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It Goes Like Clockwork by padfootandprongs25
Chapter 4 : Chapter Four
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song in description - taylor swift the way i loved you
Chapter One - Change Our Mind

The sun came up that morning illuminating colours of oranges and yellows as it rose into the fading pink sky, it was beautiful, a picturesque scene, Lily almost wished she had a camera to capture this perfect moment.
Most people were in bed at half past five in the morning, but Lily had been sat on this cliff overlooking the shimmering sea for an hour as the sun rose. She hadn't exactly been able to sleep, her mind whirring, busy and to be honest she just needed to empty it and sitting on a cliff at half five in complete silence only the sound of the sea breaking the silence that would later be filled with shouts and laughter from the beach bellow, it was sort of relaxing. Until:
"You're not planning on jumping right?" somebody said sitting down next to her, legs dangling over the edge of the cliff.
She rolled her eyes and ignored the comment, "Everything's just such a mess" she admitted after a few moments silence, her companion nodded either in agreement or in understanding, after yesterday’s events it was probably in both.

“One strawberry milkshake please” Lily said smiling politely at the boy stood behind the drinks stand, he nodded before turning around to make her drink.
Merlin it was a hot day, thankfully today she had managed to be able to go the beach with her friends, James was at the house claiming he was still ill from the other day. The rest of them had gone to the beach and Remus had promised to come up and check on him in the afternoon, of course Lily was still the only one who knew what was really wrong with James Potter.
“He’s cute” Marlene muttered in her ear before sipping loudly on her chocolate milkshake the pair of them had made their way up the beach and toward a drinks stand at the top of the beach whilst Mary tanned and Sirius, Remus and Peter were in the sea.
Lily rolled her eyes, “That’s something Mary would say” she pointed out.
Marlene made a choking noise, and without even looking at her Lily could assume she choked on her chocolate milkshake but her friend did not say anything else as Lily was handed her milkshake, she smiled and paid the boy in muggle money before making her way back down the beach.
“So how was yesterday with James?” Marlene asked.
Lily sighed and shrugged, “It was fine; he slept the whole day we barely talked”
“Barely?” Marlene asked a hint of suspicion in her voice.
“Yeah when he woke up at one point we talked” Lily said simply kicking a beach ball out of her way idly. A little kid shouted out in protest and cursed her under his breath before running down the beach to retrieve his ball but Lily barely noticed.
“About?” Marlene said trying to get her to elaborate in the most unsubtle way possible.
“Oh come on Marlene, about barely anything, we just sort of agreed we’d try to get along this summer, I don’t know why you always think it’s so exciting when me and Potter talked” Lily said slightly disgruntled.
Marlene shrugged, “Just waiting for you to finally be friends”

“I don’t know, I guess I know he’s always wanted that”
Lily snorted, “No he’s wanted something else”
“You’d be surprised Lily how much he’s willing to do just for your friendship” Marlene said before sitting herself down next to Mary.
Lily didn’t say anything else but she did sit there in silence whilst Mary and Marlene argued about whether Mary should trust anything in witch weekly, of course Mary couldn’t stand somebody arguing against witch weekly and Marlene thought it was a stupid magazine which made teenage witches look pathetic.
Merlin Lily couldn’t wait until Georgia got here, even though Lily found herself always closest to Marlene she couldn’t stand listening to Mary and Marlene argue over things they both thought they were right in and Georgia usually managed to get them both to shut up.
“What do you think Lily?” Mary said snapping her out of her thoughts and bringing her back to argumentative reality.
“Hmm?” Lily said not really too bothered.
“What do you think?” Mary said shooting her a 'be on my side or no side' look, sadly Marlene shot her the same look.
“I don’t really care” Lily said truthfully before laying herself down on the towel.
Mary sighed obviously exasperated and continued to argue her case to Marlene who was trying to talk over her now every time she made a point. Eventually Marlene shut her up by saying something like if you carry on arguing you’ll get stress lines on your forehead. Marlene was obviously pleased with herself and Mary was obviously annoyed so she led down next to Lily and pointedly opened up her copy of witch weekly and started reading aloud.
“Superstar singing sorceress sensation Celestina Warbeck has announced that she will be writing, in her own words, a truly breath-taking next album as soon as her wedding was over with” Mary said her voice filled with happy hope.
“Arrogant” Marlene muttered under her breath and Lily snorted quietly.
“Ooh look, Gilderoy Lockhart has admitted that he once tried out for male modelling in the muggle modelling industry but decided fighting monsters and saving the wizarding world was a better for career for him” Mary sighed contently, “he’s so perfect, and his eyes, as blue as the sea if you ask me, he could definitely be a model, such a hero”
“He’s only a few years older than us, how has he done so much stuff in the three years he’s been gone from Hogwarts?” Lily asked curiously.
Mary sighed again, “Who cares how he’s done it? Nobody questions hum because he’s so brave and gorgeously handsome, why was he not a Gryffindor, so much courage” she contemplated.
Lily snorted and lay back down on the towel, the hot sun shining on her back. A few metres down the three boys were still in the sea, laughing and joking. The sun shone on the sea making it sparkle beautiful colours of blue, Cornwall on days like these looked like a sunny paradise.
“Oh my Godric” Mary squealed, “Gilderoy’s doing a book signing for his first book, in Diagon alley in four weeks, oh we have to-”
But her excited squeals were broken off by Marlene’s exclamation of: “Oh my god”
“I know isn’t it exciting?” Mary said happily.
“No not that” Marlene said sounding distracted, Lily sat up and looked at her best friend, “Lily isn’t that..” Marlene continued her mouth wide open. Lily followed her gaze across the beach and her eyes fell on a tall boy with short blonde hair and sea blue eyes, he was carrying a surf board and had that typical gorgeous, surfer look.
“Thomas” she finished for Marlene, Mary sat up instantly and swivelled around to follow Lily’s eyes. The wizard noticed them staring at him before waving and making his way over to their collection of bags and towels, “What is he doing here?” Lily hissed.
“Shouldn’t you be pleased?” Marlene teased.
“I sure am” Mary smirked eyeing the wizard happily, Lily rolled her eyes.
Lily glared at them both, “I thought I broke up with him” she muttered before standing up slowly to greet Thomas Dicaro.
Thomas placed his surf board on the ground before grinning at Lily and wrapping his arms around her neck and pulling her in for a hug, she reluctantly hugged him back before pulling away quickly and smiling slightly at him.
“Tom, what are you doing here?” she smiled politely.
The thing was with Tom, they had gone out since November last year and broken up about two weeks ago, he was extremely sweet and kind at first but then he started to get too clingy and every time she spent time with anybody else he’d get jealous and over protective. He started walking her to every lesson and picking her up from every lesson, he’d walk her to meals, to the common room. He was a Ravenclaw so when she had been in the common room, he thankfully couldn’t come in, she had spent the last week of their relationship hiding in the common room as a refuge and now he was here and she knew exactly what he thought.
They had just had a falling out.
“Wanted to surprise my girlfriend” he smiled, kissing her softly on the cheek, she widened her eyes at Marlene who was smirking slightly, “Hey Mary, Marlene” he smiled, “Where’s Georgia?”
“She’ll be here soon, she’s not coming down for a while, she’s busy” Mary pointed out, “How are you Tom? You look good” she said batting her eyelashes. Lily rolled her eyes, Mary found Tom extremely annoying but she found him extremely satisfying to look at.
“Great thanks” he said turning back to Lily, “How are you love, I missed you” he said kissing her cheek again, she pulled a face instinctively luckily he did not see but Mary did and she smirked at Marlene who was biting back a snort.
“Yeah I’m fine” Lily said waving his question away, “Um look Thomas, perhaps you didn’t get it when I said-”
“Is that Remus Lupin, Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew?” Tom said ignoring her and frowning looking downwards the beach. Lily followed his gaze and sure enough the three boys were making their way back from the sea.
“Uh yeah, we’re kind of here with them” Lily said slipping out of Thomas’s grasp.
He frowned, “You came on holiday with three out of the four Marauders”
“Um no” Marlene said looking up from her magazine ‘It’s Quidditch’, “We came on holiday with four out of four of the Marauders” she corrected. Lily’s biggest task at that moment was to stop herself from smirking whilst Tom looked extremely bothered.
But before he could say anything in retort the Marauders had finally made their way back to the towels and were eyeing Tom curiously. Lily couldn’t help but notice Marlene stare a little too long at a shirtless Sirius before blushing slightly and looking away, Mary had her eyebrows raised at Marlene making Lily realise she wasn’t the only one who had noticed.
“Thomas” Remus said smiling, he looked slightly confused, “What brings you here?” he asked politely. Ah Remus always the gentleman.
“I knew Lily was here for the summer, so I thought I’d surprise my beautiful girlfriend” he smiled wrapping an arm around her again.

“I thought she dumped you” Sirius said with a mouthful of crisps, Lily shot him a look and he let out a low whistle. Thomas either didn’t hear him or out rightly ignored his comment.
“Right, so are you gonna show me where you’re staying?” Thomas asked happily.
And yes, half an hour later the six of them, plus Thomas had made their way up towards Mary’s house. Thomas stared at it in awe, commenting on how big and grand it was, Lily rolled her eyes a few times and Mary kept smirking at her.
Mary led them all into the house and Thomas was still looking around completely stunned by how grand it was. Sirius and Peter disappeared the kitchen promising to grab some food, Remus and Thomas followed the girls into the lounge.
“It’s magnificent” Thomas was saying, Lily didn’t get how he could be so star struck after living at Hogwarts for six years, “Beautiful, just massive”
“Would you all shut up” somebody shouted from above them, they all looked up, they had just been passing under the stairs, “I’m trying to fucking sleep” James snapped angrily. Lily sighed relieved that he had shut Thomas up for two minutes.
“Sorry Prongs” Remus yelled, “We’ll be quiet” he added before gesturing them forward and back into the lounge.
“What’s up with him?” Thomas frowned. Of course like most boys Lily dated he had never been keen on James Potter due to the fact that James Potter had been, or still was – however you wanted to put it, was extremely infatuated with her and this led to jealousy and resentment from the boys she dated.
Lily shrugged, “He’s not feeling very well” she said as she sat herself down next to Marlene on the sofa. Thomas obviously sitting on her other side. He draped his arm around her shoulders, instantly making her feel like she had no escape whatsoever.
They sat and talked for about ten minutes before Sirius and Peter finally entered the living room with crisps and biscuits. The living room was probably one of the largest rooms in the house, with crisp white walls and a wooden floor, it had three sofas which were all quite long and were a black leather, it had a single brown coffee table in the middle of the room and in one of the corners was an old muggle television. But Lily’s favourite part about the lounge was the large pair of doors that opened up onto a beautiful patio filled with lots of different types of flowers and a swing chair that overlooked the large garden.
Lily shifted a bit in her seat but this only caused Thomas to tighten his grip around her before kissing her, again, on the cheek but not as soft as before. She wriggled slightly and loosened herself before standing up. Everyone looked at her.
“Just going to the toilet” she said smiling, rolling her eyes slightly in a way to tell them that they didn’t need to be so paranoid that something was wrong, a girl could go and pee surely? Wrong.
She did not go to the toilet she made her way upstairs however it was not to go the bathroom, for some reason she found herself knocking on James Potter’s bedroom door.
“What?” she heard him groan from inside the door, she instantly felt guilty.
“Uh it’s me, can I come in?” she said awkwardly.
“Sure” he replied slowly before she opened the bedroom door.
His room looked as if he hadn’t left it the day before, it was messier but it looked like he had been hibernating in there for quite a few months.
She smiled awkwardly and made her way over to him, he was sat up in his bed, his hair everywhere and he looked extremely tired.
“Sorry did I wake you?”
He shook his head, “Nah you all did, about fifteen minutes ago” he said grinning loftily.
She bit her lip, “Sorry” she smiled, he shrugged, they sat in silence for a few moments, “Um, well I just came to see how your injuries were, considering you’ve got nobody else checking on them” she said laughing slightly, he nodded and smiled.
“Thanks Lily” he said quietly before pulling off his top.
She stared for a moment, the bruise on his stomach had gone a purple colour and still looked extremely sore. He coughed awkwardly and she looked up at a smirking James Potter.
“You know Evans if you want to stare at my body all you have to do is ask” he teased.
She clucked her tongue impatiently, “You know for somebody who said they were going to try and get along with me, you’re still being exceedingly arrogant” she snapped.
“It’s my charm” he offered.
“So very un-charming ” she quipped.
“You love it”
“I honestly can’t say I do Potter”
“Ah we’re back to Potter are we Evans?”
“Back to Evans are we Potter?”
“This is going to turn into a vicious circle”
“I’ve got all day”
“I haven’t I could die of blood loss”
“Don’t be so over dramatic”
“Says you who practically fainted when she saw my wounds yesterday”
“That’s an over statement”
“Don’t scoff at me Lily Evans”
“I’ll do what I please”
“Would you please do me”
“I swear to Merlin Potter I will smack you”

“Thank you Lily
She sighed, “Turn around, let me see your back” he nodded, still grinning.
It looked a lot better than yesterday, it wasn't as red as it had been before it was a fading pink, obviously the dittany had been working. The bruise on his stomach looked worse than the mark on his back.

She voiced this to him and he seemed to agree before pulling his t-shirt back on. He sighed slightly and leant against the headboard and smiled at her.

"What?" she asked slowly eyeing him curiously, sinking down on the bed.

He shrugged, a smirk playing upon his lips, "We can't go five minutes without arguing, no matter what we say we're going do"

"Oh come on Potter we can go five minutes" She retorted.

"Nah we can't" he quipped.

"Yes we can" she said heatedly.

"Can't" he smirked, laughing slightly.

"Can" she said in a sing song voice.

"What's going on here?" came a cold voice from the doorway.

Lily turned around instantly, she didn't realise she was sat so close to James because her hair accidentally flicked him in the face as she turned around. He winced but she didn't notice.

"What are you doing here?" Lily said trying to smile.

"You've been gone almost twenty minutes" Tom said coolly.

James sat up straightaway and frowned, "What the hell is he doing here"

Crap, Lily forgot James had a massive problem with Thomas. Thomas is the house captain for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team and last year in the Gryffindor vs Ravenclaw game Thomas - who is a beater - "accidently" aimed a bludger at the Gryffindor seekers head, aiming above the neck was against the rules. James insisted it was on purpose but Thomas denied it, the match continued with a replacement seeker Gryffindor lost 320 to 50. Ever since both James and Thomas have done whatever they can to show each other up.

"I'm here to see my girlfriend" Thomas retorted smoothly, "What are you doing here Potter?"

"I was invited unlike you" oh James Potter always a truthful one, he paused and then frowned, "what do you mean girlfriend?" James said glaring at him.

"Lily, my girlfriend"

"Now wait just a se-" Lily tried to interrupt.

James growled, "I thought you broke up with him" he snapped turning on her, "You told everyone you had" he fired up.

"James you need to calm down" she said softly, putting her hands on his chest and pushing him slowly down and back against the headboard before standing up.

"James" Thomas scoffed, "how many times did you have to get her to shag you Potter before she would first name you" Thomas sneered.

Lily widened her eyes and him and gaped before making a move to slap him, but Thomas grabbed her hands, "Come Lily, James Potter really how could you sink so low?"

"Oh please" Lily scoffed, "We're barely friends, let alone sleepin together" 

"I can make you happy, You stay with him and you'll just be another one of his sluts" Thomas said in a derogatory tone, a tone she had barely heard him use before. He had never been cruel - not to her.

Before she could retort a quick and swift movement of the hands landed Thomas on the floor. Lily whipped around the minute she realised she wasn't the one who hit him, James was stood there trembling with anger whilst Thomas led on the floor.

"Potter" she hissed dropping to the floor by Thomas's side. He was led on the floor clutching his nose where James's punch had hit him.

"He called you a slut Lily and you were going to stand there and take it" James snarled.

"He was angry, you didn't have to punch him" she shrieked. She pulled some tissue out of her pocket and dabbed it over Tom's nose.

"Oh don't make excuses for him" James snapped.

"I'm not you only punched him because you have this pathetic grudge because of Quidditch" she retorted coldly.

"No Lily, this isn't my problem, you let people walk all over because you hate seeing the bad in people" he said coolly, "But you know sometimes you don't try and look for the good in some people either"

That's where they had left it, Lily had said nothing more she had pulled Thomas up and taken him into the spare room where he slept for a bit. After that she sort of avoided both him and James before going to bed.

It had been a restless night and now she was here sat on the side of a cliff staring out into the early morning with James Potter who wasn't the best company when she was angry with him.

"What am I going to do?" she sighed, looking sideways at him for the first time since he had joined her that morning.

He shrugged, "I don't know" he admitted.

She snorted, "Top advice there Potter"

"What can I say it's not easy being a genius" he smirked, his glasses were crooked, she didn't why she noticed but she did.

"Yeah, genius, that's the word" she teased.

He laughed slightly and smiled at her, "So we're ok?" he asked, she nodded, "even though I punched your boyfriend"

"Oh god, my boyfriend" she groaned laying down on the grass, "my boyfriend, there was a reason I broke up with him, is he an idiot?" she whined.

James chuckled and lay down next to her, "You just need to talk to him I suppose, maybe be a bit harsh" she nodded and sighed slightly, they sat in silence for a few minutes.



"How did you know I was here?" she asked turning her head on the grass to face him, even in the little amount of morning light she could've sworn he blushed.

"I left when you did, I was -um- worried something might happen" he shrugged.

Ok that was rather sweet, and she had basically yelled that they weren't even friends when he had gone out of his way to look out for her.

"Thank you" she smiled, he just shrugged.

"What are friends for" he said as the warm, orange sun finally rose fully and a beautiful golden light shone over the beach bellow them.

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