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Something Worth Fighting For by pixiedust97
Chapter 2 : Preparations
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 The sun was ablaze on this hot summer day. It had been two weeks since I first met Sirius Black during my holidays, and that encounter was definitely not the last and I found myself walking towards the lake once more.


For some odd reason, every time I venture towards our spot by the lake, it is as if all my worries and pains seem to disappear. I know a month seems like too short a time to think you know someone all too well, but when two people have so much in common, how long can it take to figure the rest out?


The wind sent my chocolate coloured curls flying off all over the place, as I approached my new friend with a wide grin plastered on my face. 


“Have a nice time with your mother then?” I said noticing the way he winced as his hand created any form of movement.


“Oh lovely, actually. We sat down, had some tea, and peacefully discussed what happens to people when they insult the All-Mighty Voldy. You should join us next time, I think the Queen’s going to be there too. Maybe I should tell her to invite some serial killers along with that, we will have such a dandy time.”


“Okay, first: did you really just say that we’ll have a ‘dandy time’, really?” I mocked, with pure amusement occupying my words. “And secondly, how do you come up with this stuff? You’re so weird,” my matter-of-fact tone came out slightly less candid when it was muffled with my laughter.


As he stuck his tongue out at me, I sat down on the dampened grass silently staring out at the horizon.


“So, how was your day Stone?”


“Spectacular,” I exclaimed, sarcasm draping my words, “My dad almost caught Emma do magic, which could have possibly resulted in my impending doom, but other that I had a dandy time.”


“Ha! You said it this time, so you’re the weird one.”


“You’re such a child,” I said whilst rolling my eyes dramatically.


“Oh please, I’m awesome and you know it.”


“Arrogant ass.”


Attractive ass.”






“Offense intended.”


“And here I thought we were finally beginning to like each other,” Sirius added dramatically whilst placing his hand on his chest and falling backwards.


“Ooh, long sentence,” I mocked sticking my tongue out.


“Right, and I’m the childish one,” He said in between his hysteric fit, and raising an eyebrow at in amusement.


“Haters gonna hate,” I responded with a shrug.


“Tomatoes gonna tomate,” he added.


"Potatoes gonna potate," I added on.


We stared at each other for a few seconds after which we were both rolling on the floor laughing hysterically.


"I should stop hanging out with you so much, your weird is rubbing off on me,"  he said after calming down.


"It's not contagious, I swear! And I'm not weird, I'm perfectly normal, thank you very much."


"Belle, you're retarded, I hope you know that. It's better if you just embrace it you know."


"There's nothing to embrace, dammit," I responded flailing my arms all about.


"Right, and I'm not fabulous."


Did that make any sense to you? No? Me neither? So why the hell am I laughing? Godric knows. All I know is that his bark of a laughter is too contagious, and I can't stop laughing along side him. 


“I haven’t laughed this hard away from Hogwarts in a long time,” I said with a sad smile etched across my face.


“Glad I could be of service,” He said with his typical smirk, “Speaking of which, I can’t wait to go back and get out of this place; and I get to introduce you to the Marauders.”


“Well, don’t I feel special,” I replied nudging him playfully, “but, I have already met James, me being friends with Lily and Alice.”


“I still wonder how we haven’t talked before."


"Oh, you know, you were always too cool to hang out with us little people, and all that jazz. I'm pretty sure it was you that set my cauldron ablaze last year."

"Were you sitting next to Snivellus?"


"Well, then there's a 80% chance that was me."

"You set my clothes on fire," I replied dead-panned.

"That was you? Hey, who would have known," he replied with a sheepish grin. 

Stupid perfect smile. Stupid dimple. Must. Not. Give. In. Aghh, fine. 

"It's okay, it was pretty funny to see Snape's eyebrows catch fire."

"That's the spirit! Life without a little fun, is not a life worth living."

"Pure words of wisdom," I reply sarcastically.

"Don't be jealous, I can't help it if I'm awesome."

"Of course not." wow the impassive replies just keep on coming.

"Do I detect a hint of jealousy in your tone."

"Oh, shut up, and stare at the sky or something."

"Okay," he shrugs before lying down on the grass, lost in thought.

This kid is one huge mystery. Merlin, I don't even want to know what goes on inside that mind of his. 

We sat in silence for a couple of minutes until I broke it.


“Do you think they’re going to train us to help fight in the war in defense? I mean teach us stuff that would actually help us fight when the time comes.”


The atmosphere tensed as I blurted out the question that I had been aching to find the answer to for so long. We needed to be ready, and if Hogwarts won’t help us, who will?


I know I’m bi-polar; just ruined the mood. So to ease it up, I silently waited for his response while I set out on plucking the grass out of the ground.


“I don’t know, really,” he said after a moment of silence, “I don’t think the teachers want to scare us, and don’t want kids involved in the fight. Merlin knows what Dumbledore’s up to, but if he thinks that we’re going to just stand back, he’s wrong. I want to fight him. Kill him. Fight for all those he killed, simply because he could. But most of all prove my mother wrong and show her that there is more to life than dark magic.”


“I’ll fight too. We all will; together.”


“We better,” there was a pause before he continued, “The sun is beginning to set, we should head back, don’t want to infuriate mother dearest. Actually, come to think of it, I do. Let’s stay a while; or better yet run away.”


“You want to? Go ahead. You know I can’t, not with Emma being in such a vulnerable place.”


“How about this then: You run, I run.”




The sun began to set and colors flooded the evening sky. The sky blushed a rosy pink as the sun descended from its throne, and purple and orange strokes rushed in to wish the butter yellow shade goodbye. It all seemed so magical; a kaleidoscope of color.  


Tomorrow,’ this word has been spinning around in my head the entire day. 


Tomorrow, I get to go back home. My real home: Hogwarts, the one place where I felt as if I truly belonged. The adrenaline pumping through me indicated that I would probably not be getting any sleep tonight. Oh well, who needs sleep anyways?



Before finally closing my trunk for the night, I looked around for the last thing that was supposed to be enclosed in it. My photo album. 


Most girls have diaries, but I have an album to cherish all my memories. Why? Because it makes it possible to relive all the moments I never want to let go off. I consisted of pictures of my family, when my life with them was peaceful and happy, unfortunately those moments seem too distant to recall now; pictures of my times at Hogwarts with my friends, who I was not allowed to talk to over the holidays; and now, it included pictures of me and Sirius. Is it weird to feel as if someone who you just met has been your best friend for ages now?


My trunk was now fully packed and locked. So, to waste some time before dinner I went to wash up and change into my pajamas. I know what you’re thinking: who wears their pajamas before dinner? Well, what can I say, I’m a rebel. Watch out, you’re facing a badass over here.


“Annabelle, dinner! You better not be wearing your night suit, or I’ll send you back up.” Oh sod it.


“Not hungry.”


“Fine then, starve up there, I don’t care you ungrateful child,” Well, aren’t you just a ray of sunshine, mother?


It had been two hours since dinner passed; I had nothing to do and was starring up awkwardly at the ceiling. My stomach growled for the tenth time, and I groaned. Why didn’t I just go down for dinner?Stupid, stupid, stupid, stu-


My internal battle with myself was interrupted by a sound coming from outside. 


I walked towards my window and opened it only to find Sirius throwing pebbles at my window from my lawn, with a huge grin plastered across his face.


“What do you think? I thought of setting out a picnic but realized that it would take too much effort, so I got us some pumpkin pie.”


“A bit cliché, don’t you think?” I replied with a giggle.


“Yes, but in muggle stories this happens between a prince and princess, not some guy that can’t sleep hoping his friend would help him through his misery,” he countered.


“I don’t know, my ceiling and I were in the midst of a very intriguing conversation.”


“Come on, Belle, please?” He pleaded with the most irresistible puppy-dog face.


“Did you say you brought food?” I questioned, to which he nodded fervently, “Well then, I’ll be right there, fatty.”


I hadn’t given him time to retaliate as I swiftly shut the window, and crept downstairs.


As I opened the front door I was met with an infuriated Sirius, “I am not fat. Muscular, yes. But, fat? No.”


“Sure, whatever you say Sirius.”


“I’m not,” he refuted with a scowl on his face, but we both knew he was only joking.


“Who are you trying to convince here?” I asked whilst poking his stomach.


“Nice pajamas,” he noted, eyeing me from top to bottom, with a smirk playing at his lips. I mentally cursed myself for wearing pajamas with enchanted monkeys on them, which danced around every time I moved.


“Nice comeback,” I replied calmly, “Didn’t mommy ever teach you it was rude to stare?”


“Didn’t yours ever teach you not to be rude to people. It’s bad manners,” a reply to which we both simply laughed because there was nothing else to be said here, really.


“So, tomorrow…” he trailed off, while lying on the grass, with his hands at the back of his head, staring at the stars.


“Yeah. I’m so excited I can barely sleep. Thanks for coming, I think I might have died of boredom due to the fact that my ceiling isn’t very good at voicing its opinions,” I said whilst mimicking his position.


“Exciting. I must meet this ceiling you speak so much about,” he responded, “See I knew meeting me would help you.”


“Nope. All I need is that pie. Speaking of which, give me my pie,” I said sitting up and hitting him on his stomach.


“Sure thing, fatty,” he said with yet another infuriating smirk, whilst handing me the pie. For a minute I almost considered not taking it just so that he wouldn’t get the satisfaction. But, after looking at the delicious dessert in front of me, my resolve weakened and I found myself eating the pie whole heartedly.


“I’m guessing I won’t be getting a bite then?” He asked to which I nodded with my mouth stuffed with the heavenly dessert.


“Well then,” he said lying back down on the dampened grass, “What are you looking forward to?”


“My friends, and-“


“You have friends?” He mocked with a shocked expression.


“No. I’m a lonely cat lady, even though I can’t stand them. So I’m thinking I will pet snakes instead. I’ll be called crazy snake lady. The best part about that will be that I’ll be able to scare people, and kids will run away from my house screaming ‘Run away, it’s the crazy snake lady!’” I replied with wild hand gestures to prove my point.


“And here you had me convinced that I was the weird one,” he said amused by my foolishness.


“At least I don’t hex Slytherins, get detentions on a daily basis, and have a record for going out with pretty much the entire female population at Hogwarts.” I said with an arched eyebrow.


“You’re just jealous because my life at school is much more exciting than yours, that I pretty much beat you and Lily in our O.W.L.S without even trying, that I have cooler friends and that everyone basically loves me,” he retaliated with a wink.


“I would rather be a book nerd than have the track record for most detentions received.”


“Like you could ever get a detention.”


“What is that supposed to mean?”


“It means you’re too big of a goody-two shoe to take a risk that would get you into trouble.”


“Are you saying that I’m not capable of having fun, Black?”


“I never said that.”


“But you implied it.”




“Just because I don’t want detention, does not mean that I can’t do something crazy that would get me in trouble.”


“Okay, Stone, whatever helps you broomstick fly. See you tomorrow,” he said whilst getting up, not doing a good job at concealing his grin.


“But I’m-“


“Goodnight,” He called off laughing.


 “Arrogant ass.”




“No. Sorry,” I said, before turning around with a satisfied smirk playing at my lips

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