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Fairy Tale by _marauder_chick_5_
Chapter 2 : Jay and Adriana
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Hey guys!  So sorry for the wait.  I know it's been a while.





“You have got to be kidding me.” I said. 




   “Sorry, sis, looks like you and Al are bed mates.” Logan said, clapping me on the back in a ‘just do it’ manner. Then he turned to Al. “Touch her and I’ll wring your scrawny little neck.” Al nodded. 




“B-but I don’t wanna—” I protested.




 Logan cut me off. “See ya in the morning,” And shut the door. 




Thanks, bro. Really feeling the love. 




 “Well,” Al said awkwardly. I felt just as awkward, and my face was probably bright red. “I guess I’ll sleep on the floor, then.” I felt a rush of embarrassment. 




   “Um, sure.” I said. I grabbed one of the many lumpy blankets on the bed and tossed it to Al, along with a pillow. 




   “Thanks,” He said as he watched me braid my long blonde hair so it wouldn’t get impossibly tangled in the night. 




“Sorry,” I said. 




“For what?” He asked. 




   “For, you know…taking you away from them? I didn’t put them up to this.” I told him. 




   “Nah, that’s okay.” He said, lying back on his makeshift bed. “I don’t mind that much. Bushy snores.” I snickered.




“Troy drools.” I told him. 




“Scorp talks in his sleep.”




“Fred rolls around.”




“Owen screams at random intervals.”




“Sean snorts.”




“We’re better off here.” Al concluded. 




“Yup,” I said, popping the ‘p’. “Still, sorry for making you sleep on the floor.” 




“Well, you could always give up the bed…” Al suggested. 




   “I dearly hope you didn’t expect me to actually dignify that question with an answer.” I told him. Or else I would be marrying an idiot. 




“Nah, not really.” He told me. 




“Good.” I said.  No conversation followed, so I turned over on my side.




“Night, Lillia.” Al said. 




“Night, Al.” I told him.  








   “Good morning, sunshine!” A voice called. I sat bolt upright and saw my best friend, Adriana, standing in the doorway. 




   “Ree!” I squealed, launching myself at her. She stumbled back into another person. I look past her mass of curly black hair to see my other best friend, Jay, behind her. “Jay!” I squealed, launching myself at him. 




“Wazzagoinon?” Al asked from the floor. 




Wow, what a sexy troll impression. 




“It’s just Adriana and Jay, go back to sleep.” I told him. 




“Mmmgfh.” He muttered, and stuffed his face back into his pillow. 




“Won’t he suffocate?” Adriana asked. 




“Nah, he’ll be fine,” I said, walking past him and to the kitchen. 




   “Thanks for the concern,” His muffled voice called, except for it was stuffed in a pillow, so it sounded more like “Fanks ‘or the ‘oncern.”   




   I lead Jay and Adriana to the kitchen and grabbed a muffin for myself. Jay and Adriana followed suit and I perched on the counter top, swinging my legs back and forth as I listened to Jay and Adriana rant about how boring it was back at the flat without me. 




   “Lillia?” I looked around to see Logan walking into the kitchen wearing only boxers, his golden hair tousled and his blue eyes bleary. 




“Sup, bro?” I asked.




   Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Adriana do a mini-swoon. She was totally in love with my brother, even after all the shit he had put her through. 




  See, Adriana and Logan have a bit of a history. When we were at Hogwarts, Adriana liked him. She asked him to Hogsmeade, and he rejected her. Multiple times. Then, he finally said yes, and they started dating. Logan fucked her and then she dumped him after she found him cheating on her with five other girls. 




   I love my brother. Really, I do. But I was completely torn between Logan and Adriana when it happened. I eventually chose Drina, and he never forgave me for that, even though he knew what he did was wrong. Utterly and entirely wrong.




“What’re they doing here?” He asked blearily. 




   I assumed he was talking about Adriana and Jay, so I responded sharply, “They’re allowed to be here whenever they want. How else am I going to survive a house full of boys?” I asked.




   “No one’s asking you to be here.” Logan said, scowling. I shot him the bird and jumped off the counter.  




   “Come on, guys. I have better things to do then talk to my brother, and I’m sure you do too.” I said, more to my brother than to my friends.




   “Al. Out.” I said as I opened the door to my room. He grumbled and threw off the covers, standing up. 




   “It’s my room too, you know.” He grumbled as he shuffled out the door. I ignored this and shut the door quietly. Then I turned to Adriana and Jay.




   “Wow,” Adriana was the first to break the silence. “You get to share a room with Al Potter?”




   I shrugged. Keeping my cool. Yeah, I room with sexy eighteen year olds every day. It’s normal for me. 




   “I thought you liked Logan.” Jay said sharply. Adriana and I looked at him in surprise. 




   “Just because I’ve already ordered doesn’t mean I can’t admire the menu.” Adriana sniffed. “Jeez, what’s your problem, Jay?”




   “My problem is that you seem to have self-destructive qualities when it comes to your choice in men!” Jay said angrily. “First Logan and now Albus Potter?”




   Adriana glared at Jay. “Just because you have less experience in dating than a twelve year old doesn’t mean we all do, Jay! I can do whatever I want; I don’t need your approval!”




   “Well—” Jay blustered, but Adriana had already walked out. I swung around to glare at Jay.




   “You just couldn’t keep your big fat mouth shut, could you?” I snarled at him. “Adriana!” I ran after her. 




   When I found Adriana, she was nestled in a clump of weeds, cuddling Frisco. “Lillia, he’s so cute!” Adriana exclaimed. “Where’d you get him?”




   “We found him in the garden.” I said, taking Frisco and cuddling him. “We’re not sure what he is, but we named him Frisco.”




“That’s a cute name,” Adriana said, taking Frisco from me. 




   “Lilli-a!” Logan called from the house. Both mine and Adriana’s heads swiveled toward the sound of his voice. “We’re exploring the ho-use! Get over here!”




“Let’s go,” I said, getting up. Adriana took Frisco with us. 




   “Okay,” Fred said. He seemed to be the leader of this little group we had formed. Owen and Al stood next to him in the huddle. We looked a bit ridiculous. Our arms were around each other’s shoulders and we were all leaning in. Adriana was sitting in the middle, clutching Frisco to her chest. “Here’s what’s going to go down.”




   We were exploring the house. Adriana, Jay and I were exploring the garden. Logan, Fred, and Owen were exploring the attic. Bushy, Scorpius, Troy, and Sean were exploring the rooms/kitchen/living room. 




   Jay, Adriana and I set out to the garden, intent on finding something worth bragging about, when we heard the scream

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