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Harry Potter and his Sodalis Vitae. by FawkesThePhoenix
Chapter 3 : Fire Demon's hint.
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Hermione entered the dining room before Ginny. She quickly apologised to Mr and Mrs Weasley for being late and sat down between Harry and Fred. Even if Hermione just brushed past Harry he felt the electric flow from her into him. He wondered if Hermione could feel it too. It was a pleasant sensation and Hermione smiled, she must feel it too.

"Where's Ginny got to?" Mr Weasley asked.

"Mr Weasley, she was writing a letter in her room. I'm sure I saw her owl fly away." Hermione said, sweetly.

"GINNY WEASLEY! GET DOWN HERE, NOW!" Mrs Weasley shouted once again. "Fred, George go and fetch your sister for me," Mrs Weasley said, once again in her calm and casual voice.

Whilst Fred and George were getting Ginny, Mr Weasley said "I don't know what's gotten into her. She's always in her room writing letters. She's not herself." Mr Weasley trailed off just when Fred and George came back. They were wearing expressions of deepest horror.

"Gin-Ginny's not there." They said, together.

"Wh-what?" Arthur said, they didn't know whether he was worried or was just taken by surprise.

Mr Weasley told Harry and Hermione to stay there, he would have told Ron too, but Ron ran up to Ginny's room before he could say anything. Mr Weasley ran out of the room, Mrs Weasley, Fred and George ran after him.

"Oh gosh, I hope Ginny's alright," Hermione said, holding back the tears. Harry reached out his hand and put it on her shoulder, there was the electric again, to comfort her.

"I'm sure she'll be fine, she's in Gryffindor, she's brave. No one could have hurt her, we would have heard something, right?" Harry asked for reassurance. Hermione put her head on Harry's shoulder, he shuddered, it seemed the closer they got, the more he felt it.

"Harry..." Hermione began to say but a scream, that made the hair on the back of their necks stand up, from upstairs took their attention. Hermione and Harry both got up and ran towards the scream.

"Harry," Hermione said panting, "What if they've found something?" She asked, desperate to be proven wrong for once. Harry, not wanting to answer, just carried on up the stairs in silence.

"Harry, Hermione, go to your rooms, we'll be up to see you soon." Said someone Harry didn't recognise.

"Is Ginny alright?" Said Hermione bravely.

"Just go upstairs, now!" The man ordered once more.

"Come on, Hermione," Harry said. He grabbed her hand, holding back the sigh of relief because the feeling was getting much stronger now and pulled her around. She was a very stubborn girl, but she left with Harry.

"Here, come in my room, nothing's going to hurt you, Hermione," Harry said, feeling like his duty was to protect her.

"T-t-t-hanks Harry." Hermione was shaking, she was too scared to be by herself just now.

Harry held open his bedroom door for her and she walked in, like a zombie, and sat on the edge of Harry's bed. Harry closed the door and started pacing the room. They wouldn't send them up here if nothing had happened. Something must have happened. Harry turned around and saw Hermione looking at her hands.

"Hermione, it'll be okay, trust me," Harry said, trying to achieve a steady tone but failing.

"I-i-it's n-n-not t-t-that, H-harry," Hermione said holding back the tears. "I k-know w-who's g-g-got h-h-her."

"Hermione, breathe, you need to calm down," Harry said, whilst walking over to the bed to sit down and comfort her. He sat down next to her and put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her head down. She didn't refuse as her head was placed on Harry's shoulder. She closed her eyes, Harry did too and he found himself floating in the air. Nothing was bothering him, he had no thoughts - he was just there, floating. Then, suddenly Hermione was floating with him. They were happy and laughing.

"Harry, I know who's taken Ginny. I saw all the signs and when she was out I went into her room and read the books she had. The person who's taken her is..." she gulped. She was just about to tell Harry what she knew but Ron came in. They quickly moved apart, like they had both thought it, together at the same time.

"Harry, I need to talk to you," Ron said, sounding sick with worry.

"Okay, sure. But here, Hermione is really shaken up, I'm not leaving her." Harry said and saw a smile form on both Ron and Hermione's faces.

"Ginny spoke to you last. What did she say or do?" Ron asked, his smile vanishing.

"Oh, that. Well, I looked into her mirror and it turned red, I asked her what it does and she told me she didn't know and was trying to work it out and that we all have one. She then randomly said that she wanted me to touch her. So, she grabbed my hand and then ran off. We were in her room so I don't know where she went." Harry said.

"Thanks, Harry," Ron said and left the room.

"Hermione, what do you know?" Harry asked, turning to Hermione.

"She's looking for her Sodalis Vitae. I'm not sure what they are, I'm going to look it up in the library back at school. I think it's Latin for something. I know I've heard of it before, someone was talking about it to Mrs Weasley before you came. As for the person who's taken her, I can't be sure, and I don't want to worry anyone but I think it might have something to do with this person she's been writing to. Fire Demon. I know, Fire Demon isn't Voldemort, I don't think, because his 'code' name would be something about snakes. It's definitely someone on his side though, however, I think the person isn't sure whether they should be though. Fire Demon is the type of name people use to show they're not really certain." Hermione said, staying strong so she could try and help.

"Hermione, how is the name Fire Demon not evil? Do you know what demons are?" Harry asked, knowing that Hermione had already thought this through.

"Hang on, Harry. I'll get my book." Hermione said, running off. She came back a few minutes later with two books in her arms. She slammed them down on Harry's desk and signalled him over.

She opened the book to the page that headed 'Demons - Friend of Foe?' Harry, was going to tell Hermione that the title of the passage showed her reasoning was probably incorrect, but he let her carry on. She read the passage out loud to him.

"'A demon is a supernatural, often malevolent being prevalent in religion, occultism, literature, and folklore. The word generated from the Greek word daemon. Most people believe that demons are fallen angels, however, since angels are much more powerful the remainder think that demons were sent up from hell by the devil.' Harry, this is a Muggle book of supernatural beings, they don't actually excise in the Muggle World, they do in the Wizarding World.But, I found this book, it's about a warlock who travelled around the magical World looking for famous creatures who have only ever existed in Muggle fairytales and ghost stories. He was called Fenderlin Mozo. He found a clan of demons and has written a passage about them."

Hermione opened the second book and read out the passage "'Demons or daemons are good or benevolent nature beings of the same nature as both mortals and Gods. Spirit guides. Daemons are in fact, fallen angels that were put on this Earth to look after people who do no possess any magical powers.' See, Harry, whoever the mystery person is, they created a name, which at first makes anyone who sees it fear them, however, some people, like me, read into it more and it shows that really, they're only pretending to be feared." Hermione said, sounding pleased with herself.

"Hermione, are you sure they didn't just pick demon because most people think they're evil?" Harry asked, knowing that Hermione could, in fact, be right.

"HARRY, HERMIONE!" Called the familiar voice of Mr Weasley. They ran as fast as they could down the stairs and into Ginny's room.

"Ginny's alright." Ron said, as he was the only Weasley who looked able to speak. "Whoever's taken her left this." Ron gave Harry and Hermione a note.

"Read it out loud, we all want to hear it again." Fred said, sounding unsure whether his little sister will be okay.

Harry gave Hermione the letter to read aloud.

"'Dear Mr&Mrs Weasley,

Do not fear, I had to take your daughter to keep her safe. I know this sounds stupid, but she was in grave danger, I cannot tell you who I am or where I've taken her, but I can tell you that she will be okay, and will return to you after I can be sure she won't be hurt.

Fire Demon.'

"She'll be okay, Mr and Mrs Weasley. I very much doubt that if the person who took her would write a letter if they were going to hurt her."

The Weasley's obviously wanted to hear this, since, as soon as Hermione had said it, they all rushed in to hug each other. Harry and Hermione left them alone and went back to Harry's room.

"Hermione, you were right. Fire Demon is someone who is nice." Harry said, happy that Hermione's wild hunch was correct.

"Yeah, I suppose I was" Hermione said, but going very white.

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Harry Potter and his Sodalis Vitae.: Fire Demon's hint.


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