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A Trip to Gringotts by Drunaforever
Chapter 1 : Goblinophobia
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 This is written for Siriuslover177's phobia challenge on the forums. I was given the fear of goblins, and I decided to make it a Ron/Luna. Please review and thanks for reading! :D



"Come on, Luna!" Ron said.


"No, I think I'll stay home." Luna replied.


"Why? It's just Gringotts!"


Luna blushed. "I just don't want to go."


Ron looked at his wife suspiciously. "It's something more than that."


She sighed in defeat. "I'm afraid of the goblins."


Ron was silent, trying to hold in his laughter.


Luna looked up from staring at the ground after a few quiet seconds. "What?"


Ron let out his laughter but didn't say anything.


"Ronald Weasley tell me what's so funny!"


He calmed down his laughing. "You're afraid of goblins? Come on, tell me the real reason."


"I'm serious! I have Goblinophobia!"


"Goblinophobia? Really? How long have you had that?"


"Since I read an article in the Quibbler about these goblins that eat humans or torture them or poison them!"


Ron snorted. "There is no such thing as Goblinophobia, and even if there was you don't have it!"


Luna shrugged at her husband. "You just don't believe it. And I'm not going to Gringotts where there are lots of goblins."


"You don't have Goblinophobia and I'm going to prove it." Ron said smugly.


Luna raised an eyebrow. "How?"


Ron just grabbed her arm and apparated her to Gringotts.


"Ron!" Luna exclaimed. "I'm serious! Take me back home!"


He shook his head. "Sorry Luna. You've got to face your 'fear.'" He pulled a squirmy Luna up the steps.


She shrieked at the goblin at the entrance and walked as far away as possible from him. The creature just bowed at them with a confused expression. The second pair of doors was also manned with two goblins. At this sight Luna screamed and jumped onto Ron's back, holding on so tight he couldn't breathe. He walked inside and pried Luna off him, but she was still hiding behind him.


Ron rolled his eyes. There were goblins everywhere and Luna was squeezing his arm, her eyes shut tight.


They approached a desk and Luna opened her eyes a little to see why they stopped. She spotted the goblin two feet in front of her and let out another loud scream. She shut her eyes again.


Ron showed the goblin the key to his and Luna's vault.


"Follow me." The goblin said.


They were led to a door to the side of the room, which opened up to a narrow stone passageway. With a whistle the goblin had summoned a cart.


Luna opened her eyes at the noise. She screamed yet again, trying to escape and go back through the door. She struggled and became hysterical.




Ron got in the cart and pulled on Luna's arm to get her to sit down next to him, but she was still trying to wriggle free.


A goblin opened the door to see what was going on. Luna shrieked bloody murder and jumped into the cart, clinging to Ron and whimpering.


The goblin raised an eyebrow at them but didn't say anything as they were taken down below the ground.


After a minute, the cart screeched to a stop and they stepped out. The goblin took the key and opened the vault.


Ron got out of the cart and tugged Luna to come with him. She shook her head until the goblin got back in the cart and realized she'd be alone with him.


Ron scooped a handful of coins into his drawstring pouch and closed it. He got another one for Luna and closed the vault door, which sealed itself into the wall.


They got back in the cart, Luna still whimpering and muttering to herself as she held onto Ron as if her life depended on it.

Another minute passed and they hopped out of the cart. Luna ran out of the stone passageway and dragged Ron with her, eager to escape the goblin. She opened the door and screamed once again as she spotted more goblins.


This time she jumped higher onto Ron. Her legs were around his chest and she had her arms around his head.


"If you wanted to ride on my shoulders you could have said so." Ron joked.


Luna didn't reply but continued her whimpering and muttering.


They exited through the front doors.


"That wasn't so bad, was it?"


"Yes! Yes it was bad! It was very bad! I will never go in there again! I'm going to kill you! I COULD'VE DIED IN THERE!!!" Luna was shrieking. Ron was surprised she hadn't lost her voice from shrieking and screaming yet.


"Hey Ron an- what's going on?" Harry and Hermione Potter walked up to them.


Ron rolled his eyes. "We just got out of Gringotts. Luna's terrified of the goblins."


Through the space between Luna's arms, Ron could see the Potter's trying not to laugh.


"Hey Ron, look!" Luna had calmed down but was still on his back. She pointed at one of the shops.


"What about it?" Ron asked.


"There's a spider!" Luna said.


Ron let out a high-pitched scream and apparated him and Luna back home.



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A Trip to Gringotts: Goblinophobia


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