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Just any other year at hogwarts... by HorseMad99
Chapter 1 : The First One: Diagon Alley
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Okay everyone, so lately I have looked back and realised that in my crazy rush to give you chapters to read, things like the standard of writing quality is significantly lower than I would have liked. I have therefore decided that I will be doing a full edit of every single chapter that has been posted so far. Unfortunately this means my other story will have to take a backseat for a while but I think I owe to all of you to edit these chapters! The main storyline will be remaining mostly unchanged however there will be a few major changes in the form of character names:

Esmie James – renamed as Felicity ‘Fliss’ Barker

Amie Gardner – renamed as Saffron ‘Saffie’ Gardner

Ava Malfoy – being renamed as Ava Morley. I decided it was just too unrealistic for Scorpius to have a twin sister that wasn’t mentioned and they are now cousins instead.

Niamh- renamed as Hayley. This is for the sanity of my friend (LittleWelshGirl) she just couldn’t get her head around the pronunciation.

I realise that for anyone who is just starting to read this story, if the characters have different names in different chapters it will be extremely confusing however I will try to update the edited chapters in quick succession as permitted by my spare time and the length of the queue.

Thank you for your patience, that was any extremely long authors note, though it is very important, and I would have probably given up halfway through.

I hope you enjoy my story and if you haven’t already told me, it would be wonderful to know what you think :)




If there was ever going to be a day when I woke up to find that my hair was perfect, well then today certainly was not that day. To be exact my hair resembled a haystack that had been glued to my scalp. Of course it didn’t help that my new kitten had been sleeping on my head all night.

The kitten had been a birthday present from my Mum and brother a few months previously however I still hadn’t managed to come up with a name, you see I am not the most inventive of people.

The kitten was completely black, Mum said that she couldn’t resist after all a witch’s cat is traditionally meant to be black or at least in muggle fairy tales they are.

I procrastinated for a couple minutes until I really couldn’t use the excuse ‘I was just waking up fully!’ anymore and resigned myself to my fate. I would have to get up and battle my hair, it would be tough but worth it in the end if I could conquer my the enemy (and yes I am just talking about sorting out my hair)

However I have a secret weapon that could help me win the war which came in the form of a small turquoise book, in other words; a girl’s saviour. This too had been a birthday present which had been given to me by one of my best friends Evie Mathews. The book was full of helpful spells such as instant hair wash (my particular favourite) and the equally useful instant hair growth spell. Evie had discovered the book after an incident with a muggle hairdresser which ended with Evie having a bowl haircut. Needless to say she was furious. It looked horrific though I didn’t tell her this because as well as not being the leader of the free world (not yet anyway) I am not one of those people who is painfully blunt, no I leave that to Ava. Let’s just say that I left my opinion out of that particular matter.

Now I know what you are thinking and no I am not about to break the international Statute of secrecy, though I am still underage. I can still use magic though because the Ministry of Magic can’t monitor our house for use of magic because otherwise Mum wouldn’t be able to use magic therefore as long as Mum doesn’t see us, my older brother Charlie and I can use magic to our hearts content.

I flicked through the pages, even after the multitude of times I had used the instant hair wash spell, I still didn’t know it off by heart, I have the memory of a goldfish though sometimes my memory doesn’t even last three seconds.

I found the right page about two minutes later after extensive searching (I lie, I just flicked backwards and forwards through the pages hoping the right one would just appear) So I cast the spell and the haystack turned into something that vaguely resembled actual hair.

Yay, finally *Cue happy dance*.

Just to give you an idea, my happy dance is mainly flailing limbs and squeals of happiness which could easily be mistaken for squeals of pain.

Anywho, my hair was now acceptable to be viewed by the public so I quickly applied some mascara; skilfully getting it on the bridge of my nose and stabbing myself in the eye with the brush.

So much for making myself looking better, so after cleaning up my fail make up wise, I made my way downstairs for breakfast. As I walked I admired my hair.

I mentally thanked Evie for making my hair look perfectly normal and as I twiddled my hair I began to appreciate just how much I use the spell and how much more effort I would have to put in without it. You see I am not the most motivated of people, you know how they say; get a lazy person to do a hard job because they will always find an easy way to do it. Well it doesn’t work like that with me, I tend to get bored and never do the thing I was asked to do except when it is Mum asking me to do it and that is only because she can get scary when she really wants something to be done.

Anyway, I have gone off subject a bit, I am easily distracted, I have a short attention span and limited brain power.

Let’s get back to me twiddling my hair, well as I said I am easily distracted so I was twiddling my hair and admiring the good job the spell had done (see this is proof I can multitask) and I forgot to look where I was going which was stupid seeing as I was currently walking down stairs.

So I was busy being idiotic and distracted so much so that I almost fell down the stairs, and when I say almost it’s because I would have if it had not been for my lightening reflexes/ninja skills however you want to look at it. (Huyahh!) Basically I grabbed the banister and it creaked a bit. So disaster averted, I walked into the kitchen trying to act as though nothing had happened.

Charlie was falling asleep on the breakfast bar, face in a bowl of cheerios which Mum seemed to be ignoring. Good call.

“Would you like a cooked breakfast?” Mum asked.


I shook my head, I felt bad by saying no. Mum put a lot of effort into cooking delicious breakfasts only for Charlie to eat my portion as well as his. Mum must think I am anorexic or something. I do eat, in fact I eat loads, just not at breakfast. I just have neither the need nor the desire to eat at breakfast time.

 After battling about it for almost a year, my mother and I came to a compromise. This meant that for Breakfast, whether hungry or not, I would have to have at least a smoothie. The only thing is that I find smoothies a bit dull, you would too if you had to have one every day. My favourite is apple and strawberry but even that gets boring after a couple of gulps.

 To be honest I don’t know how my kitten puts up with it, having the same thing over and over again I mean. Having one smoothie a day is bad enough but at least I can have different variations whereas my little black kitten has the same food every day yet he still manages to get excited about it.

 I really should give him a name, I can’t exactly call him ‘My little black kitten’ for the rest of his life. Oh well, I am sure Saffie will be able to come up with a name for him. She’s so clever (though not as clever as Rose, not that anyone is) and inventive, she says she is going to become a writer and I don’t doubt that she is.

I have read some of her writing before (though she still isn’t aware of this) it was so well thought out and just so, well...perfect. Saffie’s so lucky, she’s got it all sorted out, her future I mean. Whereas me, oh have no idea, I have thought about playing quidditch. I love it, I have been on the Gryffindor team since third year but I don’t think I will ever be anywhere near good enough to play at a national level, let alone international level.

Then I again I quite like the idea of being an auror too, how cool would it be to catch dark wizards? Not that there are many left after Harry Potter. Despite the numerous tests I would have to endure the idea of being an auror really appeals.

It’s not like all the tests would be hard anyway, especially for me.

I have a significant advantage over everyone else you see, it’s not that I am being big headed or cocky. The thing is that, I Felicity Barker am, apart from being amazingly epic (obviously), a metamorphmegas. I’ve had the gift since birth though for some reason I have never really felt the need to use my gift.

“FLISS!” Mum shouted again and I was jerked back into reality only to see mum holding out a glass of pink smoothie and Charlie awake and de-cheerioed.

Charlie sat down and dug into his double helping of cooked breakfast (he’s so greedy at breakfast, the stark opposite of me) Despite our differences however, Charlie and I were quite similar. Both of us had sandy blonde hair which never behaved (though Charlie’s unruly hair suited him whereas it made me look like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards) and for some reason Charlie seemed to have some appeal with girls.

Charlie, along with James Potter, Freddie Weasley and Connor Wood were widely considered as the ‘Hogwarts Heart throbs’ for some unfathomable reason. Before those four it was Louis Weasley and before him it was Teddy Lupin (Louis’ cousin in law) they are a lucky family.

I wish I was in their gene pool, oh well hopefully my future children will be (I am joking, seriously! Freddie is too crazy, James is a prat, and Al is my friend the rest of the Wotter family are either female or too young/old) Don’t go all crazy jealous fan club member on me, I do not want to be in a relationship with any of the Potter or Weasley boys, nope not me. Aren’t I just so clever, managing to resist the supposedly ‘irresistible’ charms of the Wotters. My heart lay with one Nate Parker; we obviously should be together because our surnames rhyme. You know Parker…Barker, it’s meant to be.

You know I was thinking the other day that I should introduce myself as ‘Fel’ as in ‘Fel-icity’ because then I can say ‘I am Fel, from heaven’ you get it? Aren’t I just amazing!?

 Moving from my fail at sit down comedy (I am too lazy to do stand up) I drank my dull smoothie which was red from the strawberries and red grapes, it made it look like I was drinking blood. Mwuhaha, I am a vampire! Joking, again! People really need to stop taking me so seriously.


Today was August 31st today so tomorrow I would be returning to Hogwarts, only to be faced with exams, lucky me! I’m going into 5th year, OWL year, maybe I’ll just buy owls (as in the animals) and give them each a subject name so when it comes to getting a job I will say ‘Yes here’s my OWL, he’s called History of Magic. Be careful though, he tends to bite!’

Mum had to work today and tomorrow so we were meeting the Wotters (and a few stragglers, which meant Charlie, I, Connor Wood and some of my friends) to buy our new school things and then we would stay at the Leaky Cauldron overnight before journeying together to Kings Cross Station the following day.

We couldn’t apparate to the Leaky Cauldron because for starters Charlie and I were underage and secondly having been raised as a muggle for the first eleven years of her life, she still believed that things such as apparition was physically and scientifically impossible and therefore she was hesitant.

Instead she would be floo-ing with us to Saffie’s house and from there we would be floo-ing to the Leaky Cauldron.  Our house could easily be mistaken for a muggle house, despite having studied magic for seven years, Mum preferred to use muggle appliances.  Apart from Charlie’s and my own broom, our spell books and Charlie’s owl Boris – I really wonder whether my brother was dropped on his head as a baby.

So anyway Mum was bustling about looking for the floo powder. When we arrived   at Saffie’s house, Evie was there too however she was far from happy. Saffie was squealing about how excited she was about being able to read more of the books in the library, she actually  cares about her education whereas Evie was in full grump mode, complaining about how it was ‘far too early to even think about being awake’ that was until I reminded her that it was about half past ten. You see Evie is not exactly a morning person, though nor am I.

Evie, Saffie and I have been friends since first year, the first day in fact. I know it sound majorly cliché but it is true, Evie and Saffie are the most amazing friends you could ever ask for.

When we arrived at the Leaky Cauldron, Rose was sitting waiting for us no one else appeared to be there.

“FLISS! EVIE, SAFFIE!!” Rose squealed; she is going to burst my eardrum one day. Our trunks lay forgotten on the floor as we all ran up and hugged.

As we were released from the bear hug Rose had been giving us, I went to say goodbye to Mum.

You could tell from her face that she didn’t want to have to go, though she had to work a lot. It couldn’t be helped.

“Bye Mum,” I whispered, I hugged her tight and she gave me a comforting squeeze.

“Goodbye sweetie,” she whispered back.

Mum smiled at Charlie and I as she left, my smile faded for only a moment until Evie distracted me for which I was welcome. We waited for only about 5 minutes until Ava arrived. Ava was the bluntest person I had ever met, you could be sure that she would always be there to tell it how it was.

“Is Scorp coming?” asked Rose slightly disappointed at the fact he wasn’t currently visible. Scorpius Malfoy was Ava’s cousin (why is everyone related!?) Rose and Scorpius had got together at the end of the previous year much to Al’s dismay.

You see Scorpius was a Slytherin as well as a Malfoy (double whammy reason for hating!) so naturally they didn’t see eye to eye. However ever since Rose had begun to like Scorpius, Al had been forced to accept that he couldn’t hate Scorpius forever in fact they were almost friendly to one another now-a-days.

You would have made friends with your enemy too if the alternative was facing Rose’s wrath because she can be very scary when she wants too.

“Oh Auntie Astoria grounded him after he nicked a bottle of wine for some Slytherin party” laughed Ava, we all laughed along, Scorpius’ plans never went smoothly. The rest of the family was slowly arriving however we didn’t really notice, we were all too engrossed in our catch up chat.

Al disturbed our conversation about twenty minutes in.

“Heyy Al!” Evie grinned, Saffie looked up from her notebook to smile before continuing to scribble away.

“One problem guys” I started,

“Fliss, what now? Is the zombie apocalypse imminent and you haven’t got any zombie repellent?” Al interjected. Everyone laughed, and I turned bright red, not everything I said was nonsense.

“Ever the jester Albus, but no. I was going to say, how are we all going to get our trunks upstairs?” Al went red at being called by his full name and I grinned smugly because I had successfully thought logically for once. I think I deserve a gold star, or maybe two just to encourage me to think logically more often.

“Girls, I’ve got this!” Al exclaimed. Ava snorted, how amazingly attractive.

“Oh don’t trouble your little arms Al, come-on guys - we’ll take them,” laughed James from the corner. James, Fred, Charlie and Connor all jumped up laughing at Al who looked furious, the only plausible situation is sibling rivalry and lots of it.

The four guys each grabbed one of our trunks, except for James being the strong guy he took mine as well as Rose’s.

*Swoon* Don’t worry, I’m joking because I ship Flate all the way. I know; Im pathetic.

So we let the guys deal with our luggage (fuck feminism- actually I agree with feminism but I do like a chivalrous guy!) before heading off into Diagon Alley together.

The first stop was Flourish and Blotts (seeing as we all needed to make a visit) but long after the set books had been purchased, we still had not left the book shop. Both Rose and Saffie insisted on reading what seemed like the blurb of every single book in the shop (apart from the divination books. Both girls shared the same opinion as Hermione Weasley when it came to divination. Basically in Rose’s own words divination is ‘a load of old tosh’)

“Oh come on, seriously!? How many books do you read?” I groaned. Rose tutted at me and Saffie reminded the three of us that our education was very important especially this year being our OWL year, after that all I heard was blah blah blah future blah blah important blah blah don’t take for granted.

Evie laughed as she watched me completely zone out. Rose added in extra comments in the points where Saffie paused to take breath.

After their lengthy rant we finally managed to drag them out of the shop; fortunately without kicking or screaming except when Saffie stood on my foot.

“Saffron!” I wailed, yes Saffron is her real name (she’s a spice!)

“You had better watch were you’re putting your midget feet!” seriously they’re only about size three or something.

Saffie the small footed; that’s what her super hero name should be if she was a superhero of course. I think her super hero power would be doing homework well and fast – it’s a wonder how she does it all.

“Oi! Fliss, look how cute this is!” Evie squealed as she pointed out a tiny little owl which was hooting serenely inside the window of a shop. Evie had an owl up until third year but if was quite old and after an unfortunate incident with a window, Evie was left pet-less.

Whilst Evie and Saffie went into the shop to buy the cute little owl, Rose, Ava and I remained outside.

“I don’t know why we couldn’t have stayed in Flourish and Blotts!” exclaimed Rose.

“Yes, yes Rose but we have other places to go, like Gilly Witch” I replied, Rose grimaced slightly. She was the least fashion conscious of the group closely followed by Saffie. Both would much prefer to spend her time shopping for books rather than clothes.

Evie, I and occasionally Ava would love to spend the whole day shopping until we realised that we couldn’t afford anything. So we dragged a reluctant Saffie and protesting Rose of to Gilly Witch (and no I don’t mean Gilly Hicks, that’s just the muggle version.) The most amazing thing about Gilly Witch is that they spray a powerless form of amortentia everywhere so it smells amazing and different to every person that goes in. We have never really discussed what we smell when we go in, I suppose it’s just so personal.

We wandered around, wishing we had enough money to buy almost everything in the shop, for once I actually had money though. It was left over from my birthday which was just before the start of the summer holiday. I had been saving for this trip, other shops were good for clothes but Gilly Witch was my favourite and I didn’t get to go too often. In the end I purchased a pretty loose red top with Gilly Witch written on it and a broomstick as a underline for the words as well as a pretty flowery strapless dress that I intended to wear at one of the parties this year.

After shopping for the remainder of the day – much to Rose’s distaste – which included a stop for coffee – much to my delight – we all returned to the Leaky Cauldron with tired feet.

The rest of the Weasley clan had already returned to the Leaky Cauldron hours before we had and were already packing their cases for tomorrow.

Rose was sharing a room with various cousins who simply laughed whilst she moaned about the amount of the day we had ‘wasted’ shopping whereas Saffie, Ava, Evie and I were all sharing a room which had descended into disaster in the absence of Rose’s need to tidy.

The next morning we would have to get up early to get to the train station in time, to be honest I was surprised that I hadn’t missed the train before because I not exactly punctual.

Dinner was well, rowdy to say the least. With so many of us there, there was no way that it would have been quiet. The owners of the pub had to push almost all of the tables together to accommodate all of us and I am pretty sure that we were occupying the whole of the pubs rooms.

The others changed into their pyjamas and got into bed however I still had to pack (due to procrastination most of my belongings were still strewn across the room.)

I sat down by my trunk the bottom of which was littered with debris; bits of parchment, broken quills empty ink bottles, hairbands and a very crumpled note bearing my name on the front. I picked it up, curious as to what it may be. Pulling it out of the ball it had been crumpled into and read.


                                Dear Felicity,


I’m so sorry that I couldn’t be there to see you off for your first year at Hogwarts; I know you will have a wonderful time. I hope that you make some wonderful friends and enjoy your time whatever house you are in,

                                                Love you lots and lots my darling Felicity,


                                                                                                Dad xxx


Dad had worked in Romania with dragons almost all of his life. He hated being away from the family for so long and he always talked about quitting, but I knew him for too well. He wouldn’t leave, dragons fascinated him. I still remembered the letter from Mum that I received near the last few months of first year, telling me about the accident. One of the dragons had escaped and Dad was burnt to a crisp. There was nothing left to bury. All that had survived was his silver pocket watch which had been safe in his room. The watch now permanantly resided on a chain around my neck.

Out of all of us, I took Dad's death the worst, I had always been a Daddy's girl. I don't think I ever got over his death. There wasn’t a day that I didn’t wish he had never like dragons, but there was nothing I could do to change it. I bit my lip trying to hold back the tears which were inevitably going to fall. I chucked everything back into my trunk as quick as I could and jumped into bed, hoping to push the thoughts from my mind.



Edited 8/3/13

So hey everyone this is chapter one, if you haven’t read the authors note at the start I would advise you to do so please as it is very important!!

Question time!:

1.       What do you think of the new names? None are definite yet so it would be nice to know what you think about them.

2.       If you have read the first version as well, did you think the edit was better? I added more anecdotes and extra details in and I was wondering whether you like it better before or after?

 Please tell me what you think is makes me a very happy writer, and remember:

One review = one metaphorical mars bar.


Disclaimer: I own nothing!

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