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The Wotter Spot by JamesSiriusPotterII
Chapter 1 : The Chapter that is somewhat of a Prologue
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1) The Chapter that is somewhat of a Prologue 

"WAKE UP YOU BLITHERING HIPPOGRIFFS. Because it is officially 7am! Fredster, tell our listeners what this means!"  

"It's too early to be alive."  

"Erm, not exactly. JamJam?"  

"You call me that again and I was slit your throat, dear brother."  

"Come on guys. Tell them what's on Channel Merodia at this time!"  

"Still say we're on a channel with a gay name."  

"You have a gay face, James, but I don't complain."  

"Oo, Burn, Lilypop."  

"Don't you dare call me that you-"  

"Okaaay. What about the Roxinater?"  


"Great. More damage to repair. Good to know the Tutshill Tornadoes will have a prepared beater this term!"  


"So... Mols? ... MOLLIE!"  

"Can't you see I'm trying to read, Al?"  

"Fabulous- you don't get enough of that nowadays in this generation, do you? But you might want to read later, considering THE SHOW HAS STARTED."  

"Stop shouting, Al. I'm getting a headache."  

"Oh, I'm sorry. I guess I'll be quiet and accustom to your requests, Dommie, since nobody seems to understand WE ARE LIVE."  

"I, for one, can't believe Vic and Teddy aren't here!"  

"Teddy's an Auror, Vic's pregnant and there a kid about the house, Lucy."  

"Roxie, Freddie and I are all Quidditch players, Hugh, but we're still here."  

"Yeah, but you only have to work when it's in season, Jamie. And you get damn good pay for it... Teddy's a senior Auror- he's there as much as Uncle Harry and Dad."  

"Oo, still bitter about going into Healer training, Rosie, compared to Quidditch like me?"  

"No. It's not as if I get long shifts everyday that I hardly get paid for. Yet, I still choose to use my day off for this."  

"Stop whining! You're all so irritating!"  

"Aw, Dommie Wommie got a case of Veela PMS comin- OW, DOM!"  

"Don't tell me you didn't deserve that, Freddie."  




"What Louis?"  

"Did anyone realise? We're on air!"  







"Al, you started the bloody show without telling us!"  

"WHY, AL? WHY?"  

"How could you do such a thing?"  

"You're a disgrace to the Wotter clan."

That was when Albus Severus Potter began begging Merlin for mercy.  

Welcome, to the Wotter Spot on Channel Merodia. Merlin, save us. Because your hosts are the one and only Wotter Clan. Broadcasting Sunday morning and weekday evenings while Al Potter tries to get his head around his crazy family.

Who are the Wotters you may ask? The prestigious people of Weasley/Potter blood. After Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Weasley nee Granger defeated the darkest Lord of all time with the help of Ginny Potter nee Weasley and many other Weasleys the family had been given incredibly high respect. Obviously, Luna Scamander nee Lovegood and Neville Longbottom's families were given respect, but neither got the fame that the Wotters did. And so, the kids were brought up in the limelight, which some tried to avoid and which some basked in. The parents each took their role differently, and some kids ended up getting more fame than others. However, they all got it. Molly and Arthur Weasley insisted their kids stayed close. Therefore, the grandkids were incredibly close and they always stuck beside each other. Blood relatives, they all put each other in front of anybody and through all petty arguments were there for one another. Now, after schooling and amazing Hogwarts years, this is the Wotters' mental story, told by none other than one Albus Severus Potter.

A/N: Well, I started a Scorose called Burning Ice. But then I didn't find it cool enough cause it was missing alot of Wotters. So I did this! Radio shows make me laugh, as well as Wotter banter. Review and Favourite? Tell me what you think of it. I don't really have a strong plot line, but I have a basic idea. Plus, plot in my Marauders one is like mahooooosive. Yeah. So... Byee!  

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The Wotter Spot: The Chapter that is somewhat of a Prologue


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