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Part of Me by PhoenixFlame8629
Chapter 1 : Part of Me
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If there's one thing I don't understand, it's Quidditch. Unfortunately, Harry and Ron are (in my opinion) unhealthily obsessed with it, so it's always Firebolt this, and Wonky Faint that, until I think my head is going to explode. And this year, Ron was trying out for Keeper.

Ron isn't the best Quidditch player. He's so much better than he thinks he is, but he's the problem. When he screws up once, everything else collapses. And I love him for it.

Of course I wanted Ron to get Keeper. I knew Cormac McLaggin was better than him, so I confunded McLaggin so Ron would win.

It all went down-hill from there. Our relationship was ticking along nicely, that is until she showed up on his radar.

Giggle-y, girlish, stupid, ugly, Lavender Brown. What does he see in her? What does she have that I don't?! Why did he choose her over me! I have everything that she has! And more!

This is the part of me

That you're never gonna ever

Take away from me

What part of me? He has all of me! But she has all of him. He kissed her after that first Quidditch match he won. The one where he thought that Harry slipped him Felix Felicis.

I tried to help him, but he got the wrong idea. I don't think he needs Felix Felicis to be good at Quidditch. Lavender Brown thinks that he needs to be good at Quidditch for her to love him.

Quidditch. Quidditch is why he doesn't love me anymore. Quidditch is why he chose her.

Why did Quidditch have to get in the way?

I thought he really loved me. I thought he actually cared about me! I thought we could go to Slughorn's Christmas party together. I dreamed about him kissing me.

She doesn't really love him! That's my job! How can she touch him?! How can she kiss him?!

Maybe he's just trying to make me jealous. That's never going to work! Me? Jealous! Ha!

But I can make him jealous. I can go out with the person I hurt to help him.

Ron is jealous of him. I know it. 

Cormac is such a good Quidditch player.

Ron is such a terrible Quidditch player.

I'm starting to think like Lavender Brown! You don't choose a boy for their Quidditch playing abilities... do you?

I can make Ron jealous... maybe he'll take me back... maybe...

No. I don't want him back. He has her now. Why should he need me? She's better than me in his eyes, isn't she?

Now I know how Harry feels when he sees Ginny kissing Dean. But Harry wants Ginny. I do not want Ron.

Why should I want Ron? Ron's stupid! I saw his O.W.L. results! Not a single 'O!' Even Harry got an 'O' in Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Harry is almost as bad as Ron... almost.

Ron is a prat, a git, a jerk! He ditched me!  He chose Lavender Brown, that idiotic, girly giggly, URGH! I don't even know what she is! Why should I ever want him?!

Why should he ever want me?

  Lyrics: Part of Me by Katy Perry

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Part of Me: Part of Me


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