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One Last Kiss (formerly titled Because I Love You) by auteur_passionne
Chapter 11 : Rumour Has It
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One Last Kiss: Chapter 11

Disclaimer: Anything sane that has been read in this fiction belongs to, non other than the great author who created the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling. Anything off from the real series belongs to non other than the peculiar mind of mine.

Hello my beautiful and patient readers. I am truly sorry this chapter took so long. Anyway, aside from school to blame, my recent obsession (again) with feltson and dramione and a little work, I found it hard to finish the ending of this chapter. This last scene, with the kiss, was given by my cousin when I complained to her about writer's block.

She told me this scene from a comics with a maid or something, so this is a disclaimer. I do not own the last scene with that Chocolate Wand game. I just thought it's really cute for Dramione to do it. But it did help a lot for me to be able to finish this chapter and make quite a turn in their relationship.

Thank you, again, to my readers and for the reviews you have given! Thank you very much for your support and even for messaging me just to check up on my story. I really, really, really feel appreciated and I want you all to know that I totally appreciate all of you!


Hermione went down with Lavender the following morning, feeling much better than last night. They stayed up late in the common room, eating Chocolate Frogs and Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans while Lavender cheered her up with funny stories of students around Hogwarts and some of the staff. It was a good thing it was a Hogsmeade weekend that day, she could just have fun with her friends at The Three Broomsticks and drink Butterbeer all day. Hermione also asked Lavender to be the one to ask Parvati and be the one to tell Justin whatever will be Parvati's answer.

On the way to the breakfast, students, mostly men were whistling and winking at Hermione and making inappropriate remarks. Hermione and Lavender looked at them weirdly, Lavender threatening the other students she'd hex them if they didn't stop. However, the others just found it amusing.

"Didn't know you had it in you, Hermione."

"Hey Granger, want to slither in my bed tonight? It's more comfortable than Malfoy's."

"Can't believe you'd go behind Louise and snake Malfoy away from her."

"And here you are claiming you got Malfoy celibate."

"So is being a know-it-all just a front act for that lioness inside, Granger?"

"Watch your boyfriends, girls. She might try to steal them next," said one of the Hufflepuff girls.

"You can do that magnificent performance on me, Granger. Rawr."

"Hey Granger! You might want to try lady fingers than meat, sometimes!"

Hermione finally had it and pushed one of the male 5th year Slytherin, Harper Roy, on the wall with one hand on his neck and the other gripping her wand at his chin.

Harper looked scared but hid it with a smirk. "You can push me against the wall anytime you want, Granger. Just step a little closer and get yourself comfortable," said the student.

"Who's been spreading these rumors?" Hermione asked sternly. "And don't make another remark if you don't want bats flying out of your nose." She pointed her wand at the Slytherin's nose. They heard gasps around them while the other students quietly ran out. After the incident with Dolores Umbridge being taken away by the centaurs, and Hermione knowing very well what centaurs did to women, everyone knew not to make her explode.

"F-f-f-from the R-r-r-ravenclaw girls," squeaked out the student. His friends stood at the side, scared to help him when Hermione sent them a glare of daggers. "I-I-I heard them earlier," he explained, beads of sweat breaking through his forehead.

Hermione stepped away from him and looked around her. "I hear one more from any of you and you won't have only bats out of your noses but worms and roaches, understand?" said Hermione, eyeing each one of them. Everyone around her groaned as she pulled Lavender with her and proceeded to the Great Hall.

She still hadn't been over the shock with Justin last night and she gets harrassed by these people who don't even know the root of the rumor and just start commenting and spreading it. Hermione's sixth year at Hogwarts was beginning to be the worst of her years in the school. She then realized what Louise was talking about last night before she slapped her. Of course it came from Draco Malfoy. Louise wouldn't be so upset if it didn't.

Hermione was quiet all the way to the Great Hall and Lavender thought better not to say or ask anything. Hermione wanted to confront Draco about it but it would just spark more rumors, especially when she would confront him alone but she also didn't want to confont him in front of other people. This rumor was really on a personal note and the whole school need not know about it.

They made their way down the stairs going to the main hall and they could hear the students whispering. Louise who was standing by the door to the Great Hall walked up to Hermione and Lavender when they reached the foot of the stairs. She crossed her arms across her chest at the Gryffindors and had one brow cocked up.

"What do you have to say for yourself, Mudblood?" Louise looked around them, at the students who looked at Hermione with disappointed and some disgusted looks. "The whole school knows what a tramp you are."

Hermione looked around. Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws and Slytherins were the students who looked judgingly at her. Gryffindors? Smiling at her, of course. Anyone who would believe Louise Phillips were as daft as Gilderoy Lockhart is right now. Seeing that the people who matter didn't care about the rumor, Hermione brushed Louise aside and continued to walk to the Great Hall.

"Too ashamed to say anything to defend yourself, Mudblood? Why? No one will believe your lies anymore," Louise said aloud, following Hermione with her eyes. "You're innocent front act's been stripped off, Granger!"

"If this bitch doesn't stop, I'm going to transfigure her into a chipmunk," said Lavender who was beyond annoyed at the Ravenclaw.

Hermione stopped and turned around to face Louise. "What are you so bothered about? That Malfoy could stay faithful to a mudblood like me and not to a pureblood like yourself, Phillips?" she said coolly. Hermione waited for a comeback but Louise had nothing to say. She didn't smirk or anything, she just turned her back on the speechless Ravenclaw and continued to the Great Hall.

Of course a buzz of whispers broke out once Hermione had taken her seat on the Gryffindor table. They wondered if it was a confirmation that Draco was cheating on Louise with her. Hermione could hear some of the Gryffindors, especially the ones in her year, shoving away the rumors.

Lavender took the seat in front of Hermione and looked at her friend with a raised brow. Hermione looked at Lavender, regret in her eyes as she bit the side of her lower lip and a worried expression came to her face. "That was really stupid, wasn't it?" said Hermione once the realisation of the words she let go sunk in. Did she just gave everyone the idea that they she and Malfoy were sleeping together?

Lavender took a toast and put jam on it. "It was a pretty vague statement, love," she answered and placed the toast on Hermione's plate. "Besides, the rumors wouldn't stop unless Malfoy takes a stand on the topic," said Lavender as her eyes followed Draco who had just entered the Great Hall. "And I don't really believe that any rumor at Hogwarts would stop."

Hermione looked at where Lavender's eyes were and saw Draco. Hermione almost twisted her neck, following Draco with her eyes, since the Slytherin table was to her back. The Slytherin seemed annoyed as he sat in a huff at his usual seat. Seconds later, Louise entered the Great Hall, loudly crying as she walked to the Ravenclaw table.

"What a drama queen," whispered Lavender. "What do you suppose Malfoy said to her?"

Hermione tore her gaze at Louise who were being comforted by her co-Ravenclaws. "Whatever it is, I hope Draco cleared my name to her," answered Hermione. She took the toast Lavender put on her plate and put it in her mouth, just letting the bigger part of the toast hang from her mouth. Lavender was drinking pumpkin juice when someone approached Hermione from behind. She almost spit it out at Hermione but thankfully, she painfully swallowed the juice out of her surprise.

Draco came to the Gryffindor table as everyone's eyes followed him. He tapped Hermione's shoulder and smiled when he saw the toast still hanging from her mouth but it was quickly gone when he saw her worried expression. He wanted to talk to her about how the rumor started and see if he was number one on her most hated list again. He didn't need to explain himself to the whole student body. The only person whose feelings and opinion mattered now was Hermione's.

"I need to talk to you," Draco said. It wasn't just a statement. It was more of a demand.

Hermione removed the rest of the toast, leaving a bite mark on it. She looked at Lavender, as if asking for help but Lavender was still looking at Draco. "I'm having breakfast," Hermione answered, looking back at Draco.

Draco grabbed her plate, put a couple of toast and sausage on it and grabbed Hermione's wrist. Hermione quickly got up as she was being pulled by Draco but grabbed a glass of pumpkin juice just in time. When the two were out of the Great Hall, everyone shuffled to their feet and followed Draco and Hermione. Draco led her to an empty classroom. He sat her down on the nearest chair, charmed the room so no sound would come out the door and placed her plate on the table. By the time Hermione placed her glass on the table, it was almost empty. All the other students had to do was to follow the trail of pumpkin juice.

"What do you want, Draco? Is my reputation not ruined enough for you that you had to lock me in here with you?" Hermione said angrily. She crossed her arms across her chest, wishing she had her wand with her to hex the handsome face that haunted her thoughts every now and then.

"I didn't tell her anything of that sort, Hermione," Draco said, walking to Hermione. "She was asking me what I was thinking and you happen to be the answer."

Hermione turned a light shade of pink. She knew very well what the two were doing in Draco's room that night but why would she be the answer? "Am I supposed to be flattered you thought of me while being in that position?" Well, was she? Afterall, Draco was someone who didn't sleep with just anyone.

"You were crying because of Finch-Fletchley, weren't you?" Draco said, leaning on the table next to Hermione. "You, crying, hurt, never left my head last night, even now," he said in a low voice. Hermione sensed the seriousness. "I almost couldn't pay attention to Louise on top-"

"Okay, I don't need details, Malfoy," Hermione interrupted. She didn't need a picture of the two in her head.

"So why were you crying?" Draco asked.

Hermione sighed. She wanted to forget the conversation with Justin last night and here goes Draco Malfoy casually asking her about it. Worst part? She missed talking to him in a civil way, she couldn't help but answer. "He wanted me to ask what Parvati thought about him," she answered quietly. Her heart was racing, not because of Draco but because the pain she felt last night resurfaced. "He just started to pay attention to me since I was someone who was close to Parvati and he's comfortable with me."

Draco looked down at Hermione who was looking down at her lap while playing with her necklace and his ring which was attached to it. He saw her wipe a tear that almost ran down her cheek. He was about to reach out to her, tuck a stray to the back of her ear when Hermione looked up at him. He quickly brought back his hand to his side.

Realising how vulnerable she was, Hermione decided to put up her walls around her. "What's it to you why I was crying last night? I bet you're delighted at how wrong I am about Justin's intentions," she said as she stood up and started for the door but before she could even take another step, a glass of Butterbeer appeared in front of her. Hermione looked around at Draco who had a glass of Firewhiskey in his hand.

"Drink up, then. It'll make you feel better," said Draco, holding up his glass.

Hermione took the glass of Butterbeer and walked towards Draco. She placed the glass beside him and brought her face close to his. "I'm hurt, I'm hungry and I just want to forget any situation that I don't like right now, particularly this one. I don't need someone who tried to attack me to make me feel better by drinking," she told him firmly. With that she walked out on him, not surprised about the number of students who were outside the classroom, acting as if they've done so a thousand times already.

Everyone outside wondered what could have happened in the classroom. All they could hear were muffled conversations. Some speculated they did it inside, stupid students. Louise was at the end of the corridor. Further behind her were Lavender and Parvati, waiting for Hermione.

"Don't even dare say a word," said Hermione when she saw Louise about to open her mouth. "Malfoy's all yours. I couldn't care less what the two of you think or do but don't involve me," she said as she stopped and stood beside Louise, looking ahead of her. Louise turned her head to look at Hermione then ahead of her and saw Draco come out of the classroom. Hermione continued to walk to Lavender and Parvati. Lavender must've asked Parvati about Justine, Hermione thought when the two smiled at her when they saw her approaching.

"Hermione! Finally!" said Lavender, reaching out her hand to Hermione. "What did Malfoy do this time?" she asked.

"Nothing," answered Hermione, hooking her hand to Lavender's arm. "Let's go. I need a drink and some food." She hooked her other hand to Parvati's arm and led them out the door.

When they reached the Three Broomsticks Hermione was afraid Parvati would say something regarding her and Justin since Parvati looked like she wanted to say something but kept stopping herself. Lavender and Parvati sat beside each other in front of Hermione. Parvati, again, looked like she wanted to say something but Hermione quickly stood up, afraid what she would have to say. "Butterbeer?" she asked the two. Both nodded with a smile. "Food?"

"Chips for me," Lavender answered.

"Crisps," Parvati followed.

Hermione smiled and went to order from Madame Rosmerta. While there, she thought about what Parvati wanted to say. If it really was about her and Justin, then let it just be said. But if Parvati ever knew about her feelings for Justin, she hoped it be kept only between the three of them. When she came back with their food, Lavender and Parvati were chatting. The latter became quiet when Hermione sat down in front of them. Parvati looked at Lavender, then to Hermione. She opened her mouth, again, to say something but stopped herself, again, from saying anything.

"Oh for Merlin's sake, Parvati, just spit it out," said Hermione when she couldn't take Parvati's suffering anymore. She was starving but couldn't bring herself to eat because of Parvati's expression.

Lavender looked at the two and nudged Parvati to just say it out.

"Well, Hermione, it's just that you and Malfoy," Parvati started, her voice was a little shakey, knowing how Hermione could be when she's cranky. "Oh, to Azkaban with it. You two were so in love, so perfect," she finally blurted out.

Hermione's mouth fell open and Lavender stifled a laugh. "That was what you've been wanting to say all this time?" she asked Parvati. Hermione was quite relieved that it didn't involve Justin and also quite bewildered that Parvati would say such a thing.

Parvati nodded and smiled at Hermione. "A lot of girlss think so, Hermione. They just don't show it."

"And that's all you wanted to say?" Hermione asked Parvati. A bit embarrassed, Parvati looked down and nodded. Hermione then looked at Lavender and smiled. The only people who knew about her feelings for Justin were Ron, Harry, Lavender, Ginny and, accidentally, Draco. And as close as Lavender and Parvati were, she knew that Lavender didn't tell her anything. Hermione then proceeded to eat her waffles.

"It's, well, it's your relationship. It was mature and immature at the same time, you know?" Parvati continued when she saw Hermione's smile. "You still hang around with other people, without a worry that the other might cheat or something." Parvati smiled and her eyes were twinkling. "And then when you have little rows and at the end of the day you sort it out."

That's because we were pretending, Hermione thought to herself but continued to listen to Parvati.

"And oh, the way you looked at each other and into each other's eyes, it's like you're both lost in your own Malfoy-Hermione world! Especially at the party! It was just - oh!" Parvati slumped her head on the table.

Hermione and Lavender were quite surprised. "Okay, Parvati. There's no use moping about Hermione and Malfoy's relationship. It's over now," said Lavender, pushing Parvati to sit upright again.

"But I can still see how you glance at each other. You still do love each other don't you?"

Hermione, who was drinking her Butterbeer, choked at Parvati's last statement. Some Butterbeer splattered on the table, her clothes and a little at Lavender and Parvati. "Sorry, sorry," she said, reaching over and wiping away the splatters from the two. "Don't be silly, Parvati. He's with Louise now."

"Denial. First stage of moving on," Parvati said, wiping her clothes and face with tissue. Hermione looked at Lavender as she sat down, with a what-the-bloody-hell-is-going-on-with-Parvati look. Lavender smiled at Hermione.

"She's always been a hopeless romantic," Lavender said, setting aside her chips.

Seconds later, Justin came by to their table. Hermione just said a quick "hi" when he greeted them then fixed her gaze at Lavender.

"Could I borrow Parvati for a moment?" Justin asked quite nervously. Hermione just nodded while Lavender smiled and said, yes. Parvati looked at her friends, excused herself, then went with Justin.

Hermione followed the back of the two with her eyes and when they were out of the Three Broomsticks, looked back at Lavender. She just smiled then looked out the window.

"I'm pathetic, aren't I?" said Hermione and took a sip of her Butterbeer.

Lavender reached out her hand and held Hermione's hand. "No, you're not, love," she said, also looking out the window where Justin and Parvati were standing outside. "You were just in the wrong situation at the wrong time." Lavender looked back at Hermione who smiled at her weakly. She had talked to Justin when Draco took Hermione away. She told him to man up about his feelings and ask Parvati himself. Justin was quite surprised at Lavender's sudden words but he was too embarrassed at the idea of asking Hermione to do it for him to actually ask how Lavender found out. So he told Lavender he'd do It himself and so he did.

Hermione looked back at Justin and Parvati who were still talking outside. They seem to be having quite the conversation. Smiling, laughing and a few exchange of touches were present. They were getting along and it seemed that Parvati returned Justin's affections. She was brought back by Lavender who violently moved her head to face her. "Ow!" she yelped, feeling her neck bones crack a little. She saw Lavender eye her like a mother who caught her child being hardheaded. "Alright, alright," she said and finished off her Butterbeer.

They were about to step out of the Three Broomsticks when Justin and Parvati came in, holding hands. Hermione tried very hard not to show any negative emotion as pang surfaced in her stomach. Lavender, quick to sense Hermione's uneasiness said goodbye to Parvati before she could even speak.

"Have fun you two!" Lavender said loudly before they were gone at the door.

"Thanks, Lav, for, you know," said Hermione, pocketing her hands which were getting cold from the uneasiness she felt and the snow. They decided to just go back to the castle but that plan was cut when Ron approached them and asked them to accompany him back at the Three Broomsticks. He had just finished Quidditch Practice and said that Harry and Ginny were at Madam Puddifoot's. Knowing that she'd been hogging Lavender, Hermione insisted that the two spend some time alone together. She bid them goodbye and started back for the castle when she saw a crowd in front of Honeyduke's.

Hermione saw, in the middle of the crowd, the platinum blonde hair she was so familiar with and then she heard the familiar high voice of Louise Phillips. Hermione didn't want to hear whatever the scene was about and turned her back to find an alternate route to Hogwarts when she heard her name.

"-choose Hermione Granger over you, Phillips." Hermione heard Draco's voice and she froze. Everyone gasped. A few heads turned her way and she wished for the snow to turn into quick sand and just swallow her whole. However, Draco and Louise didn't seem to notice that Hermione was in the crowd.

"You cheater! You blood traitor!" Louise shouted after she slapped Draco really hard. "I come to you, accepting you back without you even uttering an apology and you-"

"I never slept with Hermione!" Draco said, frustration could be hinted in his voice. He was annoyed that their supposed quiet talk turned into this. A show for the bored Hogwarts students who seemed lively at the first word of a rumor. Although, one good thing came out of it. He was able to tell Louise and have everyone hear that he and Hermione never made love to each other. "You're a mistake, Louise."

Louise charged for Draco again, attempting to punch him on the face this time but he caught her hand. "You've defiled my pride enough already. Let's leave it at that before I lose any more respect for you," he said quietly but threateningly. Louise yanked her hand away from him and stomped off while the crowd cleared a path for her. Everyone was quiet.

Hermione hid behind a tree earlier to avoid being seen any further. She watched as Draco glared at Louise's friends. The girls backed away from him then followed to where Louise went. Draco gone the opposite way, back to Hogwarts. Hermione leaned against the tree and closed her eyes. She was glad that Draco had cleared out to everyone that nothing happened between them and tired at the same time that she's been a target of rumors for the past months.

"So Malfoy turned a new leaf?" Hermione heard a group of people talking.

"Granger must be really something."

"This term's the most interesting one in my years at Hogwarts."

"You should've heard Malfoy at the Patil twins' party," came the familiar voice of Seamus Finnigan.

"Yeah. You'd think he's under the Imperio if you've heard what he said," followed Dean Thomas' voice.

The others started to ask the two what had happened at the Patil residence and Hermione took this opportunity to go back to Hogwarts without being seen by the others.

She thought about what Draco said about choosing her over Louise. But she scolded herself for it. Now was not the time to confuse words with feelings. Besides, she, herself is confused with her feelings toward the Slytherin blonde. At the pace her emotions were going, she could mistake a kind gesture for affection. And with Valentine's Day just around the corner, Hermione didn't need another blow of misread emotions. Justin was a big mistake. She missed spending time with Draco when Justin started paying attention to her that she just let herself be overwhelmed with the attention he was giving her. Hermione vowed not to involve herself with anyone unless she was sure about herself and her emotions.

Not wanting to see or talk to anybody, Hermione went straight to her room. She lay down on the bed, her legs dangling on the edge. She felt the cold metal of her pendant and Draco's ring, slide at the side of her neck.

She took hold of the two. The pendant contained 3 photos, so far. One was a photo of her with her parents and Blaine, the next one was a photo of her with Ron and Harry, and the third one was a photo of her and Lavender. She couldn't think of the last photo to put in the pendant. She considered, before, the photo of her with Draco and Blaine but dismissed it immediately because that meant having Draco as an important part of her life. She then turned her attention to the ring. It was bright silver this time, almost shining. The silver seemed to have a glow to it and Hermione was confused at the change in its appearance. She took care of it. Trying not to get it wet and not spraying perfume on it to avoid discoloration but there were times, before, where it looked sort of dull and, well, gray and now it's genuinely silver. Hermione sighed, admiring the small piece of silver in her hands. It was, indeed, a beautiful piece of jewelry. She wouldn't be surprised, though, coming from the Malfoy family. She studied it, bringing the ring close to her eyes. Outside, on the head of the snake, a letter M was engraved. Malfoy, no doubt. Feeling sleepy, she laid down properly on the bed and placed the ring and pendant on top of her chest, letting her eyes and mind drift off to a deep slumber.

At dinner, everyone was still talking about what happened between Louise and Draco at Hogsmeade although some students were now talking about Justin and Parvati. Hermione didn't know which she'd rather hear. She didn't even know if she wanted to stay and eat dinner but her stomach growled at her and so she dragged herself to her usual spot at the Gryffindor table. Ron, Harry, Ginny and Lavender weren't there so Hermione sat beside Neville.

"Hey, Neville."

"Hi, Hermione," greeted Neville who was drinking his soup. "Malfoy was asking for you," he told Hermione uneasily, while she helped herself to some vegetables. "Sort of weird, really. He talked to me."

Hermione looked at Neville. "What did he want?"

"Nothing. He just asked for you."

Hermione grabbed her plate and a glass of pumpkin juice and went back up the dormitory after saying goodbye to Neville. She wasn't a fan of eating in the bedroom so she decided to eat at the common room, thinking the other students and Draco are at the Great Hall for dinner. She was almost done with her dinner when someone slid a plate in front of her. Hermione looked up and slightly choked at her food with surprise. Draco sat in front of her. She covered her mouth, coughed a little and drank the rest of her pumpkin juice in a gulp.

"Avoiding me, are you?" Draco asked when he saw Hermione had calmed down from choking on her food.

"I don't need anything that you could contribute in my life right now. Everything's messed up already thanks to you," said Hermione, continuing with her food.

Draco looked at Hermione and he knew she could feel him looking at her because no matter how Hermione didn't want to look up at him, she gave in. "I'm sorry about the rumor. I took care of it," said Draco, looking in Hermione's eyes.

Hermione, surprised, didn't know what to say and they sat there in an awkward silence. What was Draco Malfoy playing at? Looking for her? Apologising? Why, just days before he had called her a Mudblood and told, in front of everyone, that she had made him randy and that he'd be glad to fuck off. And now he sat in front of her, apologising, like they were still going out. Hermione opened her mouth several times, thinking what she would say but nothing came out.

"It's-it's fine. Thank you," Hermione managed to say and they sat again in silence. Draco continued to eat his dinner while Hermione just sat there, looking down at her plate. "Why did you tell her that?" Hermione asked when she couldn't take the awkward silence. She realised too late that whatever Draco could answer to her question could be even more awkward but she couldn't do anything about that now.

"Tell who what?" Draco asked without looking up at Hermione.

"Choose me over Louise Phillips," Hermione quietly answered.

Draco looked at Hermione this time. "Because I would," he simply answered.

Hermione was caught by surprise again. Her heart started to beat faster upon hearing Draco's words. She swore he could hear it in the silence that fell on them and that her heart would jump out of her chest anytime soon. Why was Draco being so straight forward? So simple with his answer. What does he want? Is he just teasing her? Whatever it is, it's messing her feelings up. "I-I have to go," said Hermione. She quickly stood up, grabbed her plate and glass and went out the Prefects' dormitory. She thought if she'd stayed longer, her heart would be caught by Draco, literally, if it doesn't calm down.


For the next days, Hermione found Draco always a few feet away from her. In class, when they didn't sit next to each other, she would glance over her shoulder and she would see him looking at her. Hermione would quickly look away but she could still feel Draco looking at her and it made her uneasy. Why did it make her feel uneasy? Was she scared of him? Well, a wee bit she was, ever since the night he tried to attack her. But now felt different from that, different but still uncomfortable.

Although in the days that came, Hermione got used to it. Afterall, Draco just kept a close eye on her. He didn't really do or say anything else that got on her nerves. And in the classes where they sat together, he was casual around her. She was the one who was tensed up and she knew she needed to relax.

One night, at the library, Hermione decided to start their Potions essay that was given that day. She found Draco sitting in their usual spot when they were acting together. He wasn't wearing his vest and his shirt was unbuttoned at the top and his tie hung loosely. He looked quite untidy. Hermione decided to just look for another table but Draco spoke to her before she could take a step back.

"Am I finally getting to you?" came Draco's amused tone. He was writing his essay for Potions and he didn't bother to look at Hermione as he spoke.

"No," answered Hermione sternly and sat down across from Draco. She took out her books and parchment and started scribbling away. The Gryffindor pride ran through and got the better of her. She wouldn't let Draco know she was affected by whatever games he was playing.

An hour had passed and Draco had finished his essay. Hermione, however, still had six paragraphs to write. She expected Draco to stand and leave when she noticed him close his book but he didn't. He leaned back in his chair, twirling the quill his mother gave him in his hand and just watched her write. Hermione couldn't write properly, knowing that she was being watched. The sentences she formed in her head were all jumbled up and her hand was a bit shaky. She couldn't write down what came to her head because, well, nothing's making sense at all. Frustrated, she put down her quill and finally looked at Draco.

"What do you want?" Hermione asked. "If you want your ring back, here," she assumed. She opened her necklace and slid off the bright silver jewelry out of it and handed it to Draco. "Now please leave me alone." Hermione resumed her writing, expecting the Slytherin to leave.

Draco looked at his ring. It shone beautifully in his hand. He brought it close to his nose. It smelled of vanilla, Hermione's perfume. He placed the ring on its side on the table and spun it. It clanged quite loudly on the table.

Hermione put down her quill again and breathed deeply before speaking. Draco was really getting on her nerves. "Go away, Draco. Be annoying somewhere else!" she hissed at him but Draco merely smirked and ignored her.

Instead, he reached down to the floor and got something in his bag. He brought out a small box of Chocolate Wands and started eating.

"You can't eat in the library!" she whispered angrily at him, stood up, grabbed the box of Chocolate Wands and put it back in his bag. "I'm not interested in your stupid games." Hermione sat down in a huff and tried to write again but Draco caught her quill before she could reach it. Hermione looked up at him, ready to lash out but Draco spoke up.

"You think I'm playing games? Let's play a game, then," said Draco. He leaned against the table, beside Hermione's parchment. Hermione tried to push Draco away from the table but he didn't budge.

"If I win, you leave me alone." Hermione didn't care what Draco had in mind. That was her only term and she's determined to win the game, even if it involves flying.

"Alright." Draco took a piece of the thinnest Chocolate Wand. "We bite at each end of this Chocolate Wand until we eat all of it. The first to let go, loses," Draco explained casually.

Hermione's mouth dropped open. "Wha-what? Is that the only game you can think of?" Hermione shouted which earned her a loud "sssshhhhhh" from Madam Pince. Embarrassed, Hermione composed herself. "No. I don't want to play your game."

"Then you'll just have to see more of me," Draco smirked. He was about to go back to his seat, in front of Hermione when he felt her grab his wrist.

"If-if I hold on, you promise to leave me alone?"

Draco just smirked and brought one tip of the Chocolate Wand to his mouth. He nodded in answer to Hermione's question.

Hermione tried to calm herself. It wouldn't be that bad. They've kissed before and this wouldn't even be a kiss. It's just a game. They won't even need to kiss. Their lips just need to touch to say that both of them pushed through. She saw Draco moving his face closer to hers. He was tall, she was sitting down, the least revenge she could do was to give him a backache (A/N: lame, I know. It's like she's thinking much like a muggle than a witch). Hermione bit the opposite tip and they started to munch away, slowly at first. Thank goodness the Chocolate Wand's length was like a real wand. But soon, their faces grew closer and closer and closer and closer. Draco leaned in further. His left hand was on the back of Hermione's chair while the other was on top of Hermione's parchment. Hermione, who didn't know what to do with her hand, gripped Draco's tie and soon their lips met. But it didn't end there.

As Hermione slightly opened her mouth to take the last bite, Draco's tongue gently snaked its way in Hermione's mouth, catching her off guard. Hermione, confused, panicked and surprised didn't know how to react. Her first instinct was to push Draco away, but his scent, his closed eyes, his soft lips and his sweet, gentle tongue and that reminiscent feeling that washed over her, Hermione gave in to her inner self which screamed to kiss him back. Hermione let go of Draco's tie and rested her hand on his chest as she kissed him back, causing him to deepen the kiss. Slowly, Draco's right hand traveled from the table, to Hermione's arm, up her shoulder, neck, then to her cheek. They kissed, for Merlin knows how long, until Draco pulled himself away from Hermione. The two looked at each other, Hermione redder than her usual red. They were panting from the kiss, neither of them didn't know what to say. Draco noticed that Hermione had a bit of chocolate at the side of her lower lip. He smiled and leaned in. He kissed the side of Hermione's lower lip and lightly ran his tongue over the chocolate through the kiss. He felt her shake a little and so he pulled away again. He wiped away the remaining chocolate with his thumb.

Draco looked at Hermione. She was still flushed from the kiss but her breathing seemed to mellow down. He smiled. He liked seeing her caught off guard. With that, he walked over to his things and put it inside his bag. Hermione watched him gather his things. He slung his bag over his shoulder and walked over to Hermione. He brought his lips near her ear. "As promised, I'll leave you alone," whispered Draco, "until you tell me to stop leaving you alone," and he kissed her cheek before pulling away. He then walked out on Hermione, leaving her flabbergasted.

Hermione touched her cheek and her lips as soon as Draco's back was turned to her. What just happened? She scolded herself for letting herself be a part of Draco Malfoy's perverted game. But did she really hate the game? She knew the Chocolate Wands were a sweet treat, but why did it seemed sweeter coming from Draco's mouth. Hermione composed herself again. She brushed away the recent incident with Draco and tried to finish her essay, but she was more messed up than earlier. She couldn't think straight at all. Frustrated, she gathered her things and decided to go back to her room. But to which one? In the Prefects' dormitory where Draco probably is or the Gryffindor girls' dormitory where Parvati is probably telling Lavender about her relationship with Justin.

But Draco did promise to leave her alone, right? So it would be safe in the Prefects' dormitory? Hermione decided that the Prefects' dormitory would be a better place to clear her head. She figured a good night's sleep would probably take her mind off of things. And that last part she wished and prayed hard on it.


Love it? Hate it? Please let me know! Thank you! Much love!

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One Last Kiss (formerly titled Because I Love You): Rumour Has It


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