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Take My Hand and Tell Me You'd Take Me Anywhere by CaseyyRaee
Chapter 1 : Turn Visible? Just Add Rose
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Disclaimer- J.K. Rowling: God-Queen-Perfection. Me: Blonde chick who reads comics, devises conspiracies, and eats ice cream while watching Full House.



At 6 AM, every day in school, I would pull myself out of my bed, push myself into the shower and shove my clothes on. I’d brush my long straight blonde hair and pin my bangs-that-aren’t-really-even-bangs back with a clip. And lace up my old sneakers. I’d be out of the Ravenclaw dorm before the girls’ alarms went off.

I was an orphan; a doorstop drop on the Girls’ Home when I was approximately six months old. I got my Hogwarts letter when I turned about 11..I didn’t know my birth date; so I just assumed. I shopped secondhand, with babysitting money and wide eyes. My first steps through Hogwarts were shaky, not reassured in the slightest when standing amongst the other first years; not when my classmates were People Like Rose Weasley, Albus Potter, or Scorpius Malfoy. So I was sorted into Ravenclaw and gladly settled into the footwork, doing homework, progressing through the library and observing.

Naturally, something just had to change.

Professor McGonagell had hoped I wouldn't mind tutoring since I was a Good Kid and I had limited extracurricular activities. In fact, she was sure that the student I would be so selflessly helping would be absolutely thrilled to get me into some Clubs and Teams and Parties, since School should be balanced on Academic and Social Lives based upon the students' needs.

And who, pray tell, is the O generous one who I shall be giving the gift of education?

"Who will I be tutoring, Professor?"

"Miss Rose Weasley. Your first meeting will be tonight in the library before dinner, at five. She desparately needs help on the comprehension as well as the literall part of the spells. Now, you better get to Charms, musn't be late to your Head of House."

Rose Weasley?

The Great and Almighty Rose Weasley of London?

Okay, first of all her name: Rose Weasley. Screams royalty, right? She is spawned from a long line of Weasleys and Grangers, her parents being The Ron and Hermione, Parents During the Week, Savers of the World on Weekends. She's the height of popularity because she's friends with all the Fames of the school (the Longbottoms, the Potters, even the Malfoys) well, at least aquantinces with them.

And she's beautiful. Long auburn hair, always smoothed back perfectly with a headband or into a bun or ponytail. Green green eyes, freckled-but-not-too-freckled skin, and a very very pretty voice. Many people who look pretty, normally don't sound pretty. But Rose The Magnificent sounds exceedingly amazing, even when she's laughing too hard or sick.

But here's the catch; she's nice. If she was a snob, at least people could depsise her in peace. But no, she was Raised Properly and treats her best friends as well as her lowly Potions partner, who tries to sabotage her potions every lesson and puts dried worms in her hair.

She's never spoken two words to me, but I wouldn't hold that against her. One second spent speaking to Someone Like Me, and the Popularity Rug can be swooshed out from under your feet.

I shoved some hair behind my ear and slid into Charms.

Rose was a few minutes late and breathless. I assumed she had been Doing Good Works, like rescuing first years from malicious Slytherins or repainting the Great-

"I am so sorry I'm late! I fell asleep in the Common Room again."
"It's fine." No biggie! Don't veg out on me, girlfriend!
"I don't know if we've ever met- I'm Rose Weasley." She stuck out her hand, all-busniess like.

"Rae Ward."

"Thank you so much for helping me out with this." She plopped down next to me, her backpack landing with a thud on the table. "My test scores have been dropping so low, my mom actually suggested classes in the summer. The summer!" She pulled out three books on Transfiguration and a piece of parchment. "But Professor McGonagell told me that you're one of the smartest people in class! So I'm sure I'll understand in no time!" She sent me a giant grin, showing teeth and everything.


"I don't get it- why should the angle of how I tilt my wand affect the way I say the incantation? I mean-"

Because that's what Transfiguration is, dear Rose.

"Transfiguration-that's the game, Rosie Posie." Her cousin Albus Potter stood over Rose's shoulder, surveying the work on her parchment. "Guess you got one too many of Uncle Ron's genes, huh? How does it feel to be second best to yours truly, once again?" He teased.

Rose scowled, but it looked out of place on her face. Like she was programmed to smile. "When am I ever second best to you?"

"Quidditch, my dear. How many times have I beat you? I lost count, but I'm sure you remember.." He gave her a wily grin and mussed up her hair. "Anyways, don't feel bad. Not many can upstage this, after all." He pointed his finger at his chest. "Hey, who's your friend?" His eyes flashed over me, then settled his eyes on mine. The thing about people looking at you, if you look right back at them long enough, they'll look away. They always do. His eyes were green, like staring into a leaf. Well, a rather handsome leaf. He looked away, back to Rose and then focused on the book in front of me.

Yes. Score 1 for me.

"Rae." Ward's the name. Rae Ward. "I'm in Ravenclaw." I explained.

He nodded. "I see. Thank you for helping my not too bright cousin here." He cupped a hand over his mouth and whispered. "She really needs it."

"Well, I'll try my best. If all else fails...there's always summer school." I even smiled a little. The look up through the bangs, crinkly eye smile. The one that shall forever work.

"Al! Stop. I'm perfectly capable at all of this." Rose argued, pointedly stabbing the book with her quill.

"Whoa Rose!" He spoke up a bit, turning towards Madam Pince. "Why are you vandalizing that book!" He shot a quick grin our way and dashed out of the place as Madam Pince turned her infamous Laser Eyes onto the pair of us.

"C'mon." I whispered, dragging Rose by her sleeve.

We continued at a normal walking pace. "I'm sorry about Al, he's such a prat." She groaned. "Ugg, cousins, you know?"

"It's okay, I get it." Yeah, I totally getcha! Relatives are such a drag.

"At least he didn't bring his stupid friend." Rose considered, twirling her quill.

Ah, yes. Scorpius Malfoy the C to Albus's D, his very own and true homeskillet. As told from the bathroom stall on the second floor, their shenanegians are pretty solid. There are even rumors circulating in The Stall that they are not just BFF's but will grow to become a gay couple in their Wonder Years and will become either (a). desperately seeking spawn or (b). baby starved wingnuts.

My guess is (c). both of the above.

"That Malfoy kid?"

Rose nodded. "Yes, the jerk makes him follow me around incessantly." She rolled her eyes. I wondered if Al or Scorpius was the jerk. Personally, I think Rose was being way too obvious with her feelings. Didn't she know that having a Crazy Freak Out was total evidence of screaming "You can 'slytherin' my 'chamber of secrets' and that's not just the butterbeer talking" right in his face?

I smiled down at my feet. "I always thought you liked him too."

Experiment Numbero Uno: Does Rose love Scorpius? Hypothesis: She totally vegs out.

"What?" The quill drew a fine line of ink down her wrist when it fell- rather violently, may I add- to the floor. "No, I do not like that idiotic horrid ghastly revolting vile creature!"

Conclusion: Total Vegging Out Episode. She loves him like jello loves whipped cream.

"I think you like him." Oh please Rose, I see through the thin gauze of your lies into your deep coffee cup full of love for that poisonous bug of a boy.

She scoffed. "That's ludacris. I do not have feelings for that kid!"

She looked sideways at me. "Okay." I said nonchalantly.
She shoved me with her elbow. "I don't."


"I don't!"

She giggled and smiled at me.

I looked up.

"I don't want to like, pull you away from your friends or anything, but d'you want to sit with my and friends at dinner?" She gestured to the Great Hall doors we were coming up to.

I reflected on the situation.

Option A: Sit in mostly awkward silence whilst the most popular girls in school titter around me, possibly with the Fames joining in.

Option B: Sit alone and sulk because I'm lonely and friendless and not even Nearly Headless Nick will talk to me.

Oh please, was there ever any real choice? I'll hear gossip directly from the Source, instead of a bathroom wall smeared with...substances. Dinner will be friggin' sweet!



Hey y'all.

Umm, I hope you dig Rae as much as I currently am. Sorry if you don't see the "romantical" element yet...I'm kinda toying with the idea of falling in love with someone as you get to actually personally know them, in leau of 'love' by the image or ideas people have created of them when in reality, you have no idea of their actual personality.

Oh, and I promise not to flake out on this one. This story, I believe is actually like pretty solid so far so you's gonna be boss. Hopefully, it shall graduate into chromomagnifinence.




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