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Jessica Falcon and the Mean Witches by GrangerDanger10
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I hugged my Mother and Father tightly before running with my younger brother Rory to the scarlet coloured train. Finding an empty compartment I put my things above my head before looking outside the window and all the hustle and bustle of Platform Nine and Three-Quaters. I noticed my parents walking back through the wall and disappearing. The train at that moment started to move and a voice cleared me out of my thoughts.

"Mind if I sit here?" said one of the two who stood before me. One was a boy who had dark brown hair and blue eyes, he was also holding a plant of some sort, the other was a girl was messy long dirty blonde hair which touched her waist and she had Hazel eyes.

"Yes sure." I said moving my legs from the seat across from where I sat.

"My name is Luna Lovegood and this is Neville Longbottom. What's yours?" the girl didn't sound bossy at all saying this except very dreamy and far away.

"Jessica Falcon." I said noticing my accent for once.

Oh I forgot to introduce myself My name is Jessica Dorothy Falcon as you've just read. I am 17 and a witch.

And don't start about my middle name, I've heard 'Ding dong the witch is dead.' enough times that I even know the dance number!

I use to go toThe Salem Witches Institute in The US it's an all Witches School until my stupid Dad got a stupid job in the M.O.M Uk and we all had to move!

So in America I would be starting my Senior year. But over here it's good ol' 7th year.

"I love your accent where are you from?" Luna asked again as she sat next to me.

"I'm from the USA. I use to go toSalem Witches' Institute before my Dad got a new job here."

Before Neville was about to answer 3 others came in making our compartment smaller. "Hey guys can we sit here Ginny's gone all Teen Royalty over the summer and we don't want to sit with her." said one of the two boys that came in just as a girl followed behind.

"Sure" said Luna who moves from sitting next to me and went to sit by Neville and a boy with raven black hair, emerald eyes and thick rimmed glasses.

The boy who spoke earlier on was a redhead and went to sit as far away from me as possible meaning the girl sat inbetween us.

"So who's your friend?" asked the raven haired boy to Luna.

"Jessica Falcon, she's new and from America."

I nodded just as the girl next to me asked. "So what your are you in and do you have any siblings?" she was definitely bossier than Luna!

"7th and a Brother named Rory who's a 3rd year."

"Hey us too. I'm Hermione Granger by the way and these are Ron Weasley." she pointed to the red-head."and Harry Potter." then at the raven haired boy.

"So what's wrong with Ginny?" asked Neville putting his plant-thing where my luggage was.

"I don't really know, it might still be the aftershock of the Battle but she's gone like Pansy Parkinson. Her and Lavender have gone all Teen Royalty. She keeps trying to jump on Harry and Dean." said Ron with a worried glance at Harry.

"They just think they're better than eveybody else and are basically destroying the school........"Hermione stopped mid-sentence because two more people just burst into the room.

Okay people I know I'm skinny but this is getting ridiculous.

"What do you want Malfoy?" spat Ron his eyes glaring.

"Help, I will do anything if you let me share this compartment with you. Pansy I driving me crazy and now Brown and Weaslette are with her. It's hell." said the boy named Malfoy shuddering.

He was quite fit actually, tall and you could see his muscles slightly through his t-shirt. He had platinum blond hair which was sticking up slighty and huge bags under his eyes- poor thing.

Then the other boy was okay, he had tanned skin, black hair which was very short and dark eyes- nothing special he was okay.

But DAMN Malfoy was hot.

When I zoned out again they were all staring at me staring him. I smiled as a blush crept to my face just as they decided to sit down meaning I had to lean on the radiator by the window while Hermione sat on Ron's lap- he went as red as his hair. Then Harry next to them and Neville next to Harry. On the other side Luna sat by the window opposite Hermione and Ron.Then Malfoy next to her and the other guy next to him.

"Everybody comfy?" I kind of shouted. "Okay then back to this bitching about somebody I don't know business?" I said making everybody stare.

What I'm new I need names so I can bitch!

"For the two newcomers. My name is Jess Falcon, I'm coming into my last year, and I'm American."


"Blaise Zambini." said SUPERMEGAFOXYAWESOMEHOTNESS's friend.

"Pleasure now who is this Ginny?" I asked and they all filled me in saying she was the same age as Luna and a year younger than us. She was Ron's sister, who use to go out with Harry then he dumped her for her safety, that Harry was HARRY FREAKING POTTER!! I didn't click before! Oh and that Pansy likes to stalk Draco 'cause she's obsessed with him.

Just as they started talking about the war and stuff my Owl who I'd sent to McGonagall ages ago about my house tapped it's beak on the window.

I let her (Nutella) in as she sat on my shoulder as I grabbed the letter from her leg.

Hey I know I'm a Pureblood but come on who doesn't like Nutella! It was either that or Milk Duds, and that's just stupid!!

She then flew back out of the window and into the shadow I noticed was Hogwarts.

"What's that?" asked Hermione as she tried to move closer to me while still sitting on Ron's lap.

"A letter from McGonagall. It says for me to go to her office after food to get sorted, whatever that means?"

"It's to know what house your going to be in. There are four houses in total Ravenclaw for the wise, Slytherin for the cunning, Gryffindor for the brave and Hufflepuff for the loyal." said Luna her voice still as dreamy as ever. I think she knew what I was about to ask and added. "I'm a Ravenclaw, Ron, Hermione, Harry and Neville are Gryffindors and Blaise and Draco are Slytherins."

I nodded noticing Draco staring at me from the corner of my eye.

The train started to slow as we all panicked seeing that we hadn't changed into our robes. The boys all left as Hermione, Luna and I looked after their things before going to change ourselves.

**Draco's POV**

"Drakie why don't you go and get ready for our special night tonight." Pansy moaned and pushed me out of the compartment and kissed my ear. I tried not to shudder picturing it before Blaise came saying he needed me for something.

"Thanks mate." I said patting his back. "What do you want?"

"I've found a compartment for us but Potter and Weasley are in it."

"Better than Pansy." I said as I heard Weasley and Granger talking inside the compartment.

I pushed the door open only to find Weasley glaring at me.

"What do you want Malfoy?" he spat at me.


But it was either him or Pansy!

"Help, I will do anything if you let me share this compartment with you. Pansy I driving me crazy and now Brown and Weaslette are with her. It's hell." I tried to sound casual but it sounded slightly deperate by the end.

I looked around the room to see who I was going to be sharing with.

Longbottom - not bad
Loony Lovegood - slightly annoying but won't say anything bad
Potter - He was civil, sometimes
Weasley - Annoying, and hated me but Granger could calm him down.
Granger - Okay but talked too much

Then I noticed her she was quite cute but staring at me!

She had long dark brown straight hair which touched her breasts, blue-green eyes that I couldn't stop looking into. Fair skin and a couple of freckles under her eyes and over her nose which were barely visible.

I mean she was no Astoria Greengrass but she was HOT!

I stopped staring just as you could see in her eyes that she zoned back into this world.

A blush creeped on her cheeks as she noticed me looking.

They all moved up for everbody to sit down. Meaning the new girl had to stand.

She could just come and sit on my knee

Come on Draco stop thinking girly and gay thoughts!

I heard her say her name.

Jess Falcon, I will never forget that name.

I do hope she's in Slytherin

**Jessica's POV**

After I probably ate the whole of Hogwarts in food. I went to McGonagall's office to be sorted.

When I got there she was already in her seat, and there in front of her was a stool with a dusty old hat on it.

"Ah Miss Falcon, your here to do your sorting, please sit on the stool." She said as I went to sit on the stool while she picked up the hat and plonked it on my head.

(#is the hat for you too understand dear readers!:P)

#Ah a 7th year being sorted how strange.

Tell me about it

Wait did you just talk

#you answered me

#now then let me have a look into your mind.

#How about Hufflepuff? No your loyal but it isn't your strongest point.

Oi thanks

#Well if you want to be?

No I'm fine carry on

#you have wit in you but your not very studious.

#So it's inbetween Slytherin and Gryffindor.

#I see you have a friend who you wish to be more than a friend in Slytherin?

#your cunning but have a lot more courage.

#It's got to be GRYFFINDOR

Thanks for that

See you soon dear hat

#Farewell Jessica

"I'm afraid we haven't got a dorm spare at the moment meaning you will still be in the Gryffindor Common Room but you will not go up the girls staircase but a different door. The door is next to the fireplace but only you can open it with the touch of your hand."

"Thanks Professor, umm... How do I get to the Common Room?"

"Well I thought of that and picked the first passer by. She I waiting outiside. Good night Miss Falcon."

When I got outside the girl was standing by the Gargoyle with her arms folded.

She had light brown shoulder length hair and blue eyes.

"The names Lavender Brown, you Jessica I'm guessing." I nodded like a bloody fool as she turned on her heel and started walking. I followed like lost puppy.

"So where are you from?" she asked her voice not being so stuck-up anymore but sounding a little dumber.

"The USA." I said trying to keep my breath at a normal pace while trying to catch up with her.

"Oh super, So are you like from L.A? Have you met any celebwizards?" but before I could answer she muttered the password and we were in the Gryffindor Common Room.

The whole room was covered in red and gold.

I noticed Lavender storm up to to the girls dorms.

I carried on looking round the room.

I went to sit by Harry and Ron who were debating Quidditch with two other boys.

I tried to ask where Hermione was but nobody answered so I just decided to sit there.

I was in my thoughts about Draco when I notices Ron staring at me.

"Jessica." he shook me and I looked at him.


"From a girl and a newby point of view who do you think are better, Chudley Cannons, Ballycastle Bats or Puddlemere United?"

"I don't really know British Teams but probably Bats 'cause no offence but Cannons are Bull but Puddlemere have that Wood bloke who's quite good so I don't know. Probably Bats though." I said as Ron's expression went to from smug to shocked.

"Seriously Bats?" asked Ron who's face was now quite red.

"I told you I dont know I dont support British and Irish teams."

The two new boys caught my eyes though.

One was dark skinned, dark eyes and black hair and was laughing his head off.

While the other was pale, had sandy coloured hair and green eyes. He had his hand up at me in a high-five position.

I high-fived him just as Harry introduced them.

"The one laughing is Dean Thomas and the one you just high-fives is called Seamus Finnigan." he said as Seamus stared at me for abit before asking.

"Who do you support then ?"

"Well my Dad and Brother support the Fitchburg Finches but 'cause Mom's Canadian she's kind of turned me into a Haileybury Hammers girl." I said trying to look inbetween the four boys.

"Interesting?" said Seamus trying to look smart with his hand under his chin.

"Well Night." I said trying not to make it awkward.

"Sweet Dreams." said Seamus again


I went up to my door put my hand against the door, then when I heard a clicking noise. I pushed open the handle and a room appeared.

There was a huge four-poster bed in the middle of the room, a wardrobe next to the door and a long old fashioned chest of drawer the opposite side. A door which led into an en-suite was next to it. Next to the bed were two huge windows, one was stain-glass with the crest on it. The other was plain but you could see the whole grounds out of it.

There was a Gryffindor tie and scarf on the bed which I dumped on the chest of drawers, pulled out my case from under the bed and changes into my pyjamas.

I snuggled into the huge bed wondering why the hell Seamus had a crush on me?

I hope Draco does though.

I sighed before falling into a deep sleep.


Sooo what do you guys think??

It's kind of Hp/Mean Girls/OC

This is probably quite boring at the moment but I promise it'll get better- I hope.

Also please R&R

I need to know if you want more Seamus=Jessica=Draco!!


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