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A Year of Change by Erudessa94
Chapter 22 : The Truth Comes Out
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 In the past year Ginny went from being known as the female Weasley to being the only Weasley in Slytherin, the girlfriend of a spy, and one of two people who will save the wizarding world. To say this was a year of change would be an understatement.

Ginny had grown physically, mentally, magically and emotionally. Since she started training Ginny’s tiny figure was now toned, each muscle clearly defined. Ginny could now control the violent bursts of magic she was accustomed to. This also led to the control of her emotions since they were so closely connected. Ginny could create an emotionless mask that put Draco Malfoy to shame.


It felt good to finally understand her magic. For years Ginny thought she was a weirdo for having magical outbursts. But in reality her outbursts were a sign of her superiority. The prophecy declared that each savior would have a connection to their own emotions deeper than any other wizard. The connection enabled them to truly channel every ounce of magic they had, creating unimaginable power.


Unfortunately to get to this unimaginable power Ginny and Draco were forced to train every day, from January to the end of the school year. Training was once a word that reminded Ginny of fun quiditch practices out on the pitch however it now brought up memories of agonizing hours spent with Draco and Professor Fixders, the new DADA teacher, in the dungeons. 


Even though Ginny despised the times she was forced to leave her friends in the common room to make her way to hours of torture (they had to learn how to withstand immense amounts of pain therefore they were literally tortured) at the end of the year Ginny had no regrets about her decision.


Since Ginny and Draco began training the death eaters were getting more violent and less discreet. It was obvious Voldemort was planning something. Something that would bring an end to the war. And it was now up to Ginny and Draco to stop him.


This is what brought Ginny to the room of requirement an hour after she finished her last exam. Voices began to sound from the end of the hall and Ginny prepped herself before she entered the room.


“I can’t believe you’re allowing this Albus” Molly Weasleys voice was filled with anger and betrayal.


“He isn’t allowing anything, Mother.” Ginny entered the room briskly. Her voice was indifferent, something she had never been able to accomplish until her training. “This is not only my choice, it’s my destiny. You cannot stop me from partaking in this.”


“Well-I didn’t-I mean- I just-“ Molly was flustered by the harsh change in her daughter.


“Ginevra your mother’s feelings are understandable,” Dumbledore spoke calmly.


“He’s right,” Dracos voice had Ginny turning immediately. She hadn’t seen him since their last training session three days ago. Even though they were taking the same exams they never seemed to be in the room together. Ginny could control her anger, her embarrassment, her pain but she had no control over the smile that instantly spread over her features upon seeing Draco.


Ginny could barely control her desire to jump into his arms and snog him to death. But her mother and father were in the room and they still thought she was dating an exchange student from Durmstrang.  


“I’m sorry mum,” Ginny said timidly. She gave both her parents a long hug. It had been months since she saw them, it felt good to be in their arms, she felt safe.


“Are either of your parents coming?” Molly asked Draco. Ginny and Arthur immedietly shot her disproving looks.


“No, they had prior engagements.”  Draco answered, a hint of sarcasm tinting his tone.


“We are here in their place” Teresa popped into the room, startling the Weasleys as well as Draco. Blaise followed behind her. “Sorry it took so long, we ran into some trouble with the peeves”


Dumbledore took Ginny’s parents and Draco’s honorary parents to the back of the room to discuss the details of what would happen next. Ginny chanced a hug with Draco and quick peck on the cheek.


“We’re about to risk our lives to save the world and we are still afraid to tell your parents we’re dating” Draco stated solemnly.


“Do you want to tell them?” Ginny asked, nervously. To be honest she hated keeping it from them especially at a time like this. But if they found out now it could throw off the whole plan.


“I do but it’s not up to me.” Draco’s voice was sincere. While Ginny learned how to mask her emotions completely Draco had learned how to unmask his. He now laughed without sarcasm or mirth, he only smirked sometimes and his voice reflected the emotions it was meant to.


“How about we ask Dumbledore?” Ginny didn’t want to ruin their chance at ending this war because she had to tell her parents about her relationship. Dumbledore would know if it was worth the risk. They sat in silence as they waited for Dumbledore to finish with the parents. Ginny’s hands were shaking softly in her lap. Why was she more worried about her parents knowing about her relationship than she was about fighting the war to save the world?


Dumbledore finally finished his talk with the parents and brought them back to Ginny and Draco. Molly looked worried but Arthur had a reassuring arm around her shoulder. Teresa and Blaise were holding hands as if their lives depended on it, and in a sense they did.


“Now I have answered your questions but it seems our two heroes have their own questions.” Dumbledore turned toward Ginny and Draco questioningly. “Sit tight while we work out whatever is on their mind” Dumbledore smiled and lead Ginny and Draco into the hall.


“Professor,” Draco started then stopped, unsure of how to proceed.


“You want to know if telling her parents you two are dating would ruin everything?” Dumbledore asked with a smile. Of course he knew. Ginny and Draco had learned there was nothing Dumbledore didn’t know. “I don’t know. If they are okay with it then there wouldn’t be a problem however if your parents don’t approve it could cause a rift in your connection and potentially put you in danger. “


“So it’s a no?” Draco asked in defeat.


“Do you understand the part your parents will be playing in this?” Dumbledore asked Ginny but proceeded before she could answer. “You’re power thrives off of your emotions. You can channel your emotions and therefore your magic better than anyone else which gives you both power most people only dream about. However to defeat Voldemort you need more. The spell we have created creates a connection between you and your parents and since all they feel for you is love, and love is the strongest emotion they therefore are a second supply of power for you. You understand?”


Ginny and Draco answered in the affirmative. They had already gone over this, why was he repeating himself? Then the wheels began to turn and Ginny understood where he was going.


“If there is another source of love you may use rather than your parents then yes I think you should tell them” Dumbledore said and smiled at Ginny. He knew she understood. “Now I’ll give you two a moment.”


“Ugh why can’t that man ever give us a straight answer?” Draco asked in annoyance.


“I think I understood what he was saying” Ginny said a little unsurely. If she understood correctly Dumbledore was asking if she loved Draco. He wanted her to be his source of power and vice versa.  And if Ginny understood the complex explanation Professor Fixders tried giving them it meant if they used each other as sources their power would be even greater.


“Feel free to share your wisdom” Draco growled in annoyance. Ginny just looked at him. She had changed a lot this year but had she really changed enough to love a Malfoy. Draco’s annoyance subsided as he realized how deep in thought Ginny was. “You know what, don’t worry about it Gin. I don’t need them to know about us. As long as I know you’re mine, I’m okay. “


Ginny barely even heard what he said. She was struggling to grasp at the emotions she felt for the man in front of her. Did she love Draco Malfoy? Why was it such a hard question? Her anger began to rise. She hadn’t felt this emotionally conflicted since they began training. She could feel her magic boiling inside of her.


Draco immediately noticed the inner turmoil she was facing. He quickly wrapped his arms around her, engulfing her in a hug. “Gin, relax. We don’t need to figure this out now. Let’s just forget about telling them. We don’t need their approval.” Draco didn’t understand what Ginny was really facing. She tilted her face towards his so she could look into his eyes. The stormy gray eyes that were once as cold as ice now had her melting into his arms.  He brought his face towards hers and lightly pressed his lips against hers.


“I love you”


Ginny and Draco stared at each other in shock, neither sure of who had spoken. 


“I love you”


Again they looked at each other uncertainly.


“I Ginevra Weasley love you Draco Malfoy”


“I Draco Malfoy love you Ginevra Weasley”


They both spoke in unison.


“That’s the answer” Ginny said with a smile.


“I’ll be your source of power and you’ll be mine” Draco now understood. “I guess we have to tell them then.”  They both looked at the door with trepidation but they couldn’t wait forever. They pushed open the door and entered the room, their hands still intertwined.


“Mum, dad, we have to tell you something” Ginny announced as they entered the room. Molly looked up from her conversation with Blaise. Her eyes locked on Ginnys and Dracos hands immediately. Arthur was a little slow. “Draco and I are dating, and we have been dating since January. We understand if you don’t approve but that doesn’t matter because we love each other” Ginny smiled as she spoke those last words. It felt so right.


“I know my history isn’t the best but I hope you are willing to forgive me and allow me to continue seeing your daughter. I truly love her and I will never hurt her” Draco spoke up. He directed his words at Mr. Weasley who didn’t seem to know how he should feel.


“You’re actually Darcy?” Molly asked. Slowly connecting the whole story. Arthur seemed taken back by that revelation.


“Yes, Darcy was a cover we used so we could be together” Draco answered.


“Who else knows?” Arthur spoke up now. “Do Ron and Harry know?” As soon as he asked he realized how stupid the question was.


“No they don’t but Hermione does” Ginny answered with a smile. Of course Hermione had been suspicious of Darcy from the beginning. When she started to ask questions about where Draco was whenever Darcy was there Ginny tried to cover it up. A plan that included, Blaise, Draco/Darcy and polyjuice potion went very wrong before Ginny realized there was no tricking Hermione. “Luna, Teresa and Blaise are the only others who know.”


“Of course Hermione figured it out” Molly said sweetly, “That girl is just brilliant” Ginny and Draco smiled in agreement. They waited for her to say more but it didn’t seem she would.


“So how do you feel about this?” Ginny asked tentatively. “I’m sorry for keeping it a secret but with Draco being a spy I thought the less who know the better. And I was afraid of how you would react. I thought you would be disappointed.”


“That’s rubbish!” Arthur proclaimed. “I know our history is rocky but if Draco is willing to put his life on the line to be a spy and to fight beside my daughter to end this war than he is more than an acceptable boyfriend. “


Molly agreed with her husband and quickly drew Ginny and Draco into a hug. Although Draco wasn’t really a hugger he wrapped his arms around Mrs. Weasley and relished in the feeling of being loved. Soon the whole room was hugging. Arthur hugged Ginny, Blaise hugged Draco, Draco hugged Teresa, Teresa hugged Ginny and Arthur shook Draco’s hand.


For a moment Ginny forgot about the war that was about to break out. All she cared about was her family, her friends and the man she loved. But this moment of peace wouldn’t last forever. Voldemort was waiting. Ginny and Draco would have to put their love to the test and face him.

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A Year of Change: The Truth Comes Out


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