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Witch Swap by RonWeasleyFans
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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 So here we have chapter 2 of Witch Swap. Thank you for all the lovely reviews on chapter 1. It means so much to me as this is my first Fan Fiction. I hope you enjoy this chapter. You really get to see a bit more into Ron and Hermione's relationship. WARNING if you are a Romione fan then please don't read this because I don't think you will like it very much. I do not own any of the characters that you recognise from the Harry Potter books and I also do not own the plot to the program Wife Swap. All credit must go to J.K and the creators of Wife Swap. Thank you and Enjoy :)



“He hem,” Mr Rowlands cleared his throat, wiped a bead of sweat off his forehead and swallowed hard before continuing. “Erm yes, hello w-wizarding world and welcome to the f-first ever wizitele program, W-Witch swap” he said in the most forced enthusiasm possible.


“Shall we explain what is going to happen then Richard?” Mrs Truncard asked whilst elbowing Richard Rowlands in the arm rather hard. Mr Rowlands jumped at this and replied.


“Y-y-yes, yes we should, right, umm…”  He cleared his throat. “T-two married couples have been chosen at random out of the many couples that entered.” Rubbing his arm that was still throbbing after the punch he received off of Mrs Truncard, he continued. “The wives will both be swapping lives for one month.”


“Indeed. So shall we announce the couples?” Margret interrupted.


“Yes Margret we should” Mr Rowlands agreed.







“No way!” They both shouted in unison.


The crowd laughed and cheered at this. Who would have thought that war hero Hermione Granger, the brightest witch of her age would be living with bad boy, ex death-eater Draco Malfoy for a whole month.


“No I refuse to do it” Hermione Screeched. Crossing her arms, she turned her back on Malfoy like a stroppy child.


“Me too” Malfoy exclaimed and copied Hermione’s back turning.


Even though there was no flash photography allowed whilst filming, Rita Skeeter couldn’t help herself.


“This is gold Mike, get as much as you can” she whispered into the camera man’s ear.


Shielding her eyes from all of the violent flashes, Hermione had decided that enough was enough and ran off stage before all hell broke loose.


“Well folks, looks like we’ve run out of time this episode so tune in tomorrow night at nine o’clock to see what happens when the couples have a nice sit down chat,” Mrs Truncard shouted over the cheering crowd and bellowing reporters.


“And Cut!” The Camera man shouted even though he had used a sonorous spell to amplify his voice.


Suddenly the whole recording studio fell quiet and to this, Mrs Truncard said, “Thank you everyone for joining us. Now if you would please exit through the green doors either side of the studio, and take your rubbish with you.”


As the room emptied, no one noticed a tall, muscular, blonde man frozen on stage in the same position he had been in thirty minutes ago. He could not move for shock.


Had he seriously just been on live wizivision and been told that he would be living with the Bookworm Granger? Had he seriously had a temper tantrum like a five year old in front of most of the wizarding world?


One thing Draco did know was that this next month was going to be a long one.




“Well, bye Mione,” said Ron as he gave her a long, meaningful hug, “I’m going to miss you. I love you.”


Hermione could only reply, “You too Ron”. She was rather surprised at how ‘not upset’ she was to be leaving Ron for a whole month. In fact, if anything she was relieved not to be constantly arguing or cleaning up after him.


He really was as messy as he was when they were in school. Sometimes Hermione stayed in work for as long as possible just so that she could have an intelligent conversation. She quickly pecked him on the cheek, picked up her suitcase and handed it to the driver.


The cameraman put a microphone up to her face and asked, “ How are you feeling about leaving Ron and living with Draco Malfoy for the next month?”


Hermione noticed Ron tense up at this question and remembered their argument last night.


“I can’t believe you Ron! First you beg me to sign up for this thing and now you are starting an argument about the fact that I will have to live with Malfoy for the next month!” Hermione shouted.


Ron sighed. “I’m just saying Mi that I’m not particularly ecstatic about you living with Malfoy for the next month.”


“You were the bloody one that made me sign up for this bloody thing!”


“I know but I’m not so sure it’s the best idea that’s all. And that’s my swear word of choice.”


“And why is that?” Hermione growled.


“You know what he’s like Mi.”


“Are you insinuating that I can’t take care of myself Ronald?” She said in an I-dare-you-to-answer voice.


“I’m not saying that. I’m just saying that you won’t have me to protect you when you’re stuck with Malfoy. He’s a nasty guy Mi, I think we should ask the Ministry for an Auror to go with you.” Ron said putting a protective arm around Hermione, or trying to at least.


Hermione shoved Ron’s arm away, “You complete arse Ronald Weasley! I am more than capable of taking care of myself. You shouldn’t be so negative towards Malfoy, I’ve heard he’s changed since the war. Don’t forget that I was the one who has taken care of you ever since we started Hogwarts. From helping you with homework to thinking of plans to get us out of tough situations, you have been relying on me for the past god knows how many years! And as for your Aurors, you can shove them where the sun doesn’t shine!”


Snapping out of her memory of last night Hermione answered, “Very upset, I will miss Ronald a lot,” She lied. “And as for living with Malfoy, I am rather anxious about what is going to happen this month, I mean I really didn’t expect any of this to happen,” She glared at Ron for a moment. “But I hope I can learn from this experience” she added.


“Miss?” the driver asked.


Hermione nodded, hopping into the car and she drove away.




As Hermione pulled up into Malfoy Manor drive way (Well less of a drive way and more of a street of its own) a lump formed in her throat. Swallowing hard she felt as though a ton of bricks were being placed onto her chest one by one. The closer she got to the front door of the Manor the more bricks where added.


Is this what a panic attack felt like?


“Are you ok madam?” The driver asked looking through the rear view mirror at the panicked woman. No words could escape Hermione’s lips.

As the car pulled into the parking space right in front of the grand, oak double doors, the driver noticed Hermione’s skin tone had changed to a ghostly white and her eyes were shifting in and out of focus.


Extremely worried- he jumped out of the car and ran straight to the front doors and banged his fists repeatedly against the wood whilst shouting, “Open up, quick, please!”


All Hermione heard was a distant shouting and banging. She opened her eyes long enough to see a blurry figure with what seemed like white hair advancing towards her.


She felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her, lifting her with one hand under her thighs and the other supporting her back. Then all descended into total darkness.



So what do you think ? What do you think will happen next and who is this mysterious white haired man ? Please Leave a Review even if it is to say how rubbish this chapter was :D

Love from Ffion x


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Witch Swap: Chapter 2


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