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Surreal by mary_ducks
Chapter 9 : A Christmas full of Surprises
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  The new friends spent the days of Christmas Break together, going to hogsmeade, having picnics and having a worry free break. Alexandria's parents had gone off on an auror mission so she had stayed at Hogwarts with Harry, Draco, Luna and Jenna. Or at least that’s what she told them.

“Hey Andy, what movie is this?” Draco asked one afternoon, there was a snow storm going on so the friends had stayed inside the castle.

“Oh, its called How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” Alexandria replied, but at his vacant expression she elaborated, “its a movie about these people who are called Whos and there is this one Who, who was not like everyone else, he was a hairy green person, he grew up with loving parents, but the endless teasing from his classmates caused him to grow angry and aggressive, he locked himself away from society, and lived in a giant snowy mountain all by himself, except for a dog named max who kept him company.” Draco nodded and took a seat next to her.

“Do you mind starting it from the beginning? It seems, interesting.” he said stealing some popcorn from the bowl in Andy's lap.

“Of course, I love watching this movie.” and with that she started the movie from the beginning.


Draco watched Andy's amused face as the Grinch wrapped little Lucy in wrapping paper and placed a bow on her head. He loved watching her eyes, and how they sparkled in the low light of the room. Finally he was left alone with her, and he could look at her without anyone else knowing. Sometime in the movie, when the Grinch was stealing the presents, Andy fell asleep and her head rested on his shoulder.

He moved the empty bowl of popcorn paused the movie and placed his arms under the sleeping girl. She looked angelic, her cheeks were still a little rosy from laughing and her soft red lips were still in the middle of a smile and her closed eyes made her look like Snow White.

He sighed, how he wanted to kiss her, to stroke her cheek and tell her how beautiful she was, but he couldn’t do that now could he? She was too good for him, and he, he was just a retired death eater who had never grown up knowing what it truly meant to love, and he was betrothed to some mystery girl. He placed the sleeping angel on her bed, and pulled the blankets up around her. She smiled in her sleep and turned over whispering something about a kiss.

<3 <3 <3 <3


Harry looked at Luna, they were off in the room of requirement enjoying the day in a small, sunny meadow, it was a nice way to get away from all of the snow and cold. He liked how her eyes were the same color as the sky and how her hair shined in the sun, most of all he liked how kissable her lips were. He hugged her to his chest and she sighed in content.

“Harry, why do you like me?” Luna asked suddenly. “i mean, I’m nothing like Ginny, for goodness sake I’m Looney Luna, no one ever liked me, not even Seamus, he did it to make Parvati jealous.” she sighed, “seems like the nargles are following me again, forget I said anything.” and she looked away pained.

“luna, I like you, because you are beautiful, because you make me feel like it doesn’t matter that I’m the boy who lived, I like you because every time I see you, my heart beats quicker, I like you, because you are you, the war affected you, but not in the ways it affected everyone else, you still had a piece of you that made you remarkable. And it was that that drew me to you, that made me forget all of the pain of the past years.” he said sitting up pulling her into a hug. “i like you, because no one understands me like you do.”

he kissed her lips and he could feel her smiling, and he knew that he didn’t like her, no that was to small a word to explain his emotions towards her, he loved her, for she was his everything, the air he breathed, the music he heard. She was the sky and the sun, warming his days, making him forget the past. She was a part of his soul.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Jenna sat in the library, looking out a window, she wanted to get away for a moment, and just miss her John without anyone asking her why she looked so glum. Of course she was happy, but nothing made her day like seeing her loving boyfriend. She missed him dearly, and wished that for the millionth time she could be with him. He was away in Italy, with his family, the family, who loved him and did not fear his power, his magic like her family did.

She remembered the day her mother told her that they were both witches, and when she revealed it to her husband, he had gone ballistic he threw them out, saying to never speak to him again. And from that day on she didn’t have a father, only a mother who had to take care of three children and worked three jobs to pay off the bills. Susan sighed, she missed John so bad, she decided to send him an owl with a letter and his Christmas gift, just so she could hear from him again.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 


It was finally Christmas morning and everyone was jumping with joy, there were plenty of presents under the tree, and everyone was excited to see the faces of merriment when their friends would get something that they had mentioned wanting. The girls scampered downstairs still in their pajamas and went to the kitchen to start a delicious breakfast that was already cooking.


“AWW Guys, this is so sweet!” Andy exclaimed when she saw the table set with delicious looking foods. “You didn’t have to.” she continued pleased.

“so you guys had the exact same idea.” Harry said walking out of the kitchen with a stack of pancakes.

“touche.” Luna said giving harry a kiss. “merry Christmas harry.”

“merry Christmas Luna.” he said pulling her into a hug and kissing her again.

“wow, guys this is delicious thank you so much.” Jenna said, her voice lacking in enthusiasm, she still missed John. Then two hands had covered Jenna's eyes and she couldn’t see anything, she reached back trying to see who was trying to keep their identity hidden from her. Her hands roamed up the face of a person who was obviously male, and he had soft lips, lips that felt familiar, then her hands continued to roam, touching soft feathery long hair. “Is it, Andy?” she asked giggling.

“nope, I’m still eating.” Andy said taking another bite out of the chocolate chip pancakes.

“is it Harry?”

“no he's making out with Luna.” Draco said laughing.

“oh shut it Draco, your just jealous cause you don’t have a girlfriend.” Harry said taking a drink from his hot cocoa.

“is it, John?” she asked with a grin.

“took you long enough to guess darling.” he said pulling his hands away and hugging his beautiful girlfriend.

“oh John, I missed you so much!” Jenna said kissing him.

“ I know, your friends owled my mother so many times she decided to let me come back for today.” he said giving her another kiss.

“wait, you guys did this for me?” Jenna asked tears of happiness welling in her eyes.

“yup, as soon as she found out that John's presence was absolutely necessary at Hogwarts she let him come.” Harry said and Luna slapped him on the arm playfully. “and she couldn’t say no to the savior of the wizarding world, now could she?” Harry said grinning. Jenna hugged everyone in joy and pulled John next to her so they could eat together.

“you guys are the best.” she said grinning, it was by far the best Christmas present ever.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 


When they were done with opening their presents the band of friends sat down in front of the fire listening to muggle holiday songs.

“We should play truth or dare!” Jenna said suddenly. She had been wrapped in the arms of her loving boyfriend when the idea had crawled into her brain.

“Well, it would be better than doing nothing.” Andy said agreeing, although somewhat hesitantly. The boys not so interested just nodded their heads in agreement. Luna skipped off to the kitchen to get an empty bottle of butter beer.

“well, since Jenna proposed the idea, I believe she should be the one allowed to spin the bottle first.” Luna said dreamily yet firm in a weird way.

“um Luna, this is truth or dare...”Jenna said awkwardly.

“oh I know, but this way, it will be fairer so no one gets chosen out of an old grudge.” she said taking a seat with Harry.

“oh alright.” she said and with a wave of her wand a nice clear space was made on the carpet and they sat in a circle waiting to see who would be the first unlucky victim. Jenna grinned and spun the bottle, it spun for approximately 8 seconds before stopping on harry.

“Ahh Harry Potter the boy who lived, what do you choose truth or dare.” Jenna said her eyes glinting mysteriously.

After a couple minutes of hesitation he put on a brave face and said, “dare.” Jenna grinned and thought for a while.

“i dare you to dress in drag, Andy if you could please give him something to wear, and add some make up to?” Jenna asked and Andy raced upstairs knowing exactly what she wanted harry to wear.


“alright Harry, come on out.” Andy coaxed trying to urge harry out of the room.

“no please this is just plain ridiculous, I look like a girl.” he moaned.

“thats the point of dressing in drag harry.” Andy said pulling his arm and he stumbled out of the room. everyone erupted into fits of giggles and cat calls as Harry walked down the stairs dressed in a tight fitting pink dress and 7 inch black platform heels. He was also wearing a black wig and several other girly accessories, which included a lacy black bra and thong.

“wow, Harry you would make a beautiful lady.” Draco joked lounging on the couch with his one of a kind smirk plastered on his face.

“oh shove it Draco.” Harry laughed and sat next to Luna, who seemed a bit put off by his girly outfit. “Alright my turn.” Harry said spinning the bottle with extra vigor. The bottle spun for quite some time before landing on Alexandria. She mumbled a couple of choice words that would make Mcgonagall put her knickers in a twist. “so, Andy, truth or dare?” Harry drawled out.

Andy thought for a while, Harry knew everything about her, he would be able to embarrass her if she chose truth, and if she chose dare he would exact revenge. She mumbled out, “dare.” and crossed her arms over her chest angrily.

“Goody! Now I dare you to serenade Filch, and it must be the oddest song you know.” he said with a grin, I sighed that wasn’t so bad. “oh and you must sing horribly and off tune.” harry added with a wicked grin.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

 Alexandria stalked the halls and toward the library, which according to the marauder's map is where Filch was hiding.

“Mr. Filch may I have a word please?” she asked the grumpy old custodian.

“what do you want? Your out of bed after h-”

“ I am not out of bed after hours, its barely 8'o clock, now if I may continue.” she said interrupting him and mentally killed Harry in her head multiples times, each one more painful than the last.

She began to sing a muggle song, one that was about a person's love hate relationship with drugs, but most people thought that the singer had gotten his heart broken by some girl, and he wasnt over her yet.

filch looked confused for a moment not getting the lyrics of song. She finished the song looked at filch and said, “obliviate.” erasing only the memory of seeing her that night before leaving.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

 “alright I did it.” she growled entering the common room. Harry grinned at her and patted her on the back, “but I erased all memory of the encounter from his mind, he doesn’t have an idea that it happened.”

“oh I know, I saw it all on the map, in fact we all saw it, I learned this new charm that can let me see what the person is doing, like as if I were watching them on t.v.” Harry said with a grin, “Remus taught me how to do it.” Andy threw herself on the sofa mortified. “oh its alright Andy, at least your not dressed in drag.”

“there is a difference harry, because if Andy wore men's clothing she could probably make it look stylish and chic, where as a guy looks like a transvestite if he puts on women's clothing such as yourself.” Draco added with a grin.

Andy looked up at him and noticed how handsome he was when he wasn’t insulting everyone and being a bloody git. The light reflected off his blonde hair, making it shine and his gray blue eyes, looked like the ocean during a storm, turbulent and dangerously beautiful. He had pale pink lips, that looked soft and inviting and taunted her every time he licked them to moisten them a little. She was lost in his beautiful facial features.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


“alright, for the very last dare, everyone must participate.” Draco announced once it was midnight. “i suggest we all write down a suggestion and the last person who went, gets to pick it out of a hat or something.”

“accio fedora, 5 quills, one ink bottle and 1 piece of parchment.” Andy said summoning everything they would need. She passed out the quills and pieces of the parchment before writing on her piece, go streaking around Hogwarts (you may wear underwear and bras). She folded it up meticulously and put it in the hat along with Harry’s and Draco’s.


Once all the pieces were in the hat Luna drew one that said, kiss someone. It was pretty lame, especially when they could have gone streaking. Luna walked up to Harry and gave him a gentle kiss, as did Jenna and John, but their kiss was more of a make out than a simple kiss.

“well then since we are the only people left, can I kiss you?” Draco asked Andy trying to keep the small fire of hope burning inside of him from showing in his voice.

Andy blushed a bright pink and replied, “i don’t know, can you?” Draco grinned realizing his small mistake but didn’t care, he pulled the beautiful girl closer to him, cupped her face in his hand and kissed her.

She was a little surprised but kissed him back, she didn’t see fireworks or anything, but she felt heat rushing to her face and all over her body and all she could think of, was how soft his lips were against hers, she pulled her arms around his shoulders and smiled, she liked this a lot more than she expected. Slowly, and forlornly she pulled away and opened her eyes, and slipped away from Draco and walked away to her room.

Draco stood there dumbfounded, why had she just left? Did she hate him for kissing her? Did she not like kissing him? Had he done something wrong? He was going crazy with despair wanting to know why she had pulled away with out a word.

“why don’t we check what the other dares were? Hey where's Andy?” Jenna said looking around for her raven haired female friend.

“oh she went upstairs, she said something about being tired.” Draco said trying his best to be indifferent about it.

“oh okay, I’ll go check up on her in a minute, but first I want to see what the other dares were.” Jenna said going to the hat and pulling out a dare, “hm this one looks like it says walk around topless for 20 minutes, good thing we didn’t choose this one, um this one says go streaking all around Hogwarts underwear and bras permitted, strip on a pole...” Jenna continued reading the dares gawking at the worst one, “blend every single thing in the refrigerator together and drink an entire goblet full of the concoction"

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Andy walked to her room, beyond upset, she had enjoyed the kiss between her and Draco, it was marvelous, beautiful even. But, she was afraid, she didn’t want to fall in love with him, her mother had warned her in fact. Draco was betrothed, not to her as she had secretly hoped, but to a Spanish witch named Isabella Garcia. She came from some of the purest blood lines, and they even claimed to be descendents of the great Salazar Slytherin. She knew there was no future, but a painful future with Draco, and she didn’t want to get hurt, not this time.


As it neared midnight, Andy could not fall asleep, making sure her friends were sound asleep, she crept out of bed, and pulled out her ballet slippers from her trunk. She tiptoed out of the room and escaped the common room and ran as quietly as possible to the astronomy tower.

She stepped into the cool night air, releasing a sigh of relief. She laced up her shoes and began to dance in the snow, this is what she had missed the most, dancing. She had found it near impossible to leave the dorm before the break began, but now she made it a habit to come out dancing almost every night.

She began to hum, no specific song really, and she danced no specific dance. She created it herself, spinning in the soft fluffy snow, she was reminded of a time, not so long ago. She forced the memory to the back of her mind and gracefully leaped to the ledge of the tower. The snow fell softly from the sky caressing her long soft hair. She spun and continued to dance, as she did a couple of piroettes though, her foot collided onto a cold, frozen piece of ice, and she lost her balance and she fell off the opposite side of the tower.

Her night gown whipped around her, and she tried desperately to yell out for help, but she knew it wouldn’t come, for goodness's sake, “ARESTO MOMENTUM!” a voiced yelled out and, her body was no longer being abused by the harsh snow and wind, that a moment ago had been her friends.

She felt the spell wear off and once again she was falling ten feet to the ground. “Uff.” she complained as her body was tackled roughly from the side.

“hold on tightly, I’ve got you.” her “savior” whispered calmly, helping her onto his broom. “are you alright? You didn’t break your toe again did you?” he teased.

“im fine, just a little out of breath.” she panted wrapping her arms tightly around his abdomen. “now get me back onto the ground now.” she demanded closing her eyes tightly.

“oh come on Saturn, that’s no way to treat your savior, now is it?” he teased.

“oh sod off Blondie.” she giggled, nestling her head between his shoulder blades.

“hey, hey whats with the name calling?” he teased lightly, steering his broom back to the tower.

“you started it! You called me Saturn!” she replied indignantly.

“no, I merely called you by your last name.”

“it was still an insult.” she huffed.

<3  <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


“then, I find it in my utmost interest, to treat you to a night of fun in the quidditch pitch.” he proposed looking back to see how the raven haired beauty was faring. Not so well, since she was practically clutching his waist and her face was hidden from view.

“please, Draco, don’t do this to me, you know I hate flying, I feel like I’m going to fall off at any moment.” she whispered.

“dont worry, were all ready here, and I know your a wimp when it comes to being in the air, Pinky come here please.” he said and a house elf in a silk pink dress (That was spotless) appeared out of thin air. “hello Pinky, I was wondering if you could prepare a picnic basket for us, with some hot chocolate and some snacks, and bring me my heavy blue coat please.”

“of course master Draco, pinky will be on her way soon, is there anything else you wish of Pinky?” the house elf asked her blue eyes twinkling in the star light.

“no thank you that is all, thank you Pinky.” he replied hugging the house elf that was the daughter of the house elf who had raised him.

“then Pinky will be on her way, good bye master Draco.” she said with a deep curtsy and with a snap of her long thin fingers she disappeared.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


“so Andy, what were you doing out so late?” Draco asked her wrapping her in his current coat, seeing as all she had on was a flimsy white night gown. White truly was her color, she looked like an angel, the breeze blowing her dark hair behind her, her violet eyes seemed to shine in the starlight, and her lips, oh how they taunted him with the memories of their first real kiss. How he wanted to pull her into a strong embrace and kiss her until he couldn’t breathe, and even then he would continue to kiss her.

“ I was having trouble sleeping.” she replied sitting down on the soft cold snow.


“what about you?”

“same, I was actually going out for a quick ride, when I saw you running to the tower.”

“oh, so you, you saw me dance?”

“yes, and you are an amazing dancer, and singer.” he said hugging her tightly, trying to discreetly steal some of the warmth she was hogging.

“are you cold?” she asked, removing the cloak from her shoulders.

“no, no I’m fine, anyways I have more covering myself than you do.” he replied pulling his arms away.

“here,” she said sliding in close to him, that he caught another wiff of her apple cinnamon aroma, as she wrapped the coat around the both of them.

“i wonder whats taking Pinky so long.” Draco grumbled, and just then his small house elf appeared with a big basket and two cloaks, his dark blue one lined with faux fur, and a smaller one of the same design, but more feminine.

“Pinky, is so sorry she took so long Master, but Pinky was making the pretty miss, her own coat to match yours.” the house elf said, scared she had disappointed her beloved master.

“Its alright Pinky, thank you so much for your concern.” Draco said taking the smaller coat from her and placing it onto her shoulders, the coat barely reached the ground, and it had silver embroidery all on it, making it shine in the moon light. The color she had chosen, suited Andy's eyes and fair complexion perfectly, she looked like an angel. “its perfect.” he breathed fixing the cloak a little.

“thank you master, and her is the basket of food you asked of Pinky.” the house elf beamed with pride, for even she could see, she had done wonderfully.

“thank you Pinky, and you can go now, you truly are a wonderful house elf Pinky.” he said bending down to hug the house elf.

“you welcome master, now Pinky must be going, good bye Master, and his lady friend.”

“Good bye and thank you Pinky, I absolutely love the cloak.” Andy said hugging the house elf, and as she released the elf, the elf gave them a big grin and disappeared.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 


“Would you like to join me for a midnight snack?” Draco asked.

“the last time I heard those words, albeit they came from my mouth, we had to clean the entire kitchens and it resulted in you not speaking to me.” Andy said.

“Oh come on Andy, don’t be a kill joy.” Draco pleaded, giving her a smolder.


Andy watched Draco as he gave her a dazzling smile and placed his hand at her elbow. “If you are trying to seduce me its not working.” she whispered grazing his ear.

“who said I was trying to seduce you?” he whispered back.

“you.” she said but this time, her lips grazed his.

They stared lost in each others eyes, waiting for the other to make the most important move. Each were lost within their conflicting emotions and raging hormones, each unsure of what to do next. And then, without a moments hesitation, Draco leaned in placing his lips upon hers. He kissed her tenderly, softly. He smiled a little as he felt her kiss him back and her hands flew up into his hair, and his arms wrapped themselves around her petit waist.

They pulled away a long while later, each breathing a little heavily. Draco smiled, never before had he kissed a girl so, just so sweetly, all emotion, love and patience. He kissed her once more, craving the feel of her lips upon his once more. “Would you do me the honor of eating this wonderful midnight snack prepared for us by my wonderful house elf Pinky milady?” he asked with a boy.

“I'd love to kind sir.” Andy said curtsying and taking his arm, as with a flick of his wand and a muttered spell the picnic was set up in the middle of the quidditch pitch.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 


They spent the night talking away, laughing, eating, having a snow ball fight, and kissing every once in a while. But Andy's favorite part of the night was how after the snow ball fight, Draco had carried her bridal style in his arms and spun her around, as the snow began to fall once more, and they both looked up into each others eyes and smiled, kissing each other once more.


“what time is it?” Draco asked as he refilled his cup with hot chocolate.

“um around 4:45 am.” Andy said checking her watch.

“what time does the sun rise?”

“around 6ish I think.”

“ooh okaay, so your saying we've been goofing off all night? Without getting any sleep whatsoever?” Draco asked.

“well no, you are saying that, I just said the time.”

“well then.” he said stretching the words out a little.

“haha, so what do you want to do now?” she asked snuggling closer to him.

“ I want to save this moment forever.” he said offering her his arm to use as a pillow.

“Alright then, can you summon me the camera Luna bought me for Christmas?” Andy asked and Draco obliged, he always had trouble denying her and summoned the camera. “Alright say cheese!” Andy said cheerfully holding the camera in front of them.

“Cheese?” Draco asked just as Andy took the picture. The picture developed in seconds and it caused Andy to end up in fits of giggles. Draco plucked the picture from her grasp and gawked in horror, she had taken the picture in the middle of him saying cheese, and he looked absolutely ridiculous!


“NO! don’t burn it please!” she begged snatching the picture back.

“Why not? I look like a troll!” Draco whined.

“Exactly, its adorable that I was finally able to get a picture of you looking so ridiculous because you always end up looking god like in pictures.” Andy said hugging the picture to her chest.

“You think I look god like?” Draco asked with a smirk.

“Only when you don’t put gel in your hair.”

“hm, I will take that into consideration.” he said kissing her lightly.

<3 <3 <3 <


A while later, they still lay on the blanket together, thinking silently and out of boredom Draco began to sing a muggle song that he liked very much.
“What day is it? And in what month?

This clock never seemed so alive

I cant keep up and I cant back down

I've been losing so much time.”

Andy watched Draco in awe as he sang a muggle song, a muggle song that happened to be her favorite song. Andy sang the next verse of the song for Draco and he stared at her, he suspected she knew the song, but he didn’t expect her to sing along, and she rarely sang in the presence of anyone since her break up with Jason.

Draco cupped Andy's face in his hand, and stared into her eyes before kissing her once more. Never did he want this to end, this night was just to perfect, and he needed some perfect in his sad life.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 


“Can I tell you something? It may not be something you want to hear though, it has to do with the war.” he whispered brushing some of the hair covering Andy's face behind her ear.

“Of course, I made my peace with the war, a while ago. I know that we will all die eventually, even Harry. But I also know that we cant control the way we die, so go ahead and tell me or ask me anything, and I wont hold back no matter how painful.” Andy whispered looking up from the pure white snow, to Draco’s gray blue eyes.

“Well, as most people think I didn’t fight in the final battle, but I did just once. I remember, it was shortly after Fred’s death, you stood up and looked around and marched up to my father, with this fire in your eyes as you slapped him and then you began to curse him with every curse locked inside that pretty little head of yours. I watched from afar, hiding like the coward I was, that was until Bellatrix unarmed you, and my father hit you with the cruciatus curse.

You didn’t scream, like Bella wanted you too, instead you took the pain and held in the scream that was locked in your eyes. And I ran from my hiding place and I stunned Bella and I turned on my father, he was in such deep shock he didn’t even notice when I hit him with the full body jinx, but when I turned to look for you, you were gone and the next thing I knew my father and Bella had broken free of my curses and I went back into hiding.”

He watched Andy's face hoping she would look at him instead of the snow, finally she looked up tears in her eyes.

“I ran the moment I was let go, because I thought you would attack me as well. I thought that you wanted to get back at me.” she looked down ashamed.

“Hey, it wasn’t your fault, if anything I would have done the same thing, and you didn’t know the real me back then.” he whispered turning her face towards him and kissing her sweet lips once more.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


“Oh look the sun is rising!! hurry up summon your broom!” Andy cried sitting up suddenly.

“What but I thou-”

“Summon your broom and take us behind the castle!” Andy demanded

“Fine, fine no need to get bossy.” he teased summoning his broom, “Now where to milady?”

“Behind the castle.” Andy replied wrapping her arms tightly around his abdomen and squeezing her eyes shut as Draco zoomed off.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


“Okay we are here- wow this is amazing.” Draco gasped upon seeing the beautiful garden hidden behind the castle. It was amazing, literally every plant was there, every color, size, shape and fragrance.

Andy grabbed his hand and lead him to the very heart of the garden where there was a beautiful stone bench surrounded by 12 different plots of flowers.

“watch.” Andy said pointing to a light blue shade of flowers. “Those are called the sleeping peonies, because they close up as the sun rises.” and true to her word, the flowers began to close and seemed to fall asleep.

Draco watched as the next plot of flowers began to blossom as the gentle rays of sunlight carressed the buds. “Those are called Morning Glories, the next plot over the...” Draco watched amazed as two more plots began budding as the sun began to rise higher into the sky.

“Wow.” he whispered, once again he was at a loss for words.

“ I know I had the same feeling when, when Fred brought me here once.”


“yeah.” a silence ensued which was slightly awkward now that Fred had been mentioned.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


“Yes Draco?”

“Would you ever consider, becoming my girlfriend?” Draco looked into her violet eyes as she calculated the best answer, but he knew she would say yes, he could see it in the way her lips were struggling not to smile and how her eyes seemed to light up.


“You know I never suspected the great Draco Malfoy to be a cheater.”  



OMG MY FIRST CLIFFHANGER!!! Cx and i do not own the song You and Me by Lifehouse, a really sweet romantic song, that belongs to the band and their record label i guess.  I also do not own How the Grinch Stole Christmas it belongs to the Warner Bros. company and like always i own nothing but the plot etc etc etc.

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