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Invisibly Me by TheOnlyLota
Chapter 3 : Me and my Snake- sorry- Snape, and MTSs
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Disclamer: I unfortunately am not blessed to have the first name of Joanne and otherwise i would be writing an official Maurader prequel ;) .

A/N by the way, for the first few chapters, I'm going to be giving intros and sort of building up the story, so you'll get flash backs to other years, or just describing that year. It'll settle into a proper 'thing' by their sixth year
Now, Let the story, begin!

Lily was now a couple of weeks into the Winter term at Hogwarts and she had once again settled into her agreement that she had made with Professor McGonagal and Professor Flitwick at the start of her 2nd term.

After finding out that,as the sorting hat never goes back on its choice, she was a Gryffindor as it had called out its name first before the 'claw' came in, Lily was furious as she found out she would have to spend time with 'her bitchy half'.

Simon and Benji had found great pleasure in making up names for people at their first feast- though as they dated more people, she didn't like to think of their new nicknames.

Lily had to meet with McGonagal and Flitwick to talk about her houses but McGonagal wouldn't budge. So Lily tried to hide out as a Ravenclaw- she got a 7th year Gryffindor to transfigure her tie and robes( she said it was a prank) and then following them to lessons. None of the teachers really noticed except Flitwick and McGonagal.

It went well with Fliwick as he liked anyone who was good at charms.
But McGonagal wasn't quite as pleased, casting enchantments to stop her sitting at the Ravenclaw table and entering their common room.

These enchantments continued till the 2nd term, when she started staying outside in a tree with Liam until the morning.

This caused McGonagal and Lily to come to an agreement. -

The person in question agrees to be a Gryffindor in the respects of going to classes to them, earning and losing points for them, potentially becoming a prefect for them and wearing all Gryffindor attire.

They also agree that for a each year , 10 times I shall have to sit at Gryffindor table for both lunch and dinner. Breakfast is an extra option.

On the same day, they agree to spend at least 4 hours in the Gryffindor common room and a whole night.

During these 10 days, they are not permitted to go to the Ravenclaw common room AT ALL. Though, friends from other houses are allowed to accompany said person to and into the fore mentioned places.

Also, said person must spend on of the feasts ( start-of-term, Halloween, Christmas, Easter and end-of-term)

This does mean ( to my complete digression) that said person shall be allowed to enter the common room as their own, and sleep in the Ravenclaw dormitories ( hopefully the girls') so long as they can answer the riddle upon entrance to the Ravenclaw common room.

Signed/ said person- Lily Marie Evans

Contracter- Minervra McGonagal

Witness - Fillius(a/n what's his first name? I can change if you review ;) please ) Flitwick

So basically all she had to do was attend a couple of classes and spend a few days with Gryffindor and she was free!

Ever since Lily had spent random days when her and Liam would either- camp in their tree, or spend time at the Gryffindor table. In class it was fine, she had Charms and Herbology with the Hufflepuffs, Potions with the Slytherins and everything else with the Ravenclaws. Ancient Runes and Muggle Studies werent popular with anyone and Slytherins respectively, so all the house were joined together for those.

She was now wandering down to her potions class, lagging slightly behind the other Gryffindors that took Muggle studies aka the James, Remus,and two other Gryffindors called Mary McDonald and Emmeline Vance, in order to not be seen.

It was times like this she knew it was partly her fault for not being noticed at all.

As she reached the dungeons she took her place next to her only Slytherin friend, and the only friend that was also friends with Talitha, Severus Snape.

He had had a history with both her, and Talitha, but Talitha more so.

Lily and Snape had both been born in the poor area of Spinner's End, while Talitha was born in the slightly richer, but still poor Market Close.

Snape and Lily knew each other until they were five, when Lily's family couldn't pay the bills when Lily's dad became terminally ill, and couldn't work. They then moved to a council estate near the hospital and stayed there to this date.

Talitha and Snape knew each other better; they were both half bloods and knew it, so they were far closer than Lily ever was to Snape.

When school started, Lily had found Snape, and he was disappointed that both Lily and Talitha were both in a different house to him, and more so that it was gryffindor.

"hey Sev, how are you and Elfinbere "Lily had always greeted Snape like that, no matter how pissed he was at Lily or Talitha.
" she doesnt even talk to me anymore, except of she wants something of me or if she wants to abuse my choice in friends, including you" Snape said, monotonously

"well, you do have shoddy taste in friends Sev, 'cept me course"

Snape, smirked as he always did- he never smiled. He opened his mouth, probably to make a cutting remark, when Slughorn started the lesson

" welcome class, I trust that you all have your homework?"

Most of the class nodded- Peter and the Vance girl both looked a bit sheepish

" excellent" he summoned all the essays an continued with the lesson. " today we'll be continuing the study of poisons and antidotes. Today, we will be making 'Antidote for Common Poisons' instructions are on the board and in your textbooks. If you need any extra ingredients you know were they are. You have an hour, Begin!"

Lily and Snape settled into their normal work fashion; prepare a line each, and tell the other of any changes they had made to adjust the potion. They both stuck mainly to the potion, but of course also worked upon instincts.

As they worked , Lily used this time to question Snape further.

"Sev, what about Potter and Black, does she stand up to them any more"

"Not really, but when you do Potter and Black still think its her so it's still working out for her"

Lily was confused, as she was many times as she worked with Snape

"What do you mean? Does she have a sort of- sorry, I added some bat wings cause it was to dark a purple, you'll have to add a bit of unicorn or rose thorns to counter it as a base if you want to add extra mushroom"

Snape nodded and continued "yeah, she has a plan, She likes him."

Lily's eyes widened and then she groaned; her convsation about Potter kissing her might happen sooner rather than later

"What, do you mean you've had a crush on Potter all these years too?" Snape teased

Lily's eyes widened further; Snape never teased anyone.

"Umm, what! wait? Did you? Umm Sev?" Snape nodded" is the grease finally gotten to you head?" Snape glared at her making Lily more comfortable with the cold Snape again.

"what made her like James then" Lily asked, now in the finally stages of their potion, just adding the stirs in.
" she's always liked James or at least since second year, she was just trying to make herself a bit more noticeable. So you remember, in first year she hated him purely cause he thought that she was a muggle born, had a different birthday and, was YOU! "

Fifth year was turning out to be a very good year for revelations.

A couple of days later, Lily and Liam took sleeping bags that they had brought to their tree for their monthly 'talk'.

As they were so close, they would just talk about what they had missed over the past month( that was mainly what Lily had heard in her common room, or during lessons everyone in a while, and what had happened in the Ravenclaw common room while she was in Gryffindor. ) as they knew everything else they needed to know about eachother.

"Bond, I was talking to Sev," Liam rolled his eyes, he didn't like Snape- no one did. " and he said that Talitha likes James!"

"Oh yeah, Marlene told me." Liam said. " wait, how the hell does marls know? She isn't even a Gryffindor. "

"She's started hanging out with them more- apparently she likes Black. "

Lily knew this was hard on Liam, as he had liked Marlene for a while, every since second year.

"Oh, and you feel..."

"Oh sod off Lil! I don't need you as a therapist! I prefer you as my sister"

"Oh really, cause I remember all those chat up lines, with me being your next Bond girl," Lily smirked as she remembered the crushes that they had had on each other until second year (meaning that Liam worked extremely fast).

Course it turned out weird as during first year Lily had a crush on James as well, and during second Liam had started to develop feelings for Marlene.

It didn't stop the two of them seein what a kiss would be like though:awkward.

They had never told anyone about it, but had frequently threaten to tell someone about it with their own spin:

Liam- being the handsome 13 year old I was, Lily was completely attracted to be and rounded up on me in the second of our Monthly stakeouts in our tree. Naturally, I was shocked that Lily felt that way about me, and as she kisses me, I subsequently fell out of the tree. Remember that bruise I had the next day on my butt, and my black eye? Yeah, that's how I got it.

And Lily- yeah, even though no one but you guys( being Alex, Alexa and Mia, maybe Benji if she felt devious) noticed me, I apparently caught Liam's eye since first year, as he tried, and succeeded in kissing me on the second of our MTSs[ Monthly Tree Stakeouts for y'all who didn't guess ;) ]. I mean, I did kinda lees him on in first year, as I said that I was looking to be a Bond girl, forgetting that that basically was a sexual innuendo, but I never meant any harm! So anyway, we were in the tree and suddenly he kisses me! So I punched him in the eye and used a sting hex on his sorry butt. Remember that bruises he had the next day on his butt, and his black eye? Yeah, that's how he got it.

There was some truth in what they said: Lily punched him cause he was saying what a weakling she was, and finished off with one of her strong stinging hexes.

Liam's butt had never been quite so comfortable again.

Liam just glared at Lily for what she had done, while lily laughed.

" We need a plan to help you and Marls get together, you're perfect for each other. Plus, Black will only hurt her"

Liam sighed"I guess, but she seems to really like him, soon you'll find her coming to the 'relationship pro' for advice. Oh, and if Zahra's not around, she can settle for you I guess. "

Lily shoved Liam, earning her a shove back, and they kept on shoving each other, back and forth until Liam fell out of their tree, only to be levitated back up by Lily, to start the shove war again.
Prank in next one

Chika- the Indian pot

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