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The Truth About the Marauders by missclaire17
Chapter 2 : Two
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First Year: October 4th, 1971

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


As Told By Jennifer Potter

I couldn’t say that I hadn’t seen it coming; I had seen it coming, which was why when the day came, I was already prepared.

There had been no way that James would have continued to be my best friend even throughout Hogwarts.

That wasn’t to say that I loved him any less or that we were fighting, but it was the inevitable.

Let’s face it, James Potter’s cousin I may be but that had nothing when compared to Sirius Black, a boy who I believe is James Potter reincarnated, Remus Lupin who had the brains and secret mischievousness to shock all, and Peter Pettigrew, a boy who, although was first lumped together with the Marauders because there was no one else in the dorm, was brilliant in his own way.

And being Jennifer Potter’s cousin wasn’t going to make James my number one go-to candidate that day.

It was probably ridiculously anticlimactic to say that day because it brings about the impositions that it was some major Earth-shattering event.

But instead, it was merely recognition on both James’s side and mines that although we would love each other unconditionally, we weren’t the go to person for each other’s problems any more.

“I really can’t believe that this is an issue,” I told him, furrowing my eyebrows confusedly.

Honestly, why was this actually a problem?

On what sane planet would anyone ever want to get detention just because their best mate got detention as well?

Yet, somehow, that idiotic plan was running through James’s mind.

I couldn’t see why James had been completely horrified when he related to me the story of dropping Dungbombs in the Slytherin Common Room and McGonagall had only punished Sirius.

“Why not?! This is major, Jen! We need to land myself a detention before Friday night! There is no way that Sirius will walk into a detention without me,” James said petulantly as the two of us exited the Great Hall after lunch on Tuesday.

“We?” I voiced incredulously, still amazed at just how James’s brain could work.

We had our first practical exam coming up in Transfiguration and he was worried about how he can land himself in his first detention?!

I resisted the urge to laugh because even as I said it to myself in my head, I knew that that was just the type of thing James would do.

James snorted, throwing his arms around me. He said, as the two of us walked to Charms, “Sure. We. You need to help me come up with something. Remus, the poor bloke, is ill. Apparently he doesn’t have too good of an immune system. Pete’s hopeless, and Sirius is useless because he’s attempting to be a normal, non-trouble making student in order to appease Andromeda.”

“Andromeda, like his cousin?” I clarified, with a frown. “Why on Earth would Sirius want to appease Andromeda?”

“He likes her, doesn’t he?” James shrugged, like it explained everything. “She, their Uncle Alphard, and maybe his little brother Regulus are the only ones in his entire family that he’ll be willing to toe the line for. His Uncle Alphard managed to talk his mum out of disowning him for getting Sorted into Gryffindor, to “give him a chance”. Sirius would never turn his back on them.”

I was completely baffled; I knew Andromeda in passing, and she waved hello to James and I while we were with Sirius.

I knew that she was dating Ted Tonks, a Muggleborn, in secret, James and Sirius having sworn me to secrecy. I knew that she was a brilliant Witch and very kind, even in just the one month I’d been at Hogwarts.

But I never thought that Sirius would be willing to toe the line just because Andromeda had asked him to.

It seemed out of ordinary behaviour for Sirius. He didn’t toe any line, and certainly not if someone asked him to.

He and James saw rules as more of guidelines and suggestions rather than rules.

When I pointed this out to James, he frowned. “Take it this way; think of Andromeda as Sirius’s own Alex. Except for imagine that our dear slightly distant cousin grew up with us. That’s what Andromeda is. She’s not afraid to tell Sirius the truth because she’s not scared of him being scared. She’s not going to coddle him just because he’s only eleven, and… well, Sirius respects Andromeda as much as we respect Alex but more. And he loves Andromeda more than we love Alex, in that familial sense, of course.”

Alexander Griffiths, our slightly distant cousin who was more than ten years older than the both of us, seemed to have more appreciation for our nerves than did James’s parents.

In family dinners, we relied on Alex to tell us what Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle William would not tell James and me.

No one liked the fact that Alex spoiled us whenever he saw us but fact remained that Alex was probably the only family member besides James, Aunt Elizabeth, and Uncle William that truly cared for me.

“Right… so I suppose that all makes sense, somehow,” I told him slowly. The two of us had long reached the Charms classroom by now so the two of us quickly went inside.

“Sit with me, Sirius, and Pete today. Remus is still at the Hospital Wing,” James said, tugging at my hand to follow him.

Quickly, I waved in apology to Marlene, Dorcas, and Mary who had been saving me a seat. They thankfully took it graciously and just grinned at me with a wink as I sat down by the boys.

A little further away, Lily was sitting with Severus Snape, both of them looking displeased with James and me.

“So my fair lady, Guinevere, did you have some good suggestions for my friend James here as to how we can land him in detention?” Sirius asked conspiratorially.

We were practicing the Wand-Lighting Charm, Lumos, and one of my favourites. I could already see how it would be remarkably useful in the future.

I glared at Sirius as I clicked my teeth with annoyance. “How many times, Sirius, have I told you not to call me that?

He was the only bloody one that called me Guinevere and frankly, it was getting on my bloody nerves.

Sirius was completely undeterred as he said, “Come on. You must have had some good ideas. You grew up with James!”

“Yes but I don’t see what that has got to do with anything!” I told him graciously before I turned back to my spell.

I had nearly got it; a few more moments of silent concentration or Dorcas’s useful tips would be immensely helpful.

“So have you got anything?” Sirius interrupted me, the spell nearly having come out right that time.

I turned a displeased eye to Sirius (and James, for that matter).

“If you mutter one more word then I will make sure to beat you till you’re black and blue. And I don’t see what is so hard about getting a detention. Why not just drop more Dungbombs around the castle?” I told them sarcastically.

“No we can’t do that. That takes away the brilliance of it all; it has to be perfectly planned and perfectly executed with tons of people to witness it; like when we flung food at the Ravenclaw who had been laughing at Pete,” James said seriously.

Indeed, James and Sirius had landed themselves in their first detention on their second day at Hogwarts.

A Ravenclaw had been snickering about Peter’s eating habits and making snide comments about his weight. Out of anger, James and Sirius flung a load full of food at him.

It was the fastest anyone has ever gotten a detention at Hogwarts.

I paid him no attention as I continued to practice my Charm. I would help them when I was done learning myself.

It took me another five minutes to perfect the Lumos charm but it had been worth it. I actually loved Charms because though, most people consider it a soft option. I considered it to be what was the most brilliant about Magic.

Transfiguration was fun, definitely, but it had nothing on Charms. It was almost sad, I reflected with a despondent sigh, that not as much people enjoyed Charms as I did.

However, I did place my wand down and turn back to the boys, who had been muttering and talking nonstop for the last five minutes.

I didn’t find it fair that James and Sirius already had gotten the Charm down perfectly, way before this class, though I wasn’t sure I could say the same of Peter.

“So what plans have you boys got?” I asked critically to them.

James gave me a satisfied grin. “We got it already. What we’re going to do is simple and completely brilliant. Want to hear it?”

“Only if you don’t land me in detention,” I told him but leaned in to listen as well.

And so James told me their plan; it was actually a fairly funny one though they’d need help from Andromeda again.

They planned to make a copy of the large portrait of Godric Gryffindor in our Common Room and plant it in the Slytherin Common Room with a Permanent Sticking Charm; the portrait of Godric Gryffindor would replace the portrait of Salazar Slytherin.

I could already imagine the Slytherins’ horror when they discovered a large portrait of Gryffindor in the place where Slytherin usually is.

Though I couldn’t see how that would land James in detention, it would be hilarious.

“Oh that’s brilliant! I hate that you want to get detention, James, but that is a good idea,” I admitted with a reluctant smile.

James looked pleased with himself but Sirius cut in, “I don’t see why you’re so against getting detentions and everything. What’s wrong with that?”

“Besides that the fact that they’re a waste of time and I don’t want that sort of thing going on my record? It sets a bad behaviour and a bad precedent,” I told them wisely, trying my best to hide my smile.

Unfortunately for me, James had spotted it. “Out with it Jennifer. What is it you’re not telling us?”

“Nothing!” I insisted with wide eyes. My innocent, I’m-not-telling-a-lie eyes. “I just don’t want people to get the wrong impression of me.”

Namely the fifth year Gryffindor prefect whose best mate happens to be the older brother of Alice Whitaker, a very friendly third year girl with whom I’ve gotten close with.

Apparently, the innocent look I had been going for was too innocent, as James and Sirius immediately started bombarding me with questions.

Peter stayed silent though I knew from the look on his face that he was deathly curious.

“So you obviously have someone you want to impress,” Sirius managed to fish out of me after we had shown our perfected Charms to Professor Flitwick, Peter failing slightly but his failure covered up by our successes.

“Not anyone in particular,” I said stubbornly. “Can I go sit with my friends now?”

James cried with horror, “No you cannot; not until you tell me what you’re hiding from me! You never have secrets from me, Jen…”

I paused and stared at James.

It was then that I had my anticlimactic discovery that James was no longer the first person I confided to and James no longer needed me to help him cause trouble.

James had managed to think of a perfect prank, completely without my help, and this hadn’t been the first prank and mischief that these boys have caused in one month.

I had been crushing on a fifth year prefect by the name of Wayne Robinette and the first person I told was Alice, then Marlene, Dorcas, and Mary.

Lily must already know since she was in the dorm but she was doing a fine job of ignoring me so I couldn’t be sure if she cared enough to listen to our conversations.

Though I was in no mood to explain to James that it was possible to have feelings for the opposite sex even at eleven, at least for me, the thought that James and I were no longer each other’s number one go to person saddened me.

Hello?? Earth to Jennifer??” James waved an irritable hand in front of my face.

Dramatically and completely unnecessarily, I took his hand and pulled it to my lap, a frown on my face.

James was about to say something but I cut him off by lowering my voice significantly and leaning in. “I don’t want to get detention because I want to make sure that our fifth year prefect doesn’t get the wrong impression of me,” I told him, the same frown still on my face.

“Why would you want to impress prefects?” Peter asked confusedly.

“Keep up, Pete. She obviously fancies him,” Sirius said impatiently, looking irritable. “What I can’t understand is why on Earth would you want to fancy Wayne Robinette when-”

“Can you keep your bloody voice down?” I hissed angrily, clapping my hands to Sirius’ mouth and muffling his next words.

He was so bloody loud and uncontrollable.

When I was sure Sirius wouldn’t start on a rampage and announce to our entire Charms class about my crush, I huffed and pulled my hand down and turned to James.

He had a weird expression on his face well as he said, “Your friends know, don’t they? McKinnon, Meadowes, and Macdonald.”

I nodded sadly. “Alice Whitaker knows too. She’s the reason why I haven’t completely given up in the first place.”

There was a silent moment as Sirius was most likely trying to gauge the situation between James and I while Peter was still mightily confused.

James and I stared at each other and like that, an understanding passed.

No words were needed and no curses were thrown. Just a complete understanding of how even a month of Hogwarts has changed us.

“I’m sorry James,” I said softly, sighing a little. I wasn’t quite sure how just a bloody month of Hogwarts could change us so much.

He shook his head, a grin coming onto his face. “Don’t worry about it; you have your mates and I have mine but in the end, we’re still Potters.”

“Potters forever?” I replied with a smile.

“Potters forever,” James agreed.

I grinned at him and got up.

Giving him a quick kiss on the cheek and a friendly wave to Sirius and Peter, I said, “Well I’m off. Marlene said she has news for me about Wayne and I’m dying to hear it.”

I ignored James’s (and Sirius’s) horrified and overprotective expression as I collected my things and flounced away towards Marlene, Dorcas, and Mary.

Yes, everything would be okay for James and me.

First Year: February 10th, 1971

Gryffindor Tower: 1st year Girls’ Dormitory #1

As Told By Jennifer Potter

It was pathetic, but yes, I was crying over a boy.

I was crying over a boy who literally didn’t know I existed.

Wayne Robinette had decided to get himself a girlfriend; they have been holding hands and kissing everywhere in public and I couldn’t stand it anymore.

Obviously, I never had a chance to begin with but it was remarkably upsetting when you find out that your first crush barely knows your name and fancies someone else.

“I… f-f-f-feel s-s-s-s-s-so STUPID,” I wailed as I sat on my bed, sniffling and eating the chocolate Mary had given me at the same time.

Chocolate always makes the soul feel better.

Alice, the brilliant and wonderful and amazing Alice Whitaker, patted by back comfortingly, her arm around my shoulders.

“Don’t feel stupid! It’s my fault, if anything. I told you to just go for it,” Alice sighed sadly, showing off just how great of a person she is by saying that.

“No of course it’s not your fault, Alice!” Marlene said horrified, taking the words right from my head. “Jennifer doesn’t blame you!”

To show that I agreed with this statement, I just nodded, but continued my gaze on my flowery bed sheets.

I felt stupid, crying over a boy couldn’t put my name to my face; but this was the first time for all of us.

Neither Alice nor her best friend Emmeline Vance had been through any of this sort of rubbish.

“Come now, Jennifer. It’ll be alright, now,” Dorcas said gently, trying to reason with me.

Taking a deep breath, I knew what she said was true. I was being silly and it would be alright.

I had overheard some older students say how five people were reported dead in this morning’s Daily Prophet, and here I was, crying because some boy I didn’t know existed got a girlfriend.

While the five of us, Alice, Marlene, Mary, Dorcas, and I sat there crowded around my bed while I finished off the last bit of my chocolate with the four of them cheering me up considerably, the door swung open.

There revealed Lily Evans, holding a tub of ice cream and looking unsure of herself.

As she slowly closed the door, I watched her curiously as she then slowly and still really unsure, cross her way to my bed.

“Hullo Lily,” I said lifelessly while the others waved or smiled at her in recognition. I had always felt uncomfortable calling her Evans, even if we technically weren’t on close terms.

It felt just wrong to call your roommate by her last name.

She stopped in front of me and I looked up at her curiously. Lily squirmed and I noticed how uncomfortable she felt.

Immediately, I felt guilty about making one of my dorm mates uncomfortable around us, even if I was crying. That just wasn’t the sort of thing to happen; hell, James’s roommates were now his best friends.

Most of these days since September, Lily and I try our best to be cordial and civil to each other.

She hung out with that good for nothing Slytherin friend while I hung out with Marlene, Dorcas, and Mary, and occasionally Alice and Emmeline.

“I saw Potter, Black, Lupin, and Pettigrew downstairs,” she said softly. “They heard you were upset and wanted to give you ice cream but they couldn’t get upstairs.”

Silently, she handed me the ice cream, my favourite flavour of chocolate chip cookie dough.

It was also my favourite brand of Wizarding ice cream, James no doubt having gone through the trouble of finding me ice cream and knowing how much I loved my ice cream.

I snapped my thoughts away from James, however, and glanced back up at Lily.

I gave her a wide smile, or as wide as I can manage it, and said, “Thanks Lily. Do you want to sit down and hear my sob story?”

Fate once again did work in different and many wonderful ways.

Because I was not the type of person to hold in my emotions when I felt them and because I was the type of person that liked to express myself, I invited Lily Evans to sit down while I told her how stupid I was to like a fifth year who didn’t know I existed.

It was also because Lily Evans was a great listener and that she could related on a woman to woman scale of why I felt the need to cry and vent that day.

It was because of those aspects about both Lily and myself that I found myself repeating the story from the beginning to end, including every single tidbit in there that I earned myself a true friend.

After all, it was hard not to become friends on either of our parts when there was a situation such as this that made all of the females in the room connect to each other.  

It was because of my confession and Lily Evans' angry bashing of Wayne Robinette that from that day on, Lily Evans' only friend wasn't Severus Snape and our dorm was, finally, a united front against whatever evils might be thrown at five girls, be it anything from slavishly difficult Transfiguration essays to the worries of acne to the confusing mind that belongs to the opposite sex. 


Author's Note:  I apologize for the short chapter, but I wanted to get this chapter out as quickly as possible. How did you all enjoy this chapter? Anyone notice how Jen has a flair for dramatics? xD

Please leave a review! :)

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