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Star Crossed by weasleytwins123
Chapter 14 : Perfection
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Remus recieved a letter from Lucy telling him she wanted nothing to do with him. Apparently the pair of you aren't friends anymore either. What's happened? Are you alright? Lily's bugging me, so reply soon.


Well, bugger. Why did Lucy have to say that to Remus?!

I suppose it was probably one of Peter's conditions for the pair of them getting back together. Yet I thought Hufflepuff's were meant to be kind and understanding and all that shit?

I'd gotten this letter after dinner last night, and I'd spent the majority of the evening staring at it and trying to put together what I might say. Eventually, after trying to sleep and instead choosing to write the dreaded letter, the letter was written by six in the morning.

Which was why I was on my way to the Owlery now, breathing in huge lungfuls of the bright spring morning air. It took me a while to climb the steps, I hadn't exactly visited the Owlery in a while, in fact, not since I had the last proper argument with Regulus before we got together.

"Good morning," I whispered to the beautiful tawny owl, who extended his leg importantly for me to tie my parchment onto. I hastily attatched the scroll, before giving the owl an affectionate stroke of his feathers. His beady glare softened slightly and he even nipped my finger gently.

"This is to Sirius Black, ok? Make sure he gets it."

"Writing to your boyfriend, are we McKinnon?" a harsh voice snickered from behind me as I watched the owl fly into the distance.

I turned around swiftly, attempting to hide my surprise as I came face to face with the ugly mug of Amycus Carrow.

The Carrow's had always made me feel sick, with their pureblood ideals and blind trust in anybody who seemed powerful enough. Amycus was the oldest Carrow, the heir of their dwindling fortune, as their family Galleons were wasted on their parents' expendature.

Alecto, the sister, was two years below Amycus and I, but she was much cleverer than her brother. She was full of sharp comments and sneers, and gave herself to many of the older future Death Eaters in her brothers year in an attempt to gain ties with the powerful.

"What's the matter, McKinnon? Scared you're all alone with me?" Amycus jeered as he stepped into the Owlery, twirling his wand between his fingers.

"As if, Carrow," I scoffed indignantly, flicking my dark hair back from my face. "You're not much of a threat."

"Oh, really?" he bared his teeth at me sickeningly. "Haven't you heard what happens to the girls I end up alone with?"

"They're left unsatisfied?" I quipped, not bothering to hide my smirk.

"They get hurt, little Gryffindor," he brushed off my comment, probably because he didn't understand it, and instead pointed his wand directly at me.

"Now, what shall we start with first?" he licked his lips and narrowed his eyes at me. "I know a lot of very nasty spells that ought to put you in your place, McKinnon."

I slipped my hand into my pocket, reaching for my wand, and realised with a swooping gut that I'd left it in my dormitory. Why today? Why now? I never forgot my wand, and yet the moment I needed it...

"What's wrong, McKinnon? Realised you're no match for me?"

Not without my wand, I thought to myself, but I didn't let him on to the fact that I was completely defenceless. That would excite him all the more... easy prey.

He flicked his wand at me and I was backed up against the wall, thick ropes binding my limbs together as Carrow took menacing steps towards me.

"Now, really, McKinnon, you're making this so easy for me..." he drawled, pointing his wand to my neck with a fascinated glint in his squinted eyes.

"You're pathetic, Carrow," I hissed, straining against the ropes as my heart thumped wildly in my chest. How was I meant to get myself out of this one?!

"You know, even though you're a dirty traitor that loves Mudbloods..." he licked his lips again and I held back vomit. "You do look good all tied up over there. And seeing as we're all alone..."

The reality of the situation hit me hard at his words, and the panic built up through my body, making my hands shake and my eyes water.

Yes, I was a Gryffindor, but I didn't have a wand and I was bound against a wall whilst a horny, sick-minded Slytherin debated whether I was worth a play around with or not.

"Over my dead body," I snarled and spat in his face.

His expression turned from teasing to anger, and he wiped the spit from his red face hasitly.

"Alright then," he brought his wand to my face and with a sharp movement sliced the skin across my collarbone open.

"How about that McKinnon?" he jeered playfully as he raised his wand to strike me again. He aimed his wand to my left arm and slashed into my forearm, where his Dark Mark would be placed once he left school.

"How's your traitor sister, McKinnon?" Carrow laughed. "I heard she's got a baby, carrying on the dirty blood is she?" he made another insision into my right shoulder this time. "Wouldn't it be funny if something happened to them?"

"Don't you dare!" I screamed, fighting against the ropes as they tightened, straining against my bleeding wounds and swallowing the urge to cry. The tears lingered in the edges of my eyes anyway.

"Go on, McKinnon, cry," he hissed as he directed his wand to my hip, yanking my shirt up and tracing a cut into it as he looked into my pleading face. "It hurts, doesn't it?"

"Get. Off. Me." I choked out, gritting my teeth and trying to avert my mind from the thought of my painful wounds, where the blood was seeping uncontrollably out of my body.

"And why would I do that?" he sniggered. "I'm only just getting started."

I closed my eyes as he lifted his wand to my face this time, awaiting the agonising pain that would follow as he once more cut into my skin.

But it didn't come. Instead there was a defening bang that sent the owls screeching onto the top rafters of the Owlery, accompanied by an angry shout and then a cry of pain.

I kept my eyes closed, expecting that some unfortunate person had come into the Owlery only to have been silenced by Carrow.

"Adrienne?!" a worried voice broke through my blinding pain and my eyes snapped open immedietely.

"Regulus," I sighed as I met my boyfriend's terrified expression. He lifted his wand to the ropes tied around me and quickly cut through them, holding his arms out for me as I collapsed into his chest, the tears falling down my face freely.

"Regulus," I shuddered as I continued to cry, comforted by his smell and the arm he wrapped around me as he cradled me into him.

"What happened, Adrienne?" he whispered softly as he shifted me onto his lap so he could look at the long cuts Carrow had made in my skin.

"What happened?" he repeated as he trailed his wand along my cuts, murmering soft healing spells and I watched with amazement as the cuts healed and began to look as if they were simply scars.

"They'll go on their own in a few days," he explained as he wiped the tears from my cheeks. "But I'll take you to Madam Promfrey anyway."

"No," I told him sternly. "I don't want anyone to know about this," Regulus tried to protest but I covered his mouth with my hand and shot him a stern look. "No, Regulus. It doesn't matter. I'm fine."

"He tortured you, Adrienne!" Regulus pushed my hand from his lips and stood up, abruptly pulling me up to my feet and pacing over to where Amycus Carrow lay unconcious.

I watched him as he lifted his wand and pointed it at Carrow's face, a hard, terrifying expression replacing his soft, worried one he'd worn moments ago.

"Regulus, no!" I crossed the room and lay a hand on his wand arm. "You'll only get yourself into trouble," I hissed. "He's not worth you getting punished."

Regulus considered me for a moment before raising his wand again. At my baffled expression, he rolled his eyes and pressed a gentle kiss to my cheek.

"I'm only going to remove his memory, Adrienne," he looked me straight in the eyes. "I promise."

"Oh, ok..." I crossed my arms across my shaking body. "I suppose that's a good idea."

A hint of a smile twitched at my boyfriend's lips before he turned to Carrow and muttered, "Obliviate," watching as the wispy white smoke seeped out from Carrow's mind and into Regulus' wand.

"Let's just leave him here," I whispered as I grasped onto Regulus' hand and pulled him away. "Can you get rid of all the blood before we go?"

"Why can't you...?"

"I left my wand in Gryffindor Tower," I explained with a blush. "Why do you think Carrow managed to do that to me? I'd have gotten rid of him in a moment if it wasn't for that."

"Why did you leave your wand behind, Adrienne?" Regulus chatsised me as he siphoned the blood from the floor and Carrow's robes. "This is exactly the reason why you never leave your wand behind, we're in a war..."

"I know Regulus! I just forgot it! I was a bit... distracted," I bit my lip as Regulus instantly looked at me.

"By what?"

"I..." I sighed quietly. "I got a letter from your brother... about the whole Lucy thing..." I clasped onto his hand tighter. "I didn't know what to say... I don't want to worry them..."

"Don't worry about my brother," Regulus cut me off sharply, turning away from the castle when they reached the end of the Owlery steps. "It's a nice day today and you need rest."

"Regulus!" I protested, pulling on his tight grasp as I realised he meant for us to spend the day in our 'special place'. "I can't Regulus, I'm sorry, I'm behind on everything, and exams are only in a few weeks..."

"Spend the holidays revising, Adrienne, and stop worrying," he sighed. "You were tortured this morning and you're in no condition to go to classes today."

A smile twitched at my lips. "Is that your opinion as a wannabe Healer?"

"... What?" he sighed, running a hand through his hair and tugging on my hand so I stepped closer to him.

"You want to be a Healer when you leave school, don't you?" I asked him, but it was more of a retorical question.

"Yes," he sighed. "But you know what I'll be when I leave school, Adrienne."

I pursed my lips and ignored that comment. "I found it quite sexy, you know," I trailed a finger along his jaw, down his neck and stopped to rest my hands on his chest, my fingers bunching his sweater up as I clutched at it. "You healing my cuts..." I bit my lip.

With a low laugh, Regulus pulled my lips to his and picked me up, carrying me the rest of the way to our special spot and kissing me hard all the while.


After rolling around on the grassy floor, kissing one another whole-heartedly until we were gasping for breath, I moved from my position straddling Regulus and snuggled into his lap, smiling as his arms wrapped around me and his hand began to stroke my hair lovingly.

"I've missed you," he kissed my neck softly, nuzzling his face into it so much that I could feel his satisfied smile against my skin.

"We only saw each other the other day," I giggled, although I knew exactly what he'd meant.

"I love spending time with you like this," he admitted, looking into my eyes before ducking his head to kiss my neck again.

"I do too," I replied as I reached to cup his face in my hands and pressed a tender kiss to his lips.

"Which is why I have a little surprise for you..." Regulus smiled as he shifted me off his lap and fumbled in his trouser pockets before handing me a small box with a green and red ribbon.

"Good ribbon choice," I remarked with a smile as I took it from his hands and cautiously took the lid off of the box.

Inside was a small, metallic key.

"I thought we could spend a week of the Easter holidays together..." he whispered excitedly. "In France."

"What?!" I squealed excitedly, picking the key from the box and clasping it in my hands carefully. "Really?"

"Do you want to?" Regulus asked, ruffling his hair nervously. "I've rented a small chit in the South of France, it's hot down there at the moment.... it's completely private, in the cliffs with it's own little beach..."

"Oh, Regulus!" I cried, wrapping my arms around his neck before kissing him hard on the mouth. "It's perfect."


The next week leading up to the Easter holidays was long and boring, because I was so excited to be leaving for France with Regulus.

I'd made my excuses to Marlene, saying that I was going to spend the first week of the holidays job-hunting and revising for my NEWT exams before joining them all for the next week.

She'd been reasonable about it, understanding that I would like some alone time out of the castle and all the stresses that this year had brought. Specifically the drama with Lucy, which still hadn't been resolved.

But finally, the time came for Regulus and I to leave, and instead of getting the train to London, we packed our trunks and met at the station once the Hogwarts Express left.

"Hold on tight," Regulus instructed with a smile as he took my hand in his.

I closed my eyes as he apparated us to our holiday destination, feeling the tight, squeezing sensation as we travelled with some discomfort, before feeling my feet touch solid, yet soft ground.

"Open your eyes," Regulus whispered, squeezing my hand in his as I inhaled a deep breath of French air and slowly opened my eyes.

It was beautiful. I couldn't think of a way to describe it's absolute beauty, because I didn't think I'd ever been to a place like this. The chit was small, built into the edge of the cliff with steps leading down to a small private beach surrounded by cliff that you could only reach from the chit itself.

The beach was breathtaking, the golden sand stretching out to meet the deep bluey-green sea with calm waves that were never ending.

"Regulus, I..."

"I know," he grinned, leaning down to press a kiss to my lips before dragging me to our home for the next week. He took the small key from his pocket and unlocked the door, which swung open into a small kitchen area with a lounge attatched. The front of the chit was made entirely from glass, so the views were astronomical.

"It's amazing," I smiled, watching Regulus as he hesitated at the next door whilst dragging our trunks along behind him.

"I didn't know whether you'd mind.... uhh, because there's only, well.... there's only one bedroom so we can share or I'll sleep on the couch I suppose or..."

"I want to share a bed with you Regulus," I laughed as I moved to wrap my arms around him. "Isn't that the point of us coming here?"

"Is it?" a smirk etched at his lips. "In that case..." he dropped the trunks, properly smirking now and lifted my legs so I was straddling him, before pushing open the door and laying me down onto the huge double bed that took up the majority of the room.

"Regulus..." I giggled as I shifted underneath him, reaching up to kiss him tenderly.

He leant down to capture my lips between his, moving his hands to rest on my waist as he kissed me, alternating between kisses and running his tongue along my lower lip.

I groaned and moved my legs around him to bring him closer, which he grunted in reply to and smirked against my lips, sensing that I was interested in a much more passionate kiss now that we were finally alone.

His hips began to press firmly against mine as he moved to kiss my neck, along my exposed chest and casually began to unbutton the top of my school shirt. I eagerly began to undo his shirt, reaching up to run my hands along his stomach as he traced patterns between my breasts with his kisses.


No, we didn't have sex, but we'd finished kissing clad only in our underwear, to discover that it was dinner time and we were both quite hungry. I changed from my uniform into a pair of shorts and a skimpy top, to which Regulus had grinned and patted my arse as I stood preparing our dinner in the kitchen whilst he arranged our luggage in the bedroom.

"What're you making?" he asked as he came up behind me and wound his arms around my waist as I stirred the bubbling pot with my wand.

"Pasta and sauce," I replied, leaning my head back into the crook of his neck with a smile. "Is that alright?"

"Perfect," he kissed my forehead. "As long as I have a woman to cook for me..."

He moved out of my way as I tried to swat him over the head for his comment. He barked out a laugh, which frighteningly reminded me of Sirius for a breif moment, and I watched him as he looked out to our stunning view.

"We should go swimming tonight," Regulus suggested as I placed our dinner on the small wooden table.

"Won't it be cold, though?"

"Heating charm?" he proposed. "Come on, Adrienne, it'll be fun."

"I don't know..."

"What, are you too scared?" Regulus smirked, and even though it was obvious he'd only said that to get my inner Gryffindor reaction, I couldn't help myself but prove my bravery.

"Fine then, we'll go swimming tonight," I huffed, pulling a face at his satisfied smirk.

Which was why, at half past eleven on our first night, Regulus and I cast heating charms over ourselves and stepped into the sea in our swimwear. Regulus had sent me an appreciative glance when I'd stepped out of our bedroom in my bikini, which was skimpy to say the least.

It was fun, swimming against the waves and splashing each other, and I closed my eyes and floated on my back for a while, revelling in the peace of this place. If it weren't for everyone I loved being at home, I'd make Regulus and I stay here forever, in this peaceful place where there was no war, or danger.

"I wish I could stay here forever," Regulus admitted quietly once we'd both cleaned up and climbed into bed. He'd held his arms out to me and I'd instantly slipped underneath the covers and snuggled into his chest with a contented smile.

"I know what you mean," I whispered, moving deeper into his warm hold.

"Adrienne..." Regulus began to speak, with a slightly nervous tone in his voice that surprised me. "I don't know if it's too early, or if you feel the same but...."

I remained silent, waiting for him to finish his sentance with a rapidly beating heart that he could surely hear.

"I'm in love with you," he finished, and after a moment I turned in his arms to look into his worried, dark eyes.

"I'm in love with you too," I smiled, kissing him gently and allowing him to pull me on top of him.

"I think that's cause for celebration," Regulus smirked against my lips, his hands drifting down to sit on my arse meaningfully.

So I kissed him in reply.



hope you liked! :)

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