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Connection With A Mudblood by MsJacksonMalfoyMellark
Chapter 2 : Hermione Granger:Pureblood
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“Hermione, it’s time we talked about…your real parents.” Hermione’s eyes widened, but she let her dad continue. “Well, what happened was that your parents were on a date on the 15th of September at a restaurant called Harlow’s, in London. Me and Jenna were also on a date, we had sat on the table next to them….Everything was going great for them as well as us, until they exited out of the restaurant. Me and Jenna were still inside, eating our dinner, when we saw a flash of green outside. We both rushed outside to see what had happened and there we saw, a hooded figure floating away further in the distance, I never really saw their face, but I paid more attention to your parents, they were in a critical condition.“

“Jenna had gotten her phone and called for an ambulance. When they finally came, we asked to come with them. So we were at the hospital waiting for the doctor to return, and when he did…he had announced that they only had a few hours left and that they had a baby girl.”

“They wanted to see us, so we went. When we were there, they asked to sit down. Then the woman -your mother spoke, she said, ‘Please, take care of our child. We trust you both to keep our Hermione safe. Thank you for helping us’. We couldn’t believe what they were asking us to do, they wanted us, complete strangers, to take care of their child, when they could asked one of their loved ones for help. We were even about to protest, but they just wavered their hands off and handed Jenna the baby -you.” he gave a small, weak smile at Hermione who returned it back.

“The man, your father, spoke this time and handed me a small bag with a letter attached to it and told me to take care of it until the time comes to give it to you. We didn’t know how we would come to know of the right time, but they said that we would feel it when the time is right for us to give the small bag to you. I guess you can say we felt the right time was now, though we had felt it before than this.”

“Then, suddenly, we saw that they were slowly closing their eyes at the same time, and we really panicked. We called the doctor, hoping that he would say that they were resting, but instead…he announced their deaths.” he sighed sadly. “Even though we had just met them that day, we felt like we had known them for long. We were so heartbroken, seeing that they had died without even having a chance to properly take care of you…So we had made a promise that day, to you parents that we would take care of you no matter what and had kept this promise since the day you were born. -We had always wanted a child of our own, a chance to be a mother and a father. -We didn’t even have any idea about them except for their names, Charlotte and Brian Granger. Funny, they had the same last name as us.” Ross stopped for a moment to breathe after his long story, while Jenna continued.

“We never knew they were wizards until the day you turned eleven, we saw that you were in the kitchen, trying to reach for the cookies on the shelf, but before one of us could even help you take the jar down, the cookie jar floated down all by itself, in your hands. We were absolutely shocked by your abilities…but were proud to have raised such a special daughter like you.” Jenna smiled. “That was also the day when you received your letter from Hogwarts, you were so excited about going to school and we were excited for you too. -We were actually going to tell you about your parents then, but you seemed so happy that we didn’t want to upset you with the news of your biological parents, so we kept quiet until another day in which we would give you the news, meaning today.” she frowned slightly.

“Look, honey, we are very sorry that we kept this from you for this long, but there was too much going on in your school life that we didn’t want to add more to your list. -We would understand if you would hate us, Hermione. But we just want you to know that we love you so much and that we never meant cause any harm.” Jenna choked out, water droplets streaming down her face.

Hermione couldn’t hate them. Sure they had kept such a huge secret from her about her real parents, but only so she wouldn’t be more worried than she already has been at school. They had taken such good care of her, regardless of the fact that they didn’t know about her parents so well. They have been so good to her. How could she hate them for that?

“I don’t hate you. You have been so good to me and taken care of me even though I am some strangers’ child. I don’t hate you, if anything, I love you both more.” Hermione embraced her mum, teary eyed.

“You are and will always be the best daughter any parent could have the privilege of taking care of. We have and always will love you dearly.” Ross said joining the two women.

“I love you both, too. Thank you for everything.” Hermione said. Then a question rose to the front of her mind. If not them, then who had donated her their blood. “Who was it who gave me their blood then, if not you?”

“His name was Draco, dear. Lovely young man, I must say.” Hermione’s mouth dropped.

“Do you mean, Draco Malfoy?” Hermione asked. They both nodded.

“Isn’t it that boy who always called you ‘Mudblood’ in school?” her dad asked.
“Yes it is. -Are you sure it was him? -Did he have white blonde hair, pale face, grey eyes?” she asked, trying to reassure herself that it could be another Draco Malfoy, though it was a long shot.

“Yes!” they both said in unison, chuckling. “I have to say, he seems to be a changed man now. He looked so worried when he saw the state you were in.” Jenna said smiling.

“But it can’t be! He’s nothing but an arrogant, self-absorbing bigot!” Hermione exclaimed.

“Sweetheart, people change. Surely, after that war of yours in the wizarding world, many things must have changed, haven’t they? Not everything remains the same for long, dear.” Jenna explained.

“But he’s a Malfoy! Malfoys never change!” she cried out.

“Well, then the war must have really shook him.” Ross said.

“I’ll believe it when I see it.” Hermione huffed angrily, not believing a word her parents were uttering out about the pureblood Slytherin, who had been nothing but cruel to her.

“Hermione, I want you to thank him for what he has done. If he had not donated his blood, you may not have survived either.” Jenna frowned.

“Okay, mum. I will.” Hermione sighed, knowing it was useless for the her protest.

“We’re gonna leave now. We’ll pick you up tomorrow, that’s when the doctor said you would be discharged. Bye, honey.” Jenna and Ross both kissed Hermione on the forehead and exited out of the emergency room.

“Mum, dad!” Hermione rushed up to her parents and hugged them.

“Ginny called you yesterday night, she wanted to know if you were alright and that she’s sorry that she couldn’t be here with you, her coach wouldn’t allow it because she had a Quidditch match. She did tell us that she will contact you as soon as possible.” Jenna informed. “She also said that Harry and Ron were at an Auror mission in Oslo so they couldn’t come back by today morning.” Hermione nodded, she knew her friends would be busy, but that didn’t mean that they did care about her and that they loved her so much.

“I’m going to the Ministry, mum. I have lots of paperwork to complete. I’ll see you soon.”

“No, Hermione. I think you should rest for the day, you can go tomorrow. Just rest for today, ask the Minister to give you a day off, I’m sure he would understand.” Ross suggested.

“Dad, I’ll be fine. If I don’t feel well, I will call you and come home, I promise.” she assured her worrying parents.

“Okay, honey, but be careful.” Jenna warned.

“I will, mum. Don’t worry.” with that said, she bid them goodbye and apparated to the floor her office was in.



“Hermione! You’re alright!” it was her secretary, Liz. She had enveloped Hermione into a tight embrace, delighted to see that Hermione was alright.

“Yes, Liz, I’m alright.” Hermione smiled, as a blushing Liz let go.

“You got these, just came in today.” Liz handed her the two letters to Hermione and departed to her desk. Hermione entered her office, with the two letters in hand. She looked to see that someone one was sitting her chair. And that someone was none other than Draco Malfoy. She was beyond shocked to see him in her office, and it looked like he was completing all her paperwork. Hermione was speechless, she stayed rooted to the spot, not understanding what to do.

‘What if he’s sabotaging my work?’ she thought. Believing it to be the reason for him being in her office, she flicked her wand at her self and transformed herself into a Boggart. She slowly floated towards the blonde.

Draco felt something approaching him, so he looked up and saw the face he had been scared of his entire life. He staggered back onto the floor, falling off the chair and slid backwards quickly, frightened of the figure coming closer to him. “Please, let me go! I’m not a killer! I couldn’t kill them! Please, don’t kill me! I swear, I couldn’t do it! I was not strong enough!” Draco bawled as he was cornered to the back wall.

This was getting out of hand. She didn’t mean to scare him that much. This was not a prank anymore. Hermione had to stop. She waved her wand at her. She was soon back to Hermione Granger. “Draco, it’s me, Hermione. I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you like that. I only thought it was a prank. I’m sorry.” Hermione said regretful for her action. He stood up from the back wall and straightened himself out.

“Well, that was a sick joke. I thought you were better than this, Granger. Obviously, I thought wrong. You will always be the Mudblood I knew you were.” he spat in disgust.

“I’m not a muggleborn! I was adopted!” Hermione blurted out, tired of the same insult he threw at her since the first year in Hogwarts. “I’m a pureblood, just like you, Malfoy. My parents were killed by death eaters! People like you, had killed my parents!” Hermione exclaimed. Draco was shocked. She was a pureblood and the death eaters had killed her real parents for a reason only Merlin could know. She was lying, he thought. She could never be a pureblood. She would always be the filthy Mudblood he knew she was.

“Stop making up these stories, they’re futile.” he remarked.

“I’m not lying, Malfoy! Hermione cried. He looked into her chocolate eyes, they showed nothing but honesty.

“Then why hadn’t you told anyone before?” he challenged.

“Because, I just found out yesterday.” Hermione explained. Okay. Maybe what she was saying was true, that didn’t give her the right to play that sick joke on him.

“Well, even if you are a pureblood, Granger. That does certainly not mean you can play these disgusting jokes on me.” Draco stated.

“I know and im sorry for that. I didn’t mean for you to get so scared like that, it was not my intention, please, believe me.” her voice softened. He was right, she shouldn’t have done that. She then noticed him leaving out the door, so she followed him. “Malfoy…who was it?” she asked, stepping into his office.

“That, is none of you business, Granger. Now get out of my office before I do it personally myself.” he warned her. Hermione sighed and apologised one more time before exiting out of his office.

She sat down at her desk and opened the letters addressed to her and read them. The blue one first.

Dear Hermione,

I heard about what happened. Im sorry about your baby. I know you’re probably believing it to be your fault, but it was, in no way, your fault. You were just being careful, that’s all. I just want you to know that im here for you and that it’s all Ron’s fault. If he hadn’t left you, this would never have happened. I want to murder that git so much, but I know mum wouldn’t approve of it. I would probably regret it later, too.

Anyways, I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to the hospital yesterday. My coach wouldn’t allow it, because we had a very important match against the Chudley Canons. He believed that I was one of the strongest able chaser he had seen and I that he couldn’t afford to lose this game to the Canons.

Look, when your shift ends, I’ll be waiting to talk to you at The Burrow about everything. But for now, that’s all I have to say. I’ll see you tonight.

Your best friend

Hermione’s eyes welled up when she was reminded of her loss again. She was going to be a mother, but that all ended before it could even begin. She felt so sad about that, but she looked on the bright side, at least she was alive. Oh, who was she kidding? She had desired for so long to have a child of her own, other than taking care of Teddy Lupin, she wanted to take care of her own child, but that was not going to happen now, after the accident which almost took her life…


Draco was still having trouble believing the fact that the bookworm was a pureblood. Huh. That doesn’t change the fact that she nearly scared the life out of him. He had thought of her as a Smart, Sweet, Caring, Brave Gryffindor, but after that little stunt, he was starting to think otherwise. -Wait. What did he just say? What the hell was wrong with him?! He couldn’t think like that about her! She was still the same Mudblood he knew and despised. Right? Well, she’s not exactly a muggleborn anymore. He was thinking about her way too much. He shook his thoughts aside and continued with his own work on his desk.


Hermione picked up the other letter and read the contents inside.

Dear Hermione,

I’m sorry to hear about your baby. I was so angry with that prick that I punched him, right in the gut, after I found out what happened from your parents. How dare he do that to you?! I know you must be thinking that punch wasn’t needed, but he saw it coming. He told me that he was sorry for what he did, but I told him that it was you who he should be apologising to.

I’m sorry we couldn’t make it. It’s just that we were on the verge of catching more death eaters that were in hiding, in Oslo, your parents must have told you, because I called in yesterday to ask if you were okay and then I found out that you had an accident. Ron and I were beyond worried. We wanted to come straight away, but we weren’t able to. But as soon as we arrive, we will be waiting for you, like Gin, at The Burrow.


She was so happy that her best friends were so good to her, they were the bestest friend a girl could have.

She acknowledged that they didn’t mention anything about knowing about her real parents, so that meant that she had to tell them about it, her parents believing it to be her job to inform them about it. She would tell them when she would return to The Burrow, but for now, she had to finish so much paperwork, it would take the whole d- She observed her desk and found that there were only a few sheets of paper piled on top of her desk for her to sign. She looked through the papers that had been already signed, and to her surprise, they weren’t sabotaged with like she thought Malfoy would have done, but he hadn’t. He had actually helped her finish it. And what had she done, turned into a Boggart and scared the life put of him, believing him to be the same Malfoy he was. She was supposed to thank him, as per her parents wish. She had to go now. She placed the letters on her desk and made a right, to his office.


Draco, not wanting to have any disturbance, waved his wand at the door and locked it firmly. He continued with his work in peace.


Why did he lock the door? Did he not want her to enter his office because of what she had done to him? Hermione sighed and retreated back to her office.


Hope you like it! Please R/R, it would really help to know how I'm doing at writing.)

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