile.

     ‘You look amazing.’ He says to me, and I bow my head. He comes over to me and wraps his arms around my waist. I feel him kiss my hair, and I’m about to kiss him when I hear Fred’s voice.

     ‘Will somebody please tell me what in the name of Merlin’s baggy Y-fronts is going on?’ He says and I feel Teddy’s shoulders tense beneath my hands.

     ‘Isn’t it obvious?’ I hear Aimee say. ‘Teddy and Victoire have a secret relationship.’ Oh God, she’s more like her mother that I thought. My hands drop from Teddy and I feel my cheeks burning with heat.

      ‘Are you two, like, together now?’ Fred says. I can usually tell by his voice if he’s smiling or not. I can’t now, so I turn to face him and see him with a glass of wine half raised to his lips, which are turned up in his trademark oh-sweet-Godric smile.

      ‘Uh, yeah.’ Teddy says. ‘We would nave told you earlier but we didn’t really have a chance to, mate.’

      ‘No surprise there, I knew it would happen sooner or later.’ He turns to me and grins. ‘Good one, Vic.’

   I frown and laugh at the same time, and turn back to Teddy to kiss him. I hear Aimee hiccough and then I realise it’s time for us to leave. We all hold hands and apparate into an alley next door to a huge modern looking club which is leaking loud but muffled music.
     Fred is grinning with excitement and Aimee is curiously smiling at the crowds queuing to get in. They half run to join the queue. I turn to look up at Teddy and he kisses me once again, and we follow them.
     The big guard kind of guy (I hear people refer to him as a ‘bouncer’) looks the four of us up and down but doesn’t ask for any identification. If he did, we had a plan to confund him. Teddy’s hand tightens on mine and we enter the club.
     The music is unbelievably loud, I can’t hear anything but it. It’s like when you turn up the volume on your ipod to full, but thirty times louder. I absolutely love it. Fred and Aimee disappear from our sight, and I drag Teddy to the middle of a crowd of dancers. I’ve never experienced such a thing. People seem to be in their own worlds, eyes closed and swaying their hips to the music. There are numerous people with their bodies entwined around others, and I know that I want to be that close to Teddy.
    He gets that idea a second before I do, because just before I turn to him, he snakes his arms around my waist and lifts my arms to go around his neck. There’s literally not one centimetre of space between our bodies. We sway together to the music, and I understand why everyone looks in their own world. I feel like it’s just Teddy and I. I savour the moment, the feeling of his body grinding against mine and his breath on my neck. When the songs we know come on, I faintly hear him singing them in my ear.
    After about one hour, a song we both absolutely adore comes on. It’s by a muggle band called ‘MGMT.’ The song is called ‘Electric feel.’ I look up at him and grin as soon as I hear the intro. He leaves me go and we both do our own arms-in-the-air, hip-swaying, pelvic-thrusting dance. It’s comical, but it’s one of those songs that makes you feel underwater or as though you’re on a broomstick so high the air is making you light-headed. When the chorus comes on, Teddy grabs my hands and swirls me around. We end up face to face again, and dancing in unison. Godric, I’ve never wanted him so much. I kiss his neck and he grins at me. The song ends but we don’t leave our trance. A few songs that we don’t know we sway to, and when the rock songs come on we jump with the crowds. We have a few drinks, and I find I quite like the taste of muggle beer.
    Fred and Aimee find us at about eleven, and they’re both dishevelled and sweating, obviously been dancing as we have. Fred steals me from Teddy during a heavy metal song and we both get caught in a mosh pit. It’s terrifying but exhilarating. Fred and I jump about like mad, laughing and screaming to the song neither of us know. I spot Ayrton’s black locks and see him with his arms wrapped round a girl..Dominique. I have a slight urge to go over there and tear them apart, but I realise that would be very hypocritical, and besides, Ayrton’s fancied Dominique for years.
     Fred buys four beers and I make my way back to Ted and Aimee, who are casually dancing together. After he hands us the cans, Fred snatches Aimee up in a waltz and very strategically whizzes her away. Teddy scoops me in his arms again and we go back to where we were. Another of ‘our’ songs comes on. It’s by a band named ‘Biffy Clyro,’ and the song is ‘Bubbles.’ Like the last time, we end up dancing on our own for a while then reattaching like magnets. Unlike the last time, I give in to the urge of dragging him to the bathrooms.
    Nobody really takes much notice of us locking ourselves into an empty cubicle. He immediately begins to kiss my neck and I curve my body around his. His soft, full lips find mine and we kiss passionately. His hands go form my waist to my thighs and he hooks one of my legs around his hips. I know what I want, but I know Ted won’t give it to me here. Just as I think it, I hear a familiar voice outside the cubicle shouting.
    ‘What the hell are you two doing!’ Dom shouts, pounding on the door. ‘Opening the chamber of secrets?’
     Teddy stifles a laugh and turns beetroot red. I feel a sudden urge to hit my sister.
     ‘God, guys, at least get a room or something.’ I hear her say. I also hear a few other, probably muggle, girls laugh. I look up at Teddy and I decide to take my sisters advice.
    I hold onto his arms and think of the cottage. Within seconds, we’re there.
    There are no ‘are you sure,’ questions this time, which makes me feel more relaxed and it seems As soon as we stop spinning he begins kissing me passionately, and I know he wants it as much as I do. I forget who I am when we stumble into his room and fall onto the chair. I unbutton his shirt and he takes off my dress, and unlike the last time, our clothes are off within ten seconds. His hair is a violent red even before he’s on the bed, where I am, watching him turn on his CD player and put on an MGMT album. The first song is the same from the club, and I get up and dance with him. Before the song is halfway done we’re in bed. And it’s the best night of my existence. It occurs to me that he was holding back the night before. Probably because it was my first time.  
    I never understood the term ‘fireworks,’ before. Before I kissed Teddy, I only saw them as those things uncle George sold in his shop. But when I kiss Teddy, the word has a totally different meaning. Everything about him appeals to me, every single thing about him. He has this really weird shaped birthmark on his right hip bone, and even that makes him seem even sexier. I love the way he bites his lip when he’s thinking or when he’s nervous. I love how he’s always so gentle with me, even when he loses all his self control. I love how we’re on the same wavelength maturely, despite him being a few years older. I love it when his eyes flash gold when we’re intimate with each other; it lets me know that this is all real, and it means as much to him as it does to me.
     Afterwards, we lie facing each other. I bury my face in his chest and fight the sensation to fall asleep. I feel Teddy’s breath in my hair, and I know he’s awake, too. I feel him clear his throat, and his thumb runs back and forth across my side.
     ‘Well, uh, that was impulsive.’ He says and I can imagine him smiling his awkward smile.
     ‘You didn’t mind, did you?’ I mutter into his chest. ‘I mean, we left early.’
     ‘Godric no, I didn’t mind at all.’ He says. I feel his lips press against my hair.
     ‘Good.’ I grin.
     ‘I think that maybe we should get dressed, though. Fred and Aimee will probably be back soon.’ He whispers in my ear. I reluctantly leave the bed. I realise when I’m standing there that I don’t feel conscious when I’m with him. I mean, I’m stark naked and I don’t care, not even when Teddy eyes me lazily with a smile on his face. He looks me up and down; his eyebrows raise and his smile grows into a full blown cheeky grin. I laugh and lift my arms to pull a shirt on, but just as I pull it over my head, I feel his arms around me and hear his voice in my ear.
     ‘On second thoughts..’ He whispers seductively whilst tracing the side of my breast with his hand. I feel myself shiver, and yank the shirt off again. He envelopes me in his other arm and we circle around.
     ‘They’ll be back.’ I whisper somewhat distractedly. It’s hard not to be distracted when your boyfriend is stroking along your hip bone with his fingers.
     ‘We’ll use muffliato.’
     ‘They’ll look for us.’
     ‘I’ll lock the door.’
     ‘They’ll use alohomora…’ I whisper but his hands have moved even lower and I can’t think straight.
     A few minutes later, I hear the door open and, much to my dismay; Teddy stops what he’s doing. We quickly dress and go into the hall. Aimee, Fred, Ayrton and Dom are there. Fred is clutching a large bag of what looks like bottles, and Dom makes a face of amusement slashed with disgust when she sees Teddy and I leave his room.
     ‘Party?’ Fred asks, and Teddy barks a laugh. I look up at him and see that his hair is still red. He sees me looking and then screws his eyes up, causing his hair to turn dark brown.
    ‘You better let us party, Teddy bear.’ Dom says, and I notice that she’s holding hands with Ayrton. ‘I just had to get Fred in the girls bogs to obliviate some girls who were confused about your disappearance.’
    ‘Oh, well in that case. Yes, whatever. If anyone needs to spew, get to the toilets.’ He says, and everyone reacts as though he’s announced that he has six backstage tickets to a Weird Sisters concert.
     Fred cracks open cans of muggle alcohol, and we all sit around drinking them. Aimee puts on music and we all dance around the front room drunkenly.

     After another three cans I find myself lying on the kitchen floor with Teddy, counting the tiles. It’s quite a hard task when everything seems to be circling around you. The only constant thing is Teddy’s hand wrapped around mine, and his soothing voice singing to me.
     I’ve always loved his voice. It’s gravely and quiet and rough, but when he goes for it, his voice is amazing. He’s singing a foo fighters song; My Hero. I remember when we were little he used to sing it to me. I have many fond memories of us sitting by the lake singing it.
     ‘Teddy?’ I ask, my lips forming oddly around my words.
     ‘Yeah?’ He questions, somewhat drowsily.
     ‘I love you.’ I say. I vaguely remembering him turning to say something back to me before I vomit on the cold wooden floor.

     Oh Godric Gryffindor.
     Teddy immediately stands up and cleans up the floor with his wand. I hear Fred come and I hear his laugh.
     ‘Are you going to do a sober up charm again?’ Fred asks and I hear Teddy laugh.
     ‘Merlin, no. She’ll have a hangover the size of Jupiter. I’ll leave it until the morning,’ He replies and I feel his arms under me before I succumb into an undisturbed sleep.

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