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Still Fighting by ForeverProngs
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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 A/N: Hello readers! Another chapter for you all. I hope you’re as excited as I am! 

Disclaimer: No, the Harry Potter world does not belong to me. Jo Ro is our queen.

‘You slag!’ she screamed as she dumped a goblet of pumpkin juice all over Lily’s head. ‘How dare you!’ the girl shrieked. ‘HOW DARE YOU!’

Never had Lily seen someone so enraged but for that matter, never had she herself been so enraged. After successfully avoiding everyone the day before and pretending she was asleep by the time her friends entered their dormitory, so far Lily had avoided their questions. What she had not expected, was to come down to breakfast and be attacked by a some sixth year slag for supposedly dating Sirius Black.

Speak of the devil, Sirius entered the hall looking harried and hurried over to her. ‘Lily!’ he exclaimed in shock. Lily turned to look at him, pumpkin juice still dripping from her hair. ‘Hello, Sirius,’ she replied cheerfully. ‘I see you’re looking dry this morning. Pity your fan club couldn’t give me the gift of dryness.’

Sirius didn’t seem to know what to say. Instead, he settled for cleaning up the mess with his wand. Once Lily was sufficiently dry, he turned to face the fuming sixth year who apparently couldn’t figure out that it was time to run before the head girl did something drastic. ‘You’d think they’d know by now,’ she muttered to Sirius as she pulled out her wand. Sirius nodded in agreement, knowing that this was Lily’s battle. ‘Now, I don’t know your name and I really don’t care what it is but you should get one thing straight. Whatever your problem is with me, it does not give you the right to pour pumpkin juice all over me. Disrespecting me as a human being is bad enough but as head girl, you’re really not very bright, are you? Fifteen points from Gryffindor for the complete disregard and lack of respect for the head girl. Plus detention. I expect you to see Professor Sprout this evening at seven,’ Lily said with quiet anger.

It seemed however that the girl was not yet done. ‘Sirius! How could you? We had something special! How could you leave me for this SLAG?’ she screamed at him. They’d gained quite the audience. James and Amanda were standing not far off while Marlene was staring at them apprehensively from the end of the table. ‘Erm, do I know you?’ Sirius asked bemusedly.

This apparently was the wrong thing to say. With a scream of indignation the girl lunged at Lily shouting profanities, claiming that she had drugged Sirius to forget her. Before she was halfway across the table however, she fell on top of the food, stunned. Lily was looking at her with disdain, her wand raised.  ‘Really, Sirius?’ she said dryly.

‘I swear I have no clue who she is!’ he insisted.
‘Well I’m sure that’s all very well but seeing as this is all your fault, you can take her up to the hospital wing,’ Lily ordered. Sirius looked gobsmacked.
‘But I’ll miss breakfast! I can’t miss breakfast!’
‘Sure you can. I didn’t intend on having my pumpkin juice poured all over my head and you didn’t expect to miss breakfast. I think that makes us even. ALL of this is your fault. If you hadn’t let this poor dunderhead of a slag think there was something going on between the two of you, she wouldn’t have attacked me and I wouldn’t have retaliated in self defence. Therefore, you can take her,’ Lily insisted, a slightly scary gleam appearing in her eye. The crowd that had surrounded them during the confrontation was beginning to disperse but Sirius was still staring at Lily with a look of absolute shock on his face. ‘I hate you, Evans,’ he muttered as her conjured a stretcher and levitated the girl onto it.

‘Love you too, sweetheart,’ Lily grinned, batting her eyelashes. Sirius sent her a withering look as her took the girl away. ‘Well you’ve sure had an interesting morning, haven’t you Lily,’ Marlene said brightly as she took her seat next to her best friend. ‘A great deal of help you were. Great friend you are,’ Lily grouched.
Marlene shrugged nonchalantly. ‘You handled it fine on your own. And how many times have you warned Em and me to not interfere when you’re getting revenge?’

That wasn’t the point but Lily did not feel inclined to argue at that moment. ‘Well, well, well. Who’d have thought that precious head girl Evans would be labelled a slag in front of the entire Great Hall?’ Amanda smirked down at her. ‘Oh, sorry about that, Jackson. I hate to take your title away from you. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get the ball rolling again soon,’ Lily smiled at her a little too kindly.

Just as she was about to retort, James joined them. ‘You alright, Lily?’
‘Fine thanks, James. Nothing more than a little pumpkin juice to help my complexion after all,’ she grinned.
‘So what was all that about anyway? Why would Samantha Carter label you a slag?’ he asked.
‘Apparently she doesn’t like it too much when Sirius Black is friends with members of the opposite gender to himself. Talking to him appears to set half the female population into a frenzy. Completely mental that one was. I knew some of these girls are mad but this one really needs help. Total tosser,’ Lily replied. 

‘And this all happened because you’re friends with him?’ James asked suspiciously.
Lily raised an eyebrow. ‘Surely you’d know how possessive females are of Sirius, James.’
‘Well you don’t seem to concerned,’ Amanda piped in. ‘In fact, you look rather smug. Why would that be, Evans?’
‘I wouldn’t know, Jackson,’ Lily shrugged. ‘But if you’ll excuse me, I do believe I have to go figure out how to make Sirius pay.’
‘What?’ James looked confused. ‘You already deprived him of his breakfast. What could possibly be a worse punishment than that?’
Lily sighed. Perhaps it was cruel of her. ‘You’re right. I’ll take him some breakfast so I can plan his demise in piece. Satisfied?’

She didn’t wait for an answer before she grabbed several pieces of buttered toast and a napkin. ‘I’ll see you all later. Can’t keep Sirius waiting now can I.’ Lily smiled coyly at their bemused expressions before scampering off. 

‘Sirius!’ she called as she saw his dark head turning around the corner of a fifth floor corridor.
‘What, Evans?’ he snapped. She pouted playfully.
‘That’s no way to speak to the girl you adore so much, especially considering she brought you breakfast!’ she announced proudly. Sirius’s scowl vanished to be replaced by a large grin.
‘Oh, Lily flower! I knew you wouldn’t let me starve! Have I ever told you how much I love you?’ he yelped, wrapping her in a huge bear hug just as James walked past. ‘Easy there, Padfoot. You’ll crush the breakfast if you hug her any harder,’ he said with a slightly bitter grimace that Sirius did not miss. ‘Yes, Sirius. Listen to James. Do you or do you not want your toast?’ Lily lifted the breakfast when Sirius released her. Without looking at the two, Sirius lunged for the toast and shoved them into his mouth in an exceptionally ungraceful manner.

As James and Lily watched, Sirius’s perfect black hair began to change. First slowly but then with more speed, the once luscious black hair turned a rather bright shade of purple. Yes. Purple.

As James opened his mouth to say something, Lily lunged at him and covered his mouth with her hands. It was rather unfortunate that that was the moment Amanda Jackson decided to join them. ‘One boyfriend not enough, Evans? Must you throw yourself at others?’ she said, shooting Lily a hateful glare.
‘Actually, Jackson... I think you’ll find I was just stopping James from saying anything to Sirius. No doubt Sirius will reply and it’s terribly rude to talk with one’s mouth full. And he’s such an animal when he eats as it is,’ Lily replied smoothly, letting go of James but shooting him a warning look to not mention the hair.

Sadly, Amanda was not capable of shutting her mouth. ‘What in the name of Merlin happened to your hair, Black?’
‘Why, jealous of its beauty, Jackson?’ he replied suavely, completely unaware of anything being amiss.
‘Yes!,’ James blurted out to stop Amanda from saying anything. ‘It looks fabulous as always, Padfoot. But if you’ll excuse us, Amanda and I have places to be.’ He grabbed Amanda’s hand and ran from the corridor before she decided to say anything else and ruin what was obviously a master prank that was being pulled by none other than the “perfect” head girl, Lily Evans. Before he left however, James did shoot Lily a quick look that blatantly screamed three words at her. You will explain.

Lily gulped. ‘Am I missing something?’ Sirius asked.
‘No, not at all. We should get to class,’ Lily said, perhaps a little too quickly. Thankfully, Sirius didn’t notice. As they walked through the throng of students towards their first class, Sirius and Lily ignored the pointing and the stares, Sirius thinking it had something to do with his arm hanging over the head girl’s shoulder. How wrong he was.

Just as they walked into charms however, Sirius gave a huge yell. James and Amanda, who were already seated, turned to look at them. ‘MY HAIR!’ Sirius screamed. ‘WHO DID THIS? Why didn’t you say anything?’ he asked Lily furiously. ‘My precious hair!’

As he ran his fingers through his once marvellous locks, James approached him, trying to contain his laughter. ‘Calm down, mate. I’m sure you can get your back to normal quickly.’
‘YOU! You did this, didn’t you, Evans?’ Sirius rounded on her, completely ignoring James. He looked like he was about to throttle her.

Lily meanwhile, seemed unconcerned. ‘I most certainly did. It suits you,’ she said dryly.
Sirius looked like he was beyond words. ‘Put. This. Right,’ he hissed, his left eye had begun twitching terribly.
‘I warned you, Sirius. I told you that I wouldn’t stand for your fan girls. I will NOT tolerate pumpkin juice being thrown at my face every morning. Should I find that there are those who continue to plot my demise due to my relation to you, I assure you, you will suffer just as much as they do. If I’m going down, you’re going down with me.’

Standing on top of the desk, Sirius looked around almost deranged. ‘OI! Listen up! I’d like to make it exceptionally clear that I, Sirius Black, am NOT currently in a relationship with the lovely head girl, Lily Evans. We are however friends so if ANYONE messes with her, they can expect to go through me first. Understood?’ He barked looking livid. ‘Good.’

He jumped down and in a much smaller voice gasped, ‘now for the love of Merlin, please set my hair right, Evans.’
‘Thank you, Sirius. That wasn’t so hard was it,’ she smiled as she pulled out her wand and returned his hair to its original magnificent state. Sirius looked like he was far too exhausted to respond to her.
‘Remind me,’ he hissed, ‘to never, ever, ever, directly involve you in any pranks I wish to play.’

Lily smiled smugly. ‘As you wish.’
James turned around in his seat to look at her, looking much happier than he had looked since the previous morning. ‘So you’re seriously not going out with Sirius?’ he asked happily.
‘I’m as single as ever,’ she replied. James lit up like a Christmas tree.
‘I’ve got to hand it to you, Lily. I’m really impressed. I can’t believe you pulled off such an amazing prank on Sirius of all people! Although, I should warn you, you may well find yourself as a major target for the next few days. No one gets away with messing with Sirius Black’s hair. No one.’
‘There’s a first for everything, James m’dear. If I were Sirius,’ she replied loudly so Sirius would hear, ‘I’d avoid attacking the very same head girl is more than capable of ensuring that his hair is never the same again. I’d mark her words if I were him.’

They distinctly heard him gulp. Laughing, James turned back to face the front as Professor Flitwick finally arrived. As their professor reviewed the charms she knew so well, Lily smiled smugly. Even though she did not use the pranking talent she obviously possessed most of the time, now that she was ready to have a laugh, perhaps Sirius Black had finally met his match.

A/N: Well that was fun. I’ll perhaps update in a week or so. Please leave me a review and tell me what you think! I’ll be forever grateful. Reviews make my week so much better.

Much love,


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