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Begging On Your Knees by DaJoker
Chapter 1 : Transformations, Explainations, and Confusion
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Beautiful CI by the wonderful VeeKAY!!! Thanks Vee


Disclaimer: I own nothing you recognize



It was a beautiful summer day. The sun was shining brightly over the grass making it sparkle. The weather was warm and misty. Everyone around me had a smile on their faces. It was the signs of summer and I was happy as I could be. Little did I know that was all going to change.

" Hey Sofia," said a voice behind me," Can we talk."

I turned around to see my boyfriend standing behind me.

'Sure Al, what’s wrong." I replied as I walked in after him.

‘Come over here." he said pointing to an empty classroom. ‘Look," he started," There's no easy way to say this but I think we should start seeing other people."

I stood there shocked by what he said. His words kept repeating in my mind again and again. We had only been dating for a week and he's already dumping me.

Before I could respond he cut me off by saying," It's you, not me. To be honest I used you just to get a better mark in potions. So bye."

He didn't even let me say anything before he walked off, leaving me there to just stare at his head. I still couldn't believe everything that happened was just a joke to him. I should have known. Why would someone popular date a nobody like me.

It was Isadora, Naomi, and Rosalie all over again.

Isadora was practically in love with Albus. He seemed to practically love her. Then a less than a day after the huge Herbology exam, he dumped her, claiming that it was just for the subject.

Izzy was completely heartbroken and couldn’t even look at him without tearing up.

Practically the same happened for Naomi and Rosalie. Naomi saw it coming and dumped him a day before the Ancient Runes exam. Rosalie thought she could be the one to change him, so she let herself fall for Albus, and she fell hard. She stayed up all week helping him for Arithmancy.

He surprised us by dating her for another 3 days. But alas, he dumped her as well. I think she took it even harder than Isadora.

I don’t know why I kid myself into thinking that things between me and him would be any different than it had been between him and those girls.

I am such an idiot, but you won’t see me sobbing. I’m going to do something about it.

After a few minutes I rushed off back to my dorm, to see a happy Rose Weasley packing her bags with a huge grin on her face. The minute I walked in her grin turned to frown.

“What happened" she asked with a worried look on her face. “Albus broke up with me," I started," He said that he only used me to get a better mark on his potions exam."

" My cousin is going to wish he was never born!" she said with a scowl on her face."

" No, no," I said," I have a better way."

" One day," I said," Albus Potter will be begging on his knees for me."

" How are you going to do that" Rose asked with a puzzled look on her face.

“I’m going to have to get out of the shadows and start being more social." I replied.

“Let me repeat myself," Rose said in her most official irritated voice. That girl surprises me with how many different tones of voices she can use," How are you going to do that."

" I need your help. “I said deep in thought, “First you’re going to have to come over almost every day this summer to help me. You also need to make sure that when I visit you, Potter isn't around so it will be a complete surprise for next year."

" Okay then," she replied looking kind of confused, "I'll make sure that happens but right now we really need to be packing.

I can't wait, I thought to myself. I will make sure Albus Potter knows what he did to all the girls. Beware Albus Potter, the plan is set. I could get you anywhere. I will make sure you understand what you did to me and all those other girls. I will make you pay. Let's just say, karma can hit you in the face on your way out.

Flashback Ends

'I have to admit,' Rose said with a look of shock on her face, ' You look good. Like super mega foxy good.'

We were in her room getting ready to go to Hogwarts the next day.

I agree by saying that I looked nothing like before. Instead of being a dull lifeless brunette, I put blonde streaks in it and gave it more volume. As for my clothing, I no longer wore plaid skirts with sweater vests. I wore skirts (not too short, I'm not a slut) and tang tops. I didn't put much make up on though, just a little lip gloss and eye liner. With just these minor changes I already looked better than before.

‘I know he won't know what hit him. It's like he got high fived, in the face, with a chair.' I said giving a little twirl.

‘Hello Rosie, Sofi.' said a sleepy James.

I know what you’re thinking. Why is James Potter here??

Well I'm actually good friends with him. He was all for giving his brother a lesson or two, so we let him in on the transformation.

‘Your brother's not here right.' I said while putting my new outfits in my trunk. I pack last minute, so what.

' No, he's already at King's Cross.' he said biting into a piece of toast, ' said something about his new girlfriend.'

' And are you going to tell us who that is?' Rose asked looking annoyed. That girl really needs to learn to be patient.

' I would but I don't know?' he said now eating Rose's piece of toast,' Though I know that it's either slut #1 or slut #2.'

Slut #1 and slut #2 were the stupid bimbos who hooked up with random people. Slut #1 is Erica Stewart and slut #2 is Fiona Young.

'But those two are the stupidest people living on this planet.' I said. Literally they are. I wish I was joking. Okay maybe not.

' I know, but he said that from now on he's just going to date the hot ones.'

' Well, at least he's not using them for a grade.' I said (still packing), ' But trust me he's going to wish he had a change of heart before.'

' I don't about this anymore Sofi,' said a guilty looking James,' Al is actually a changed person. He wasn't a prat at all this summer. Maybe we should stop and you should go back to being yourself. He might even apologize.'

' He hurt too many people to have a change of heart now.' my tone as angry as when he broke up with me.' A lot of people spilled too many tears on that boy for him to apologize. I stand by what I said before, he will pay the price.'

' Okay, whatever. Just hurry up. Since I'm not going to Hogwarts I have to drop you off, because we all won't fit in the stupid car.' he said as he left the room.

‘You know Sofi, I'm starting to doubt if this is a good idea. I mean he's changed.' Rose said her expression softening.

‘Rose, I told you. He hurt too many people to be sorry now.' I said. My face as hard as stone

' Okay, let's just go. I don't want to be late, I'm Head Girl you know.' she said as she walked down the stairs.

'Okay," I said getting my trunk.



' Why do are trunks have to be so god damn heavy.' I shouted, trying not to lose sight of my red headed friend.

‘Just suck it up and move along.' she said, pushing through the crowd.

We were on the train for about 10 minutes and it was still crowded. Talk about needing to get a bigger train.

As we finally found a compartment we saw two of our other close friends, Alison Montgomery and Emily Zammit.

' Hola girls,' Rose said as plopped down on the couch.' How was your.......'

' OH MY GOD,' Emily shouted interrupting Rose,' Is that Sofia Gilmore???'

' The one and only ladies.' I gave a little bow.

‘You look so different. Where's the plaid skirt and horrid top??' Alison said with a look of complete shock on her face.

‘Long gone girls. It's time I tell you of operation REVENGE.’ I started. I explained to them the whole thing. They would nod, say 'mmmmhmmm', and then look really angry.

By the time I finished, we had already reached the castle. It was as beautiful as always. It was as beautiful as always, with its bright lights, mysterious aroma, and its reflection glimmering in the hallway.

I remember my very first time seeing it with the girls, James, Dom, and Fred. This year was going to be so odd without them. We were the best of friends since the very first day. They were like my older siblings, and to them I was like a little sister. I could always count on Freddie and Dommie because I heard that they caused Albus some serious pain.

Come to think of it, I was close friends with every single Wotter member, except Albus.

I don't know why but we were never friends. Not enemies, but not friends. You can see me being surprised when he asked me out. But it's time for me to put all that behind.

As we stepped off the platform, I saw Hagrid guiding the first years to the boats.

Hagrid and I had always been good friends. I guess it started when I learned that all animals had a liking towards me.

‘Hey guys, go get a carriage. I just want to go say hello to Hagrid.” They all nodded and walked along, as I made my way through the crowd.

'Hi Hagrid' I said with a big grin as I approached him.

' Well if it isn't ol Sofi.' he said returning the grin,' Look at you, not wearin those ol skirts I see.'

' Yeah I thought I would try something new. Take a break from those horrid outfits.'

' Well ye better be off to those carriages eh. Wouldn't want ye to miss em.'

' It was wonderful talking to you again Hagrid.' I said as I waved good bye.

As I made my way back to the carriages, who was I to run into than the famous Albus Potter. Literally I ran into him.
' Oh, hello Potter.'



Albus’s POV

'Um, hi. Do I know you?' I replied as I got up. OH MY DUMBLEDORE'S GREAT LONG BEARD, who is this super mega foxy HOT girl. Yeah she's so HOT that it deserves capitals. She sounds familiar, kind of like Sofi but this girl's HOT. Even though I'm completely changed. A bit. Ok not really.

‘Typical, Albus Potter. Never pay attention to your past girlfriends do you?'

Huh, I'm completely lost. I dated this bird. I think I would have remembered somebody this gorgeous. I mean who wouldn’t want to tap that.

'Do you mind telling me who you are, or do I have to keep guessing? ‘I said, motioning for an introduction.

She walked up to me with this really seductive look on her face.' That's for me to know, and maybe for you to find out.' She was so close I could feel her breath on my lips. If I leaned ever so slightly I could kiss her. Suddenly she turned around and walked away.

I was in a complete daze as I walked to the carriages. Who was she? She sounded so much like Sofi, it scared me. But it couldn't be her. She was way too sweet to do something like this. I mean she was the only one I ever actually regretted dumping. But hey, I had a rep to protect back then.

My friends seemed oblivious to my strange behavior, except for Scorpius. I never could anything by him. Once my mum asked who took the last deluxe chocolate chip cookie, and I was all like not me. But he knew straight away that I ate it, I mean it's kind of creepy.

'What's wrong?' He whispered so no one but I could hear him.

'I'll tell you later, ok.' I whispered back, while he nodded.

'So Al, what lucky lady's gunna be the first one this year.' asked Santiago Villarreal said, smirking his favorite smirk.

'Yeah, I hope it's not Green.' Stephen Payne piped up. He's had a crush on Veronica Green since first year. You think He'd make a move by now.

'Actually.' I cleared my throat, ‘I’m not gunna do that this year. I hate to hurt the innocent ones.' I said thinking of Sofi.

'Good for you,' replied my cousin Louis Weasley,' I think it's great that you're going to stop.'

The boys nodded in agreement, as we jumped off the carriage. I kind of just walked in silence.


When we got to the Great Hall I saw her again. She was at my house table, with my cousin Rose. I'm still completely clueless as to who this is. If she's sitting next Rose they must have been friends for a while, cause Rosie doesn't trust people to easy. Neither does the rest of my family you know because of the whole being famous thing.

'Guys,' I said as I motioned them over, ‘do you know who that is sitting beside Rose?'

'No, but she's HOT.' Santiago was literally drooling.

'Rose sure has gotten prettier.' said Scorp with a dreamy look on his face. That boy better not be thinking about Rosie with that stupid perverted mind of his, or I will severely hurt him.

'Oi, stop that. That's my cousin you’re talking about.'

'Moving on, I wonder who she is.' Louis said walking towards them. We all followed but I moved ahead of Louis. I am Albus FREAKING Potter; I do not follow other people.

'Hello beautiful, How are you doing today?' that my friends was Louis Marc Weasley trying to hit on a girl. Shameful, I know.

'Doing great actually.' She replied with a small smile on her face.

WAIT!! Louis's pickup line actually worked!!!! Who is this girl that can think Louis has charm. She needs to raise her standards. Not that Louis's a bad guy; he's actually third on the HOT LIST. Behind me and Scorp of course. Don't ask me how I know this stuff, I just do. DONT JUDGE ME!!!

Rose is giving me a really weird look right now. She seems annoyed. I wonder what I did this time. Last time I killed her goldfish, the time before that I gave her address to Scorp, and then I accidently turned her hair green for 2 months. Nothing big. Anywho, I think she's trying to tell me something. Eh, she'll just have to tell me after.

I noticed that the food had already appeared but I wasn’t really hungry. I'd just take something from the kitchens later.

After the feast we headed towards our dormitories.

I personally loved the Gryffindor common room. It was filled with Crimson and Gold lions. Big red sofas and a really warm fireplace. There was also many tables and chairs used for studying. The best part was the huge window that showed the lake. It just felt like home, but tell anyone this and I will have to personally kill you. I'm not even joking, so you may be smiling and be like yeah right, but I'm perfectly serious. You don’t want to mess with a BOSS like me.
“ALBY POO!!! THERE YOU ARE!!! I’VE BEEN LOOKING EVERY WHERE FOR YOU HONEY MUFFIN!!!” a squealing girl cried out to me.

Who was she again? Veronica something? Priscilla something?

“Oh, hey babe.” I replied as I gave her a kiss on the cheek. I still can’t remember her name. Gah, what was it?

She started blabbing about how much she missed me over the summer, how lucky she was to be with me, how many boys had been after her but she said she was in a serious relationship, blah blah blah.

I looked over at Lou and he mouthed “Erica.” I shot him a smile of relief and tried to tune in to what she was saying.

“Listen Erica, I’m extremely tired so I’ll talk to you in the morning. Alright?” She looked extremely disappointed so I gave her a quick kiss and she seemed to perk up.

I still don’t know why I dated her to be honest.

She smiled at me and walked away. Now I know why, she has long legs. I’m a sucker for long legs ya know. Who isn’t?

I stayed in the common room for a bit longer and just caught up with some friends.

A few hours later everyone else decided to go to their dorms but Scorp and I stayed in the silent common room.

'So what's wrong.' he said with a puzzled look on his face. ‘Wait let me guess, you like "mystery girl".'

See I wasn't joking when I said he could read me. The weird thing is if I tried I could read him too. ‘I know I usually don't actually "like" girls, but this time it seems different. I don't know why though. I know nothing about her, hell I don’t even know her name. Wait how did you know?'

'Dude you need to relax. First of all I could tell right away. When Lou's pickup line worked you looked shocked. But don’t worry nobody else noticed.' He quickly said seeing the worried look on my face. 'Maybe it's just a phase; I don't think you should worry about it. Let’s go up to the dorm before anyone knows we're gone. ‘He made movement towards the stairs motioning me to follow him.

'Yeah you're right.' I said as I followed him up the steps. As I got to the top I heard something move. 'It's probably nothing' I told myself. All the same, I felt as though somebody was watching us.



AN: Hullo lovely readers.

Some of you may be wondering what happened to the original version of this on a different account. I decided to change that in to a group account and make this one my personal one. So all the stories you see on here is by still by me (AlbusPotter123456789123456789).

I've also changed it quite a bit.

So what did you think? Good? Bad? Needs improvement?











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