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No Awkwardness by CharliesRose
Chapter 12 : 101 Reasons
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James Potter was exactly expected him to be, his father the Hero and the Saviour and all that jazz, his mother the once captain of the Holy Head Harpies. His family of beautiful, talented, lovely people and his popular friends.

People expected him to be like his granddad... and of course he was... he was just like his Grandad. James (II) was ‘James Potter’ all over again; he was arrogant and pig headed and to be honest he was a bit of an arsehole. His hair never laid flat and he smiled in such a goofy way.

From the first time I did ever lay eyes on him I knew we would be best friends forever...

It wasn’t on the Hogwarts express going into first year like most cliché stories, it was when we happened to be born in the same ward at St Mungo’s Childbirth section on exactly the same day with parent’s who happened to be good friends. We meant everything to each other; when we drifted apart, we would still stay close... until he decided it would be ok to fall in love with me!

I did not agree...


Ok... I only disagreed a little...

And then it happened... we fell out over something stupid and small and then we barely talked... followed by him asking me out every five minutes. So I decided to make a deal with him.

Or he decided to make a deal with me.


So if I could make a list of one hundred and one reasons (don’t ask where the extra one came from, I really don’t know, James is funny like that) why I hated him... then he would leave me alone for all of eternity and we would just continue being best friends. If I failed then I would agree to go out with him on ONE DATE... and give him ONE CHANCE...

Shouldn’t be too difficult right?

Even if one date would be terrible...

Ok, it wouldn’t be so bad...



So James sat on the big squishy arm chair and watched as I began to scratch the quill into the parchment.


1.       He’s pig headed and stupid

2.       He messes up his hair too often

3.       He thinks he’s so cool

‘I am cool,’ James grinned. I tried hard not to let my heart flutter there and continued with my list, completely ignoring him.

4.       He’s such a git

5.       He’s such an idiot

6.       He looks sexy playing quidditch

‘Is that a reason to hate me?’ James asked curiously.

‘yes,’ I said stubbornly, ‘it’s a very good reason to hate you, so deal with it.’

7.       He has cute eyes

‘That’s definitely not a reason to hate me!’ James protested. I couldn’t help but disagree, it was so easy to hate him for being perfect, I mean, no one should look that perfect right, it’s annoying! Especially if they’re a guy.

8.       He doesn’t treat girls right

9.       He insults me so often

10.   His brother’s cooler than him

‘He is not!’ James cried indignantly, ‘Al is the nerdiest, weirdest ickle fifth year that did ever exist.’

‘and he’s so much cooler than you,’ I smiled, avoiding looking at him because to be honest this wasn’t the truth, ‘you must be so proud!’ I continued with my list.

11.   He got his cousin to dump his last girlfriend for him

This was the time he was dating Rebecca the Ravenclaw, I never did learn her surname because James didn’t stay with her for very long, about a week I think and in the end he didn’t have the heart to break it off with her so he told Freddie to do it for him. Poor Freddie.

12.   He’s annoying

13.   Because Alice Longbottom told me we should go out

14.   Because Lily Potter (II) is prettier than me

‘That’s not strictly true, my sister isn’t allowed to be pretty, guys always like pretty girls.’

‘She’s got a boyfriend,’ I informed him. He did not seem so please to find this out, he sat there seething for a whole ten minutes letting me write the next several reasons before he had a chance to commentate any more.

15.   His smile is so goofy

16.   He bullies his brothers best friend (even if it is only a joking way)

17.   He has nice abs

‘I would have put that on the list of 101 reasons everyone, including you, should love James Potter!’

‘Shove off James!’ I snapped. I wouldn’t show it but I sort of agreed... don’t tell James I said that.

18.   Because he thinks he’s amazingly clever

19.   Because he is amazingly clever

‘I know,’ James smirked, I proceeded to shove him off his chair and laughed as he looked up at me like a neglected puppy, giving me an idea for the next reason.

20.   Because he acts like an idiot

21.   He’s reading this list

22.   He’s laughing at me

23.   He has a sexy laugh

I think James was quite pleased with the fact I had written about his sexy laugh and normally I would have been terribly embarrassed by today I didn’t really care what he thought, I was perfectly happy with going into great details about every reason I was so totally in lov- HATE! Why I was so totally in hate with him. I think this list is getting to me.

24.   Because he thinks my baby sister was upset

25.   Because he’s right about my baby sister being upset

26.   Because he got drunk last night

 it wasn’t very drunk, just a little, and why the HELL and I defending him?

27.   He’s not as cool as his cousin Dominique

I added that for the benefit of Dom, my bestest friend in the whole wide world of worldliness (apart from James and Sisi), and she happened to be passing by with a curious look on her face at that point. I do love Domi, she’s amazingly gorgeous and super clever and is always around to be my best friend, apart from that one time... but we won’t go into those details. Not to mention she thinks it’s hilarious her favourite (or one of her favourite, she has many) cousins seems to have a thing for me.

28.   Because his level on the idiot scale has just risen since I wrote the last reason

29.   He distracts me in charms by throwing things at my head

30.   He’s better at Care of Magical Creatures than me

31.   He speaks French

I found this out one snowy winter afternoon when I was talking to Dominique, in French... ok in was Franglais, a mixture of the two languages, and James just happened to hear about the entire conversation including me ranting about how sexy Jayden Davies, the American student, is.

32.   He makes me laugh

‘Another reason to go on the love James-’

‘I don’t want to hear it!’ I said in a warning voice, James laughed again. Bloody sexy laugh.

33.   He dated my best friend that isn’t related to him

This was not true either but this list was proving harder to write than I though and I would not lose. He actually has dated many girls but never Sisi and I’d say she’s my closest friend that he isn’t related to.

34.   He has too many relatives

35.   His granny is an amazing cook

36.   His aunt looks like a model (I’m talking about Fleur Weasley, no wonder Domi’s so pretty)

37.   Because now I’m making up really random reasons why I hate him

To be honest I was getting tired and I was only in the 30’s, this, I could tell, was going to be a long evening. I had trouble coming up with 37 reasons why I disliked him.

38.   His pygmy puff, Scales (not even a cool name like fluffy) is the cutest thing ever

39.   He’s hot

40.   Because he kissed me in Romania that one time and I couldn’t slap him.

‘Char are you trying to tell me something?’

I began to blush red, very deeply, and strictly avoided his gaze for as long as I could hold off.

41.   Because he just started singing

42.   He can’t sing to save his life

43.   Because he has an awesome Snowy Owl feathered quill

44.   Because his owl Bob is my favourite owl

45.   Because I haven’t even found 50 reasons yet

46.   His dorm is even messier than my sisters room

47.   I think I have a mild case of OCD

48.   Because his cousin Fred is pretty damn sexy

I don’t think he was too pleased to read what I had written about Fred, I saw Jealousy written all over his (amazing, sexy, beautiful, feel-free-to-shut-me-up-soon) face.

49.   He spilt milk on my DADA homework

50.   He re-wrote my DADA homework


52.   I have 50-ish more reasons to go

53.   He’s quite gentlemanly come to think about it

54.   He’s a mummy’s boy

‘I AM NOT!’ James protested very loudly. It was instead my turn to laugh. ‘Hey Char, go back to writing nice things.

So to satisfy James I politely wrote the next reason why I saw fit to hate James Potter.

55.   His accent is cute

Well don’t give me that look his accent is so sweet, very British, and don’t deny that British accents are sexy, even though I probably sound very British too...

56.   He’s arrogant (I know I had that already by he’s so arrogant I had to count it twice)

57.   I think he’s picking his nose

58.   He doesn’t give me enough reasons to hate him

59.   His head is the size of ... I can’t remember which planet is largest


61.   He’s a pompous prat

62.   He’s not actually that pompous

63.   He’s so similar to his grandfather (James Potter snr) that it’s actually scary

64.   I’m running out of parchment

65.   He just jinxed a 7th year so we had to run out of the common room

That was such a James thing to do. So we fled from the common room as quick as we could and had reached the end of the Transfiguration corridor before I realised he was clutching my hand in his.

Obviously I wrenched it away and looked at him irritated, all as we made our way up to the astronomy tower. I have no idea why we came here but the setting sun shining on James’s face was making writing this list a little less easy than I had intended it to be. So before I could let myself stare at him (NOT THAT I WOULD BECAUSE I HATE HIM) I began to scribble again.

66.   We’re now sitting in the astronomy tower watching the sunset and it’s pretty

These reasons are becoming less and less James revolving aren’t they... I’m not in denial!

67.   He doesn’t respect the older students

Hence the fact that he hexed a 7th year, I mean who does that? It’s just insane?

68.   He doesn’t respect anyone

69.   He’s lazy

70.   He never does his homework

Ok that’s not strictly true because he does do his homework, he just copies whoever’s homework he can find that looks remotely correct... so technically he hands in work, it’s just not his. Even though he’s insanely smart and... he’s being very quiet right now... and he’s staring at me... and I’m blushing (WHY?)

71.   He’s inconsiderate and insensitive

Not true.

72.   He’s a pig

Not true again.

73.   I think I also had number 72 twice but I don’t care

74.   He has such a normal boring name

Not true again, again.

75.   He’s so much taller than me

76.   He’s not ugly

Very True.

77.   He dated Barbie (Amili Zabini)

78.   He’s disorganised

79.   He’s had more detentions than me and that’s saying something

80.   He’s going to get head boy, I just know it

81.   He’s a toerag

82.   He’s talking to me and I’m trying to concentrate

83.   I think he just told me I’m pretty

‘You are pretty Charla,’ he grinned goofily again leaving me sitting for a solid five minutes, eyebrows raised with a look telling him to go away, I don’t think he quite got it.

84.   His handwriting is girly

85.   He is a good swimmer

86.   I can’t swim

Well, I can swim just not very well like he can, and not with as much grace and I’m going to shut up now.

87.   He can’t draw

88.   He has a cute nose

89.   He’s rude

90.   He copied my homework this morning because I couldn’t be bothered to tell him not too

91.   He also stole my toast this morning

92.   He’s laughing at my list again

93.   I like his laugh

94.   I like his smile too

95.   I’m seriously running low on reasons to hate him

96.   He’s not giving me good enough reasons to hate him

97.   His cousin Rose is dating a Malfoy

98.   We used to be good friends

‘What happened?’ I asked softly as I put the quill down and stared at him, only to find he was still staring at me. ‘What ruined it all?

‘I dunno Charlie but what we had before, you know I don’t care if you won’t date me but Char I miss my best friend so much.’

‘I miss you too Jam,’ I said, resisting the tears that were threatening to spill and resting my head on his shoulder.

‘Are you gonna finish that list or are you gonna give in.’ James asked after several moments in comfortable silence.

‘I’m gonna finish it!’ I said determined, then glanced at him, ‘but thanks for ruining the moment...’ which lead on to the next reason.

99.   He’s tickling me because he’s scared I’ll finish the list

100.                        It’s cold and he gave me his jacket

101.                        I think I’m in love with him.

‘There you go, James Sirius Potter, 101 reasons why I hate you!’ I said triumphantly then paused and snatched the parchment back, reading through the list one more time until my eyes fell across number 101.

‘That can’t be right,’ I chided sweetly, and without hesitation crossed it off the list

101.I think I’m in love with him.

Quickly I pressed a kiss to his cheek and whispered. ‘See you for that date tomorrow, lunchtime in the three broomsticks?’ I got up to leave then added, ‘can’t wait!’

Well finally they have a date, I loved writing this chapter, even though it was a little random I like to think it was quite a nice chapter. The next will hopefully be better. So prepare! Anyways as per usual anything you recognise I do not own, and JK Rowling was the creator of the Potter Universe so credit to her. Please leave a review, do you like it, don’t like it, any constructive criticism?




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