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Notion. by awishuponastar
Chapter 21 : Welcome To The Jungle
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Once again a huge thank you to aphrodite at TDA for the lovely chapter image.

Disclaimer: It's all Jo's.

‘You know, you really should thank Sirius. I mean, I know he’s not always the nicest of people; especially to you, and the Slytherin, (especially Severus) but him helping you like that, after saving you as well from that fall, that was a big thing for him to do you know Cal.’ Lily explained to me giving me a quick side glance to gauge my reaction of what she was saying.


I mean she had every right to look to see if I was about to explode for even suggesting me, Callie Stebbins to thank Sirius Black. It was Sirius Black for Merlin’s sake, idiot-extraordinaire. Any time that was boy was mentioned I reacted like a deranged banshee. Not only because he was a royal prick to all my friends, but also because he caused my life to be (dare I admit it) a misery at times.  He had no consideration for anyone but himself, his beloved boyfriend and their lapdogs. His arrogance offended me in every way possible and I detested him. I simply could not wait for the day when school would be over and I would no longer have to see that smug little face ever again and he would be finally be out of my life forever, no longer able to tease or ridicule me, and more importantly he’d be far away from my baby sister.


‘I know what you’re thinking.’ Lily’s voice said, interrupting my thoughts.


I looked up questioningly.


‘Isla.’ She stated looking at me pointedly.


My face contorted into a hideous scowl.


This was of course the real reason my hate had increased tenfold towards Black. It had not only hurt me to see Isla treated like that, it had hurt Charlie, it had made me realise what a cruel game he had played with me for so long, and, primarily, it had hurt the most important girl in my life. He was a dead man walking. He, as far as I was concerned, had taken her naive, sweet-natured, innocent, charming personality and replaced it with a weak and broken girl who was currently asleep in my dorm, her face stiff from the tears she’d been crying non-stop for the past three days.


‘You have to remember Cal; Isla was the one who dumped him.’ Annie piped up.


‘Doesn’t mean he wasn’t the one who caused her to dump him. As far as I'm concerned girls, he is to blame for the fact my sister is holed up in my dorm and refuses to leave, and nothing you can say will change that.’ I said stubbornly.


‘And I completely agree.’ Came a gruff voice from behind me as I felt a body slump into the seat next to me.


‘Well that comes as no surprise, seeing as you are her brother Charlie.’ Annie sighed running her fingers through her hair in frustration.


‘Doesn’t stop the fact that’s he a knob An’’. He shrugged.


I smiled happily at my brother.


‘But then it also doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t thank him Callie.’ Annie butted in, sly cow.


‘I agree.’ Charlie piped up.


I gaped at him outraged.


‘Are you fucking serious?’ I hissed.


‘Of course I am. He’s a fucking prick for what he’s done, and trust me; he’s not going to get away with it scot-free. I’m well aware of how upset Is’ is. But that also doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t be thanked for saving your life Cal’.


I could see Lily out of the corner of my eye smug triumphantly.


‘Oh stop being so fucking over-dramatic.’ I snapped moodily, ‘it’s not “I would’ve fallen to my bloody death or anything had he not dived for me,” someone could have done a charm to slow down my fall and cushion my landing.’


‘Bullshit.’ Annie interjected.


‘Annie’s right you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Black.’ Charlie nodded looking at me sternly (he really was my mother’s bloody son with that hideous look).


‘Oh please, you’re just agreeing with Annie because you fancy the pants off her.’ I shot at him.


‘It is not.’ He snapped blushing furiously.


I noted he looked at Annie slyly from the corner of his eye to see her reaction; Annie was looking anywhere but him, wearing the same matching colour on her cheeks as he bore on his.


‘Oh Cal, please, you know that’s not true! If Sirius hadn’t saved you, you’d be dead. You don’t think I tried to save you? You don’t think Dumbledore didn’t try? You were falling too bloody fast for anyone to charm you and save you. If Sirius hadn’t dived to save you, Merlin knows what would’ve happened!’ Lily said jumping up suddenly, clearly frustrated at me.


I opened my mouth to say something but she cut across me before I could utter a single syllable.


‘You and I are going to find Sirius,’ she snapped hauling me up from my seat, ‘now!’


‘Well I am right about those two,’ I mumbled like a child who had just been told off, as I was dragged out of the Gryffindor common room, watching Annie and Charlie talk animatedly and eyeing them suspiciously until the portrait shut on the two of them.


‘We’re never going to find him. He and his girlfriends are the most elusive foursome to try and find in this place.’ I muttered as Lily continued to drag me down the corridor.


‘Maybe, but we’re going to have bloody good look for them.’ Lily said determinedly.




‘I mean have you even ever washed your hair Snivellus?’


‘Do you know what shampoo even is? Or could your mother not even afford shampoo?’


‘Don’t speak about my mother like that you incessant blood traitor.’ Hissed an infuriated voice.


‘What did you just call me?’ Shouted a highly offended voice.


Lily and I rounded the corner to find the exact boys Lily had been hoping we’d find. And to no surprise at all we found them doing what they do best; bullying those weaker than them. Lupin (who I avoided looking at, at all costs) and snivelling Pettigrew were standing rather awkwardly to one side, watching their two comrades jinx and hex one Severus Snape who was currently hanging by his left ankle, upside down in mid-air. Meanwhile Potter was glaring at him to the left of his boyfriend who was currently thrusting his wand into Snape’s throat, a glaring look of hate encompassing his features.


‘Oh yeah Black really has matured and grown up! He really does deserve an apology for being such a nice, kind hearted boy, even to those he doesn’t like.’ I said loudly to Lily as I quoted her.


My voice made all five of them look round at the two of us (well rather Snape had to awkwardly twist and tilt his head up, giving him a hideous triple chin, to view us). Though I noted Black had not lowered his wand from Snape’s throat. They all looked utterly flabbergasted to see us there.


‘Put him down Sirius.’ Lily said in a deathly whisper.


Black looked at her, glaring at her dutifully.


The problem was, Lily posed a great lot of problems and difficulties for Black. He was in a constant, on-going daily war inside his own head about her. I mean essentially she was just a girl, a rather annoying swotty know it all prefect who was there to give out detentions for wrong doing, and boy did she love giving out detentions and scalding people who did not stick to the rule book. But primarily, and in some weird brotherhood with secret handshakes and a special unspoken word, she was Potter’s girl – not that Lily would ever allow anyone to say that aloud (I'm pretty sure I’d be skinned alive for just thinking it if she could in fact read minds). And because she was Potter’s girl Black was in a great dilemma; he could not speak back to her or treat her in the same contemptuous manner he did all other figures of authority (particularly lowly prefects), he had to treat her with the utmost respect, else I'm sure even he and Potter could finally fall out. And secondly he and Lily were (I shudder at the thought) actually quite good friends, and of course she was a Gryffindor, and boy was he protective over Gryffindors, only he and his marauders were allowed to mock their own.


The dilemma meant he had to take her berating and her punishments, his only solace was that he managed to avoid these often because either;

a)      Lily could never catch them


b)      Lily could never prove it was them (they were quite skilled at covering their own tracks)


c)       Lily would often take such pleasure in berating Potter to begin with that she would forget to berate the other three come the end of her shouting speech about wrong-doing directed at Potter.

‘Just go away Evans.’ He said in his most polite, angry tone he could muster at present (what an oxymoron for you there – a key example of the idiots dilemma).


‘No! Now put him down.’ She said now glaring at him, ‘I’m warning you Black if you don’t but Severus down, I will... I will...’ She stuttered withdrawing her wand.


She was such a lovely (if slightly demented and high tempered) girl that she had no threat of a hex or curse to stop Black, bless.


I on the other hand had no such morals.


‘Expelliarmus!’ I shouted causing Black’s wand to fly high into the air and drop with a loud clatter to the ground some 10 feet away from him.


I went to open my mouth again, but Lily grabbed my wand arm, clearly knowing I could never resist a chance to get one up on Black and hex him.


‘What the fuck Stebbins? Black shouted coming storming over to me so that he stood with less than ten inches between us.


He was breathing remarkably heavily for a boy who had not taken more than three strides to reach me. Did he really play Quidditch? Because he sounded bloody unfit to me. I looked up at him resolutely; showing no fear in the face of the boy’s intimidating demeanour. He was glaring at me with a kind of hate he usually reserved for the likes of Evan. He looked absolutely bloody mental.


‘Oh come off it Black, four on one? That’s hardly fair.’ I said coolly.


I could see that Lily was quietly walking over to Snape to help him down, and I knew that I needed to keep Black’s back turned to me and away from Snape for Lily to do this.


‘Snivellus doesn’t deserve a fair match; he’s never played fair in his life.’ Seethed Black in a most childish manner.


‘It doesn’t matter; four on one is not fair.’ I repeated.


Lily had raised her wand to non-verbally lower Snape to the ground. I saw Potter take a step forward, before Lily shot him a warning glare to not intervene.


‘It wasn’t four on one Stebbins.’


‘Oh were Lupin and Pettigrew there to just hold your handbags and accessories?’ I said sarcastically.


‘You know full well that isn’t what I meant Stebbins.’


‘I know full well that attacking Severus whilst he was on his own, obviously on his way back from the library,’ I noted the scattered books strewn across the corridor, ‘is unfair.’


‘Oh I forgot!’ Black suddenly exclaimed, ‘He’s a Slytherin! Of course you will stick up for all Slytherins!’


Snape had by now been lowered to his feet and was hastily collecting his books, all the while keeping an observant eye on Black and I.


‘The only thing I don’t get Stebbins is that they get a good shag and you defending their so called “honour” out of it, but what do you get?’ He said slowly advancing on me, closing the gap between the two of us.


I did the only thing I could, I whipped out my wand and jabbed the wooden stick deep between the arsehole’s ribs.


‘Callie no!’ Lily screamed.


‘Say that one more time.’ I hissed unblinkingly as I glared up into that despicable face, ‘Go on, I dare you, trust me I’ve got a lot of anger built up for you to propel you down the corridor and through that wall.’ I seethed, jabbing my wand further into his ribs.


He hissed at the pain of my wand.


‘Oh really Stebbins?’ He whispered so that only he and I could hear, ‘and what might that be? Angry for your poor little sister? Well let me tell you, there’s a lot of things she hasn’t revealed to you about our former relationship. And lest I remind you that she dumped me. Or angry that you’ve not had a good shag in ag- AHHHHHHH!’ He shouted.


I had not noticed, (not that I really cared) that the ferocity with which I had been using to force my wand between the boy’s ribs, and the anger that coursed through my veins as I glared into that Lucifer of a face had finally come pouring into my wand, burning a large hole through the boys shirt and marking his skin with a bright red patch without me uttering a single spell.


‘What the fuck Stebbins?’ He repeated for a second time that night.


He looked round furiously, evidently looking for his wand. Instead he found Snape still scrambling for the last of his books (how many had that boy checked out of the library?)


‘Oi!’ he shouted advancing on Snape.


‘Leave him alone!’ I shouted running up to him and pulling him round by his broad shoulder to face me.


He glared at me, though less ferociously this time. He appeared to not be able to pull away from my burning glaze as he stared down at me. He faltered slightly when he realised I was still gripping his shoulder ever so tightly. He shook his head slightly before pulling his shoulder free from my grasp, turning towards Lily.


‘Why are you letting him get away? He insulted me; he called me a blood traitor! And surely you can’t forget what he called you at the end of last term Lils’? He called you that disgusting word!’


‘Sirius, I'm sorry that he said that to you, that’s not fair, but nor is a four on one fight.’ Lily said calmly picking up Black’s wand, ‘I think you should head back to the common room now,’ She finished as she handed him back his wand.


Black took his wand sullenly, finally admitting defeat. He and the other three idiots began to walk away. Breathing a sigh of relief I knelt down to help Severus collect the last of his books, picking one up and handing it to him.


‘I don’t need your help you filthy bloody traitor whore.’ He snapped snatching the book from me.


Lily gasped in shock.


I, on the other hand, knelt there looking into the sunken eyes of a boy I had previously thought was my friend. Severus Snape, whilst quite and timid was always someone I had very much enjoyed speaking to on occasions where I sat waiting in the Slytherin common room for Evan, or when Evan and his friends had conversation far too manly, grotesque and dark for me to obediently sit by Evan and listen to. He was, once you got him talking, a very interesting and knowledgeable sort. And the fact that he had been very good friends with Lily before either of them had come to Hogwarts helped a lot too. But now, the boy in front of me was unrecognisable. He held the same menacing, odious sneer that I had seen directed towards me by Evan and his fellow Slytherins.


I had barely time to think, let alone muster a reply before I heard heavy steps come up behind me and sweep Snape off his feet and push him heavily into the wall next to me, his books falling all around him.


‘Apologise to her now.’ Seethed a voice so full of hatred that I was surprised there were no balls of fire emitting from their mouth.


‘Do it, apologise to her now Snape.’ Hissed a second voice.


I stood up slowly to find that all four boys had Snape surrounded, all wands pointed at his throat. Evidently it had been Black and Lupin who had ordered Severus to apologise.


‘And I don’t think even Stebbins or Evans are going to protect you now Snivellus.’ Potter said forcefully shoving his glasses up the bridge of his nose.


‘I said apologise.’ Black repeated in a deathly tone.


‘Never.’ Severus said defiantly.


I glared at him with all the hatred and anger that I could muster.


‘Take back what you said and apologise to her.’ Black said raising his voice as he pressed his wand into Snape’s neck.


‘No, I meant what I said; it is, after all, the truth.’


Black let out a yell of anger before flicking his wand along Snape’s cheek; causing a small cut to slice the boy’s pale skin.


‘No!’ Lily and I shouted in unison.


I dragged Black once again away from Severus so that he was looking me square in the eye.


 ‘Don’t do that! He isn’t worth the trouble you will be in!’ I breathed.


‘Did you not hear what he called you Stebbins? He has no right to call you that! You aren’t a- I mean you’re not a... whatever I’ve said in the past wasn’t meant in honest truth, it was just to taunt, it was because you dated hi- he has not right to spread lies like that or say that to you!’ Black snapped in a haughty manner shaking his hair from his eyes as he pointed an accusatory finger at the boy stood behind him, still pinned to the wall by his best friends.


‘I know that.’ I said firmly, ‘but that doesn’t mean he’s worth getting into trouble over!’


Black was staring at me closely, cocking his head to one side as though to see me better. It was as though he was looking at me for the first time, I mean really looking at me. Seeing me, for the first time in all the years I had known him; as an equal, taking into account what I was saying; listening to me.


‘Potter, Pettigrew, Lupin, please, let him go.’ I said turning to the other three who resolutely lowered their wands and stepped back from Severus.


‘But...’ Black was stuttering as though in a last ditch attempt in some odd way to uphold my dignity.


‘I think you should go back down to your dorm now Snape.’ I said ignoring Black for the moment.


Clearly, finally, seeing that it was best for him to leave the corridor and listen to my suggestion to return to his common room, Snape hastily collected his strewn belongings once more, wiped his bloodied cheek while giving Lily a look of disdain (a look that did not go unnoticed by Potter, but a look that, for now at least was not reacted to) and turned on his heel to leave.


‘A word of warning though Stebbins,’ Snape called turning to face all six of us once more, clearly not able to walk away without having his final word, ‘whilst you may think it fit to hang round with her,’ he said looking closely at Lily, Potter went to move towards him but she rested a commanding hand on his forearm. 


‘And whilst it did once go unchallenged it won’t any longer. You are no longer protected by Evan Rosier. And these idiots,’ he glanced at the four boys, ‘will be of no help to you. You have marked yourself an enemy, and I'm not sure even your blood status and good connections will be of any use any more, blood traitor.’


‘Are you threatening me?’ I hissed icily.


‘You know full well that you are far too mixed with blood traitors,’ he eyed Potter and Black, ‘mudbloods,’ (again Lily had to hold Potter back), ‘and half-breeds’ he sneered at Lupin, ‘to remain safe any longer.’


‘And who exactly has noticed?’ I said walking closer to him.


‘You are a Ravenclaw Stebbins, you and I both know however much you did not wish to overhear Evan’s conversations, you did. You know what is coming Stebbins. And you’d do best to reassert where your allegiance lies before it is too late and you are no longer safe.’ He hissed.


‘She’ll always be safe Snape.’ Black said loudly, puffing out his chest and stretching to his full height.


‘And you’re going to protect her are you?’ Snape sneered.


‘Maybe we are.’ Black said advancing on the diminutive frame of the Slytherin boy.


‘You? You Gryffindors who have detested her for so long because she was friends with us Slytherins, are going to protect her?’


‘Yeah.’ Potter said, joining Black by his side.


‘And you can tell you little friends that too.’ Lupin added, joining Black and Potter.


‘Why she ever hung around with your greasy self in the first place, I’ll never understand.’ Pettigrew finished joining his three friends.


‘Now why don’t you run along and tell all your little boyfriends that, and here’s a message from us; if you try and mess with her, you’ll have us to deal with.’ Black spat crackling his knuckles menacingly.


I asked her where she wanted to be when she was 25,

She turned around and looked at me and said ‘alive’

Welcome the jungle- Jay Z and Kanye West


Reader: Oh godddddddddddd. I am the most terrible, terrible person for not posting in so so long! I am so unbelievably sorry! I just hope this long, long chapter was enough to redeem myself ever so slightly? This is quite a step forward in the whole marauder/Callie relationship, but do not fear! She’s an ungrateful sort, she’s still going to taunt them! I promise, promise, promise the next chapter will be up asap, firstly because it’s half way to completeion, and secondly because I have a hell of a lot of making up to do! Read, review and enjoy!

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