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The story of us by ABC123 do re me
Chapter 2 : going "home"
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 Tracy’s pov





I got off the train and was grabbed on the butt by some creepy dude. I flipped him and stood on his chest, looking him in the eyes I gasped “Potter! What the hell is wrong with you” I screamed at him, my parents looked over at us. Remembering the letter I kissed his lips YUCK! Thank merlin I’m a good actress. And pulled off him “you know I like it rough babe” he stared at me, it was awkward enough that he was my best friend and we had to pretend to be dating in front of my parents. But the fact I just kissed him made it worse. I grimaced at him and gave him a hug, allowing him to grab my ass. He smacked it and eyed me as I walked to my parents. Lucious waked next to me and frowned “I think you should tell them about Bella, especially if Evans finally goes out with him.” He whispered. I sniggered at his words. Evans would never date potter, she despised him. So it’s perfectly fine for this fake relationship to continue. “No worries little brother. I’ll tell them about Bella when you tell them Sissy’s pregnant” I smirked. “I share a dorm with her dumbass. You can’t live in the same room and not know they’re pregnant” we walked back to the appariting spot and I took mother’s hand and Lucious took father’s. I knew something was wrong when we arrived at home. Mother smacked me hard across the face. “YOU LITTLE LEBIAN SLUT! HOW DARE YOU DISGRACE THE MALFOY NAME” she yelled at me. I held in my tears and kept a straight face. I looked over at my brother “do you know what-“




“I’M SORRY TRACY” he shouted and gave me a big hug. I cried on his shoulder and patted his back. “I wanted you to tell them first” he whispered in my ear. I looked from my mother, to my father, and to my little brother. Knowing what was best I ran upstairs and packed all my stuff, put my owl in her cage, and ran back downstairs with my bag on my shoulder. “Write ya ‘lil bro. I’ll miss you. I presume they know as well. So I’ll send Sirius to see if she is good enough to run out.” I gave him a long hug and a kiss on the cheek “Mr. And Mrs. Malfoy I will not be returning. My name will change, and we will not speak again. It was a pleasant run.” I shook they’re hands. I called a house elf to take me to black manor.




When I arrived I knocked on the door, Regulas, Sirius’s younger brother, answered the door. It looked like he had been crying. “Where’s Sirius?” I asked, dreading the answer. “Potter’s, they disowned him a few minutes ago, so he went there. You could go to that Evans girl’s house I bet. I sighed and, asked the elf to take me to lily’s house.





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The story of us: going "home"


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