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Chasing Time by SiriusBookworm
Chapter 3 : Uncharted
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Disclaimer: If you recognize it, it's not mine :) Enjoy!



                                                          I'm already out
                                         Of foolproof ideas so don't ask me how

                                                           To get started

                                                         It's all uncharted

                                                  Uncharted (Sara Bareilles)

Chapter 3
 A few hours later, we finished up shopping. I had successfully gotten everything on my list, my uniform, and even some 'Muggle' clothing. We had to leave Diagon Alley for that but I realized that I didn't know how long I'd be here and I doubt I'd be able to last with only one one t-shirt, a pair of jeans, a bra, and one pair of underwear. It was amusing to see the looks on people's faces as Dumbledore followed me around the bra section in his light blue robes. I felt a little more comfortable knowing that he was in fact gay, it made shopping a bit simpler than having him being awkward like my dad was when he got stuck shopping with me or my sisters when we were younger. After the entertaining shopping trip, we returned to the Leaky Cauldron with all of my bags and flooed back to Hogwarts. I stumbled back out of the fireplace and hacked up my other lung. I'm not really feeling this way of traveling. Dumbledore cleaning me up again and then I placed all the bags on the floor as Tux tried to tackle me.


"Dumb dog." I muttered, shoving him down then petting him as he calmed down.


"I believe Professor Slughorn is free now. Would you accompany me to his office? We can give you that potion I told you about earlier." He asked politely.


I sighed, I might as well get this over with. Dumbledore had explained a little bit about the potion to me as we shopped. Apparently, it would sort of download spells into my brain. Cool but a little daunting, especially after I was told that this was a semi-experimental potion. I wouldn't die from it but there were no definite side effects, I could sprout horns or turn purple but we would have no way of knowing that until I took the potion. I followed Dumbledore out of his office with Tux on my heels, through the silent halls, and down to the dungeons, taking in everything we passed. We stopped at an old oak door and he knocked softly.


"Come in." Came a muffled replied. He opened the door to a small, brightly lit office. 


"Ah, Albus! I wasn't expecting you for another hour."


"Hello, Horace. I brought Ms. Rose down for the potion you concocted." He said as I stepped further into the room, my hand on Tux's head comfortingly.


"Ms. Rose! Pleasure to finally meet you. Everyone's been talking about your entrance this morning. I see you've been sorted into Gryffindor! Congratulations, although I must say you would have been an excellent addition to Slytherin despite your accident." Slughorn rambled.


"Accident?" I asked, a little confused.


"Oh! You poor thing, you probably don't even remember that! Don't worry though, the Headmaster told all the professors about your head injury. That's why he had me make up this potion for you. Losing all your school learning, such a shame! And so much time wasted! But no matter, this potion will help with that." Professor Slughorn handed me a vial of purple liquid. I eyed it suspiciously but Dumbledore nodded in encouragement.


“Bottoms up.” I muttered, raising it and downing the bottle in one gulp. I swallowed and closed my eyes in pain. I honestly can’t even describe what happened in my brain. It was like an explosion of thoughts, like 5 trains of thought at once. I couldn’t keep up but yet I knew that I could. After what felt like hours but I knew was only minutes, I opened my eyes to see Dumbledore and Slughorn staring at me.


“How do you feel Ms. Rose?” Slughorn asked.


“A little dizzy.” I said. 


“That should pass. Now we’re not sure of any side effects that may occur so as a precaution, no magic for the next 24 hours. At least, no magic on purpose.” Slughorn said and bumbled to his desk. “I’d like you to record any symptoms that crop up. Also, do not take any other potions for the next week. Can’t be too careful with such an experimental potion.”


“Thank you, Professor Slughorn. Ms. Rose, if you’ll follow me, we’ll make our way to the Great Hall for dinner. You must be starving.” Dumbledore said.


“Uh, yeah. Thanks, Professor.” I said and waved at Slughorn on my way out, following Dumbledore. I turned to Dumbledore a little confused. “You said this potion was safe!”


“It is, don’t worry. I would not have let you take it, if I did not fully trust Professor Slughorn. Just remember, any side effects that do happen are from your ‘accident’ not the potion.” He said and I nodded. 


"Speaking of my 'accident', what did you say happened to me? I want to keep my story straight if I'm going to keep lying." I grumbled, crossing my arms. Tux pranced ahead of us but slowed when he got too far.


"You are not lying per say, I am." He said with a smirk. Like that made this any better. "I told them that you were in a duel that ended with you being hit my an unknown curse which caused you to loose some of your memories and all of your schooling."


"Oh." I said. Simple but yet no lengthy explanations needed. We made our way down to the Great Hall in silence. Not because I was mad cause he let me take an experimental potion (ok, I wasn’t happy about that but it wasn’t why were weren’t talking!), I was looking around at everything I could. The stone walls, tapestries, portraits that moved and talked, and suits of armor. Although that last one I gave a wide berth, I remember them coming alive to defend Hogwarts against Voldemort. They are some bad a- “Ms. Evans?”


“Yes, Professor?” Lily said and turned toward us smiling. Man, I didn’t even realize we were at the Great Hall.


“This is Sydney Rose, she’s a new student here and has been sorted into Gryffindor. Would you mind showing her around the castle until she gets used to things here?” Dumbledore asked the redhead.


“Of course! I’d love to.” She said and then turned to me sharply. Not like a bad sharply, just like a confident sharply. Then she stuck out her hand, I took it and shook it firmly. 


“Lily Evans, head girl.”


“Nice to meet you, Lily.” I said and returned her smile.


“I will let you both enjoy your dinner and Ms. Rose,” Dumbledore said and I turned back to him quickly. “All your items should be in your dorm. Ms. Evans can you see that Ms. Rose gets there?”


“Of course.” Lily said. 


“Thanks, Dum-I mean, Professor.” I said and waved. Lily and I turned and made our way into the Great Hall. Tux followed us in, making sure he stayed right by my side. Lily's red hair swayed back and forth behind her, it was such a nice red color. Not at all like a ginger. Ahaha. Gingers. Poor things have no souls. Lily had a very red color though.


“Where did you transfer from?” Lily asked as we sat down across from each other in the middle of the Gryffindor table, I was staring up at the ceiling but snapped back to attention when I heard her.


“New Jersey, I was uh-home schooled.” I lied slightly. I was from New Jersey and I was home schooled for a couple of years when I was younger, it just was the truth from a while ago so to speak.


“I see.” She replied. After a moment of silence and her face showing obvious contemplation she said, “Are you related to James? I don’t mean to pry but I was curious because Professor Dumbledore said your last name was Rose but it says Potter on the back of your shirt.”


“James is my cousin, but we’ve never met. His dad and my mom are siblings but my mom’s adopted and they never really got along. My mom moved over to the States and married my dad. I never even knew I was related to James until I got here.” I explained. Dumbledore and I had come up with this (complicated) cover story and he had informed Mr. Potter to make sure he’d go with it. Jeez, this was going to get complicated.


“Oh! That’s...different.” She said as a petite brunette and a dirty blonde sat down next to us. “This is Alice Fortescue,” (the brunette) “And this is Dorcas Meadows. They’re both in our year.”


“Sydney.” I said and shook both Alice and Dorcas’ hands.


“Did you get your classes-” Lily started.


“LILY! MY LOVE! MY LIFE!” James Potter yelled and flung himself onto the floor behind Lily, taking her hand and kissing it. “I missed you so.”


“Potter...” Lily growled. I chuckled softly and pretended not to hear.


“Your boyfriend, I take it?” I said with a grin, pointing at James. Gah, I’m evil, I love it. 


“NO! He is an insufferable toe rag who enjoys torturing me!” Lily huffed. I looked and saw James falter a little. Poor guy. I’d feel worse if I didn’t know they’d end up together. 


“And who are you, fair lady?” James asked and bowed. Sirius, Remus, and Peter joined us at this point. My eyes flickered to Sirius ( should be illegal to look so good) but I quickly averted my gaze.


“Sydney Rose and may I ask who you are, good sir?” I asked.


“Why I am James Potter, quidditch captain and prank master extrodinare. Also, head boy with the remarkable and stunningly beautiful Lily Evans.” He said grinning at her, she just turned redder.


“James Potter? Well, I finally get to meet my mysterious cousin. Took long enough.” I said, playing this as best I could.


“COUSIN?!” James, Sirius, Remus, Peter, Alice, and even Dorcas yelled. Pretty sure every single person in the Hall heard them. Well, at least I won’t have to say it twice.


“Yes, cousin. Didn’t your dad tell you-oh, there’s the owl.” I said and pointed a beautiful tawny owl as it sailed across the room to James. James tore off the letter and read furiously, then he just stared at me. I cautiously fed the owl some bread. I’ve never been near an owl and I really don’t think I want to get bit by one either. Finally, James sat down next to Lily. The other boys joined us, staring at James waiting for him to talk.


“Bloody hell, James! What does it say?!” Sirius burst. 


James snapped out of his stupor and began to read the letter. “Ahem. ‘Dear James-”


“Liar, it says ‘Dear Jaimy,” Peter said, looking over James’ shoulder. James shoved him away and continued to read.


“As I was saying, ‘Dear James, Sorry for the short notice but your cousin, Sydney, has been in some trouble and is going to be staying with us for a while. Please help her at Hogwarts and don’t get her into any more trouble. Anymore detentions from you and Sirius and no pie for Christmas! I mean it this time. Love you lots dear, Mum and Dad.’” 


“Whhhhy must Mum threaten with pie? Every single time? She knows how much we love it.” Sirius whined.


“That’s why. Because you two would kill each other for that pie.” Remus said, piling food onto his plate.


“True. Anyway, that’s quite a short letter from Mum and Dad. I mean it’s not like when they forgot to tell me we changed vacation plans, they forgot to tell me about a whole cousin!” James exclaimed.


“Who’s still sitting right here, by the way.” I pointed out. “Again, its nice to finally meet you too, Jaimy.”


“Don’t call me Jaimy!” James yelled, crossing his arms and pouting. Tux barked at James for yelling at me. I knew I kept that mutt around for some reason. “How come you’re allowed to have a dog?”


“Cause Dumbledore likes me better than you.” I said mockingly.


“Lies, I’m Dumbledore’s favorite.” Sirius said next to James. I smirked and put some mashed potatoes on my plate. 


“He’s so cute! What’s his name?” Dorcas asked.


“Tux.” I took a sip from a goblet in from of me but spat it right back out.  “Ugh! What is this stuff?!”


“Pumpkin juice.” Lily said matter-of-factly.


“Oh. Gross.” I said and pushed it away from me. Stupid British wizards, who actually drinks pumpkin juice? I mean I know everyone drank it in the books and movies, but how? It’s so gross.


“Hey! It’s not gross, it’s delicious.” Sirius claimed and grabbed my goblet from beside James. Yup, goblets. This is a fancy little school. 


“And who are you?” I asked. Like I didn’t know.


“Who am I?! Who am I, she asks?” Turning to James as he said this and then turned back to me. “I am, of course, the dashing and handsome Sirius Black.” Sirius proclaimed. These boys are so dramatic. Sirius turned to Remus. “This is the brilliant and genius, Remus Lupin. And here is the loyal, Peter Pettigrew. At your service, my lady.” Loyal my ass, I thought bitterly.


“Nice to meet you boys. Would you mind passing the water pitcher, Sirius? That god awful pumpkin juice left a bad taste in my mouth.” I asked. Sirius passed it over, our fingers brushed against each other lightly, a sharp spark shot through me and I pulled my hand away quickly. Sirius’ hand flinched but he kept a hold on the pitcher. Hurriedly, I took the pitcher from him, pour a glass, and gratefully gulped down some water. 


“As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted,” Lily said with a glare at James. “What classes are you taking?”


“Oh, um,” I said and dug out the schedule from my pocket. Looking at the scrap, I read off the list. “Charms, Potions, Transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts, History of Magic, Care of Magical Creatures, and Muggle Studies.”


“I’m in Care of Magical Creatures too. You’ll like it, Kettleborn is super nice...even if he only has 1 ear and a peg leg.” Alice said, picking at her food. I raised my eyebrows at her comment. She whispered, “Dragons.”


“Oh.” I said nodding. I zoned out after that and focused on my food as the conversations went on around me. Apparently, everyone was in all my classes except that Lily, Remus, Dorcas, and Alice took Ancient Runes and only Alice was in Care of Magical Creatures with me. I studied everyone as the bantering got louder. They were all so...alive. They were loud, funny, and entertaining. It was so strange to see them in the flesh. I noticed Remus watching me out of the corner of his eye.


“What do you think of Europe so far?” Remus asked quietly, he was sitting right next to me but for some reason I wasn’t freaking out. What drugs did I take? I should be at least shaking or something. I was a little confused as to how he figured out I was from somewhere else but he seemed to notice my confusion. “Your accent. It’s obvious you’re not from anywhere around here.”


Well, duh. I forgot that I talked differently. “Actually, the weather’s not to my liking, too wet.”


“I think we noticed that this morning. So why the move?” He asked.


“I had an...accident back in the States.” I said awkwardly. I noticed that the conversations around us had gotten a little quieter. Discreet, guys. Remus waited patiently as I tried to remember the story Dumbledore had given me. "I was in a duel back home and I was hit with an unknown curse. I ended up losing most of my memory and I'm recovering. Dumbledore thought it'd be best if I came here to-expelliarmus!" I clamped my hands over my mouth as Remus' wand flew across the table and into Peter's potatoes. "Sorry!" I yelled and snatched his wand up, cleaning it off quickly and handing it back. Everyone had stopped their conversations by now and were staring at me. And by everyone, I meant Lily, James, Sirius, Remus, Peter, Alice, and Dorcas, and not the entire room thank God. I muttered, putting my head down. "Sorry, Remus."


"It's ok." He said, laughing a bit. I felt my face grow hotter and knew it would probably be brick red by now. "What just happened though?"


"I-I don't really know. I was told that they weren't sure what would happen because of the injury." I muttered, trying to melting into the table. 


"This is going to be a fun week." Sirius said manically, I peeked up to see him grinning widely. Then Lily hit him.


"Sirius!" Lily scolded. 


"I just meant it would be fun if she could direct it at the Slytherins! You know it would be funny, Ms. Head Girl." Sirius pouted and rubbed his shoulder.


She rolled her eyes and turned back to me. "That's terrible, Sydney. Weird, but terrible. We'll try to help you out."


"Thanks, Lily." I said, smiling a bit. Lily turned to James and gave him a pointed look. He looked confused as Lily stared him down.


"What?" He finally exclaimed.


"She is your cousin, James Potter. Aren't you at least going to offer her help?" Lily demanded.


"I'm her cousin! I don't have to tell her that I'll help her out, she knows I would! Right, Syd?" James asked, pleading with his eyes. I knew that Lily would probably skin him alive if I didn't defend him. Hmm, on second thought that might be a tad bit entertaining.


"I only met you a half hour ago, Jaimy. We might be related but we just met." I said, laughing as his eyes narrowed at the nickname.


"Well, Syd, I will help you out if you need it." He said. Lily smirked in approval then went to grab her bag. I saw James' face drop in disappointment as he realized she was leaving.


"We should head up to the dorms, tomorrow's double potions." Lily said like the studious little Head Girl she was. The group ended up following us back up to the common room with only one more random-spell-burst from me that made a couple of paintings drop from the wall. Once there, they all spread out and began to do various things. Lily and I headed up to the dorm room though. Tux trailed after us and collapsed on a blanket next to what I assumed was my bed. All my things were on it and my brand new trunk sat at the foot of the curtained, dark red bed. 


"Do you need some help unpacking?" Lily asked politely. 


"No, it's cool." I said, shaking my head. "You can go back down, I'll probably be a while."

She nodded and left me to unpack all my new belongings. As I folded the new clothes and stacked the textbooks on the bedside table, I thought how strange this was. I was at HOGWARTS. I had just had dinner with Lily Evans, James Potter, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin AND spent the day with Dumbledore. I placed the last of my things in my trunk and collapsed on my bed. Within minutes, I fell into a deep sleep.

A/N: YES! CHAPTER 3!....I thought I'd be done sooner but I started scuba diving lessons and they've been killing me so it took a always, I LOVE reviews....they're so exciting to get :D...also what do you guys think of the chapter images so far? I've been trying to them myself but not sure how I feel about them...I may go to TheDarkArts for the next chapter...and what do you think of Sirius?! I absolutely LOVE ben barnes and picture him as Sirius...or Dimirti from Vampire Academy....if you haven't read Vampire Acadmey yet, DO's unbelievable!....thanks for reading!

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Chasing Time: Uncharted


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