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The Greatest Days Of Our Lives by hiral05
Chapter 17 : All the things you shouldn't see
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 “You know exactly what you do, so I can’t stay mad at you. For too long, that’s wrong” Hate that I love you – Rihanna ft Ne-yo.

That morning at breakfast I eagerly awaiting my owl, twiggy (after the muggle super model), for my mum’s reply. As I was looking eagerly at the bewitched ceiling I caught sight of her golden feathers among the brown and white.

“Yes! My mum’s sent a reply,” I said eagerly to the girls. Lily suddenly lifted her head slightly and looked excited.

When Twiggy perched on my goblet, I untied the letter and ripped it open.

Dear my lovely Jem,

And Lily, I know you wanted the advice too!---

I felt a nip on my shoulder and looked up from the letter seeing that Twiggy looked sad.

“Here, Twigs, have some bacon and go up to the owlery for some sleep,” I said, stroking her back and letting her nip my fingers.

 ---Right, this seems like a right sticky situation but let’s be honest, it could be so much worse. I wasn’t in a much different situation when I was your age at Hogwarts. It happens, girls. Games are played when you don’t understand the importance of what you’re feeling.

All you have to do is forgive them. Now, I know that you’re scoffing at this but in this day and age there’s no time for silly grudges. It may be hard to forgive them if you’re still feeling a lot of anger and hurt over what they’ve done but in the long run, forgiving them will be better for the both of you. Also, think about the reasons they would do something like that. Why would they spend time cooking up a plan, getting a doctored photo, planting it and wait for you to find it. It seems like they actually care about you a lot. Just something to think about.

Also, what’s this game at the Three Broomsticks? I want to know more, and so does your dad. You might want to censor what you write on the next letter because he’s interested in this situation now, might have been a mistake to let it slip over dinner last night. Sorry darling!

Hope you’re all doing well and keeping up with school work, haven’t received an owl about a detention yet? A record for you, Jem.

Send my love to Mimi and Lola, also send twiggy with more information on Mimi and Remus!

Love you lots and lots, stay safe,



p.s Forgive them!

“Honestly, my mums like a teenage girl,” I said, handing the letter to Lily.

“Why’s that,” asked Lola.

“She’s asking about info on Mimi and Remus,” I laughed. “And about the game in the Three Broomsticks, she’s such a scavenger for gossip. It’s getting ridiculous now,” I said.

“About me and Remus?” asked Mimi.

“Yeah, she’s really interested in like any relationship going on in Hogwarts. I’m convinced she’s trying to relive her Hogwarts days,” I said.

Mimi laughed, “Well, I don’t mind sending her an owl, in any case, I wouldn’t mind some advice. My mums not the sort I could send an owl about Remus too,” she said.

“Thanks a bunch Mims, my mum would love it, send her a hundred owls full of information if you can,” I smiled.

“So, Jem, what do you reckon?” asked Lily, handing me back the letter.

“I think we should leave,” I said, pointing at the marauders who had just entered the Great Hall. “And go to our first lesson. We should decide later.”

“Agreed,” said Lily, getting up just as the Marauders approached the table.

“How many times do I have to say?” asked Lily, sinking back into her reading chair with a sigh. “They will not be able to get up here, I’m certain Dumbledore will have fool proofed this. A group of naive boys won’t have found a dim witted way to get up here. There’s. Just. No. Way!”

“Lils, we found a way to expand our dorm. I think that Dumbledore just thought that nobody would think of a way to get up here, but that’s just it! There are ways!” said Lola.

“Hmmm,” mused Lily “I’m not convinced.”

Mimi rolled her eyes. “Well, shall we take down our pictures? More importantly all of Lola’s drawing showing us together?”

“The checklist as well, I will die of shame if Sirius see’s that,” I said, sitting at the desk getting some Monday night Charms done.

“I honestly don’t think that they’ll get up here, I don’t see the point in messing up all of our walls just because there’s a chance they’ll see it,” said Lily.

“But what if they do?” asked Lola, chewing on her thumb nail.

“They won’t! We’ve spent so much time putting together all the pictures and drawings and posters, I will not take them down just because a few boys have a 5% chance of getting up here.”

Mimi sighed, “Fine, but Remus keeps hinting to me that they’re working on a plan.”

“Are they getting any closer to finding a way of getting up here?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” admitted Mimi. “He doesn’t say anything, just smirks every time I mention it.”

“Ah, the incredibly annoying Marauder smirks,” I said.

“James’ is the worst, as if he knows exactly what you’re thinking,” said Lily, irritably.

“Speaking of James Potter...” started Mimi.

“I don’t want to hear it, Mims, honestly.”

“Just hear me out..why don’t you just forgive them? It’s been agony not sitting with them at meals and talking to them in class for even a day, how can it go on any longer? I know you want to forgive them, even Jem’s mum thinks its a good idea!”

“I’m not sure whether they deserve it as such, yet,” said Lily, closing her muggle book she was reading and going over to her bed.

“Well, actually..” I said, writing the conclusion to my essay and capping my ink bottle. “I was thinking of forgiving Sirius.”

“What? Already?” asked Lily in disbelief.

“Well, I’ve been thinking about why they’ve done it, like my mum said, Lils. They wanted to be with us, in any case we should be flattered,” I said.

“Flattered? Flattered that they disregarded our feelings and just went ahead with a fucking idiotic plan being the selfish shits that they are?”

“Look, I’m not saying that they weren’t selfish, I’ll be the first to admit that. But, by not forgiving them we’re not torturing anyone but ourselves.” I said, wisely.

Lily sighed as she got her pyjamas out of her trunk “I guess you’re right.”

“Finally,” said Mimi, pretending to thank the Gods.

I laughed.

“Well, I’m not saying outright I forgive him, because I won’t, not ever. But I will talk to him again and that’s the best he’s getting,” said Lily before shutting the bathroom door with a loud click.

“It’s better than nothing,” said Lola with a little giggle.

Charms was the first lesson of the day. Lily and I thought that we would show the boys that we forgive them by sitting with them at breakfast but they were nowhere to be seen.

In charms we had chosen our partners and as it happened we had been coaxed into being partners with Sirius and James. Something I had been sorely dreading until now when I actually wanted to talk to Sirius, to show him I forgave him.

I sat down in my seat and got out my wand, waiting for Sirius to turn up. But class had started and the marauders were still nowhere to be seen.

“Sorry we’re late, sir,” drawled James’ arrogant voice as the marauders strolled into class 10 minutes late.

I looked at Lily who was sitting behind me and she scowled. I mouthed “Be nice.” At her before turning around and seeing that Sirius was already at our desk, getting his stuff out.

“10 points from Gryffindor, boys,” squeaked Flitwick, “now, everybody should turn page 54 in the textbook and begin learning the theory of the disillusionment charm, next lesson we shall try it out so be sure to take notes and practise the appropriate hand motions. Any questions come to me.”

  I looked at Sirius, who was reading page 54, leaning back on the back legs of his chair.

I looked at my own book, rolling my eyes.

I began taking notes and about 20 minutes of pure silence in the room had passed.

In the corner of my eye I could see Sirius pick up his wand and start practising the hand motion. Oh my god, he looked so cute when he was trying so hard. His eyes were narrowed as he kept reading the book then attempting the wand movement.

“Here Sirius, it’s like this,” I said softly, showing him with my own wand.

He looked faintly surprised that I was talking to him but followed my example.

At the back of my mind I register that Lily was talking to James about his notes on the charm. She could never stay mad at him for too long. Though, I was exactly the same with Sirius.

I smiled to myself.

“What you smiling about?” Sirius’ voice pulled me from my thoughts.

“Nothing,” my smile widening at him, “pass me your notes.”

This was a ritual in Charms. Sirius and I would write separate notes, Sirius thinking that he was capable of taking his own notes. Then I would take his notes, look over them and rectify any mistakes.

“Oh, you want to look over my notes? So you forgive me?” he asked, a smirk threatening to make an appearance.

“I guess I do,” I said, still smiling as I snatched his notes from him.

He leant in closer to me, whispering “I knew you couldn’t stay annoyed at me for that long.”

“Don’t push it,” I said, narrowing my eyes playfully at him.

He just winked and leant back on his chair as he usually did when I was looking over his notes.

“Why weren’t you at breakfast anyway?” I asked, my curiosity getting the better of me.

“Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies,” he said.

“Get over that bloody phrase, it’s so stupid!” I said, rolling my eyes.

“And we’re already back to normal,” said Sirius, chuckling at my annoyance.

I helped myself to some extra dinner rolls after that horrible double potions lesson, I was feeling extra ravished.

“Having Potions last on a Wednesday is just cruel,” said Mimi.

“It’s so shit, I got some spiders legs in my hair after Lola’s accident,” I said, laughing.

Lola pretended to look hurt “It’s not my fault Mimi put frogs spawn on the floor so I would slip.”

Mimi was now laughing so much tears were streaming down her face “It-was so—funny, oh my god!”

“Whatever, I could’ve broken my neck!”

“Stop being over dramatic,” said Lily “on a more gossipy note, I heard that Katy Snow’s gone mad after James broke up with her.”

“Oh yeah, been on a rampage around school, snogging every boy she see’s,” added Mimi, leaning her chin in her palms as she waits for us to finish eating.

“It’s her way of getting over James,” laughed Lola.

“Now we have to put up with her in cheerleading,” I said, groaning.

“It’s like Queen Bitch but 10 times worse,” said Mimi. Queen Bitch is a term we gave to a girl who was acting like a bitch all week. It was like a prize and we crowned the new queen.

“I think we can safely say that Katy’s our new Queen Bitch for this week,” said Lily, tucking her wild red hair behind her ears.

 As Mimi and Lola agreed, I looked around the hall.

“Where are the boys?” I asked.

“Probably off planning a prank somewhere,” said Mimi “Remus mentioned something about meeting me after dinner instead of at dinner.”

“Come to think about it, James did look a little smug about something in Potions today,” commented Lily, her eyes narrowing in concentration. As if she could pick apart what they were doing from James’ actions in Potions.

“Remus was acting as if he knew something I didn’t, too,” frowned Mimi.

“Sirius was acting a little shifty as if he was about to complete some secret missio-” I was cut off by Lola’s gasp – again.

“They’re doing it right now,” she breathed.

“Doing what?” asked Lily, incredulously.

“Oh for goodness sake, let’s go before they see anymore!” Lola practically shouted before running out of the hall.

We all looked at each other before following her out.

“What is she talking about?” I asked, so confused.

Then it clicked.

“Oh my fucking god, THEY’RE IN OUR DORM!” I screamed before bounding after Lola, up the marble steps.

There were quite a lot of people milling in the common room seeing as dinner was nearly over. Why had we spent so much time in the Great Hall talking about shit when we could have come back early and caught them? I was internally kicking myself for being so bloody stupid.

Lola was already standing at the dorm door but hadn’t opened it.

I nearly knocked her over “Well? Why haven’t you opened it?”

“I’m too scared,” she replied.

Lily and Mimi finally join us, huffing and puffing.

“Bloody hell, this is not good for my blood pressure,” said Mimi, clutching her chest.

“Mimi, you don’t have high blood pressure,” I reminded her.

“Well, I could bloody well get it after that sprint.”

“Let’s go in,” said Lily, reaching for the door handle.

“I’m actually afraid of what we might find,” I said.

“We’ll never know until we open the damn door,” said Lily, turning the handle and pushing the door.

The door hit the wall but none of us moved to go inside the room.

“You go first,” said Mimi, giving me a push.

“Why me?” I exclaimed.

“Right, I’m going in,” said Lily, sounding as if she was about to enter a battlefield.

For all we knew, we could be.

Lily walked in and looked around. I was holding my breath.

“They’ve been in here, alright,” she said, confirming our worst nightmares. “ And that’s not the worst thing.”

“What could possibly be worse?” asked Mimi, marching into the dorm over to where Lily was standing.

“This,” said Lily, motioning to the room.

I walked in and saw that there were luminous muggle post-it notes at various sections of the wall, with the boys untidy scrawls on them. Undoubtedly commenting on whatever the post-it was near. I didn’t want to read any of them.

I looked around, and my eye caught one thing.

 The check list.

I will die of shame.

I would rather be shipped to bloody beauxbatons than go to lessons tomorrow and face those, those...absolute pricks.

“Jem?” Lily called, softly. Mimi and Lily had not moved from their positions in the room and Lola was still standing outside the door. I was slowly moving towards the checklist, dreading what was written on the post-it note.

1/3 isn’t so bad.

I tilted my head back. I could not feel more embarrassed than I do now. This is actually what they call the world ending, when two arrogant boys find out we made a bloody check list for when we go out with them. A fucking check list! Who’s idea was that anyway?

“Lola! Get in here and look what these boys have to say about your oh so ingenious plan of a fucking check list on the wall of our dorm!” I shrieked, almost hysterical.

“Jem, calm down,” said Mimi, coming over to me “it’s not that bad.”

“I know, it’s worse. Do you have any idea how unbearable those two are going to be tomorrow?”

“We’re all going to have to go through it, Jem,” said Lily.

“I know,” I breathed. I knew I was being unfair “sorry.”

“Look, let’s just read whatever the fuck they’ve written on these post-it notes. Go through our trunks and draws to see what’s missing and then go to sleep,” said Mimi, taking charge “yes?”

We all agreed.

I spotted something else that Sirius was never meant to see.

Lola’s drawing.

I went over to it and ripped the post-it off the wall.

Now I know what you were thinking about that day, Jem. A penny well spent, I’d say...

“Oh god,” I sighed.

“What is it?” asked Lily, reading the post-it over my shoulder.

“They saw this drawing,” I said.

“I cannot believe they actually managed to get up here,” said Lola, looking at a post-it by our wall of pictures.

“Everyone go through your trunks and draws to make sure everything’s still there!” called Mimi, already rifling through her trunk.

I went over to mine, there wasn’t much in it apart from school books, reading books, some school equipment, pyjamas and odd items. I had unpacked everything into my draws and wardrobe. We all had our own due to the interior design idea.

I opened my draws and checked on my money, souvenirs and socks. I was most worried about my underwear. Opening the draw quickly I checked that everything was there, thank goodness. Until I saw a post-it. Fucking hell, will the god’s never be on my side? Please, just once!

I’ll take a few of these, you know, it’ll be a good bribing technique.

The amount I hated that boy was about the size of Merlin’s underpants.

“He’s gone and taken some of my underwear, for ‘bribing techniques’,” I said.

“They’ve taken some of mine too,” said Lily.

“Mine are still here, I’m glad Remus didn’t want in on the bribing joke,” said, Mimi, tucking her hair behind her ears, sifting through her trunk.

We all shuddered at the thoughts of them with our underwear.

“He’s taken my good ones as well,” I moaned as I opened my wardrobe to make sure all my shoes and clothes were still there.

“The dressing tables clear, I don’t doubt they took one look at all the make-up and scarpered,” said Lola, laughing.

I walked over to the bathroom after shutting the draws, wardrobe and trunk.

My eyes swept the bathroom and nothing caught my eye. There’s nothing very interesting in here, anyway, apart from some shampoo bottles.

“Well, I think that’s it,” said Lily, sitting on her bed.

I walked over to my bed and was about to start getting ready for bed when I saw another post-it note on my pillow.

We just had to try out your beds, to make sure they were comfortable enough for you. Have a good night’s sleep.

“Oh god, look on your pillows,” I said, putting mine on my bedside cabinet.

The girls quickly complied and groaned when they saw what the post-it said.

“How can we have a good night’s sleep knowing we have to face their annoying smirks all day, and that we’ll have to jump into that freezing lake!” said Lily, tearing up the post-it angrily and throwing it in the bin.

“Get ready for tomorrow,” sighed Mimi, getting into bed, looking weary.

I changed into my pyjamas and followed Mimi’s suit.

I lay there staring into the darkness, dreading the day ahead.

I turned over and inhaled, the pillow smelt just like Sirius. Well, I guess I would have a good night’s sleep after all. At least I would be well rested for the horrible day I was about to endure.

I’m really sorry if this was a bit of an anti-climax (which it was). I thought that after this story was finished that I would do a one-shot of the boy’s in the dorm rather than right now. Sorry if anyone’s disappointed.


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