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I'm a What? He's My What? Well Hell by clumsydolphin
Chapter 9 : Chapter 9
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AN: So two people left reviews about being confused about last chapter. I wish I could help you by clearing things up but I don’t know what parts were confusing. Other’s said there was some OOCness going on but I have to disagree. I think in this particular situation there is no way to know how your character would handle these issues.  If you send me messages about your confusions I promise to answer to help clear it up. Now this is a bit fluffy for the story but I promise Draco’s snarkiness hasn’t disappeared and will make a comeback because I appreciate a snarky Draco! Clumsy!




Draco opened the door to see who had disturbed the wards at his home. What he saw was a bit frightening if he was being honest with himself. It was the soon to be Weaslette ShePotter and since he hadn’t seen or heard from Granger in months he couldn’t begin to guess why Ginny would be here. He wasn’t left wondering for long however.

“I can’t believe I believed you! I welcomed you into mine and Harry’s home and you hurt Hermione there! Well, you hurt her then you do answer to me!” Ginny said right as she whipped her wand out and before Draco could even attempt to defend himself from the surprise attack his male bits were hit!

Draco screamed and Narcissa came running. She didn’t know what had happened but she ran straight for Draco leaving Lucius to deal with the attacker.

“What curse have you used on my son?” Lucius demanded unsure of what had happened because the Weasley didn’t look like she wanted to continue an attack anymore.

“Just a very precisely aimed stinging hex that was more than earned. You should see the results of your actions Malfoy! Hermione is dying because of you. You wouldn’t happen to have a Pensieve handy would you?” Ginny asked.

Unfortunately for Draco the stinging hex had to run its course and wear off over time which was precisely why Ginny had chosen to use it because he wouldn’t soon forget. She watched as Lucius walked over to a cabinet across the room and removed a Pensieve that was expensively decorated and set it on the coffee table in the sitting room right next to the entry.

Ginny crossed into the room while Narcissa assisted Draco who hadn’t recovered his voice yet.

“I think this was a bit excessive Miss Weasley! He’s hurting over the whole situation too; he cares deeply for Miss Granger who gave no reason for ending things with a man who had already accepted being her mate. That has consequences on his health as well.” Narcissa lectured angrily.

“Your son, in my home I might add, had the gall to tell Blaise Zabini he was only with Hermione because he owed her a life debt! So she’s protecting her mate from doing something he doesn’t want to do and dying in the process. Malfoy watch this, it’s what you deserve.” Ginny said raising her wand and extracting the memory of Hermione right before Ginny had come over here.

Draco looked up eagerly but then flinched when a gaunt and sick Hermione rose up from the Pensieve bowl. She looked close to death already and she was suffering for a misunderstanding!

“Misunderstanding, that was only the first bit of the conversation.” Draco croaked. His parents looked at him reproachfully.

“You did this thing Draco? How could you? The poor girl is sick!” Narcissa probed shocked.

In answer Draco raised his own wand and removed his own memory of that discussion and passed it over to his father so that everyone could see the truth.




In the meantime ……..


Hermione was roused from a dream about her mate by his scream in her head. She couldn’t hear his thoughts yet because they weren’t fully bonded by the mark but she could sense him and his emotions because he had accepted technically being her mate. He was in severe pain and he was angry and confused.

She jumped up from the couch to go to him only to fall to the floor because she wasn’t healthy enough anymore to protect him. She didn’t have a choice though, he was her mate and she had to go to him. She crawled to her wand on the table by her front door and with the last reserves of her energy she concentrated with all her being and disapparated.




Back at Malfoy Manor…

“This is the biggest comedy of errors I have seen! If either of you weren’t so foolishly stubborn then this could have been rectified in moments!” Ginny said exasperated with both Hermione and Draco. “My best friend is dying for nothing! Why didn’t you talk to her and settle the misunderstanding Draco?”

“I tried! I don’t know where she lives but it must be unplottable because we can’t find it! I sent owl after owl after owl and in the end she never answered one letter! I even sent a bloody howler but again no answer. I went to Potter to ask him to seek her out and find out why she isn’t answering but he wouldn’t even see me he just had me thrown out. What else can I do?” He yelled because he was frustrated and was still pissed about that hex which was thankfully beginning to wear off finally.

Right after he finished saying that the ward alarm sounded yet again and Lucius went to answer this time. He opened the door and looked toward the apparition landing area and saw a bundled lump with curly mahogany hair on the ground. He yelled for help and ran out to make sure she was not dead already.


 Draco being younger got there faster even hurt, he took one look at Hermione picked her up in his arms and disapparated to St. Mungo’s Hospital yelling for help on his landing. Hermione was on a stretcher and being taken back into a room and Draco was being questioned already when the other three got to the hospital themselves.

Ginny walked straight to the floo and contacted Harry and Molly. Harry was told to get Hermione’s parents and Molly to contact the rest of the family and everyone was to come straight to the hospital and the most important person of all they had to get Fleur.




Lucius, Draco, and Fleur sat in Hermione’s room in the hospital because Draco refused to leave. They were trying to teach him how to use the connection to Hermione to try and get her back that way. The Healers had done all they could but her Veela affected her healing because she refused her mate and seemed to want to die. Draco had to find a way to contact her before it was too late.

“Close your eyes Draco and shut everything out. Somewhere in your conscious mind you will find a flicker of awareness of her mind. It’s not as strong as it can be one day but it is there. You must use it to touch her mind and bring her back to us and only you can do that. We’ve both tried other Veela measures and she’s blocked us out.” Fleur cried as she instructed. She didn’t want to lose her only real friend.

“Son you must do this for your mate because you accepted, you won’t be able to live happily without her now. You can do it; it’s like your meditation in that you just shut everything out. You and your mind relax and find her in there.” Lucius added clapping a supportive hand on his son’s shoulder.


The other two rose from their seats and left the room with Fleur reaching out and rubbing Hermione’s foot on the way out. Draco moved his chair back to her bedside and removed his wand to lock and seal the door so that nobody would interrupt. If he was going to be able to do this for the first time he couldn’t be interrupted and distracted.

He took hold of Hermione’s hand and kissed it. “I don’t know whether you can hear me or not Granger but I am going to say something hoping that you can. I am about to attempt something we never did together and doing it without you giving me permission feels sort of like I’m hiding in  a closet peeking at you changing. I feel like I’m about to invade your privacy in a really bad way but if it brings you back it’s worth it to me. I just want you to know I am sorry just in case it works.”

Holding her hand in both of his and leaning forward to lay his forehead to their joined hands he closed his eyes and began relaxing each of his muscles one by one. He mentally closed out the world and began the draining and exhausting task of searching his mind for Hermione’s place in there.

Much like a library he’d come across errant thoughts and pass by them one by one. That is until he found one that he physically felt! It was Hermione! He could hear her crying and he could feel her longing for both him and for death. For now the longing for him was greater but death wasn’t far behind. Now if he only understood how to make her hear him!

He furrowed his brow and began a mental conversation of sorts trying to use that place in his mind reserved only for her and his place in her own mind.

“Granger you have to hear me, it’s all a mistake. Look in me and see that it’s not the life debt. It’s my feelings for you, you’re my mate and I’m yours!”

“It’s not the debt…..It’s not the debt.” He just kept repeating it over and over again like a mantra. Getting frustrated that he could feel her and not knowing how to make her feel and listen to him.

He was just about to give up and then. “Draco?” “How did you get in here?”

“Hermione! Thank God! We’ve been trying for days to get you to listen. There was a misunderstanding at the Potters that night! You have to trust me that you walked away before the conversation was over! Look here and you will see my feelings for you! It’s not the life debt, it certainly plays a role of sorts but it is a tiny fraction of what went into my decision. Please wake up!”

He wasn’t sure how much of that she heard because she pulled back from the connection and shut it down. That was two hours ago and no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t get back in. So he sat holding her hand sadly because he knew he had failed her. He hadn’t been able to convince her and he was lost. For the first time since childhood Draco Malfoy had tears on his cheeks.

That is until the hand he still held in his own twitched and he looked up at Hermione and found her brown eyes staring into his grey ones. She had a small smile on her face and he jumped to his feet and kissed her happily.

AN2: Alright, I know the end is fluffy and saccharine, but they were due a happy moment. The story is not anywhere near over though so there is still more drama ahead for this couple! Please review!

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