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Time-Travel Mishaps! by AccioSachio
Chapter 7 : Meet youselves.
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It wasn't long before the children had been in the past for a few days. Christmas Eve rolled around and a general glumness was around the house. For the present day children they had the worries of going back to Hogwarts very soon, for the future children, it was christmas the next day in their time.

"Where is dad?" whined James that afternoon at lunchtime. "I want to go home!"

"Me too," agreed Lily, Rose and Hugo. Teddy and Victoire said nothing drawing no attention to themselves. Remus however did look curiously over at his son.

Remus was sat with Tonks, who was staring down at her ham sandwich in sadness. They had told her the previous day about her and Remus' dying in the battle.

"You've never met me before?" she had gasped when Teddy finally spluttered out the words. He had just shaken his head in response.

Teary eyed she looked over at Remus and then back to her son. Without thinking she rushed over to him and hugged his tall frame with all the strength she could.

"I'm so sorry!" she whispered into him.

"I really hope-" began Hugo. He was suddenly cut off by a load groaning sound coming from outside.

Instantaniously, everyones heads whipped around to stare out of the open doors, a few people flipped out their wands ready. A strange light began to form on the grass with a white hue to it. One are of the grass then had a swirly mist overtake it and green sparks shot out of the mist cloud.

"What the bloody hell is that?" exclaimed Ron loudly.

"Ron!" chided his mother automatically.

"Bloody hell!" came a soft voice from the garden.

This time Mrs Weasley shot daggers at her youngest son.

"Mum that wasn't me!" he complained, pointing out the door.

On the grass was a small cluster of people in muggle clothing, their backs facing towards the group in the kitchen. Slowly they turned around and quickly strode into the full kitchen.

"Who in the name of Merlin-" said Sirius.

"Daddy!" squealed Lily, interrupting Sirius and launching herself from the table and into the dark haired mans waiting arms.

The bespecaled man bent down onto one knee and enveloped Lily into his arms.

"Lily!" he said in a deep, gravelly voice.

"Mum!" squealed Lily again this time hugging the pretty red haired woman who was holding Harry's hand.

"Lily sweetheart!" exclaimed the pretty woman hugging her daughter tightly.

James and Albus had moved forward and were now giving their father awkward one armed hugs and then permitted their mother to kiss them each on the cheek.

Hugo and Rose both rushed forward and were greeted by a group hug with both their parents. The man was very tall with dark orange hair and freckles. The woman was short and beautiful with long smooth brown hair, her eyes were sparkling with tears.

Teddy and Victoire both went over for their cursory hugs and kisses also.

The present day group of people were watching their new friends exchanges with the strangers in awe. Obviously they knew exactly who they were, they just did not want to believe it.

The dark haired man stood up, Lily still clutching onto his hand. His free hand ran through his hair.

"Hello, my names Harry Potter." he said with confidence.

The pretty red haired woman next to him, with an arm around both James and Albus' shoulders, stepped forward. "I'm Ginny Potter." Her gaze rested on her teenage self and she smiled warmly.

"Obviously i'm Ron Weasley." chuckled the tall man from behind.

"Hermione Weasley," introduced the last person, dabbing her eyes with a tissue.

"Bloody hell." huffed the teenage Ron, taking in all 6'6'' of his adult self. The older Ron grinned toothily.

"Well this certainly is a surprise, come in and sit down and you can tell us about your journey." said Mrs Weasley with a smile.

Once everyone was seated in some way around the kitchen, Harry Potter sr began to tell them about their journey. Lily was sat snuggled into him on his lap.

"Minister Shaklebolt came around the house just after we spoke to you for the second time, he said that he had an idea that he could conjour a time travelling portkey of somekind. Obviously that kind of magic has never been discovered or used so therefore is very illegal but he is the Minister of Magic after all! It took a couple of days researching with a group of highly trusted Ministry of Magic officials, and then when we had an idea of what we were doing we got started. Unfortunately i am not permitted to go into too much detail with you on the matter and frankly it would bore you even if i did. The main point is, is we are here to take you home in time for christmas!" he finished with a smile.

"Yay!" cheered the children.

The teenage Hermione was trying not to be obvious about her studying of her adult self. Obviously she was failing because the older Hermione turned around and grinned at her.

"It really is me you know, or you, whatever you prefer." she said quietly across the table.

Hermione smiled when she realised she sounded almost exactly the same.

"What's your job?" wondered the teenage Hermione.

"Oh, i'm a healer at St Mungos," she replied. Hermione smiled to herself.

"What about you?" asked Ron to his own older self.

"Harry and I are Aurors, of course though i work for Harry as he is head of office." grinned adult Ron in a substantially deeper voice then the teenage version of himself.

Young Ginny plucked up the courage to ask her older self the same question. "I was playing proffessional Quiddich for the Holyhead Harpies," smiled Ginny Potter. "But then James came along so I decided it wasn't a suitable proffession. I now write articles in the sports section of the Daily Prophet."

So the afternoon slowly turned into early evening and the conversation never stopped. Everyone was talking to eachother about one thing or another. It was a while after the new people had arrived when Harry walked out of the kitchen and into the main living area. His older self followed him, alone.

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