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A Green Rose by Moaning Myrtle 7
Chapter 13 : First Impressions
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Scorpius was freezing. The wind whipped his robes and pulled at his hair. The light he was holding was stuck to his hand, the ice masking his hand like Wartcap.

He saw a figure below, but the water was rippling so profusely that he couldn’t make them out.

He was hunched over in the boat, ignoring the conversations going on around him. He was excited of course, but more concerned about how people were going to react when they found out he was the grandson of a Death Eater. His father had already arranged for two of his friends’ sons (Zabini and Goyle) to meet him on the train, but they were the most repulsive boys Scorpius had ever met, and were about as intelligent as two Flobberworms.

Instead, Scorpius had escaped from them and found his own compartment. Then he pulled out a book and ignored everything else.

When they arrived at the train station- that Scorpius later found out was Hogsmeade- a large hulking man called the first years over and led them to the bank of a vast lake.

Now they were in these boats- and Scorpius was still freezing.

Eventually they thudded against land, and were cast in the shadow of a large Castle. Although Scorpius had seen it in pictures, it was much more impressive in reality.

‘Cool, isn’t it,’ Scorpius turned to see a boy with jet-black hair standing next to him.

‘Yeah, all the books don’t do it justice.’

‘You read the books? You’d be best talking to my cousin- she’s obsessed with them.’ Scorpius didn’t know how to respond, so he said nothing. The boy, however, was persistent. ‘What’s your name?’

‘Scorpius, Scorpius Malfoy. What’s yours?’

‘I’m Albus Potter. So you’re a Malfoy. My dad’s told me a lot about your family.’

‘Same here,’ Scorpius wanted to say that it was the only thing his dad ever told him about, but he thought it would make it awkward- so he didn’t. Albus Potter opened his mouth again, but the large man asked them to follow him.

‘That’s Hagrid; he’s an old friend of my dad’s. He’s the gamekeeper, and he teaches Care of Magical Creatures.’ They walked on in silence for a few minutes, until they were ushered into a big entrance hall outside two enormous wooden doors.

‘Hey, Al,’ Albus turned to see a girl walking towards him. Scorpius watched her approach, experiencing a peculiar wrenching in his stomach. She had a pretty face, which was enhanced by her beautiful smile. He red hair was wavy and long, and framed her face perfectly. However, her eyes were her best feature, blue and bright and intelligent. Scorpius felt all of his nerves melt away- he had to impress this girl. ‘Who’s your friend?’

‘I’m Scorpius, my father’s Draco Malfoy- perhaps you’ve heard of him.’ The girl’s smile faltered a little, but Scorpius didn’t notice. Albus had drifted off to talk to her friend. ‘What’s your name? I know you’re a Weasley- my father has told me a lot about your family.’

‘Oh, my name’s Rose. Yes, I’ve heard of your father. His opposition to my mother’s house elf law was very… enthusiastic.’

‘Well, he’s got a lot of friends in high places, he could afford to oppose it.’

‘Oh, really- well the house elves will be delighted to know that your father only stood in the way of them earning a decent living because he could afford to!’ Scorpius saw that she was turning red; this hadn’t gone as he’d hoped. He tried to salvage the conversation.

‘Yeah, my dad’s a total idiot.’

‘Well, you seemed pretty proud of him before.’

‘No, I-‘

‘Follow me please first years, we’re ready for you now.’ A short balding man waved his hands as the door opened, and the first years followed him into the Great Hall.

‘I’ll see you later Al, good luck! Scorpius.’ She nodded stiffly before walking away.

Scorpius heard her mutter, ‘arrogant arse,’ before she left.


Author’s Note:

Oh, this wasn’t what you were expecting… Sorry, I will tell you what happened at the end of chapter 12 in the next chapter!

In the meantime, what did you think of this? I really wanted to flashback to when they first met because I’ve made a few references in earlier chapters. I really liked the idea of Scorpius thinking Rose was attractive and then embarrassing himself in an effort to impress her. Embarrassing himself by being arrogant and condescending! So now you know why they hate each other!

Leave a review below if you can and thanks for reading!


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