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My Version of those Facts by KnightRoseSword
Chapter 1 : Letters and Meetings
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Thanks to Princess_of_Slytherin @ TDA for the beautiful chapter image!

This is the first formal chapter of my story. Don't forget to visit "Stories no one wanted to tell" if you wan a little bit more of background on this tale ;)

I want to dedicate this story to Luna for making me write, Caomoyl for all the help she's always willing to give.



Wow! It's been a while since the last time we spoke. A lot of things have happened and I completely forgot about you… Sorry. A lot of great things I might add! I'm 16 now and that awful thing and feeling in my arm seem to be a thing for the past. My lessons have been great and I have learned so much I'm starting to love this magic world!

I still go out with my old friends although I stopped going to muggle school a few weeks ago because… Well… I'M GOING TO HOGWARTS NOW! Isn't it great? Still, I'm somehow scared but Professor Dumbledore and Professor Snape (I still think is weird calling him that) came by this morning and eased things up a bit. Professor Snape was holding two letters, handed me one and told me to save it for later and the second one I should read out loud.

This last letter was my official acceptance to Hogwarts for my fourth year. They convinced me and mum by telling us about this Tri-Wizard tournament they're hosting, saying there's going to be people from all around the land and other magic schools, making perfect time for me to join the school and meet people 'like me'. Professor Dumbledore again saw the question inside us and said when he looked mum’s worried face on the "Tournament" word, that I can't join the “champions” because I'm only 16 plus my learning is not as solid as the other 16 year-old students at Hogwarts. That calmed her down and, to be honest, I'd prefer to be in the seats anyway. I'm really looking forward to all that!

Oh! I almost forget!! I do have a wizard friend! His name is Draco Malfoy. He's a student in the house of Slytherin and belongs to one of the most powerful, influent and "pure" families in the whole Wizarding World. Ha! Don't I sound just like him? All I need is blonde hair and silver eyes to be his copy! Haha. I’ve known him since my I’m 12. Professor Snape took me one day to the Malfoy Manor so I would meet at least another kid around my age and with similar ‘skills. He also told mum he would be able to watch us there so I’d be Ok.

Mum doesn't like him much because his family is full of dark wizards, followers of You-know-Who. Draco himself has proved how he can be an unimaginably annoying prick most of the times! Talking about how big his house is, how big his family’s name is, how dark arts are what he wants to learn. He’s just a spoiled little child when he has someone to listen to him, but when there're not much people around or no one else but me, he's actually nice. What I hate is his gang! I can stand Blaise, and Theodore for a while; But Crabbe and Goyle are just hideous!

Anyway, keeping up, here’s the letter I was supposed to leave for later. I got it from Draco:

Hey Sinclair!

Glad to hear you're finally going to Hogwarts! Figure it was about time. I heard you’re getting in the same year as I will. That sounds interesting thing to see.

On a second matter, in a few weeks from now we'll be heading to the Quidditch World Championship, Ireland vs. Bulgaria. Should be good, Father's got great seats courtesy of the Minister and he got one for you too. You must come!

Don't say no.

PS: Don't forget our Quidditch practice this weekend. See you Friday at 4 o’clock, Chaser!

D. Malfoy

He's excited that I'll join school this year because he hopes I get sorted in Slytherin and join their Quidditch team. According to him, I'm a rather good Chaser. And to help me make my mind on it, he is inviting me to the final match of the Quidditch World Cup. I've never seen one like that and then, if it’s going to be as crowded as I hope to, maybe I can try and sneak out to try and find my cousin. That's another thing I forgot to say, mum's sister has a daughter and she's also a witch. Her name is Hermione Granger. She hangs out with "Saint Potter and the blood traitor Weasley", according to Draco. He once called her "that mudblood" when he was telling me a story about their 3rd year, but he gave another thought to his use of that word when I glared harsh at him. I don't mind much if he’d call ME that, either way it's what I am for being that monster's family! But that was Hermione he was talking about! She has nothing to do with it and being a muggle born would just make us more special if you ask me. Now, about Weasley I can't really say anything because I don't know him. In my opinion the Malfoys are just as blood traitors as the Weasleys are! They "hang out" with me after all, don't they? On the other hand, there’s “Saint Potter” … I don’t know him either but… Much for Draco’s moods, how the hell can I hate Potter? I've told Draco that same line a million times! His family regrets "The falling of the Dark Lord" but for me, that's just my chance to live! So I'm actually thankful for whathappened, even if I sound cruel or egoistic.

But all of that is not the main reason I’ve decided to talk again now. I've been trying to keep it shut down but I need to say something. That is, I've been to one more of their meetings. Professor Snape wasn't there and I was around just for a Quidditch practice with Draco in the Manor's grounds. We were throwing the Quaffle to each other on our brooms, flying around the tall green hedges, not too far from the front door, when suddenly Mr. Malfoy came out to call us down, send Draco away and tell me to come with him. We did as told. Draco headed out near the fences where a pair of white peacocks stood, Mr. Malfoy and I reached down a big room with white walls just like snow, a single ancient lamp, tiny black-painted iron windows near the roof and a dark marble table, a very large table almost full of people. At the table sat nothing but Death Eaters I could tell from one look. The top seat was empty for Mr. Malfoy to take. Next to him was Mrs. Malfoy (despite everything, she was a rather friendly face) and right in front of her, at the other side of Mr. Malfoy's seat, two empty seats, one of them just for me.

All those faces were starring, looking at me with some mix between hate and envy I could feel. They don't know how much I want to just dish out all those "privileges"! But one man wasn’t looking at my face or scanning me like the others. He had the worse fake attitude I have ever seen! He was scared to his bones but trying to make it seem like he had everything sorted on his favor.

Mr. Malfoy called "Melissa, please join us." and invited me to sit with a gesture. But I said no and stood in the corner. They know me for my stubborn attitude towards all those things. I was just standing there watching the faces and wishing the windows wouldn't be up so high. I'm a tall girl but they were too high, near the roof. I just wanted to see if Draco was still around or maybe one of the white peacocks, anything that could distract me from their killing disgusting looks.

Finally the man across from Mr. Malfoy, the one they called Wormtail spoke, with trembling words. –"We can bring him back." My skin went cold as ice and I just started looking down to him with my eyes wide open. –"We can bring back The Dark Lord! We just need to follow his plan to the letter. I tried to talk him out of it but it was worthless."

They started muttering. I don't know what they said. Those first words were still bumping and running in my head: “We can bring him back.” Bring him back? Bring You-Know-Who alive again? I only raised the look to see some of them shooting approving glares at each other and some were even smiling. I was just there holding my left arm like hell and looking down to, once again, try to escape all their talk about plans and “how is it going to be once (if) he's back”. I was trying to remember my baby thoughts…

But the silence and my trance were broken by one man shouting: "What the bloody hell do we keep her here for?" I looked hard at him with watered red eyes. –"All she's doing is recording every word we say to spread it all out! She-filthy-m…"

"SHUT IT, MCNAIR!" shouted Professor Snape at the door, looking very upset.

That shout made me jump and cut the words that were pushing to come out of me. He came inside and stood next to me, and when he put his arm in my back he looked at Mr. Malfoy with some kind of a disapproving look. –"Didn't I tell you, Lucius, to inform me about these meetings before bringing Lisa in?" and before Mr. Malfoy would say anything else, Professor Snape kept on talking "I hope it won't happen again. Let's go, Lisa."

He walked me out of that white room, next to the wide, clear marble-like living room connecting all the rooms and passages of house and finally to the grounds, passing nearby the tall bushes where Draco would be standing with his broom, looking at me, I could see he was wondering what was all that. And finally, waving goodbye when he saw Professor Snape telling me to look and walk forward. I waved back and we headed out.

We got out to a park near my house by apparition, as usual. Professor Snape looked straight at me grabbing me by my arms and looking almost worried. He told me how very important it was for me to not say one thing about what I heard. Not to mum, not to anyone. I said to him, almost crying, “How could I?” I didn't hear much! But I did want to know what was all that about bringing him back? Was it even possible? What have I missed or what is he hiding from me? All he said was that I was going to be fine and if I could go to school I would be even better.

He left after that and I just rushed inside before mum would catch me.

So, that's just left me with more questions and now that I was getting along the magic world, it's also brought back my old fears. One thing is to remember a dark memory, another thing is try to leave it behind, but something much bigger is facing it when it seems to be coming back.

I do look forward to taking my classes in the Hogwarts castle, knowing more witches and wizards, meeting up with Hermione –I haven't seen her in a while but I remember she was nice- and having fun, as Professor Dumbledore said, in the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Wish me luck…


EDITED AS OF 11/06/2012

Thanks again for reading it! Please leave a review! I need to improve my writing and your opinion will honestly help me =)

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